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    Kaerganyal's Clanndeighe

    Oghajj Eastpath
    • Leader: Kaerganyal Deoch Fuil Nan Uen

      War Cry: Tha'an deigh a'tighinn

      Faction: Monstrous Arcanum

      Realm: The Realm of Beasts (Ghur)

      Battles: 0 Wins: 0 Losses: 0 Draws: 0

    The icy wastes of Ghur hide more than just wandering Ogors and rampaging beasts. Hidden deep in a frozen fen, a wary traveler with an eyeglass might spy through the mist strange, cyclopean structures protruding from the ice. If they lingered longer (some might say too long), though, they would see movement. Great stones shift, ice creaks. Our imaginary traveler starts as a great maw opens in the earth below. Snow falls slowly onto brackish water. And was that... was that a movement? The traveler will never know. There is a crack, and he slumps to the ground, his blood briefly defiling the pure white of the ground around him. His killer's beak splits open in a wide grin. Once again, the superiority of his path have been proven. The gods of Destruction give more gifts than the Demon-Gods ever gave the People. The Meargh will eat well tonight.

    Fear the Fimir of the Buain Freota...

    For their time is coming.

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