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Found 8 results

  1. This was posted up in the Facebook group by Jack Whittle last year but seems to have disappeared, so I requested a copy from Jack to permanently share it at the Stronghold for @I R GMAN and anyone else interested Download it here: ironjawz-gargantuan-squiggoth.pdf
  2. I'm going to start a path to glory campaign with a couple friends but there are no rules or tables in the GHB for Ogors. I have ironjawz to use but have been playing them a lot lately and wanted to dust of my Ogors. Anyone make up rules for them or have thoughts on how to do it. I'd probably use gutbusters as I only have a few beastclaw models. Any help would be great.
  3. Ogor War Mammoth warscroll

    Hey there destruction peeps, i have made a warscroll to use an Ogor War Mammoth in Age of Sigmar using the warscroll designer by runebrush featured on these pages. It is basically the Chaos War Mammoth warscroll with Ogor Beastriders with Harpoon Launcers and Blood Vultures. See what you think and any feedback would be welcome The jpg image isnt very clear but here is a pdf which is better ogor-war-mammoth.pdf
  4. Sons of Behemat Matched Play

    Im wanting to use all my giants in a not too massively game of matched play. I have six (currently, excluding my chaos giants) and the bonegrinder too. Im wandering what house rules we could make to A) Make Gargants battleline. B ) Make points for the battalion. And C) Make some rules for Hengis the Druid.
  5. Smaller Mounted Heros

    Both ironjawz and Beastclaws have access to "small" (non monstrous) mounts: Gruntas and Mournfangs. Yet neither faction has characters that ride these beasties. With charcaters on foot being about 160points, and the monstrous mounted versions being over 400points, it would be nice to have the option to take something in the middle. Ironjawz have Wierdnobs, Megabosses and Warchanters. The beastclaws have Huskards, Frost Lords and Hunters. I think we should get writing up some character combos from these options, or even make up totally new characters on totally new mounts!
  6. Warscroll Designer

    Pretty cool tool: http://runebrush.pa-sy.com/warscroll/ Might come in handy for the homebrew Rhinox Riders. Added the link to the Resources tab!
  7. Creating A Warscroll - Squiggoth

    Hi guys, I've recently been putting the finishing touches to a converted Squiggoth recently from Forgeworld. It's the smaller of the two, and I've modelled an ogre tyrant to be riding the mighty beast! I'm wanting to write up a warscroll for him for AoS, doesn't need points as its justor fun games. I was thinking along the lines of: M-10/W-15/+3/B-9 Tyrants pistols, The big Club, stompy feet like the stone horn, and tusks like the stonehorns horns. He also has a tail club like a mawcrusha. Then wanting to come up with a cool command ability for all Ogor units? If anyone knows of a warscroll template that I could use that'd be awsome! And I'd love to hear your thoughts
  8. I am determined to persuade Forge World to release some rules for Rhinox Cavalry. To this end I have come up with some rules for them that I will send to FW as a suggestion, so that their job is mostly done. The rules need to be somewhere between Mournfang and Thundertusks. They need to be flavoursome, fit in with the theme, but not be overpowered. Below is what I propose. I am inviting suggestions from you all, so I can tweak them prior to sending them: Rhinox Cavalry Rules Move 8" Wounds 8 Save 4+ Bravery 7 Melee weapons Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage Clubs +Blades 1" 3 4+ 3+ - 2 Rhinox's Tusks 1" 3 4+ 3+ -2 2 Rhinox's Hooves 1" 4 4+ 3+ -1 1 DESCRIPTION A unit of Rhinox Cavalry has any number of models. Some Rhinox Cavalry units are equipped with Ogre Clubs or Blades in one hand and a spiked gauntlet called an Iron Fist in the other, which they use to bat aside an enemy’s blows before punching them in the face. Other Rhinox Cavalry units prefer to wield an Ogre Club or Blade in each meaty hand. The Rhinox themselves gore their foes with their massive Tusks and trample them with their huge Hooves. THUNDERLORD The leader of this unit is a Thunderlord. A Thunderlord adds 1 to hit rolls with his Ogre Clubs and Blades ABILITIES Ogre Clubs and Blades: All Ogres know that two clubs are better than one. You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for an Ogre armed with more than one Ogre Club or Blade. Iron Fists: Each time you make a successful save roll of 6 or more for a unit of Rhinox Cavalry armed with Iron Fists, and the attacking unit is within 1", the attacking unit suffers 1 mortal wound after all of its attacks have been made. Rhinox Charge: Each time a Rhinox Cavalry model completes a charge move, select an enemy model within 1". On a roll of 4 or more that model’s unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.

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