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Found 296 results

  1. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads/ENG%20Fungoid%20Cave%20Shaman.pdf View Page
  2. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads/aos-warscroll-ironskulls-boyz-en.pdf View Page
  3. hey guys! i was thinking of starting a beastclaw raider army and the thing i came up whit was this: 1000p army 1 Frostlord on Stonehorn 460p artifact: The Pelt of Charngar lord trait: Everwinter's master 1 Icebrow Hunter 140p artifact: the Bleeding Skull of Dragaar 1 unit of 2 Mournfang Pack 160p Gargant Hackers 3 units of 2 Frost Sabers 3*40p Skal Formation 110p total 990p the idea was to use the frostlord whit the mournfangs to charge from the front and the skal fromation to get the hunter in the backline whit the sabers. the hunter should be in range to use his artifact so that i can stop at least a spell a turn. what do you guys think of this kind of list? i also had several qeustions: do the mournfang get both the banner and the horn at a 2 unit strenght? or do you need 3 of them? 1 leader, 1 horn, 1 banner? do i only benefit from the beastclaw Everwinter's Blessing or Rampaging Destruction or both?
  4. Posted over on the Warhammer Community blog today: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/09/22/the-armies-of-firestorm-stoneklaws-gustompas-sep22gw-homepage-post-4/
  5. Gordrakk's Megafist

    Organisation 5 of the following units in any combination: Orruk Megaboss, Megaboss on Maw-krusha
  6. Organisation 5 of the following units in any combination: Orruk Megaboss, Megaboss on Maw-krusha View Page
  7. Monster Week Rules

    Games Workshop's Monster Week is over, and the Warhammer Community team have put together a handy summary PDF containing all the rules released throughout the week. You can download the PDF for free here!
  8. Help please - Tactics vs Daemons of Tzeentch

    Hi all, In 9 days time(!) I'll be facing daemons of Tzeentch for the first time. Starting with Skirmish and moving up to full games. All in matched play so splitting horrors is costed etc. Having never faced them before I was wondering if you had any tips? The destiny dice mechanic sounds scary - how does it work? The sheer amount of mortal wounds they can dish out seems terrifying for my Ironjawz who will need to close quickly to see them off. Especially in Skirmish level games, what should I focus on putting in my force to deal with their threat? Brutes or Boyz... BB
  9. Made the mistake of not saving the previous versions of the PDF compendiums and the General's Handbook material... So what happened to the named ones? I know in AoS, Golgfag is listed as a generic Maneater in the store, but the compendium had rules for him and GH listed his point's value. The same change, though not as major, for Ruglud. For matched play, was planning on using Golgfag as a general of a themed force of one unit of Maneaters and 2 or 3 Ogor battleline units(Maneater newbs), but now he's just a generic tyrant.
  10. Available for download now over here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/25/new-and-updated-faqs-forge-world-warscrolls-and-compendium-pdfsgw-homepage-post-1/
  11. AOS Skirmish - Full Points List - Destruction

    Was chatting to a few of the guys on here about the Skirmish rules, and the topic came up that not much of the Destruction faction had been released points wise (renown) for the Skirmish list. It's easy to calculate them for home brew, but it's nice to have a pretty document! A cursory search of the Internet later and I found these beauties. They're available for most factions too. (From Rafal Maj at tga)
  12. Hi guys an gals. So shadow wars Armageddon I've seen a set of rules for sergeant hacker's squad online and I thought I'd just ask if they are real as it would sway me to start a team up then maybe go onto an army.
  13. Return! Skirmish/Mordheim ...

    The end of this week sees the release of Age of Sigmar: Skirmish. Which appears to me to be a remake of Mordheim in the simplest sense. Small warbands fight in a mysterious city, fight for valuable resource (in this instance renown instead of warpstone) which allows you to add to your warband and play through campaigns. It may not be with all the detail of Mordheim but I'm certainly buzzing about it. I played Mordheim a lot back in the day and loved the fast paced, personal level. So much so that even on this blog you'll see I tried to play a few skirmish type games before these rules were released. I also love the idea that every single model has a backstory and character. It just makes stuff funnier in-game and even in huge battles. I'm also very excited about the warband releases. My Ironjawz currently consist of the starter box, a box of brutes and a Megaboss clampack. This give me: - Megaboss (Gorgit Drakestompa) - 1 Warchanter - 5 Brutes - 3 Gore-Gruntas - 15 Ardboyz Which is fantastic...but it leaves me with 5 Ardboyz I can't use without paying for 10 and no magic at all. The new warband box consists of: 5 Ardboyz, 5 Brutes and a Shaman. Congratulations GW! Instant purchase from me. Whilst im in between homes at the moment so can't actually build or paint. I'll definitely pick up the box which will leave only the Maw-Krusha as needed for a complete model list. ARE ANY OF YOU FABULOUS PEOPLE BASED IN LONDON AND FANCY A FEW GAMES OF AGE OF SIGMAR (OR SKIRMISH)? I am 27 and will probably want a beer afterwards so underage people are out I'm afraid! ? With all the love!
  14. Double 1's on charge

    So yesterday I encountered an interesting situation. I had a group of boar boyz 3 inches away from an enemy unit and I rolled the glorious double 1 to charge. However the rules for the boars say that you add 2 to all charge rolls. Now my opponent was saying st if you roll double 1 it doesn't matter what modifiers you have because it's an auto fail. I thought otherwise, but it was a very casual game and it was nearing its end so we just went my way and the boars made it into contact. Anyone have insight?
  15. This was posted up in the Facebook group by Jack Whittle last year but seems to have disappeared, so I requested a copy from Jack to permanently share it at the Stronghold for @I R GMAN and anyone else interested Download it here: ironjawz-gargantuan-squiggoth.pdf
  16. Ravager command trait

    Does the ravager command trait add to all rampaging destroyers rolls or just the roll for the general?
  17. 30k iron warriors question

    Hey guys and girls just a quick one as looking at doing a iron warriors army for 30k, would anyone know where I could find the rules for the iron circle domitar-ferrum class battle-automata. Cheers
  18. Da Warstompers

    Battalion Name: Da Warstompers Faction: Greenskinz Organisation: 1 Orruk Warboss on Warboar 1 Orruk Warboss with Great Waaagh! Banner 1 unit of Orruk Boarboys 1 unit of Orruks 1 unit of Orruk Boar Chariots Rules can be found in the 'Start Collecting! Greenskinz' box set. View Page
  19. Thunderfist

    Battalion Name: Thunderfist Faction: Ironjawz Organisation: 1 Orruk Megaboss 1 Orruk Weirdnob Shaman 2 units of Orruk Brutes 1 unit of Orruk Gore-gruntas 1 Aleguzzler Gargant Rules can be found in the 'Ironjawz: Thunderfist' box set. View Page
  20. Smasha Boyz

    Battalion Name: Smasha Boyz Faction: Ironjawz Organisation: 1 Orruk Warchanter 1 unit of Orruk Ardboys 1 unit of Orruk Gore-gruntas Rules can be found in the 'Start Collecting! Ironjawz' box set. View Page
  21. Battalion Name: Gordrakk's Megafist Faction: Ironjawz Organisation: 5 of the following units in any combination: Orruk Megaboss, Megaboss on Maw-krusha Rules can be found in 'The Realmgate Wars: All-gates' (2016 book) and the Warhammer Age of Sigmar app. View Page
  22. Brawl

    Battalion Name: Brawl Faction: Ironjawz Organisation: 1 Orruk Megaboss or Megaboss on Maw-krusha 1 Orruk Warchanter 1 Orruk Weirdnob Shaman 5 of the following battalions in any combination: Brutefist, Gorefist, Ardfist, Weirdfist, Ironfist Rules can be found in 'Battletome: Ironjawz' (2016 book) and the Warhammer Age of Sigmar app. View Page
  23. Weirdfist

    Battalion Name: Weirdfist Faction: Ironjawz Organisation: 1 Orruk Weirdnob Shaman 3-5 of the following units in any combination: Orruk Brutes, Orruk Gore-gruntas, Orruk Ardboys Rules can be found in 'Battletome: Ironjawz' (2016 book) and the Warhammer Age of Sigmar app. View Page

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