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    Da Triumvirukk

    • Leader: Morgut, Tuffgit and Bogoff

      War Cry: WAAAGH!!!

      Faction: Aleguzzler Gargants, Beastclaw Raiders, Bonesplitterz, Firebellies, Gitmob Grots, Greenskinz, Gutbusters, Ironjawz, Moonclan Grots, Troggoths, Monstrous Arcanum

      Realm: The Realm of Beasts (Ghur)

      Battles: 0 Wins: 0 Losses: 0 Draws: 0

    A new power is rising in the Realm of Beasts...

    Or more accurately, three new powers!


    In recent times, the various races infesting The Stronghold, Titan's Toof mountain and the surrounding lands fell into a particularly bloody era of tribal warfare and sneaky backstabbing (with mainly grots indulging in the latter).

    Three dominant leaders emerged triumphant during the deadly infighting, each favoured by their own kind:

    • Morgut, Overtyrant of The Stronghold Ogors - once Thunderlord of The Stronghold Thunderhorde, he's renowned for his gargant-like strength and insatiable appetite to match, and charges into battle atop a particularly grumpy but utterly loyal hand-reared Stonehorn.
    • Tuffgit, Megaboss of The Stronghold Orruks - the toughest greenskin ever to emerge from Titan's Toof, he loves nothing more than assaulting from the air on his massive red Maw-krusha (red wuns go fasta!) and defeating the largest enemy he can find.
    • Bogoff, Greatgit of The Stronghold Grots - easily the sneakiest, stabbiest, gitiest grot around. What he lacks in size and physical might, he more than makes up for with sheer cunning. The rather vicious Great Cave Squig constantly by his side helps too, of course.

    For many years, the three races battled one-another under the command of their new leaders, eventually carving out their own piece of the jagged Titan's Toof mountain and The Stronghold within. Morgut took Da East Jagg, Tuffgit took Da West Jagg (though it's often disputed which is which), and beyond the expectations of the ogors and orruks alike, Bogoff and his horde of grots managed to swarm their way into the largest Jagg of all, Da Peak Jagg.

    However, none the three powerful leaders could land the killing blow against their two rivals. A stalemate was reached, with no side gaining ground on another without exposing their territory to attack from the third side.

    The Great Green God, Gorkamorka, was pleased. For here was not one, but three honed champions to rampage throughout the Realms in his name. Visions of glorious battles and plentiful loot filled the minds of all three Stronghold races. Furthermore, these visions revealed that the Realms had been repopulating and rebuilding - there were cities to raze!

    With greedy hearts and minds won, Da Triumvirukk was formed. All three Stronghold leaders are known to be favoured by Gorkamorka - Morgut seen to represent the destructive Fist of Gorkamorka, Tuffit his equally dangerous Uvver Fist, and Bogoff representing Gorkamorka's Kunnin'. Each wields a jagged spear in battle, a display of ownership of the Jaggs that form Titan's Toof.

    Naturally, a great sense of rivalry still exists between the three champions of Gorkamorka and their followers. The ogors and orruks regularly try to outdo each other, racing into the enemy as quickly as possible in an attempt to achieve the higher number of kills and greater amount of plunder. The grots take a sneakier approach - happier to mostly avoid the dangers of close-quarters combat, and instead favouring to fight at range while their allies face the brunt of the enemy's attacks, then later thieving from the ogors and orruks to increase their own share of the loot...

    A new golden era of war has begun. The combined forces of Stronghold ogors, orruks and grots are marauding around the Mortal Realms once more - the peoples of the Realms will soon come to know and fear Da Triumvirukk! WAAAGH!!!

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