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  • Kessler
    • Leader: Sarvik

      War Cry: Turm! Turm! Turm!

      Faction: Beastclaw Raiders, Bonesplitterz, Gutbusters, Maneaters

      Realm: Other

      Battles: 15 Wins: 12 Losses: 3 Draws: 0


    I was the runt of an ogre tribe. Not weak enough to suffer gorger's fate, I somehow survived to adulthood, usually feasting on leftovers - which are understandably rare among ogres. Starving, I finally left to brave new world, and was - to my great surprise - immediately hired by different warring races. Turns out, even a runt ogre is formidable warrior among the lesser races!

    I found the biggest meals among the demons of Khorne, and served there the longest. I grew bigger and stronger. I believed it was because of food. But then I discovered small horns growing from my back, and I understood that something else was changing me. The corrupting aura of demons was affecting me and some sinister power was growing inside me!

    I welcomed my new self. Or more like "selves" - after especially large feast I found a small nubbin on my neck. It grew in days and soon I had another hungry head growling beside me.

    One day, I cut my favourite gnoblar in half and ate him. But instead of sweet pleasure of ingestion I felt searing pain in my stomach! The blasted gnoblar somehow survived in his half-form and gnaw his way out out from my precious gut and was now dangling out, screeching. That was a turning point. The ring was full. I left the army of chaos to gather my own tribe.

    Naturally the two-headed ogre was beckoning to others of my kind. After all, how can you not respect an ogre, who has two mouths to eat twice as fast, a watch-out gnoblar living in his belly and think with two brains?

    I ńamed myself Sarvik the Smart and soon met a butcher "Vats", an apprentice of Skrag, who had cut off his left arm to resemble his ex-mentor. We teamed up and our weird triumvirate soon obtained fame and new members arrived.

    First we recruited a roving band of young ogre bulls. Then some companions from my "maneatering" days joined - one Bretonnian mercenary and one from Khorne army. Remnants of slaughtered ogre tribe arrived to back us up with cannons. After I met two mournfang riders, I promoted my favourite bulls into ironguts and sometimes we team up with a band of orruks or grot wolf riders and currently we roam the land as a swarm of locusts, eating anything on our way.

    Now I have set my eyes on neighbouring Bretonnian lands for a new source of food and power. I have sent wolf riders to scout the area and all of us are mustering forces for the upcoming invasion.


    -1 Tyrant Sarvik (converted)

    -1 Butcher Vats (converted)

    -6 ironguts

    -9 leadbelchers

    -9 ogre bulls

    -3 maneaters (converted)

    -8 mournfang pack

    -1 frostlord on stonehorn

    -1 huskard on thundertusk

    -1 hunter (converted)

    -4 frostsabres (Fenrisian Wolves models)

    -6 gore gruntas (with Braggoth) 

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    Recommended Comments

    Thanks a lot! Miniature painting is a new thing to me, but I found the conversions surprisingly easy and fun to make. I'm struggling with painting, cannot find the right balance between thinning and consistency (as can be seen on figures :) ).

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    The GW daily painting vids on warhammer tv are pretty good at showing the right consistency.  Have you seen any of them? 

    They recommend 2 thin coats always for smooth coverage.

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    Yes, I have watched a lot. It helps, so I'm getting better. My mournfangs/khorne maneater already are better, but especially Cadian Fleshtone keeps getting too watery and pool, or be too thick. But yeah, I just need to practice. Thaks for advice.

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    If a certain paint isn't working with water or pooling too much, I can highly recommend Lahmium medium.  You can use this to thin out a paint and gives better control then water.

    Normally I use this for highlight blending or light sourcing but if it can help you solve your issues with Cadian flesh-tone it may help.  You prob wont need too much of it in the mix as you don't want to make it too translucent.

    I honestly can big lahmian medium up enough.  Recently my painting has improved greatly just because I use this stuff.

    Hope this helps.


    Kind regards Zolas.

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