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Farmer's Undead

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Here's the final batch of skeleton spearmen:


12 makes my biggest batch of skeletons yet. They took a while but can finally join their undead comrades.

Then we have a shot of the converted command group:


Made using parts from about five or six different kits plus greenstuff vines to add to the forest theme. They were fun to work on and have given me ideas for a grave guard standard bearer I'll be doing in the future.

And last but not least, here's a shot of the whole unit:


Next on the desk is the remaining Hexwraiths...

Cheers for taking a look, more in the works.

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Four Hexwraiths all ready for some paint:


And here's the Hellwraith I repositioned to make more imposing:


Conversions are pretty simple – the usual forest basing, and then we have flames green stuffed on the mounts' eyes, robes and some of their snouts.

I haven't used the flaming heads yet, probably for the reason that I like the simplicity of the wraiths I've assembled here but I'm wandering whether a last minute head swap could be in order - after all they are a special unit and the flames on these miniatures is one of the most appealing aspects of them...

Cheers for taking a look.

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