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Found 45 results

  1. CDO Presents: Golden Hat

    CDO is now hosting a Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf competition, in case of interest for any frothing fantasy football coach around here.
  2. Fantasy Terrain Upgrade Tips

    Copy-pasted from an advice reply over on T9A for Mad 'At's Citycape Skirmish Blog, since much of it could be of general interest to wargamers all over. Mad 'At is by the way an accomplished scenery builder and miniature painter, as should be evident here, and it's something out of the ordinary to play across his club's terrain at some Swedish tournaments. Got any tips of your own to share? Do please spill the beans!
  3. Back for more of that GREEN!? Okay well let us get right to it with a quick recap from Legends Cup. And there you have it! The Greenboyz had a final record of 0 wins, 1 tie, and 2 losses. Lost the first match vs Underworld Creepers. Came down to a failed GFI and tripping over the goal line for a tie. Second match was against the Bright Crusaders who pulled ahead early for a 2-0 lead but didn't count on the scrappy Goblins of the boyz coming back to tie it up 2-2 in the end. Last round was a brutal game against the Grudge Bearers who dominated the field and finally outscored a tie in the last turn of the game. Overall a really fun event I am look forward to the next one now that I have a bit more practice with the team and know the rules a bit better (like you can't throw a Pogoer... oops!). Hot on the heels of Legends Cup the boyz headed to Chicagoland for Chaos Cup 17. With the theme this year being GOBLINS it seemed like a no-brainer to bring a less than stellar version of The Greenboyz to the pitch for 6 games of Blood Bowl action. Chaos Cup 2017 - Goblin Power!! Round 1 vs Khemri (Coach aenir) First game of the tournament started way up on table 10 or so versus... Khemri!? Got bashed around good and the fewer goblins on the pitch the easier it was to score for some reason. Managed to shut out the Khemri for a 2-0 win and secure goal #1 for The Greenboyz at Chaos Cup 17 - take home at least one win! Round 2 vs Undead (Coach swerve) Playing on table 4 (what the) after round 1 The Greenboyz got utterly trounced by the Undead. Not even a close matchup from a player perspective. Ended in about 1 hour or less. Nice coach though! I look forward to playing a proper match sometime in the future. Round 3 vs Skinks (Coach bluedaybreak) Finally a good match up for the boyz! At least on paper... this one turned into a snooze fest with the goblins failing every roll they made. It was a disaster but at least I was drinking heavily at this point! Ended up losing 0 to 3. Round 4 vs Skaven (Coach gaddockteeg) Ending the day somewhere in the middle/back of the tables (mid 20's) the boyz ended up matched against a Skaven team. I fully expected this to be a blowout but the boyz surprised me by going head to head in a shoot out with Gutter Runners?! Failed a final TTM attempt to tie it up on the last turn of the second half and ended up losing 2 to 3. A really fun game! After a full day of Blood Bowl it was time to relax and unwind with a little SRG Supershow! Dr. Skullface made his XCW premiere and was promptly smacked down by everyone he went against (mostly by rolling Agility on the dice over and over and over again...). Luckily The Right managed to win the whole thing and bring home the tiny championship belt to Kalamazoo! Alright!! Then it was on to day 2 of Chaos Cup. Round 5 vs Dwarves (Coach bigstraycat) Dwarves. How are they even down here on the bottom tables!? Broken. I don't remember much from this match outside of being very pissed off as my opponent decided to stall out after being in the lead by 2. Playing for all the marbles at the bottom tables... good game bro? Just to spite their beardy faces managed a TTM 1 turn score on the last turn to get on scoreboard. Lost 2 to 1. Round 6 vs Dark Elves (Coach sargon) Deep into the bottom tables now last match is against... Dark Elves?! I mean wtf... can't I play at least one more fun team? The boyz failed all their rolls, coach hated himself and the game, probably was a dick to his opponent, and finally lost 3 to 1. Somewhere in the second day I put up The Greenboyz for the Chaotic Brush painting competition. I have entered every year since it began and each year I paint a new team for the event. And each year I received no awards. Now I don't think of myself or my painting as your traditional "painting competition winner" type but I also don't think of myself as a total shit painter. Here's the team.. you be the judge? The Greenboyz with sideline bits and stuff. One of these minis I did not paint (the Ogre). Well surprisingly a couple things happened. #1 - I saw a few new teams and not the same teams which seem to be entered each year and continue to win awards. #2 and #3 I won two awards!? Fan Favorite (hell yes!) and Best Theme (Green!). I may not look like it in the photos but I was (and am) super excited to finally win my first miniatures painting awards! Heck it's only taken me 10+ years to get here. Thanks to everyone who voted for and appreciated The Greenboyz! We're already adding new pieces to the team for the next time out.
  4. Hi blog. Hi couple of you that read this from time to time. Long time no see. Hope things are going well for you in life. Things are going very well for me and I have been quite busy working on a fun little Goblin team for Blood Bowl. The Greenboyz! Those Blood Bowl fans out there may recognize The Greenboyz from their one appearance in White Dwarf issue #101 with this little snippet: Things weren't going so well for The Greenboyz back in that season but they turned it around for the 2487-2488 season when they managed to crush every team in their way to the championship. What happened you ask? Well nobody really knows... but most everyone is pretty sure it had to do with cheating. The Greenboyz roster from their winning season in 87-88 Earlier this year I was invited to participate in a special kind of Blood Bowl event that focused on the Teams of Legend from Death Zone Season 2. While I wasn't planning on creating and painting a Goblin team when the chance came up to take on the role of Head Coach for The Greenboyz I just couldn't say no! (and it wasn't even because of the copious amounts of ale I was bribed with I swear) And so the construction of this mighty team of legend began with... bunch of shopping and chopping. My goals for the team were: 1. Create a cohesive looking team of Goblins with various model ranges including GW. 2. Show each of the "skills" for the player in a visual way with conversions. 3. Have fun and embrace the Goblin aesthetic of The Greenboyz. I'm pretty sure I achieved all of these goals and more! Once the main body of the team was complete I began work on the pieces I wanted for the sidelines. One of these was very important... a way to represent The Greenboyz constant Fame +2. I chose to model stands full of drunk fans and also build an early Mark I version of "The Monstrous Mangler" - the most impressive secret weapon to ever exist, and ultimately the secret weapon which killed off the triumphant Greenboyz in the year 2492. In my version of this secret weapon the Goblins created a way to drive the actual stadium stands on to the pitch in the ultimate of pitch invasions! Still needed a few more sideline figures like Coaches, Cheerleaders, and the Apothecaries. I managed to get that done as well as the start of the team bus! My vision for the bus was simple and recognizable. A very famous goblin truck... With the added sideline complete it was time for a color scheme. Since The Greenboyz did not have official GW colors from the fluff (unlike most Teams of Legend) I worked up a color scheme that was really focused on both Goblins and the name Greenboyz. GREEN With my test model done I moved on to the massive painting project of all the fans in the stands, the sideline minis, and finally the team. I also managed to bodge up a couple more Goblins for when the stars of The Greenboyz want some back up (or get squashed by other Blood Bowl teams) and to fill up the roster. Next time... what happened at Legends Cup? Where else did The Greenboyz play (hint: it was Chaos Cup)? What is in store for the team moving forward? Check back here for more details Goblin fans!
  5. Tutorial Subsection to Hobby Forum?

    Chaos Dwarfs Online, being a creative hobby hub from the very start, have a larger hobby section than does most forums. Though it might not be of interest for this site to expand its own hobby forum section to the full extent which CDO has done, it should be apparent that there is something to gain from having a dedicated Tutorial section, i.e. only for tutorials and not for tutorial requests (those would go in M&P general). The ease of finding tutorial resources should not be underestimated in the longer scheme of things. Nurture your forum as a hobby hub, and keep a handy record of tutorials in a way which no Facebook thing ever can do. As for tutorials, would it make sense to have them broken down into the subsections Modelling Tutorials and Painting Tutorials? Would make it even easier to find what one is looking for, especially when the mass of material grows in time. Just an idea.
  6. A mass of archive photos from both old Hand of Hashut (thanks to Timothy Colonna) and Chaos Dwarfs Online have now been uploaded and stuck in the Showcase section of CDO. Check them out for all things Chaos Dwarf, but beware that it's a lot of pictures for the computer to load! Carven Images: Hand of Hashut in Pictures, Courtesy of Timothy Colonna Carven Images: A Decade of CDO in Pictures (2007-2017 A.D.) These Carven Images are quick-salvaged ones, picked selectively by Admiral among our surviving pictures. The method is described in the CDO archive thread and active members expected to salvage their own images have on the large been bypassed. Aside from the above compilation threads, quick-salvaged pictures have also been uploaded to members' main hobby logs where at all possible, among the first posts. Do not delete! Last but not least, we have a very special writing competition cooking on CDO at the moment: Scribe's Contest XI: Temple Song Lyrics Described more in detail in the legal disclaimer, this competition will see one worthy entrant's song picked up by musicians. More to be revealed later on... Don't miss your chance to immortalize your songwriting!
  7. Ancient History ...sort of. Back in 6th edition, Games Workshop made a masterstroke when they released Ogre Kingdoms. Not only did this give the Ogres a homeland, a culture and detailed background, but it also gave us Gnoblars (easy slaves and fodder!) and a lot of glimpses eastwards of the Dark lands and Cathay. 6th edition was glorious for reasons such as this, the Hellcannon and the new Wood Elf aesthetic (GW has always been strong in the looks departments since very early days), but interestingly for our Dawi Zharr purposes, the Ogre Kingdoms army book stated the origins of the Leadbelchers' weaponry being as follows (from Lexicanum; my emboldening):
  8. Hey guys! Here is a new video from twoplustough. He is making a narrative battles with cool voice overs, even if this isnt your cup of tea, check out his other incredibly insightful videos into tactics and lore.
  9. Merwyrm, Yes or No

    I've been debating on getting the Merwyrm for a long time now. Love the model, but the price is high for me and I don't know how good it is in game. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  10. Video trailer!
  11. Let's get on with more music to get into the Destruction Mode. On tonight's episode we will cover the song Iron Man (1970), by the mighty Black Sabbath. With it's pounding kickdrum at marching speed and slow guitar riff the song is perfect to get your army into position and let the poor opposing army know what is coming. Put some Ironguts in the front line to complete the picture. From a lyrical perspective, the song tell's the story of a man who travels time and see's the world end. When he returns to his own time, he is transformed to a giant metal man, unable to talk or communicate. The world mock's him and doesn't want to see his warnings about the end of time. Enraged and frustrated the Iron Man now destroys mankind, instead of keeping them safe and so fulfilling the prophecy. Video
  12. Bashing skulls and ripping through flesh isn't something one should try with some light pop music in the background. A good member of the Destruction tribes needs pounding drums, earth shaking noise, rumbling basslines and screaming vocals. Luckily, that's exactly what Metal has been providing us with ever since Steppenwolf added the phrase "Heavy Metal Thunder" into the music vocabulary in their classic "Born to be Wild". To be wild, one needs Heavy Metal Thunder, it's dead simple. The first entry in this serie "Music to Lead a Destruction Army to Battle (without being eaten alive on the march to contact1)" features an iconic Metal track. Raining Blood - Slayer. The song starts off with some thunder and rain, only to continue with some aggressive riffs that speed up and lead to the vicious spitting of lyrics about souls waiting for their final judgement. As your army plunges into battle, driven by the pounding drums, Tom Araya starts screaming about Raining Blood.No Tyrant or Butcher can withstand such force of agressive energy and around this time, limbs will be severed from bodies, helmets smashed and spines ripped from bodies. When the guitar solo starts ripping the air, bigger Ogres and Oruks have been known to tear in half horses and mid-size dragons, while headbutting the riders. Just pray that the army was already within charging distance or the blood raining down may just be that of some poor Grot unit being in the way. Raining Blood is the perfect soundtrack for any charge and may lead your army out of control. Use with caution. Video 1 Human generals have been known to be slaughtered and eaten alive when hungry hordes lost patience on long marches. Try and plan a raid or small skirmish every second day!
  13. Digging up the old times

    I can't even clearly remember why and when i dropped the hobby. Must have been some 12 years ago. It just happened but luckily i never got rid of the old models. They just got stuffed in some boxes and went from the study to the attic to the garage. The next stop would probably have been the trash. But as i was browsing the net during the christmas holidays i found some pictures of proud Ogres bullying some poor peasants and i remembered the boxes. With the children a little bigger and more time on my hands, i bought some fresh paint, glue and got going again. I will try and post some updates on the proces of rebuilding the army, repairing damaged models and repainting some (as i think i can do better now).
  14. Hey there! It's been far too long since I've posted (like, maybe, 4-5 months??). But, although it has been a long time, there has been much fruitful activity with my Ork clan (as my Ogres are officially shelved until I can find a stable 8th ed. group to play with... or if they ever go back to the World That Was, which I know is not gonna happen lol...)... So, let's see here... I've had 3 games with my Orks thus far. I think I'll make an Entry 9 after this one and go through each of the games a little more thoroughly because hey, I'm into bat-reps! (and not just flying mammal exercises, mind you! Har, har... *ugh*...). I won't spoiler alert, but so far I've enjoyed all three games, regardless of win-loss ratio, and that's honestly what I'm all about with deez boyz! Christmas was semi-lucrative, as I had acquired a box of Boyz, a box of Gretchin, and $15 in gift cards, and an additional $25 in "get-whatever-you-want" money. With the free money I bought the new Armoured Assault kit, the Trukk Boyz, and I still have $10 for an online certificate that I'll hold onto until I've decided what to purchase next... Overall, these purchases have now put me at a "comfortable" 1250pts range, and a "stretched" 1500pts! After my next big purchase, it'll probably bump up to 1500/1750 range, and then, we'll see... hopefully the game won't be ruined come April as the rumor mill spreads... Painting wise, I've finished everything from the Start Collecting! kit that I got, and I'm *almost* done with my Burna Bommer. As soon as that's done, I'll be painting up my Boyz from Christmas, and then I'll start to assemble my Trukk Boyz kit, then to paint that, and all I'll have left to paint will be my scratchbuilt Looted Wagon and a bunch of Gretchin that I don't ever actually plan on painting Alrighty, so here's some pics to show off what I've done, as I've just now realized that I haven't posted ANY painted models yet! Shame on me!!! First, my assembled Looted Wagon... Bonus points if you can guess what the main chassis comes from (besides the plasticard parts lol)! Now, for the painting of my first Boy... And the color order. Cadian Green, Moot Green, Snotling Green. This particular Boy is the only one to get an Agrax Earthshade wash; I didn't feel like putting that much effort into the rest of the boyz lol... Final result Orange is my primary "army-color" that'll tie everything together. Now, the rest of the first batch of Boyz!! Rawr! Da Nob! I liked the red glove to further identify him as da Boss Nob. Next... Da Warboss and His Painboy! Dis one's Ghort, Da Next in Line. He's currently leading my Waagh! Until they find their missing leader, Khorag Dakkafiend. (aka when I buy meganobz lol...) He's toting Da Lucky Stikk, and has the usual array of Power Klaw and 'eavy armor; sometimes he'll bring his Attack Squig Chomp-Chomp, if he's got da points! And now, da Painboy, Mr. Stikk'em. (I just now thought of that name lol...) He's ready for some fun, eh?? I gave him a slightly different green tone, using nurgle rot(?? forgot name) instead of snotling green to give him that sickly look. Rokkit Launcha Boy. I only feature him because of his Little Friend... Smile! You're on "Can-Dead Camera"! Now, instead of showing you all the WiPs of this badboy, here's Firetoof, my Deff Dread, in his most complete form. So gawdy, so wonderful... Here's the part that makes it "incomplete"... however, all the arms (including the big ones) are magnetized, so I can easily interchange them, and represent "Weapon Destroyed" results. I'm very happy with how it ended up turning out. Now, Christmas loot! Yup, 3 Koptas, got them for half the price of one from the GW mainsite. Just have to fix their god awful skin, very dark and shiny, blech! Okay, now objective markers that I finished up! Red Barrels, Orange Capture the Flag*, Yellow Coinblock, Green Riddler Mark*, Blue Beacon-o-Light, Purple X-marks-the-spot* *these 3 were painted a few years ago, I added the others so I can run the maelstrom of war missions one day... Now, finally, my current work of art... Da Fyrbyrd! I'm so happy with how the eyes turned out lol... On the other side of the rear end, I painted the Chinese symbols for "phoenix", because I'm silly like that. This is only halfway through the pictures, my last picture failed to load, but basically, I've painted the weapons now and some of the details, and all I have left to do is the pilot and the turret as the main parts of the painting project. And then, it's complete! (probably two more good painting days left, IMO lol). ...Alright, that's a lot of pics and stuff. Enjoy! I think I'll post the battle reports another time, soon. I might type them up, but not post them yet lol...
  15. Hi fellow Ogor fans! I am a rather new player of Warhammer (started with AoS) and I started collecting Ogres as this big bulky Meatballs really appeal to me:) As for now I only have 6 bulls and 6 leadbelchers and as my brother plays WH for much longer I have a pretty solid Orruk army for my disposal (however I'm kind of an Ogor purist xD ) The question is what should I buy next... Should I rather go into the beast stuff and by a Stonetusk and some mournfangs, or stick to the Gutbusters (Which I prefer) and buy a Tyrant and ironguts or bulls? I am open for any suggestions
  16. @DeGriggs3 some more lore content from mr. 2 plus tough. this time for destruction! Enjoy!
  17. I got in a few more games this year! Actually played a bit of both Blood Bowl and some Age of Sigmar. On top of that I did get a bit of painting done as well. First up here are a couple things I painted up for TNT. I've since finished these bloat flies with some additional details and basing but I didn't grab a photo of them yet. Buzzz buzzz this is our trash buzz buzz Also built this Steam Bike from Max Mini which I can't wait to paint up and use on the table! Furry stopped by during a nice little snow storm earlier this week and we played 3 games of a Path To Glory campaign. We went with Death Rattle (Death) vs Bloodbound (Khorne Chaos) because that is what I had the best minis for right now and we wanted to learn the rules for their respective units. We made a couple small alterations in the rules as we went and overall it was fast and furious fun! I started with a Wight King and 10 Skeletons while Furry brought the Mighty Lord of Khorne and 5 Blood Warriors. First scenario we played was a "Find The Treasure" scenario with three searchable objectives on the board. First Hero to find the treasure and leave off the table edge or kill all the enemy units won a Major Victory. Ragnar the Blackhearted and his small but tenacious horde of Skeledudes Blood Warriors lined up and ready to spill... bits of bone!? After moving toward the near by objective Ragnar spots Blood Warriors sneaking around a wall! Skulls and bones for the Skulls and bones god! The Skeledudes managed to get the charge and chop down the warriors. Meanwhile.... this sneaky guy is trying to come kill Ragnar! Ragnar tries a tactical retreat but it ultimately charged by the MLoK and slain by his damned axe. But then the Skeletons come to save the day! Chop chop down goes the MLoK. After the first game Ragnar gained enough fame to lure in another.... 10 Skeletons! Oh boy. Meanwhile the Bloodbound brought the big guns with some Wrathmongers (played by half built Nurgle Knights this time around). The second scenario was to kill the monster in the center of the table and claim his magical weapon stash. It was a very short game with Ragnar's forces taking the initiative and the Chaos Gargant charging at the nearby Bloodbound. In the process it killed almost all of the Blood Warriors and left just one wound on the MLoK who proceeded to slay the monster with his damned axe in one round of combat. Game, set, match! Giant toilet or crumbling tower? You be the judge. For the third and final scenario of the day we completed a "take and hold" type scenario where two comets fell to the battlefield and our warbands had to control them to gain points. It was a close fought and strategic battle but ultimately Ragnar's forces were able to hold out against the Bloodbound and secure a Major Victory. Staring down the Wrathmongers on the flank. These guys are nasty! With freshly devoted followers the MLoK hopes to crush his skeletal nemesis. With some fancy footwork the Skeletons get the charge and contest the objective! "It's just Skeletons you dimwits!!" Meanwhile... the Wrathmongers fall to the Skeleton Warriors. Thanks for the extra attacks! And Ragnar gets a bit broody. Path To Glory is not balanced. If you can get over that and are playing with someone who can see the silly it is actually pretty darn fun and a good way to learn the basics of Age of Sigmar. I'm looking forward to painting up these minis and finishing up this campaign with another 2 or 3 games. Not a bad way to wrap up the year - a few more games under our belts with excitement for gaming in our blood! See you in 2017!
  18. Happy holidaze are upon us! I spent the last week off from work but got very little accomplished on the modeling or painting fronts. I did go a bit nutty and decided to rearrange my whole first two floors starting with painting setup. Previously it lived in our sun room but I wanted to be able to use that room for my non-mini painting as well as hanging out in (cozy in the fall and winter and fresh in the spring and winter). After many hours of packing up and taking things up and down our treacherous basement stairs I managed this: New basement dwelling for the basement dweller Painting table (desk) all set up and ready to go again after carefully moving my entire miniatures collection. New set up has less (basically zero) natural light but I have a combination of about 6 other lights which keep it from being too dank. Pros No dogs in my painting area (so hopefully no dog hair stuck in my paint) Nice and cool year round (not too hot or too cold like the previous set up) Right next to my 4x4 gaming table (hopefully netting me more painted terrain!) I can talk to myself and not seem to crazy Cons Less human and animal interaction (see last pro) A little basement-troll like No natural light Painting with sunlights and plants My current sun room painting setup is pretty modular (read temporary) with a folding chair and table though overall I am quite pleased with the change. I also rearranged my living and dining rooms to make things more open and easier to have guest over for entertainment (like hopefully playing games!). Speaking of having guest over - earlier last week Furry and I got in a quick Vanguard game of Age of Sigmar. It was his first game of Warhammer (of any kind?) and he did great! Table set up - Khorne Bloodbound vs Skaven Pestilence Plague Monks and Skrolk hanging out with the Plague Furnace So many followers of Khorne! The wolves were stand in minis for Flesh Hounds More rats equals more fun for the Plague Furnace! Shove off! Line of topless barbarians is not impressed. Cute little Korgorath wants a hug? Plague Furnace managed to chew through topless men but got stopped by one with a whip. This is all going according to plan... I wanted to give us both a chance to try out some fun synergies with the two lists. Since I had not played either force there was a bit of guessing as to what would work well and what might just be for laughs. Big winners for Khorne and Furry were the Flesh Hounds. Two units of 5 each managed to chew through almost all of my foot slogging Skaven (Plague Monks and Censer Bearers). Add on their ability to shut down a magic phase and I really can't see why you wouldn't make room for them in any Khorne themed list! For the forces of Pestilence the big winner was (literally) the Great Unclean One. He single handily managed to kill the most units between his magic, shooting, and close combat phases. Of course the Mighty Lord of Khorne probably could have killed him in one turn but Furry realized that a bit too late in the game (and yes I did tell him about his general's fighting skills!). Game ended as a draw on objectives but a win for points taken out (with just my Hero units left on the table and running away). It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to get these minis all painted up and more games going! Meanwhile in a galaxy far far away... Spent one afternoon at the FLGS getting a demo of X-wing from a player who has literally everything that has been released for the game. It was a bit daunting to be honest but I stuck it out and played through a quick tutorial and then short 35 pt game. Ended up just barely winning by taking out the Rebel scum in a desperate strafing run from my star pilot (the either Tie Fighter having been blown away quickly in the game). The game seems like a good time and I can see why it has such a following. The dog fighting and maneuvers are quite cool and the key gameplay of action economy and synergy between ships, pilots, and abilities is well done. Overall I am just not that excited by Star Wars in general and not in love with all the spaceships. A fun game but one I don't intend to dive in to. Now that we are living in a post-XMASSSS 2016 world it's time to dive into my basement painting den and get cranking on some minis!
  19. Old White dwarfs

    Hello Strongholders! Small question. I have a large amount of old white dwarfs from going into 2nd edition 40K (not sure which edition warhammer fantasy was on the go then) all the way to when GW went weekly. My question would be if there is any worth selling these at all or are people interested in old white dwarfs. I mainly need to make space and I'm looking to part with them. I'm happy to give extra details as needed. Cheers Zolas.
  20. First beer review on since April of 2015?! Heresy!! Noble Brewer - Nevermore Chocolate Porter Beer Type: American Porter - 7.50% ABV Appearance: 22oz brown bottle with the standard Noble Brewer label. Beer is a dark brown/black with a solid tan head that clings to the glass. Smell: Big bitter chocolate aroma followed quickly by dark fruits and ending back on chocolate/hot cocoa. First Drink: Dark chocolate on the tip of the tongue is quickly smacked with roasted malts and dried fruit flavors. Mouthfeel: Velvet smooth with a slightly sticky finish. Last Drink: Getting more of the fruit from the chocolate now almost like chocolate cherry flavors. Can taste more of the ABV now as well. Drinkability: A big drinker and not something you will be pounding by the glass. A nice sipper. Notes: Noble Brewer features notable home brewers and their beers. This was originally brewed by Greg Tucker and was part of the Fall 2015 seasonal lineup. Had a couple in the cellar I just finished off for this review! Verdict: 5 out of 5. If you love chocolate and you love dark beer you'll dig this.
  21. We have supped. We have shlupped. We have gamed. And we have gained (a bit of weight from all the beer and milk fat). In the end we have learned a lot about love (like don't steal rad zombie kills from your life partner because they get kinda heated about it). Caravaneers hiding from Rad Zombies Bring out the Alpha Mutant they cried! Rad Zombies loving hanging out near holes in the ground. Alos near nasty old radioactive pipes. How'd we get into this situation wondered the Preservers. Let's take the fight to the dang zombies! In the end a little flamethrowing action managed to take out these two. In short that is how I spent the past few days of this holiday. As I don't eat meat, nor care about AMAZING DEALS, I cooked a bunch of food and ate it with folks I care about. Then we played a bit of This Is Not A Test on the table I am currently building out (see above photos). And in between we watched all of the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (which I used most of the Return of the King to also build my Blood Bowl 2016 box). Pie, coffee, and Blood Bowl minis to assemble. Fun times! Pizza made with Tanksgivin' leftovers. So good! But before that there was a great building... of things! A collection of newly based minis. Quite the eclectic mix! And what game would be complete without ZOMBIES?! Earlier this year I picked up a collection of prized pewter history from a life long collector who was selling off some of their collection. It was for a good cause, and I have a collection (disease) of my own, so how could I pass up such shiny baubles?! Like these random Undead mini! Just a smattering of different Undead type creatures I felt compelled to own (and hopefully paint). No particular "need" or specific "use" for them. Although you can never go wrong with Werewolves and Flesh Golem types! And one set of minis I have been coveting for some time... A Thanquol and Boneripper set! And who is that in the middle? Why Gotrek of course!! Sadly I didn't find a Felix to go with him but no matter... we've got the start of a beautiful friendship here already. And who showed up for a little Nurgle love? Why this bad boy of course! Coming soon to a table near you (if you live and play near me that is). The GUO you always wanted.... More Nurgle and pestilent fun to come so stay tuned! Until next time...
  22. Gargant crown

    So I have set my sights on doing the Sons of Behemat formation of 5 giants. I want to have the gargant king stand out with something kingly, preferably a crown. Anyone know of some bits that would make a good crown, or somewhere to get one? I'm terrible at modelling so greenstuff is not so much an option for me.
  23. Help decide the winner of the Tribal Warfare competition! Please take a look at the following tribes and vote for your top 3 favourites: The Balebone Cabal Bargegut's Bulky Brigands The Beasteater Tribe Belchfist Beastkiller's Brutes The Best Elves The Bloodspear Tribe Blue Sun Crimson Fists Cult of the Red Maw Da Black Jawz Da Blackrok Tribe Da Blood Toofs (& Sordid Followerz) Da Bloody Fang Da Deff Jawz Da Deff Lordz Da Followers of Graw Da Iron-Hide Ard Boyz The Everbruise Tribe Eyez of da Fen The Fimorai Gobsmasher-Startooth Tribe The Madcap Moonbrew Co. Migvard Alfrostun Reynaud's Roughguts Sarvikuhord Skull Biters Skull Krumpaz Sunbyte Clan Teeth of the Hungry Mountain Thunder Frost Tribe The winner will be the tribe with the most votes exactly 1 week from now. No voting for your own tribe, of course! In the case of a tie, I'll cast the deciding vote. Get voting!
  24. Naming the Hunger... Part 2!

    The next exciting iteration of Unearthing Ogor Lore, Naming the Hunger Part 2! Continuing from the last post, we will go right on into Honorifics and Titles to finish up the naming conventions! Here are some example fully created names (from my own Army and Army Lore): Derall The Huge Nogarth Headcrusher Rarghrug The Grubby Targhort Headcracker Taratt Nosemangler Norgherth Armbreaker Wurgholg Bloodgulper The Careless Magull Headsplitter The Hazzardous Dozogg Bonegrinder the Rambling Nagrot Tripeslicer the Mad Rerghurk Headcracker Yugort Bloodgulper the Lucky Burrug Gristlechewer Thazret Gizzardeater Tozew Gutbuster The Bloody-Handed Tegogg Noseripper Honorifics (Roll 2D6, one for the 10's place and one for the 1's place): 11- Armbreaker 12- Bloodbgulper 13- Bloodspiller 14- Bonebreaker 15- Bonegrinder 16- Bonecrusher 21- Bonesmasher 22- Boneshaker 23- Bonesnapper 24- Brainbasher 25- Eyegouger 26- Facemangler 31- Fangbuster 32- Fleshtearer 33- Footstomper 34- Gizzardeater 35- Gobsmasher 36- Gristlechewer 41- Gutbuster 42- Gutsplitter 43- Headbuster 44- Headcracker 45- Headcrusher 46- Headsplitter 51- Heartcrusher 52- Hearteater 53- Legbreaker 54- Maneater 55- Necksnapper 56- Nosemangler 61- Noseripper 62- Skinflayer 63- Skullcrusher 64- Skullsplitter 65- Throattearer 66- Tripeslicer Titles (Roll 3D6, one for the hundreds, tens and ones place): 111- The Acquisitive 112- The Angry 113- The Avenger 114- The Awful 115- The Baffling 116- The Basher 121- The Bad 122- The Baleful 123- The Bashful 124- The Battle-Scarred 125- The Befuddled 126- The Bemused 131- The Big 132- The Bloody-Handed 133- The Blunt 134- The Bold 135- The Brainless 136- The Brash 141- The Broad 142- The Brutal 143- The Butcher 144- The Careless 145- The Clumsy 146-The Coarse 151- The Colossal 152- The Confused 153- The Conqueror 154- The Crazed 155- The Crazy 156- The Credulous 161- The Crooked 162- The Crumper 163- The Crusher 164- The Cunning 165- The Curious 166- The Curmudgeonly 211- The Dangerous 212- The Desperate 213- The Destroyer 214- The Destructive 215- The Desolator 216- The Despoiler 221- The Determined 222- The Devourer 223- The Dim 224- The Dire 225- The Disembowler 226- The Dismemberer 231- The Dreadful 232- The Eager 233- The Enormous 234- The Enraged 235- The Executioner 236- The Extravagant 241- The Exterminator 242- The Fat 243- The Fearful 244- The Feckless 245- The Filthy 246- The Flayer 251- The Flatulent 252- The Forbidding 253- The Forgetful 254- The Fortunate 255- The Frightful 256- The Gargantuan 261- The Generous 262- The Ghastly 263- The Gigantic 264- The Greedy 265- The Grimy 266- The Grinder 311- The Grizzly 312- The Grubby 313- The Gruesome 314- The Hairy 315- The Ham-Fisted 316- The Handsome 321- The Hapless 322- The Harmful 323- The Hazardous 324- The Headstrong 325- The Helpful 326- The Honest 331- The Horrible 332- The Horrid 333- The Huge 334- The Humongous 335- The Hungry 336- The Idiotic 341- The Immense 342- The Immovable 343- The Impatient 344- The Incorrigible 345- The Incorruptible 346- The Incurable 351- The Industrious 352- The Inedible 353- The Infested 354- The Inquisitive 355- The Insane 356- The Insatiable 361- The Intolerant 362- The Irascible 363- The Irate 364- The Irrepressible 365- The Irritable 366- The Just 411- The Larcenous 412- The Lost 413- The Loud 414- The Lucky 415- The Mad 416- The Mangler 421- The Marauder 422- The Masher 423- The Mighty 424- The Mournful 425- The Muddled 426- The Murderer 431- The Murderous 432- The Mysterious 433- The Nasty 434- The Objectionable 435- The Obtuse 436- The Odd 441- The Odious 442- The Odorous 443- The Outlander 444- The Peculiar 445- The Persistent 446- The Persuasive 451- The Pig-Headed 452- The Pillager 453- The Powerful 454- The Pulper 455- The Rambling 456- The Rash 461- The Raucous 462- The Ravener 463- The Raving 464- The Reaper 465- The Reaver 466- The Reckless 511- The Rotten 512- The Rough 513- The Rowdy 514- The Sad 515- The Savage 516- The Scabrous 521- The Scary 522- The Shambling 523- The Silent 524- The Sinister 525- The Slasher 526- The Slavering 531- The Smart 532- The Smasher 533- The Smelly 534- The Sorrowful 535- The Strange 536- The Strangler 541- The Stealthy 542- The Stubborn 543- The Stupid 544- The Subtle 545- The Sullen 546- The Surly 551- The Sweaty 552- The Terrible 553- The Thrasher 554- The Throttler 555- The Thumper 556- The Thoughtless 561- The Trusting 562- The Trustworthy 563- The Ugly 564- The Unavoidable 565- The Unbearable 566- The Uncaring 611- The Unclean 612- The Undaunted 613- The Undefeated 614- The Unforgettable 615- The Unforgivable 616- The Unfriendly 621- The Unhinged 622- The Unlikeable 623- The Unmistakable 624- The Unreasonable 625- The Unpredictable 626- The Unspeakable 631- The Unsteady 632- The Untidy 633- The Unthinking 634- The Unwashed 635- The Unwelcome 636- The Vacant 641- The Vacous 642- The Vast 643- The Vengeful 644- The Verminous 645- The Vicious 646- The Victorious 651- The Vile 652- The Villainous 653- The Vindictive 654- The Violent 655- The Vulgar 656- The Wanderer 661- The Weary 662- The Weird 663- The Witless 664- The Wild 665- The Wrathful 666- The Wretched
  25. Naming the Hunger... Part 1!

    Ok, the first exciting installment of My G(n)oblog will be about something I quite enjoy, naming Ogors! The White Dwarf I got my hands on has a full-blown name-generator within its pages, and I will be "modifying" it so you all may enjoy it as well. I'll start by paraphrasing the basic "background" info on names, and then adding the charts themselves (I will be using the term Ogor throughout for simplicity, if you prefer Ogre that's fine too!). Background Info: When an Ogor is born, their name is often just as blunt as they are. Vulgar, guttural and without much thought put behind it, the names are often jumbles of Ogor words. Ogor parents oftentimes name the child something they will easily remember, since Ogors have a limited capacity to remember traditions or titles that are not earned in the here or now. Birth names at most are as complicated as a few syllables, some being as simple as one single syllable. Ogors just generally lose interest in the birth names of other Ogors when they become too long. The one exception to this rule are the Ogor's "Big Name." This Big Name is any title or honorific which the Ogor has earned throughout life. Oftentimes the first Big Name is given when the Ogor transitions between Whelp and Bull (coming of age) which only occurs when the whelp has done something of significance to become a contributor to the tribe. Oftentimes titles and honorifics are just as direct as their owners, mostly conveying the personalities or skills of the Ogor who carries the "Big Names." Honorifics are most commonly given within Ogor society itself and Titles are most commonly received while the Ogor is doing mercenary work for other races. This isn't to say one or the other can't be received in either instance, but it is merely more common. The more famous an Ogor becomes, the longer and more ostentatious their names generally become. Tyrants and other rulers especially are known to have over-the-top names with upwards of 10 titles or honorifics trailing their birth name. It is uncertain whether Ogors care what titles they are given by other races, as long as the name sounds long and impressive. They often don't even understand some of the titles they are given and merely wear them like a badge of pride... It isn't like anyone would make fun of an Ogor's name if they didn't want to end up in his gut anyway. How it Works: 1. Roll the first element of the first name and write it down. 2. Roll the second element of the first name and add it to the first 3. Decide whether you want your Ogor to have a title or honorific "last name." They imply different things, but they are not mutually exclusive, an especially fearsome and famous Ogor may have multiple titles and honorifics in their name mixed together! 4. Say the name out loud, is it rough, is it strange, is it guttural? Whatever it is, huzzah you've got a new Ogor name, get them out on the field of battle! If you really don't like it, you can always feel free to scrap it and re-roll for something new, or even go through the charts and handpick names you would like. Structure of an Ogor Name: (Element 1+ Element 2 (as one word)) + (0-10+ titles or honorifics (as separate words)) These two charts are for the first two elements which make the first name, I will upload the honorifics and titles tables later, so stay tuned! Element 1 Name Rolls (Roll D666 to create a number, keep track of the dice to know the order, use the Ctrl+F to find your number quickly): 111- Argh 112- Ergh 113- Orgh 114- Urgh 115- Ar 116- Er 121- Or 122- Ur 123- Az 124- Ez 125- Oz 126- Uz 131- Ag 132- Eg 133- Og 134- Ug 135- Bargh 136- Bergh 141- Borgh 142- Burgh 143- Bar 144- Ber 145- Bor 146-Bur 151- Baz 152- Bez 153- Boz 154- Bag 155- Beg 156- Blag 161- Bleg 162- Blug 163- Dargh 164- Dergh 165- Dorgh 166- Durgh 211- Dar 212- Der 213- Dor 214- Dur 215- Daz 216- Dez 221- Doz 222- Duz 223- Dag 224- Deg 225- Dug 226- Fargh 231- Fergh 232- Forgh 233- Furgh 234- Feg 235- Fog 236- Fug 241- Gargh 242- Gergh 243- Gorgh 244- Grug 245- Gar 246- Ger 251- Gor 252- Gur 253- Geg 254- Gog 255- Gug 256- Kargh 261- Kergh 262- Korgh 263- Kurgh 264- Kar 265- Ker 266- Kor 311- Kur 312- Kaz 313- Kez 314- Koz 315- Kuz 316- Kag 321- Keg 322- Kog 323- Kug 324- Margh 325- Mergh 326- Morgh 331- Murgh 332- Mar 333- Mer 334- Mor 335- Mur 336- Maz 341- Moz 342- Muz 343- Mag 344- Meg 345- Mog 346- Nargh 351- Nergh 352- Norgh 353- Nurgh 354- Nar 355- Nez 356- Nor 361- Nur 362- Naz 363- Nez 364- Noz 365- Nuz 366- Nag 411- Neg 412- Nog 413- Nug 414- Rargh 415- Rergh 416- Rorgh 421- Rurgh 422- Rar 423- Rer 424- Ror 425- Rur 426- Raz 431- Rez 432- Ruz 433- Rag 434- Reg 435- Rog 436-Rug 441- Targh 442- Tergh 443- Torgh 444- Turgh 445- Tar 446- Ter 451- Tor 452- Tur 453- Tez 454- Toz 455- Tuz 456- Tag 461- Teg 462- Tog 463- Tug 464- Thargh 465- Thergh 466- Thorgh 511- Thurgh 512- Thar 513- Ther 514- Thor 515- Thur 516- Thaz 521- Thez 522- Thoz 523- Thuz 524- Thag 525- Theg 526- Thog 531- Thug 532- Vargh 533- Vergh 534- Vorgh 535- Vurgh 536- Var 541- Ver 542- Vor 543- Veg 544- Vog 545- Vez 546- Voz 551- Vuz 552- Vag 553- Veg 554- Vog 555- Vug 556- Wargh 561- Wergh 562- Worgh 563- Wurgh 564- War 565- Wer 566- Wor 611- Wur 612- Waz 613- Wez 614- Woz 615- Wuz 616- Wag 621- Weg 622- Wug 623- Yargh 624- Yergh 625- Yorgh 626- Yurgh 631- Yar 632- Yer 633- Yor 634- Yur 635- Yaz 636- Yez 641- Yoz 642- Yuz 643- Yag 644- Yeg 645- Yog 646- Yug 651- Zargh 652- Zergh 653- Zorgh 654- Zurgh 655- Zar 656- Zer 661- Zor 662- Zur 663- Zag 664- Zeg 665- Zog 666- Zug Element 2 (Roll either a D10 for the 10's place and a D6 for the 1's place or roll 2D6 and add the results together for the 10's place and then one D6 for the 1's place): 11- abb 12- add 13- agg 14- akk 15- alg 16- all 21- alt 22- ann 23- arg 24- argl 25- ark 26- art 31- arth 32- att 33- edd 34- egg 35- ekk 36- elg 41- ell 42- elt 43- emm 44- enn 45- erg 46- ergl 51- erk 52- erth 53- ett 54- ew 55- gat 56- get 61- got 62- grat 63- gret 64- grot 65- grut 66- gut 71- odd 72- ogg 73- okk 74- olg 75- olt 76- org 81- orgl 82- ort 83- ott 84- rag 85- reg 86- ret 91- rof 92- rog 93- rot 94- rug 95- rut 96- ulg 101- ull 102- urg 103- urk 104- urt 105- urth 106- uzh

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