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Found 234 results

  1. Stonehorn Almost Done!

    Not much time to paint recently, since I have a fight soon and as such I'm training more. I do however have WIP pictures of my almost done Stonehorn and Mournfang. I've made a promise to myself to finish these models before I production line the rest. Cheers - Bonegut
  2. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/12/24/new-champion-revealed-fungoid-cave-shaman/
  3. Converted Butcher WIP

    The second Blood Bowl Ogre was meant for Butcher conversion. I wanted it to pose him differently from Tyrant, use other hands etc. While converting the tyrant was easy kitbashing, there was much more to do with a Butcher. I attached normal Gutbuster ogor's arms on it and used Grot Scraplauncher bits for cauldron, both required some greenstuffing and messing with wires for chains. Anyway, now the greenstuff is hardening and it looks rather nice. I probably add some body parts fallen from the cauldron to the base as well. However, I'd like to change/hide his gutplate, but don't have any good idead how to do it easily.
  4. Converted Tyrant

    I just finished new converted Tyrant for my Gutbusters - some day I want to try out running two tyrant list. But mostly I just wanted to paint the Blood Bowl Ogre and kitbash some weapons to him. I really like the dynamic pose of the model. It's very good alternative to any Gutbuster hero model. Or it can well be made into Maneaters. My next idea is to convert an additional Butcher from the same Blood Bowl model, but this requires a bit more than just kitbashing. I added some pictures for comparison as well - Blood Bowl Ogre compared to normal ogor and my firts converted Tyrant. I was a bit worried that Blood Bowl ogor is too small and don't match, but you can hardly say that. He might be a little bit smaller, but that can easily changed with higher base and big weapon.
  5. Stonehorn Update

    Hey y'all. I've been working on smaller details so haven't had much to post but here's a pic of the Stonehorn Horns all highlighted up. Sorry it's not great picture quality but my workspace is a dark room with one lamp. Otherwise, the Thundertusk beastriders are almost done and I may try to finish up some Mournfangs this weekend. Cheers - Bonegut
  6. Blood Bowl and New Ogor Tyrant

    Haven't had much hobby time for a long time, but now the mojo is back and a little bit more time as well. I had few games in the meantime, tried out my regular Gutbusters list (Tyrant, Butcher, ogors, ironguts and leadbelchers) and irongut heavy list (Tyrant, leadbelchers, and lots of ironguts). The last one feels good, definitely want to try it out more. Ironguts really need some luck to be effective, but if they have luck... wow, can they up the carnage! From the last tournament my ogors won a box of Blood Bowl. I had never played it, but it was interesting enough to paint the miniatures. That took ages, from May to December. But now both teams are finally finished and I am especially content with the orc team - yep, seems I really enjoy painting orcs more than those puny humans! I tried out some freehand on their shoulderplates and worn look on armor. I also converted one 40k ork and bloodreaver to star players. Pictures below. Now I'm in the middle of converting second Tyrant from Blood Bowl ogre (very cool dynamic model) and plan to paint an Ironblaster and convert a second butcher for ogors.
  7. Stonehorn Horns

    Hey all. I'm painting a Stonehorn and I've run into the problem of painting the horns. Does anyone have any advice about painting them, either as stone or ice? I tried painting them as ice as shown in the battletome, but I'm not happy with it. Also, I applied a few thin layers of paint as of now. Should I dump the horns in the paint stripper or could I get away with painting over it? Thus far I've laid down 3 thin coats of Ceramite White, 2 coats of Guilliman Blue, and a Drybrush of Praxeti White, in case it matters. EDIT: BTW, when I say thin coats I mean I had to apply multiple layers to get a smooth finish, because I water down my paints when I apply them. Thanks in advance, I really want this to look good. - Bonegut
  8. Stonehorn WIP

    Hey all. Here's another update. I picked up another Start Collecting box and painting is well underway, as is work on the Stonehorn. Here's a pic of the Stonehorn. The horns aren't done but I decided to post a pic anyways. I'm kinda pressed for time right now but I'll get better quality pics when I can.
  9. Progress Report 11/30

    Hey y'all. No pics for now, I'm actually on break right now. Just an update as to my progress. I've finished the basecoats on the horns and the leather. I've got 1 coat of metallics on 3 of the Mournfangs but dang painting metallics is slow because the paint just doesn't cover well. Once I've finished the metal basecoats and touched up where I need to, I can start washing and highlights! I've also built my Frostlord on Stonehorn (keeping the rider separate) and will probably prime them tonight. I'm torn on how to paint the horns though. I don't know how to get a good result, so I'm considering painting them as ice. I also want to paint the Stonehorn like a fierce animal from real life, like an Ussuri bear, a Wolverine, or a Badger. Wow that was long winded. Thanks for reading! - Bonegut
  10. First Update!

    Welp here's my inaugural update of my Gnoblog. I'm super excited about painting these guys. Still pondering whether to use GW's pale skin or to try the old grey skin from the first OK book. Here's my progress on 4 Mournfangs and a Thundertusk. Cheers, - Bonegut
  11. Brork Bonegut's Beastclaws

    Hey everyone. I've been away from the hobby for a while (MMA training and switching colleges will do that) but I've finally found time to paint. I'm putting together a Beastclaw Raiders army and I'm pleased with how it's progressing. I currently have a Thundertusk ~85% done and 4 Mournfang Cavalry ~50% done, and a Frostlord on Stonehorn I haven't built yet. I also have a Maw Pit I'm building when I find time) I'll post WIP pictures when I can, hopefully this afternoon or tonight. Cheers, - Bonegut
  12. Settra

    Finally got around to painting this guy and am looking forward to using him next weekend!
  13. Slave Orc Heads of Ancient Times These heads are out now! Order your Slave Orc heads here: Also on Etsy and on Blogspot. Priced at €9 per each kit of 12 heads upon release. Cast in whitemetal by Czech Custom Made Miniatures, who went to unusual lengths with the mould in order to preserve texture on the heads. Size comparison, first picture of painted Orcs with bodies from other manufacturer provided by Bloodbeard, second such picture by Carcearion: Sculpts, for detail display purposes: _____________________________ Hobgoblin Slavedrivers of Ancient Times These scumbags are out now! Order your Slavedrivers here: Also on Etsy and on Blogspot. Priced at €9 per each kit of 2 Hobgoblins upon release. Cast in whitemetal by Czech Custom Made Miniatures. Size comparison, old Hobgoblin miniature courtesy of Fuggit Khan: _____________________________ Scarred feet trundled across the ashen wastes to the constant rattle of chains. Many of those feet had less then their usual number of toes. On high, the sun glared hot and dry, its blistering gaze only interrupted by billowing volcanic plumes from a distant stretch of young mountains. The land was ruthless, and so were its inhabitants. A whip coiled through the dusty air and lashed, yet again, hard across lumbering green backs that quickly were becoming flayed to the bone. Hardly a whimper escaped from the captives. Skylxys Wartface was not content with the response, so he struck once more, but this time aimed the whip at a single bastard Orc. The iron tip of the long, braided lash bit into the raw, crimson mass which was all that was left of the sod's muscles that covered his exposed scapulae. Bloody droplets flew from the impact and the eternal cloud of flies scattered from the sudden violence. This time, the lashing action got its deserved reply, and the hulking wretch stumbled to his knees and yelped in agony, grunting and panting. The hands of the Orc lost grip of his shovel and instead flew out sideways to cover his pained back, yet the shackles which bound the thrall's wrists together arrested the hands pathetically in mid-air. The sight bemused the grizzled Hobgoblin slavdriver, and Skylxus drank in the sight with all the glee that a weaker creature can muster at the utter subjugation of someone greater and stronger than himself. “My, my. Me knees be damned if it isn't Qurluk the great himself who grovels in the dust,” snarled Skylxus with a leer that twisted his kife-cut face. He reeled in the whip and nonchalantly juggled with a fat knife in one hand, tossing and spinning it with disregard for his own fingers' health. “Noo! Uh! NO!” wailed the slave Orc in protest. The high pitch was unbefitting for such a mighty creature, whose dark and gruff tones usually were the dread of settlers, nomads and beasts alike. Though the wretch's hands and feet between them only had enough digits for one full hand and one full foot, he scrambled to rise, knowing where such special attention from the overseers would land him. A savage kick in the small of his back sent the large Orc grabbling to the ground, flying flat on his starved belly. That violence was sweet to Skylxus, and he wanted no one to miss his moment of supremacy. “HALT! Hold yer steps you maggots, or I'll gut yer lousy skinbags and strangle you all with yer own intestines!” roared the Hobgoblin and planted his sandalled foot on Qurluk's messy back, pinning the brute more by fear than by weight. The slavedriver's few colleagues dealt out strikes, prods, pinches, kicks and lashes and yelled at their slave flock to turn about and face the head whipper. As always, the sight of the measly gang of Hobgoblins with spears and whips lording it over the many more and much stronger Orcs was an offense to the order of things as set down by the gods who had shaped the world. The situation was surreal and unthinkable, had not those devil tribes of Ashen Dwarfs figured out ways to make the most unbending, proud and wild berzerkers in all of the inhabited world yield under their yoke. Of course, to break the spirit of something as strong and independent as an Orc required a degree of crushing brutality and cruel finesse that very nearly broke the body unto death, but the lardy stunted ones had figured out just the right balance, as was evident in the enslaved Orcs' starved, shackled, torn and mutilated bodies... The miserable view of the slave Orc throng herded by the gangly Hobgoblins made Skylxus Wartface cackle with hoarse and rasping laughter. The imbecilles! Just look at their wretchedness! “As I said, if ye had the sense to listen, this here on the ground is THE great Manstomper heeself,” spat the slavedriver and performed a theatrical mock bow to his audience. “Ladeez and gentle-Orcs, may I present to you the mighty warlord, the fear of Humans and Orcs alike and the thunder of the steppes? The cleaver of two thousand skulls and the ripper of tents. The drinker of blood, oh my! The puller of monster claws and the crusher of families, the one and only Orc king Qurluk!” The other Hobgoblins sniggered and grinned between themselves. The watching Orcs stood dumb and lost in their shackles staring at the world from a little corner of their minds which their essence had retreated into when cruel oppressors wrecked their pride, their sanity and sense of self. Some drooled, some had jaws hanging slack from excessive blows, while some few sported no jaws at all after some punishment or capricious whim. Such a pathetic gaggle of broken ones hardly cared to see one of their own, and a leader at that, sprawled on the sand and gravel like a heap of filth. For filth he was, and so were they, and they wished nothing but to be left alone, caring not for others and being still alive only because the gods had made the will for life strong indeed in all mortals. Oh, the degradation on display was sweet like honey to Skylxus' red eyes. “But is he truly your king?” asked the slavedriver harshly. The whistling of the wind, the snickering of Hobgoblins and the clink of chain links was the only answer. Skylxus set his whip and knife in his belt, bowed down and picked up a huge tool, holding it with trembling arms over his hat-crowned head. “No! He is Shovel the slave, property of the Temple of Kardrunnak in Zuppar and part of canal-digging gang Fifty-Four! and this dungfly has dropped his tool. Bloody useless! Mayhap he has pretensions of royalty to distract himself? Could that be why Shovel forgets himself? How can you be Shovel without yer shovel?” Upon raising this question, Skylxyus flicked the heavy tool down onto the head of once-Qurluk. The Orcish skull cracked audibly at the impact, and his head collapsed feebly to the ground. “But let's be understanding for once, shall we? The mistake is easy to make. For Shovel do look like Qurluk the great, but this cannot be! Shovel is Shovel, and no more than a tool.” The band of slave Orcs stood limply with hanging arms, blinking at the bewildering speech. The Hobgoblin slavedrivers, on the other hand, started to cackle among themselves. They were more clever than some dumb Orcs and caught that drift all right. All of them stepped forth, surrounding the lying slave on the ground, grabbing hold of him and turning him over so that all in attendance could see properly. “Since Shovel's face is such a source of trouble, let us relieve the poor fellow,” barked Skylxus Wartface harshly and drew his thick knife with impatience. His companions tightened their grips on Shovel and produced his head for ease of reach. And then, in that savage act of flaying, did the stark utter cruelty on public display finally reach through the apathy of Qurluk's kinsfolk, and a glimmer of primal fear and recognition of their own brutish treatment struck a chord in the jaded hearts of broken slave Orcs. And they cringed and bayed and whimpered, not daring to move a foot unless they, too, would receive a similar treatment. Yet the show was not over yet. When the slavedriver had finished carving into the weakly struggling head of Shovel, he grabbed hold of the skin and drew it off with both hands, planting a sandalled foot on the Orc's shoulder to brace himself. Blood glistened on the Hobgoblin as he raised the slack hide of Shovel's face to the skies and kicked the victim on his newly exposed face musculature. “Haha! And now he'll eat it!” cackled the slavedriver, and forced once-warlord Qurluk to devour his own visage and so become one of the faceless mass of slaves who laboured under the cruel dominion of the Ashen Dwarfs and their sadistic middlemen. Life was short and unforgiving and you had to enjoy what triumphs you could before someone ended you. Then the march went on as if nothing had happened. And that night, near the site of overlord Hashdrubael's newly started irrigation canal, Skylxus Wartface slept very well indeed under his ragged blankets by the crackling campfire. _____________________________ “Chop-chop, chop-fed! Drop-drop, drop-dead! Lop-lop-lop, lop off his head! We've cut off the heads of a thousand mountain Ogres, and the heads of a thousand-thousand sea Elves! We now want the heads of a thousand-thousand-thousand hillmen, and then the heads of a thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand steppe Orcs! One man has cut off the heads of a thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand marsh Goblins, for no man has ever drank so much wine as this man has of blood poured out! Chop-chop, chop-fed! Drop-drop, drop-dead! Lop-lop-lop, lop off his head!” - The Beheading Song, a marching song also popular among Ashen Dwarf children.
  14. Rank & File Tjublings (15mm) Out Now!

    The tall host of Zhurem-Zhalkazinulbar marched out with heavy steps, hate and greed writ upon their bearded faces and devotional mysticism evident in their dark voices as they sang their hymns and dirges and recited their mantras and mouthed their fervent prayers. The omens had been good, and due sacrifice in blood had been offered up to the altar fires. The fickle gods were now all on their side, and this true knowledge made every man beam with haughty pride and cruel confidence. Their demeanour was that of conquerors, and they wore their hammers and axes, their shields and blunderbusses, as a race of born rulers. All did so, except for the shamed warriors of the death's mask. Pariahs and shunned outcasts, they were nought but slaves, and they made for a grim appearance on the battlefield as the great army deployed in deep formations. On the other side stood the enemy, all filthy, lowly and inferior, a tribe of savages to be trampled underfoot. The warriors of the tall host knew this, for they relished in the slaughter to come. And they raised their battlecry, with a roar alike thunder on high: “Hat or die!” _________________________________________________ These 15mm models are out now! Order your Tjublings here: Also on Etsy and on Blogspot. Priced upon release at €2,5 per each kit of 4 Tjublings (or 3 command models), they are also available in a Maniple bundle of 20 rank and file plus 3 command models for €13. Sculpted by Tobias Torstensson (tjub) and spincast in metal by Hysterical Games. Sold unpainted and unassembled. Remember that miniatures in smaller scales than 28mm are perfect material for adorning your luxurious monumental architecture.
  15. From the new Warhammer Underworlds website:
  16. Back for more of that GREEN!? Okay well let us get right to it with a quick recap from Legends Cup. And there you have it! The Greenboyz had a final record of 0 wins, 1 tie, and 2 losses. Lost the first match vs Underworld Creepers. Came down to a failed GFI and tripping over the goal line for a tie. Second match was against the Bright Crusaders who pulled ahead early for a 2-0 lead but didn't count on the scrappy Goblins of the boyz coming back to tie it up 2-2 in the end. Last round was a brutal game against the Grudge Bearers who dominated the field and finally outscored a tie in the last turn of the game. Overall a really fun event I am look forward to the next one now that I have a bit more practice with the team and know the rules a bit better (like you can't throw a Pogoer... oops!). Hot on the heels of Legends Cup the boyz headed to Chicagoland for Chaos Cup 17. With the theme this year being GOBLINS it seemed like a no-brainer to bring a less than stellar version of The Greenboyz to the pitch for 6 games of Blood Bowl action. Chaos Cup 2017 - Goblin Power!! Round 1 vs Khemri (Coach aenir) First game of the tournament started way up on table 10 or so versus... Khemri!? Got bashed around good and the fewer goblins on the pitch the easier it was to score for some reason. Managed to shut out the Khemri for a 2-0 win and secure goal #1 for The Greenboyz at Chaos Cup 17 - take home at least one win! Round 2 vs Undead (Coach swerve) Playing on table 4 (what the) after round 1 The Greenboyz got utterly trounced by the Undead. Not even a close matchup from a player perspective. Ended in about 1 hour or less. Nice coach though! I look forward to playing a proper match sometime in the future. Round 3 vs Skinks (Coach bluedaybreak) Finally a good match up for the boyz! At least on paper... this one turned into a snooze fest with the goblins failing every roll they made. It was a disaster but at least I was drinking heavily at this point! Ended up losing 0 to 3. Round 4 vs Skaven (Coach gaddockteeg) Ending the day somewhere in the middle/back of the tables (mid 20's) the boyz ended up matched against a Skaven team. I fully expected this to be a blowout but the boyz surprised me by going head to head in a shoot out with Gutter Runners?! Failed a final TTM attempt to tie it up on the last turn of the second half and ended up losing 2 to 3. A really fun game! After a full day of Blood Bowl it was time to relax and unwind with a little SRG Supershow! Dr. Skullface made his XCW premiere and was promptly smacked down by everyone he went against (mostly by rolling Agility on the dice over and over and over again...). Luckily The Right managed to win the whole thing and bring home the tiny championship belt to Kalamazoo! Alright!! Then it was on to day 2 of Chaos Cup. Round 5 vs Dwarves (Coach bigstraycat) Dwarves. How are they even down here on the bottom tables!? Broken. I don't remember much from this match outside of being very pissed off as my opponent decided to stall out after being in the lead by 2. Playing for all the marbles at the bottom tables... good game bro? Just to spite their beardy faces managed a TTM 1 turn score on the last turn to get on scoreboard. Lost 2 to 1. Round 6 vs Dark Elves (Coach sargon) Deep into the bottom tables now last match is against... Dark Elves?! I mean wtf... can't I play at least one more fun team? The boyz failed all their rolls, coach hated himself and the game, probably was a dick to his opponent, and finally lost 3 to 1. Somewhere in the second day I put up The Greenboyz for the Chaotic Brush painting competition. I have entered every year since it began and each year I paint a new team for the event. And each year I received no awards. Now I don't think of myself or my painting as your traditional "painting competition winner" type but I also don't think of myself as a total shit painter. Here's the team.. you be the judge? The Greenboyz with sideline bits and stuff. One of these minis I did not paint (the Ogre). Well surprisingly a couple things happened. #1 - I saw a few new teams and not the same teams which seem to be entered each year and continue to win awards. #2 and #3 I won two awards!? Fan Favorite (hell yes!) and Best Theme (Green!). I may not look like it in the photos but I was (and am) super excited to finally win my first miniatures painting awards! Heck it's only taken me 10+ years to get here. Thanks to everyone who voted for and appreciated The Greenboyz! We're already adding new pieces to the team for the next time out.
  17. Ted's AoS Destruction Blog

    Wow, I had no idea it had been so long! Well I finally got around to revamping my Destruction Force I've added a Giant spider and spider riders from that awesome boxed set and started putting that spider together like a kid on Christmas, it's been so much fun so far it's great. I've converted it slightly as I want to change the load out game to game so I've made it as easy as possible to interchange between the flinger, shaman and lots of grots. The base though has taken up most of the time as it's inadvertently turned into a little diorama of sorts, I only wanted to put a tree on it :~.... It was at this point I was showing the pics to a friend on mine who kindly asked "is there going to be any water in there? Like a skeleton stuck in the water or something?" to which I replied angrily "well there wasn't going to be!" But hey, a good idea is a good idea so as this is going to be a frosty/snowy base there shall be a frozen skellie... I did go on and finish the majority of the base but no pics yet, I'll post them soon...
  18. Hi blog. Hi couple of you that read this from time to time. Long time no see. Hope things are going well for you in life. Things are going very well for me and I have been quite busy working on a fun little Goblin team for Blood Bowl. The Greenboyz! Those Blood Bowl fans out there may recognize The Greenboyz from their one appearance in White Dwarf issue #101 with this little snippet: Things weren't going so well for The Greenboyz back in that season but they turned it around for the 2487-2488 season when they managed to crush every team in their way to the championship. What happened you ask? Well nobody really knows... but most everyone is pretty sure it had to do with cheating. The Greenboyz roster from their winning season in 87-88 Earlier this year I was invited to participate in a special kind of Blood Bowl event that focused on the Teams of Legend from Death Zone Season 2. While I wasn't planning on creating and painting a Goblin team when the chance came up to take on the role of Head Coach for The Greenboyz I just couldn't say no! (and it wasn't even because of the copious amounts of ale I was bribed with I swear) And so the construction of this mighty team of legend began with... bunch of shopping and chopping. My goals for the team were: 1. Create a cohesive looking team of Goblins with various model ranges including GW. 2. Show each of the "skills" for the player in a visual way with conversions. 3. Have fun and embrace the Goblin aesthetic of The Greenboyz. I'm pretty sure I achieved all of these goals and more! Once the main body of the team was complete I began work on the pieces I wanted for the sidelines. One of these was very important... a way to represent The Greenboyz constant Fame +2. I chose to model stands full of drunk fans and also build an early Mark I version of "The Monstrous Mangler" - the most impressive secret weapon to ever exist, and ultimately the secret weapon which killed off the triumphant Greenboyz in the year 2492. In my version of this secret weapon the Goblins created a way to drive the actual stadium stands on to the pitch in the ultimate of pitch invasions! Still needed a few more sideline figures like Coaches, Cheerleaders, and the Apothecaries. I managed to get that done as well as the start of the team bus! My vision for the bus was simple and recognizable. A very famous goblin truck... With the added sideline complete it was time for a color scheme. Since The Greenboyz did not have official GW colors from the fluff (unlike most Teams of Legend) I worked up a color scheme that was really focused on both Goblins and the name Greenboyz. GREEN With my test model done I moved on to the massive painting project of all the fans in the stands, the sideline minis, and finally the team. I also managed to bodge up a couple more Goblins for when the stars of The Greenboyz want some back up (or get squashed by other Blood Bowl teams) and to fill up the roster. Next time... what happened at Legends Cup? Where else did The Greenboyz play (hint: it was Chaos Cup)? What is in store for the team moving forward? Check back here for more details Goblin fans!
  19. Countdown - 2 days - final push

    So I have but a few hours of modelling time left before my friend arrives on Sunday (I work heavily on the weekends - very long days). So have just an hour or so this evening to get some finishing touches in. I have put aside the scenery for the most part, it is up to a just about acceptable standard. I have never used the oxide wash technical paint before (can't remember the proper name for it), and I was a little heavy handed/have used it wrong. So I'm not too keen on some of that on the mausoleum as you can see here: But, as I said, it's acceptable and I had no scenery at all previously other than the Baleful Realmgates so I'm pretty psyched about getting some battles in with this stuff. Especially Skirmish! I can't remember if I included this in the previous post, but I managed to basecoat almost every colour on the Warchanter, so he won't be a standout black model on the table (only the gore-gruntas will do that from my side *sad face*). Here are some (very dodgy) pics of the army arrayed on top of my desk with horrific lighting: I have bought some fine detail pens with which I intend to add some black detailing to the armour and then cover with freehand painting to stop it shining (unless anyone can recommend a matt gloss that would work as well...?) and will update with pics when possible. On a different note...I was casually reading white dwarf and realised I had kind of achieved a 17 year old life goal of mine; to have a model featured in White Dwarf magazine. It's not even a model I'm particularly proud of from my Bloodbound as it was fairly rushed, but beggars can't be choosers and there it is! It's a proper honour to be included with some incredible models from other painters from around the world! Proud! BB
  20. Countdown - 4 days...procrastination

    So I popped in to GW as I had some spare time and it proved to be an error. I bought the Sigmarite Mausoleum kit. I did this in a fit of impulse so that the games we played would have some awesome scenery. I then spent the next 8 hours building it and slapping some paint on it! I've also got my Weirdnob Shaman to an acceptable point. I'm not certain about the smoke but as it's my first attempt at painting magical smoke I'm quite happy! Also shown are some river sections I made a few years back...I'm not sure you can see but they have not stored well! The result of using thin cereal box cardboard and pva before water effects! Booo! also Baleful Realmgates with some paint to match the Mausoleum.... It's all happening! BB
  21. Countdown - 5 days

    So this update is a little behind! The photos attached are actually old now and behind where I'm at. The goalposts keep shifting on this task and I now think it's as follows: -finish 10 Brutes (to better than tabletop standard) -finish 10 ardboyz -finish Shaman anything else is a bonus!
  22. Countdown - 7 days

    Apologies for any grammatical errors in this post. My crazy work schedule and my almost fanatical devotion to getting some paint on this force are leaving me incredibly drained and potentially delusional (it depends...can you see those monkeys too?). However, progress is starting to show in a satisfying way. All 10 Brutes are now equally painted (nowhere near finished but arguably tabletop standard ) and are looking pretty good. the swarm of Brutes around the Megaboss is so satisfying to see, I'm so glad they put an in-game rule to make that be appealing to people tactically. It makes sense and looks awesome, so why not!? I also slapped a little pain on my Weirdnob Shaman. I have a few ideas with this guy and I was pottering around with colour schemes for him too. I think I'm going to make him darker than the rest of the force considerably, and I may dabble with some very basic OSL on some sections. I've tried it before and it did NOT go well for me haha. I'm also a little nervy about the smoke having never painted anything like it. Anyone know of any tutorials or have any personal tips? Thanks BB
  23. Countdown - 9 days

    So it's been some time since I've had a reason to sit down and paint, but one has finally shown it's ugly head! My best mate from home and gaming buddy is coming to visit in 9 days. I have a very busy schedule in that time but ...9 days to get stuff done! My lofty aim was to have every colour basecoated on all of my Ironjawz force in that time. I've swiftly realised that's unlikely. What I have so far: Megaboss: Completed Warchanter: Primed Shaman: Primed (kept apart for painting) 15 Boyz: 10 painted with basecoats on all colours, 5 unbuilt 3 Gore-Gruntas: primed 10 Brutes: 6 with basecoats and washes, 4 primed. As you can tell, my aim was ambitious. It's out of my reach, however, I'm going to pull a few all nighters to get things done. A big problem I have is that a few of my paints dried up and my order hasn't arrived so that's slowing progress and stopping me from even touching the gore-gruntas. Getting the Brutes done (passable!) is my new primary aim and if I manage it I'll be happy, seeing them behind the megaboss just looks awesome so it'll be worth it. And slapping some basecoats on the characters should make our games look better. He's running a daemons of tzeentch list based on the start collecting box. Any advice? BB
  24. I am starting a brand new thread for my Warhammer Quest related stuff. I have both Silver Tower and Hammerhal, and a few extras as well. I hope to get them all painted up over the course of this school year. I decided to start with the Brimstone Horrors.

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