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  1. Blood Bowl and New Ogor Tyrant

    Haven't had much hobby time for a long time, but now the mojo is back and a little bit more time as well. I had few games in the meantime, tried out my regular Gutbusters list (Tyrant, Butcher, ogors, ironguts and leadbelchers) and irongut heavy list (Tyrant, leadbelchers, and lots of ironguts). The last one feels good, definitely want to try it out more. Ironguts really need some luck to be effective, but if they have luck... wow, can they up the carnage! From the last tournament my ogors won a box of Blood Bowl. I had never played it, but it was interesting enough to paint the miniatures. That took ages, from May to December. But now both teams are finally finished and I am especially content with the orc team - yep, seems I really enjoy painting orcs more than those puny humans! I tried out some freehand on their shoulderplates and worn look on armor. I also converted one 40k ork and bloodreaver to star players. Pictures below. Now I'm in the middle of converting second Tyrant from Blood Bowl ogre (very cool dynamic model) and plan to paint an Ironblaster and convert a second butcher for ogors.
  2. Last night I was lucky enough to get in another game of AOS, this time against a Freeguild army being commanded by Ryan. With all the fire power facing me, this was going to be a great test to see if the the Tomb Kings could weather the storm before making it into combat. Since my last game earlier in the week I wasn't convinced at the low points level that Ushabti were a good choice. In my mind they need a Tomb Herald in order to mitigate the casualties they take and I simply couldn't afford one at this points. I settled on the following: Tomb King - Master of the Black Arts, Cursed Book Necrotect 20 Skeleton Legionnaires 3 Skeleton Chariots 6 Necropolis Knights Warsphinx Ryan was running 90+ models in the following force: General on Griffon General 2 x 30 Handgunners 30 Halberdiers 2 x Helblaster Volley Guns So much fire power and with the detachment rules I had to really pick my approach carefully. Out of simplicity we picked the same mission I played previously and set the objectives. Ryan won the roll off and put down a unit of Halberdiers. Deployment My basic idea was to always go through the scenery piece on the right and flank Ryan's force that way. It wasn't going to me a simple task however with his artillery and a unit of Handgunners happily waiting for me to advance. Now, there was two ways of playing this game, moving my heroes up to camp nearby the objectives or take the fight to the enemy. Option B, always being the preference for me. Order of deployment is listed in the photo above. I was happy for Ryan to have a large piece of terrain breaking up his deployment and it would also prevent some of his detachment shenanigans from kicking in granting extra bonuses against my charging units. The Necropolis Knights ended up in the perfect position in my mind and with the nearby Necrotect, they would have the movement capability to scale the terrain and begin their crusade of annoyance. Early Turns I gave initiative to Ryan so he wouldn't get a double turn. He activated his command ability and his battle line stood defiant. His General swooped down with his Griffon however in order to capture an early objective. Cheeky bastard! There would be none of that happening. The Necrotect buffs the Snakes as does the Tomb King with his command ability. The Necropolis Knights move up 11" to get nice and personal with the Griffon general and then charge in the relevant phase. I pile-in, roll 21 dice and Ryan removes his Griffon. So like any amateur gamer trying to document his adventures, I've missed a turn, but allow me to bring you up to speed! I won the initiative grab and rather than get the crap shot out of me for not benefit I decided to take it and keep the fight happening. The Necropolis Knights eventually would charge the Handgunners taking horrific casualties in their stand and shoot reaction (I lost around 3 snakes). I killed 10 in the following combat however and between the Helblasters and Handgunners in Ryan's turn they had a single snake left on 3 wounds and his unit was looking rather unhappy. Like the annoying person I am, we rolled off for initiative and again I had the option of taking it. It would be silly not to and I grabbed it healing a snake in the hero phase right away. All my forces slowly wandered up with Mystic Shield and the Necrotect's buff both augmenting the Warsphinx. The Warsphinx is just within range of its fiery breath and a roll of 6 for damage takes the Necropolis Knights out of combat with the unit. This frees up the Knights to charge and get into contact with both of the Helblaster Volley Guns and thanks to the Necroserpent's D3 damage, they're easily overwhelmed and destroyed. Battleshock takes care of the remaining Handgunners. Late Game Ryan brought his Halberdiers into the fight, charging my Skeleton Chariots. He swung in combat, and I was about to take 5 wounds and remove a model when the Tomb Kings allegiance ability was in range and kicked in negating 2 wounds. I did a few wounds back and brought in units to counter-charge. The Tomb King's command ability went onto the Warsphinx as did the Necrotect's. The Necropolis Knights healed another model and moved well out of range to lick their stone wounds. The Tomb King led the charge (Cursed Book helping the combat in my favour!) into the Halberdiers backed up with the Skeleton Legionnaires and the Warsphinx. The super-steriod 'warkitty' killed 3 with its 'Thundercrush' ability before mincing around 12 in the combat phase. Ryan swung back putting a few more wounds into the Skeleton Chariots but then the Tomb King stepped in and swung with his world-stopper, killing 9 Halberdiers. After the melee had finished, battle shock reduced the unit to ash. Ryan threw down some late game lead at the Warsphinx putting down a hearty 7-8 wounds onto the Warkitty. At this point with only a single hero facing off against 1200+ points still facing off against him, me controlling the objectives, Ryan conceded. Conclusion I certainly learnt a few new things in this game. Firstly, I need to make a concerted effort in reading up on my opponents Warscrolls. I could believe the sheer amount of fire-power that the Handgunners produced, what amazed me was it was on a 2+ at one stage. I need to ask way more questions during the game rather than get caught in terrible situations like that. However, lucky for me I survived it and lived to tell the tale. Secondly, playing to win isn't always the right way to play. For example, I think in this game it favoured my force immediately over Ryan's. His army is very static in nature and loses a lot of its advantages if it moves. I simply could have camped on the objectives and hung back forcing him to move his units of Handgunners in order to have any impact on the game whatsoever. Honestly, I get pissed off when people do this to me, so I wasn't going to do it to Ryan. I was hoping to convince myself about the Warsphinx and its capability but to be honest, I'm still sitting on the fence about it. I do like the fact it is a single based model and able to move into positions that 6 Ushabti simply cannot. Having some extra shooting is nice as well and being a large model it immediately paints itself with a target and Ryan did manage to ping some wounds off it late game. Thanks for reading!
  3. Ahoy fellow dusty crusaders! It's been a long long time since I posted a battle report on the iconic Stronghold forums but fear not, I have returned. Alas my skills are rusty, and secondly, I'm only just starting out in AOS so forgive me as this report will certainly not be near the 8th edition quality that I was once producing but give me a few games and I'm sure I'll return to the former glory that once was. Without further ado. I was running: Tomb King - Master of the Dark Arts, Tomb Blade (didn't realise how bad the nerf to this was!) Necrotect 2 x 20 Skeleton Legionnaires 6 Necropolis Knights 6 Ushabti Opponent was running: Lord-Celestant On Dracoth (both had detonation things causing mortal wounds upon death and Obsidian Blade I think) 2 x 5 Liberators 2 x 2 Concussors Playing against Isaac yesterday was fantastic. Firstly, I've never played against Stormcast Eternals so when I started reading his warscrolls it seemed like he had an answer for everything. Great armour saves, the ability to do consistent mortal wounds, and good combat abilities. We rolled up the new scenario 'Duality of Death' which pitched us to capture and hold two objectives with heroes gaining points with each turn that went by. This posed a slight problem for Isaac as he only had a single hero, however he had speed on his side. Although I had two heroes, they were both foot slogging all the way and immediately I was fighting an uphill battle. I had one relatively fast moving units, where as Isaac had 4 Deployment: Early Turns Despite my Michaelangelo type of illustrations, I still feel it necessary to explain what happened. Isaac's Concussers wandered up the flank farting out a few mortal wounds on my poor victimised Necropolis Knights. One unit successfully charged and killed a snake. Cue the Icon Bearer and said snake re-appeared in my hero phase much to Isaac's disgust. The King slaps down his command ability onto the snakes whilst the rest of my force shuffles forward with a block of skeletons charging the unit of Concussors next to the objective on tar pit duty. For the next few turns they do a wound or two here and there but mostly excelled in their duty. Isaac's forces on the opposite flank however eventually charged my Ushabti sticking them in place. They took 2 casualties before the Necropolis Knights could swoop in like the heroes they are and save the unit from certain destruction. My Tomb King pinged a casualty from the Concussors unit tied up with the Skeleton block with Arcane Bolt, ensuring that the fight was a little more in my favour. Despite this, I still went on to lose 16 skeletons but was lucky enough to roll high on with the Icon Bearer and lap around the lone Concussor. Late Game The Lord-Celestant bolted through the building to grab the other objective but now that I had less problems to deal with my confidence was starting to build. The remaining unit of Liberators charged the Ushabti but were also in range of the Necropolis Knights and were dealt with violently. This allowed the snakes movement to be augmented with the Necrotect allowing them to charge the Lord-Celestant removing the enemy hero from play. Although we called the game at this point, the Ushabti would have supported the remaining skeletons, the King got into range of the objective and would have sealed the game. Although I'd talked myself into this being a terrible match up for me, I had the tools to deal with Isaac's force. Going forward however I am interested to drop a unit of Skeletons and taking Chariots instead for some more speed and they're probably just as good at tar pitting enemy units. This will mean I have to really pay attention to the positioning of heroes in my army and not let them get too exposed to counter attacks. That's it folks, thanks for reading!
  4. Braggoth's Beast Hammer in Action

    Short writeup, but summary is at the end. Battleplan: Scorched Earth Armies: Points: 2000 Free Peoples/Bretonnians: 5 Grail Knights 8 Knights od the Realm 5 Freeguild Outriders 10 Freeguild Handgunners 3 DemigryphKnights 16 Peasant Bowmen 16 Peasant Bowmen 10 Freeguild Greatswords 1 Empire General (general) 1 Noble Champion 1 Battlemage 1 Damsel 1 Trebuchet Beastclaw Raiders: 1 Frostlord on Stonehorn (Tokens of Everwinter) 1 Hunter (Pelt of Charngar), general (Everwinters Master) 1 Butcher 3 Gore Gruntas 3 Gore Gruntas 4 Mournfang Pack 2 Mournfang Pack 2 Frost Sabres 2 Frost Sabres Braggoths Beast Hammer Skal Free People put down some points less, rolled on Triumph Table and got to reroll wounds. 1st ROUND Free Peoples: I gave initiative to Free Peoples. They did not move, just collected points and were caful to position themselves so that Hunter would not ambush Bowmen or Trebuchet. Trebuchet bombarded Gore Gruntas but rolled low damage, handgunners` chief missed. Bowmen could not shoot - I had deployed far back. Beastclaw: There was no point in sitting and taking fire, so I ran forward, hoping to get double turn. Butcher gave Mystic shield to Stonehorn and +1 to hit from Cauldron. Everwinter powers did nothing. 2nd ROUND Free Peoples: I didn`t get the double turn. Trebuchet did 6 damage to Gore Gruntas. Grail Knights (pale shadow of their former glory after GHB 2017) did 2 damage to Stonehorn. Bowmen arrowstormed Gore Gruntas, did some damage. Outriders rolled snake eyes for charge. Beastclaw: Charges for the Beasthammer! Butcher gave Mystic Shield, Everwinter gave reroll Saves of 1. Hunter appeared behind Bowmen. ALL my charges were successful, buffed up (+1 to hit from Butcher) Frostlord on Stonehorn did 3 (!) wounds to Grail Knights. Gore Gruntas managed their 8" charge and got D3 for damage. Gore Gruntas and Mournfangs attacked in team, killed 6 Knights of the Realm (2 remaining fled after Battleshock) and and other group killed Outriders. Frost sabres charged into Bowmen (to deny the arrowstorm) and Greatswords. Did no damage but somehow survived and therefore Greatswords could not charge Hunter and Bowmen could not arrowstorm later. Hunter failed in shooting. 3rd ROUND Free People: Trebuchet wounded Mournfangs, Handgunners killed Gore Gruntas. Noble Champion wounded Mournfangs. Mournfangs were now without bonus to hit, therefore did nothing against Noble Champion. Greatsword and Bowmen killed Frost Sabres. Demigryphs killed Mournfang. Beastclaw: Butcher made Mystic Shield, but failed in other things and gave himself 4 mortal wounds. Stonehorn charged Greatswords, killed them all. Mournfangs killed Demigryphs, piled in to Hangunners, one lonely Mournfang killed Noble Champion. 4th ROUND Beastclaw: Stonehorn ate Tokens killed all Bowmen. Gore Gruntas killed Empire General, Mournfang some Handgunners and Bowmen. At that point we ended the game - no chance for Free People to get more points. SUMMARY: Free Peoples list was everything he got plus some proxies, it missed heavy hitters and chaff. Also, Bretonnians lost Free People keyword in GHB2017, so his army didn`t really work. Mostly I wanted to know how Beastclaw does. After that one game Frostlord on Stonehorn does not seem that great: if he gets his attack and buffs (to hit from the Butcher), he`s better, but without buffs... well, 3 wounds to Grail Knights is not really anything you expect from 25% of your whole army. Against bad saves he can do a lot of wounds due to damage 3, but high saves really bring damage down. Mounts` 4+ to hit means he rarely hits anything. Tokens of Everwinter really helps to keep the damage higher (but this does not help the mount) and keeps him alive. I still cannot decide between this and Pelt of Charngar. After his damage halving nerf Mystic Shield is almost a must! Mournfangs` +1 to hit from battalion REALLY helps, they finally do some damage. However, it is hard to keep them close to Gore Gruntas - the latter don`t get Everwinter move bonus, they cannot get Command Ability bonus to charge from Frostlord (if he is your general), and Mournfang have charge bonus from banner bearer. I got lucky, but they were lagging behind Mournfangs. And immediately after Gore Gruntas died, they were back to usual 0 damage level. Groups of 4 work much much better: you lose ranged attack, but damage output is more constant. And battalion ability to pile in and attack once per battle can be VERY powerful. Otherwise solid battalion, but - as expected - low model count make it hard to contest for objectives and it is hard to fulfill all there requirements required to get batallion bonus - compared to other battalions that just get the bonus automatically. But IF you get the bonus: Mournfangs can be very terrifying, Gore Gruntas less due to their damage characteristic 1 and no rend from Gore Gruntas. Skal was weak: hunter didn't do any damage, sabres didn't do much either. Deployment to useful place was hard due to enemy positioning. I could achieve the same result without skal and probably fared better with additional mournfang unit instead of hunter+sabres.
  5. 2k BCR results

    I figured I should start a new post since I ditched the 3 stonefrost list Allegiance: Beastclaw RaidersLeadersFrostlord on Stonehorn (460)- Artefact: The Pelt of Charngar Frostlord on Stonehorn (460)- Artefact: The Pelt of Charngar Huskard on Thundertusk (340) Huskard on Thundertusk (340) Icebrow Hunter (160)- General- Trait: Everwinter's Master Battleline2 x Frost Sabres (60)- Beastclaw Raiders Battleline (Icetooth Hunter General)2 x Frost Sabres (60)- Beastclaw Raiders Battleline (Icetooth Hunter General)2 x Frost Sabres (60)- Beastclaw Raiders Battleline (Icetooth Hunter General)BattalionsSkal (60)Total: 2000/2000 Went to the first of 2 tournaments (other one on this coming saturday). my first and 3rd opponents had their lists on their phones, so they are from best memory Game one - Undead - take and hold arkhan on beast 2 x wight banner bearer mourngal 10 black knights 2 x 30 spearmen 30 skeleton warriors 20 bowmen I gave first turn and my opponent planted his banners (so they both affected all of the skeleton units). he also ran forwards with his archers and almost killed a thundertusk. I healed the thunderstusk a bit and charged both frostlords into the archers wiping them out. I got top of 2 and moved up and each frostlord charged a block of spearmen. then both then spent the rest of the game eating through 30 spearmen (because of usually a 6+ save, 5+ ward from being near a death character then two 6+ ward from the 2 banners), one killing arkhan who charged in. the thundertusks fought the mourngal and killed it after a couple rounds and then fought the black knights. the game ended with no one having a place of power and I won a minor victory on kill points game 2 - khorne bloodbound - 3 places of power juggerlord might lord of khorne slaughterpriest slaughterpriest bloodstoker bloodsecrator 10 blood warriors 10 blood warriors 10 bloodreavers 3x 3 skullcrushers 5 chaos knights gore pilgrims brass stampede opponent deployed the blood pilgrims and the foot characters in the middle with all the juggers together on one flank and the chaos knights on the other. I took first turn and moved up and killed one slaughterpriest and the mighty lord with the thundertusks. The frostlords ran up and both got charges, one into the skullcrusher block and the other into the pilgrimage (killing the second slaughterpriest on impact hits). the one frostlord spent the rest of the game eating through the 9 skullcrushers while the other killed most of the pilgrimage before dying. the thundertusks shot the characters throughout the game while sitting on two of the places of power while the juggerlord sat on the third, giving me a big lead on points. major victory Game 3 tzeentch - gifts from heaven lord of change 2 x herald herald on disc 3 x exalted flamers 30 pink horrors 30 blue horrors 15 brimstone horrors 10 chaos warriors 10 chaos warriors I gave first turn and let the opponent come towards me a bit (which he needed to do to get within shooting and magic range. On bottom of first both frostlords got good runs and the thundertusks moved forwards and both shot, one killing a herald and the other killing an exalted flamer. Both stonehorns charged in (one into blue horrors and one into a unit of chaos warriors) but also got within an inch of an exalted flamer, killing one with impact hits. the Frostlord fighting the chaos warriors did almost a dozen wounds that my opponent rolled all 5`s and 6`s and not a single warrior died. The horrors did not fair as well, losing about a dozen, though he used a destiny die to roll a 1 and get D6 models back. the blue horrors deployed behind the pink in the middle where, he was lucky the objective fell down. my opponent got top of two and took one frostlord down to just a few wounds (mostly due to shooting and magic). On my turn I healed just a bit and the objective landed and i had my hunter and wolves appear on it. I moved up with the thundertusks and shot another herald and finished off the last flamer. the vultures ended up putting 2 wounds on the lord of change. they both charged the blue horrors fighting the frostlord which ended up with the unit being finished off. The chaos warriors actually finished off the frostlord. I won turn 3 and moved up with the thundertusks and put 12 wounds on the lord of change (who already took 2 from vultures), killing him. the frostlord charged the blue horrors sitting on his objective, contesting it. at this point my opponent conceded to me. major victory This gave me 2 major victories and one minor victory for a first place finish. I put the store credit towards my preorder of 8th edition.
  6. Tournament Battle Report

    Today was my first tournament ever. So far I have only played against bretonnians/free people and twice against chaos demons. Therefore I was really looking forward to it. Battleplan: Take and Hold. Armies: 1000 points My list: Savage Big Boss, general (Bellowing Tyrant, I used it with his command trait giving additional hit rolls on hit rolls of 6) 20 Savage Arrow Boys 3 Ogors 3 Ogors 5 Savage Boarboys Huskard on Thundertusk First game First opponent was Sylvaneth. I was fortunate to get a table with lots of scenery, so he had trouble to fit his wildwoods. He had Ancient Treelord, 3 Kurnoth Hunters with Bows, 10 Dryads and 5 Tree Revenants. He had first turn, did not do much, but killed few Arrowboys. I moved closer, hoped a double turn. Killed one Kurnoth, Boarboys charged 14" and killed all revenants. Then I double turned and moved closer, but did not charge. In his turn he teleported behind my Arrowboys with Treelord, but failed to charge with snake eyes. In my turn I saw I can win by killing one hero and move to opponents objective. That I did and was already feeling victorious, but after remeasuring it turned out that one dryad was 5.5 inches away... Then it turned all bad. Arrowboys shot Treelord, but he was -1 to hit and immune to rend, so they didn't do much. And charging into wildwoods was a mistake, I should have retreated. Most my guys got killed, and then I was saved by time limit and I won a minor victory with kill points. Mostly because he had killed on one whole unit and I two, altogether he killed definitely more. But still, a minor victory. Second game, Blood and Glory Against death list: Vampire on Zombie Dragon, Vampire on Abyssal Terror, and 40 skeletons. Seemed like easy match, no shooting. How very wrong I was! He took first turn, moved closer. In my turn I charged VLoZD with Ogors, who got killed. The power was surprising for me, so I shot him with Arrowboys and 6 mortal wounds from Huskard. He was left on 4 wounds. And then it was over. In his turn VLoZD healed and attacked my Arrowboys, killed 12. 24 wounds... And when I thought it is over, he just smiled and used his command trait that allowed him to attack again! So my Arrowboys were wiped out. Then he cast a spell that doubled skeletons' movement and attacked my Huskard and Ogors. 30 skeletons, 90 something attacks... Huskard was left on 1 wound, one Ogor also. In my turn Huskard failed to heal himself, VLoZD killed the Boss and the game ended. It took 30 min. A loss. Third game, Border Wars Last opponent was my "usual" playing partner with Bretonnians/Free People. I had the first turn, killed his general and handgunners. Then he didn't get a double turn and I took off his grail knights and other knights. Pretty much like on our "training" games, we had the same lists. Major victory. Summary: I could see that my list was good against my usual opponent's list, but struggled with others. Mostly because I didn't know what opposing units could do, the lack of rend and overall poor saves. But it was fun and altogether I got third place, after this VLoZD player and Sylvaneth player, both my previous opponents. I think it's great, as other players were old WHFB veterans, 40k tournament players etc.
  7. [EDIT] I have just now noticed that only half of the story actually posted here ... this prequel just ends abruptly at the very point the conversation is about to start! I have no idea why. I shall try to rectify now. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Battle of the Via Diocleta: Prequel Duke Scaringella and his Reman army marched in the van, as was proper now they were moving through their own territory. The whole force, Pavonans included, was comprised mostly of foot soldiers, along with baggage and a large artillery train, which one might presume would critically limit their speed, ruining their chances of successfully catching the brute foe ahead. This was not so, however, as both armies were pushing themselves hard – the Pavonans keen to exact revenge for the multitude of insults done to them and theirs by Razger Boulderguts’ ogres, and the Remans desperate to ensure their own realm would not suffer a similar fate. Every effort had been made to ensure a good pace, including assigning the Pavonan’s large pistolier regiment to assist the artillery’s passage in every way they could. Although their poor horses would doubtless be in no fit state to fight when it came to battle, the brute foe would be subjected to battery by a storm of iron round-shot rather than the paltry peppering of leaden pistol balls. Towards the rear of the Reman column rode the newly elected arch-lector of Morr, Bernado Ugolini. He was accompanied by several servants, a handful of guards and clergy, including his Estalian secretary Duarte, followed by a cart carrying his personal baggage and a small body of Reman militiamen who had recently become noticeably more conscientious in their duties, now that they were accompanying not merely the Lector of Viadaza, but rather the holy father of the Church of Morr. The Reman cross-keyed standard was carried before Bernado, while off to his side marched a column of iron-clad dwarfen mercenaries who also sported the crossed keys, painted on their shields. They had served in the miscellaneously mercenary Reman army for more than a decade, along with regiments of Cathayans, Empire soldiers and even some elves. In truth, Bernado would much prefer to be riding northwards directly to Remas, not chasing ogres to the south. The city and the holy church of Morr were in turmoil, since before his election to the arch-lectorship, and even more-so now. As the church’s chosen ruler, he should be there to guide his flock, heal the divisions tearing the Morrite clergy apart and ensure Morr’s protective presence. Duarte and his all his other advisers agreed, however, that the situation was now so bad there was little he could do without an army to back him, which meant travelling wherever the Captain General, Duke Scaringella and his army went. When he finally returned, not only did he need to be with them, but also to be one of them. While the arch-lector Calictus II had died at Ebino fighting against the vampire duchess, Duke Scaringella had been leading a small army eastwards to join with Pavonan forces and defeat Razger Boulderguts’ double army of ogres before they reached Remas. At the ruinous city of Astiano the duke had rendezvoused with the joint force of Remans and Pavonans sent away from the ‘Holy Army’ by the arch-lector a little while before his disastrous defeat. (This was the force Bernado had himself commanded as it marched south.) Then, knowing he still had insufficient forces to fight the ogres, the duke had waited, allowing Boulderguts’ army to swing around the north of the city, travelling east to west. He was gambling that as the ogres had already razed Astiano they would have little interest in doing battle there again, this time with no prospect of plunder, whilst praying that the main Pavonan army would reach him in time before the ogres tore Remas apart. It was a big risk, which nearly every one of the duke’s officers advised against (even if they could not agree what alternative action should be taken). His inactivity meant the very force he had been sent to stop had got between him and what he was meant to be protecting! Luckily, just as news came that already the town of Stiani had been razed to the ground, and it looked like the entire realm might soon be destroyed, Duke Guidobaldo Gondi arrived at the head of the main Pavonan army. It was a force bigger than Scaringella’s, made bigger still when the Pavonans who had come south from Viadaza rejoined their comrades. Not only them, but several days later the duke’s only surviving son, Lord Silvano, one of the very few who had escaped the terrible defeat at Ebino, arrived to be reunited with his father. Then, in an even more welcome (and entirely unexpected) development, the army’s scouts reported that for reasons known only to the ogres, the tyrant Razger Boulderguts and his mercenary ally Mangler had turned southwards rather than striking towards Remas, where the real wealth lay. Had they overestimated the forces defending Remas’ mighty walls? Were they making for the coast and awaiting ships? Was the sudden change of direction part of a secret agreement with the vampire duchess? Or were they merely taking a detour? Whatever the reason, the allied army now had a chance to do battle with the ogres before they wreaked any further destruction upon the realm. … Other than the clattering of their layers of steel armour, the dwarfs marched in silence. They were armed with strangely short spears, of a sort that could be used as a blade like a short sword, but were better at thrusting out between the interlocked iron of a shield-wall. The dwarfs had become a common sight on the streets of Remas, and since their incorporation into the city’s standing army, the dwarfen quarter had swelled considerably in size. There had been mutterings in the army that the dwarfs were surely not happy to be allied with a Pavonan army, what with Duke Guidobaldo’s exulsion of every dwarf in his realm two years ago. The dwarfs themselves, however, had apparently said nothing concerning the matter to anyone else. Bernado suspected that rather than anger, it was mirth they were concealing – being secretly satisfied at the Pavonan soldiery’s discomfort. If the Pavonans disliked merely camping and marching beside dwarfs, then what did they make of the prospect of relying on them in battle? Perhaps the dwarfs intended to shame the Pavonans with their sturdy prowess and hardy discipline upon the field of battle? It was late in the afternoon, which on any other march would mean the army should be halting soon. Not this army though. If the last four days were anything to go by, they would march until it grew properly dark. Ogre legs were longer than men’s. Despite being distracted by the discomfort of riding a mule (the traditional mount for a lector), and worrying about the forthcoming battle, Bernado had been attempting to think clearly about the situation in Remas, to decide what his best course of action would be. He had learned of his election only two days ago, the news being delivered by a lowly, but respected and trusted priest named Benvenuto, who had killed his horse in his haste to bring the news. Benvenuto also described the recent violent events in the city. Since then, due to the consequences of the civil unrest, the speed of the march and the fact that the army of ogres burning a path through the realm killed (and ate) just about everyone they encountered, he had learned nothing more. Then again, what he already knew was enough to fill him with concerns. “Brother Duarte,” he asked the young cleric riding beside him. “Do you think Father Carradalio will harm the overlord?” As usual, Duarte did not answer immediately. He was a careful, disciplined thinker, of a philosophical bent, and not one to rush to answer even when asked by the arch-lector himself. “It seems to me most likely, your Holiness, that Father Carradalio was furious at not being elected, especially when he had already acted as if he were arch-lector. He’d played his hand in seizing the city, blood had flowed in every street. Without the legitimization of election, he is no more than a heretical revolutionary, and his Disciplinati become wild rebels overthrowing the rightful order instead of the city’s saviours. Until the election, all had gone well for him, the result of his planning and preparation. Now, however, he has been forced to think on his feet, to act more rashly. He has gone so far it is too late to retreat, and this makes him desperate. If he could have taken you hostage, your Holiness, then I think he would have done so. Instead he took Overlord Matuzzi, the next best thing. Perhaps even better? But I do not think he would harm the overlord, not now his fury has had time to abate. He needs Lord Matuzzi. He needs his authority, so that he can rule the realm by decree as well as by force and fear. That will make him harder to displace.” Bernado had already been thinking along similar lines. Overlord Matuzzi had handed over the reins of secular power to Calictus II, Bernado’s predecessor, making him ruler of both church and state. Until the election, the big debate had been whether or not the new arch-lector would automatically inherit that secular authority. Now, however, a third player had entered game. “No doubt,” asked Bernado, “Carradalio intends to persuade the overlord to yield authority to him?” “I believe so, your Holiness. He already has the city. He already has nearly all the lower clergy. The people’s fear of the vampires in the north means he already has the citizens’ hopes. With the overlord’s authority, he will have no need of the arch-lectorship.” “He would have made me into a ceremonial puppet while he wielded all the real power,” said Bernado. Although perhaps, he thought to himself, a demagogue like Carradalio and his fanatical Disciplinati were exactly what Remas needs? He had seen so many flee from the undead at Pontremola, and knew full well the final victory had been because of General D’Alessio’s bravery and skill alone. Yet only last night he had heard young Lord Silvano telling of the battle at Ebino - how the flagellants had plunged deep into the enemy’s line and died fighting to a man despite the many monstrous horrors in the duchess’s army, and regardless of the everyone else’s flight. What could a whole army of fanatics do? Perhaps such warriors were Tilea’s only real chance against the vampires? He missed the council of Father Biagino, a man who had both the gift of prophecy and a mind sharp enough never to make ill-thought or hasty assumptions. When he had asked Lord Silvano about Biagino’s fate in the battle at Ebino, the young noble simply said he never saw nor heard of the priest since that day, and so thought it most likely he perished amongst the multitude. “Are you well, your Holiness?” asked Duarte, concerned at Bernado’s posture, his frown obscured by his hand clutching at his temples. The arch-lector had been so deep in thought he had not realised what he was doing. “Yes, brother. Long days, that is all. Pray thee, we shall stop a moment.” Durate gave the command, and those fore and aft of the arch-lector came to a halt. [EDIT] Here is the missing part .... The column of dwarfs continued its march, while Bernado turned his mule to face the two priests on foot behind, and Brother Duarte followed suit. “Father Benvenuto,” said the arch-lector. “Do you know why the lectors voted for me?” “I would not presume to say, your holiness,” answered the priest. “Apart from to accept that whatever their reasons, it was ultimately Morr’s will that you become so.” Benvenuto wore a grey, hooded cloak, and despite his sturdily built frame, leaned ponderously, bent-backed, upon a staff. The heavy, leather bags hanging at his waist were at least partially to blame, but he would not allow them to be put onto the cart. When the priest had reached in to withdraw the letters he was carrying, Bernado had seen weighty tomes inside, dark leather embossed with gold leaf. Holy books, or perhaps ledgers of some kind? Bernado assumed he would discover the truth should Father Benvenuto feel the need to employ them. “Morr’s will, yes. And I pray I shall live up to his expectations,” said Bernado. “But still, presently we abide in the world of mortals and it is men I must measure, not the majesty of Morr. So, Father, if you had to hazard a guess, what would you say was their motive.” “Fear, your holiness. They are afraid of Father Carradalio and his fanatics.” “If so, then why choose me in particular?” said Bernado. “Surely there are several lectors in Remas just as capable of putting Carradalio in his place?” “Maybe so my lord,” agreed the old priest. “But they also fear the vampires. You are the only one amongst them who has met the undead armies in battle. You guided the Viadazan crusaders to their victory at Pontremola …” “Yet Viadaza, my own see, was lost that very same week,” interrupted Bernado. He felt no joy at the irony. But Father Benvenuto had not finished. “And then, your holiness, you were by Calictus’s side when Viadaza was retaken and cleansed. You were part of not one but two great victories. In the first he vampire duke died, and in the second you chased Lord Adelfo from the city. The lectors want a proven soldier of Morr leading the church and Remas in the great fight, not an untried rabble rouser like Carradalio.” “That may be so. Yet Viadaza has most likely fallen once more, this time for good, which would have made me the lector of nowhere.” “By your leave, your holiness,” said Duarte. “The lectors may well have been counting on its fall. If Viadaza is lost, then there would be nothing to distract you from defending Remas. I have heard them whisper that Calictus erred in dividing our forces to march north himself, there to be defeated. When he finally fought, half his army were Arabyan mercenaries who barely knew of Morr. They weren’t even under contract to Remas, and fled the field before the battle was decided. Now Stiani has burned because Captain-General Duke Scaringella was left with far too small an army to stop the ogres.” “If I might speak, your holiness?” asked Brother Marsilio, the grey robed monk who had accompanied Father Benvenuto from Remas. “The lectors knew you were with the captain general. Once the brute’s double army is defeated, then both you and he will be returning victorious with an army. How could Carradalio’s screeching sermons compete with the commands of Morr’s anointed pontiff? How could his crazed followers stand against a real army?” Ah, thought Bernado, but what sort of army will we return with? If we are badly mauled in this coming battle, there might be merely the battered rump of an army left. And even if sufficient force survived to contend with the Disciplinati’s fanatics, would Duke Scaringella do the right thing and restore order? When he spoke again, he hid all sign of these doubts from his voice. “After you delivered your news to me, Father Benvenuto, you spoke at length with our Captain General, yes?” “I did, your holiness,” the priest answered. “I take it he questioned you concerning Remas?” inquired Bernado. “At length, your holiness. And kept me there when he spoke to his officers, that I might answer whatever else he and they thought to ask. I was given to understand that I must not speak of what I had heard.” Although Bernado had seen Duke Scaringella since then, when both he and Duke Guidobaldo came to receive an official blessing from their new arch-lector, he had not yet had the opportunity to speak with him privately. He doubted the duke would want to discuss the precarious state of Reman affairs in the Pavonans’ presence, especially in light of the as yet unexplained delay – lasting the best part of a day - which occurred the previous week. Scaringella had at the time confided to Bernado his suspicion that the Pavonans did not actually intend to fight the ogres and were considering some other action instead. Perhaps the captain general had the measure of Duke Guidobaldo of Pavona? Yet he also admitted he could not fathom why Guidobaldo would consider allowing those who had injured him so badly to escape. Fearing his dangerous gamble had failed, Scaringella had knelt to pray with Bernado for Remas, pleading with Morr not to allow it to suffer at the hands of brutes when the most holy work of destroying the vampires was yet to be done. That evening, however, Duke Guidobaldo called a council of war, giving no explanation for the delay, and declared that they would pursue the enemy immediately as if nothing strange had happened. Although Duke Scaringella accepted Guidobaldo had the larger force and so was due the precedence, he was neither asked nor offered to swear obedience to Duke Guidobaldo, being himself was of equal noble rank and a captain-general (which suited him well in light of his distrust). Instead, he simply offered to fight at Duke Guidobaldo’s side, promising to cooperate fully upon the field of battle, doing his utmost to contribute to victory. The matter of dividing the spoils was not discussed for the chase was on and there was no (more) time to waste. Most of the soldiers seemed to presume that as most of the plunder came from Pavonan settlements, then the Pavonans would expect the lion’s share. Considering Duke Scaringella’s religiosity and humble acceptance of spiritual authority, Bernado had every reason to think Scaringella’s command concerning Father Benvenuto’s silence was more to prevent the Pavonans learning of his concerns. In light of this, he made the Morrite sign, and spoke, “I hereby absolve you of any promise you made to keep silent. As your pontiff, I command that you answer me.” Father Benvenuto nodded his acceptance. “Did Lord Scaringella voice his opinion concerning Father Carradalio and his dedicants?” Bernado asked. “He spoke of little else, your holiness, and was in quite a dilemma. He must defend Remas, of course, either by destroying the ogres or chasing them away. His victory must be glorious, so he can return to Remas as a hero, winning the citizens’ favour. He must earn a good portion of the loot so that he can feed and pay the army; and he must prove to be so effective on the field of battle that the Pavonan duke is grateful, becoming an important ally during the struggle ahead. Yet he must do all these things without suffering crippling losses, for he will need the army to put the Disciplinati di Morr back in their place upon your return to Remas.” “More than that,” Duarte added, “we need the army to fight the vampires.” Ogres, fanatics and the undead, thought Bernado. Three wars to be fought. “Brethren,” he said, “let us contend with one thing at a time. Tonight, we shall pray for victory against the brutes.”
  8. Hello, After a short time in the lab I'm back with another Battle Report and hoping to get some feedback on my new format. Going forward I will be doing both a written report and a video report for any games I think are worth talking about, I know some people prefer one or the other. In general the videos I produce will be a bit longer as I muse about the game and the write ups will be as short and sweet as I can make them. I'd love to do both short and long versions of both formats but that is quite a bit of work! Feel free to check the game out and give me any feedback you may have, I am always trying to improve. Video Battle Report Written Battle Report
  9. So a little delay in posting this friendly battle. Our gaming club in Bristol have a AoS battle night every month. But wit this particular night we had invited 2 other clubs from Weston Super mare and Cheltenham to join us. The night was made all the more enjoyable with a large order of Dominoes pizza for everyone to enjoy! I had a very enjoyable game with a fine gentleman by the name of John from the Cheltenham Warchiefs. This EPIC and fluffy player brought with him a full Shaggoth and Dragon ogre army! This consisted of 4 Shaggoths and no less than 24 Dragon ogres! (2 units of 6 and 4 units of 3 all with various load outs on weapons). So my list looked like this: Leaders. Tyrant. Gutgorger and pistol, Battle Brew, Bellowing Tyrant. = 160 Butcher. Cauldron stumpblades. = 140 Huskard on Stonehorn Blood vulture, Battle brew. = 380 Battleline. 3x Ogors fists, crusher, bellower. =120 3x Ogors fists, crusher, bellower. =120 3x Ogors 2 weapons, crusher, bellower, Banner + lookout gnoblar. =120 Other units. 4x Mournfangs, Skalg, Horn blower, banner, fists. = 400 3x Ironguts, gutlord, bellower, Runemaw banner. = 220 Skal Battalion = 60 Icebrow hunter. = 160 2x Frost sabres. = 60 2x Frost sabres. = 60 Total = 2000. The mission was a take and hold and I will be honest it was rather one sided. To cut a long story short I tabled my opponent while managing to just get enough models next to the objective as the last Dragon ogres died granting me a major victory. Basically my Huskard and Mournfangs went on a total rampage on his left flank and swept through to the middle accounting for 2 units of 3 dragon Ogres,2 shaggoths (including the general) and then the Huskard finished off the unit of 6 Dragon ogres on the objective. But the real man of the match was my Tyrant who with only support from 3 Ironguts and a butcher had managed to nearly single handedly kill 12 Dragon ogres and a shaggoth before the last Shaggoth finally brought him down. (of those 12 Draon ogres maybe 3 died to other models/battle shock). Turns out Gutgorger + Battlebrew is just sick. So proud of my Tyrant! My opponent was a sound guy and took the whole battle in his stride. I did loose a unit of ogres the Ironguts and 2 mournfangs along with my hunter and Tyrant and a few kitties but I was very happy with the result. Here's a few more pics. Sorry about the poor quality. Hope you enjoy the read and the pics.
  10. Hey guys! I decided to register to give you a heads up about a 1500 pt tournament in the Montreal QC Canada area that happened Sunday. I played a three-game singles tourny. First, the restrictions, then my list: Even if it's at 1000pts and above, we could only have three heroes, two behemoths and two artilleries. Can't use faction-specific equipment or command traits, must use generic order/chaos/death/destruction abilities from GHB. Megaboss, Battlebrew, Trait that rolls 1d6" and hands out a +1 to hit to that unit (sorry don't remember name) Warchanter Weirdnob Shaman 10 brutes with 2" reach, 2x gore and klaw boss 5 brutes with 1" reach one extra attack, 1x gore and klaw boss 3 gore gruntas 2x 10 ardboyz (two banners, as many great weapons as possible) Ironfist Battallion that lets me move 1d6" more for my non character units Let me give a series of recaps of how games went. Game 1 against Ogors. His list (softest list I faced that day) Tyrant with dual weapons and brace of pistols 2x1 gorgers that deploy behind my lines 1x ogor wizard that is harder to kill than the weirdnob 1x sky cannon chariot 2x6 ogors with full command and ironfists (inflict a mortal wound on a save roll of 6) 1x6 ironguts with the once-per-game banner Scenario This was a very easy list to fight, because the scenario had three objectives in the center line between our hammer and anvil deployment. Atop the middle ziggurat was an objective that could be only claimed by heroes. Every turn before rolling initiative we could decide which two of the three objectives we would be doing: kill points (completely destroy a unit), side objectives (have models within 6", a single enemy model can contest) or center objective (only claimed by heroes). When you choose the given objective you can get 1 or 3 points. For the middle objective: score 1 pt if you have 1-2 heroes, score 3pts if you hold it with three heroes (note that army composition meant you needed all your heroes alive and present to do this!). The other two objectives (12" from either side in the center 12" from each deployment line) gave out 1 pt if you held one, or 3pts if you held both. Kill points gave 1pt if you killed 1-2 units, 3 if you killed 3+. Accumulate and track points over the 5 turns, the one who has the most points scores 8/20 for the hero & side objective markers and 8/20 pts for the kill point category (a tie in a category means that the players split 4-4). Then there's first blood, slay the warlord, titan killer (kill most-pointed unit) and line breaker, giving 1 pt each for a neat potential total of 20 points. Game breakdown I finish deploying first, letting him have first turn. He moves up cautiously, keeping the wizard, chariot and ironguts in reserve while the ogors and the tyrant move upfront to occupy the side objectives. His gorgers successfully deploy (and fail to charge) in my backfield. On my turn 1, I pop my megaboss command ability, rolling a 6 so two bonus attacks for EVERY ONE! I fail at buffing my armor for the 10 brutes. The gorgers bait my 5-man unit of brutes backwards (I shouldn't have done this but it netted me two kill points...) I wanted to keep my general within 10" for the brute buff but later during combat I realized it was only 5" range so I couldn't reroll 1s. I move up & charge & kill two gorgers (using just the gorechoppa and champion, no need for the other 3 brutes!), I move up a WHOLE lot thanks to the Destruction ability and the ironfist. I hard engage the two ogor units on either flank, and with the charge distance and pile in moves I am able to engage the tyrant with the klaw boss, one gorechoppa and two regular guys, giving me enough rend 1/2 to chew through the high number of wounds and good saves that he had. I get: slay the general, first blood, two kill points and both objectives are contested so no one gets points for those. This scenario forced even his sky cannon to move forward and shoot & charge on turn 2, because his ogors could not hold back combo charges of brutes, ardboys and gore gruntas on one flank. So he gave +1 saves to his ironguts, because an ogor had fled thanks to failed battleshock he was able to DOWN TO THE IRONGUTS (reroll 1s to hit, to wound and on saves!). He brings up his death star against my heavy flank, chewing through a lot of brutes. On this side the ogor unit got down to one last guy with one wound so I was not able to get the kill point and he was STILL contesting this side's objective. The 10 ardboys against 6 ogors on the other side was a relatively stalemate matchup (he ended up with 2 ogors alive when eliminating my last ardboys through failed bravery tests; letting me enough time to reinforce that flank with the small 5 brute unit that had finished fighting the gorgers at about turn 3... I combo charge his wizard on the ziggurat with my three characters--just the megaboss with brew was enough to kill it. Turn 4 I claim the center objective with my three heroes while still buffing my army with bonuses. He is tabled on turn 4, I mention that I am moving this unit forward to get the linebreaker, and end up 20-1 (he did get titan slayer by chewing through my big Brute unit with his buffed ironguts, that's about it!) Game 2 against Mixed Chaos. His list (About on par with my own, but if the Slaves to Darkness were replaced with Bloodbound it would have been more efficient) Sayl the faithless Khorne lord on juggernaut Bloodsecrator 2x skaven warp lightning cannons 10 khorne warriors of chaos with shields 30x bloodletters 5x khorne dogs 5x seekers of slaanesh Scenario: similar to the meteor, on the start of turn 1 after having deployed we randomize 1-2 = left, 3-4 = center and 5-6 = right. Each player's zone gets the objective marker. Accumulate points over turns for controlling 1 or both objective. Make kill points. Score secondary objectives. See Game against Ogor for examples of these. I finish deploying first because of my battalion. Left to right: 10 ardboys in a building, 5 brutes, 10 brutes (with the 3 characters in an optimal position to get +2 casting for the wizard and reaching all units except the gore gruntas with the general's command ability while the megaboss is bunkered down in terrain). Then the other group of ardboyz and the gore gruntas on my right. The army is mostly center-deployed so that it has the least distance to move if my (or his) objective get flung on either side. His deployment is 5 khorne dogs screening the two warp lightning cannons, the big blob of bloodletters in the center, the terrain holding the characters and 10 chaos warriors and the seekers on the right side. I let him have first turn. Objectives end up in center for both players. He realizes that during deployment he has wrongly measured the warp lightning cannon's distances in order to move 3" and shoot 24" his 0-12 mortal wounds in my megaboss' direction, so he stays put, not moving forward except with the seekers on my right. Intelligent move, forcing me to move up against a hard-engage melee army. I oblige and move up with everything except the characters who slightly reposition, buffing everyone with +1 attack and moving up my big unit of 10 ard boys with armor saves, +1 to hit and successfully charging his side seekers with my own cavalry while the 10 rightmost ardboyz also move up that flank, intent on engaging the cavalry then occupying his empty garrison-able tower if it seems useful. Most of my army (except the three characters) is up in his face, about 6-12" away or so from his deployment line. We check for initiative, I get the double turn (I am first on turn 2). I successfully move around and charge 10 ardboys and a few key models of the buffed 10 brutes into the warp lightning cannon, the other 5 brutes and some stragglers engaging the 5 khorne dogs and the side of his bloodletters. Wit ha few choice models declared before rolling, I use gorechoppas and klaw bosses (and a few 2" jagged hacka brutes) to destroy the first cannon while wounding the second one--later on the ardboys activate and finish off the second one. It goes downhill for him from there: he banks on getting a buff for his khorne units while making his warriors move 18" and flying towards my backfield general in terrain. His bloodletters are not piling up properly against my left side charge, so even if the general and bloodletters do score some heavy casualties I am easily able to start chomping through. He gives up at around turn 4 when all that's left is the bloodsecrator and sayl, me having scored the two 8-point objectives and having done a few secondary objectives. I finish 19-4. Game 3 against Sylvaneth. I face the other player who is at the top, also with 39 points out of a max of 40. He has the model that scares me the most of the whole tournament (and there are some strong behemoth contenders with the Nurgle Big Things and the Chaos Bloodthirsters!) in the form of Alarielle the Invincible With on a Stag Beetle of Doom that can heal back wounds, cast 3 spells per hero phase, and hold against half of any army! He has: Alarielle 3x3 kurnoth archers 2x10 dryads 1x5 dryad-equivalent that can teleport to board edges or near trees. 2 forests This game's objectives are ARD. Compare the number of points left alive at the end of the game (even if a 40-man unit has 1 guy left, the unit counts as not-dead). The player who has the most points left alive scores 8 points (4-4 in case of a tie). There is a MIDDLE objective, you can claim it to generate 1 pt every whole turn that you do. The player who has the most objective-claimed points scores 8 points (4-4 in case of a tie). Then there is first blood, titan killer, slay the warlord and some other teriary objective I forgot that allows you to be able to claim a total of 8+8+4=20 points. Random deployment, we roll the damned diagonal line. He plops his forests in a symmertrical manner that covers any side of the board I might choose when deploying: the forests are in the way of running IronJawz. I stuff my things in the SMALL wedge at my left instead of the large one at my right, therefore slightly (60%) avoiding the issue of the forest-in-the-way. I get first turn, pop an armor buff on my 10 brutes, move up to the hill that has the center objective and bunker down on it. I now own this objective with 2+ armor save brutes that have +1 to hit and can reroll hits against 4+ wound enemies. The whole army has +1 attack. The rest moves up in support at once, putting potential pressure on his backline. Alarielle deals mortal wounds, the archers take down my wizard and warchanter (dealing 1d3 wounds for each unsaved wound at -1 rend!). Alarielle is moved really close to my guys, and combo charges with her and the dryads. Other dryads move up near the forest, the teleporting dryads are held in reserve. He succeeds at both charges, my gore gruntas, 10 ardboys, 5 brutes are engaged in CC because of the 3" proximity. He activates his dryads first because he didnt want to lose their damage output if I were to activate my 10 ardboys first against them: this was his mistake. I receive hits, I make some saves, I'm not chewed through completely. I active the 5 brutes, and again the klaw champion and gore choppa 1-in-5 troopers deal a ton of wounds. I lowered Alarielle's combat ability, so I "only" lose two out of three gore gruntas, a brute and about half the ardboys. We roll off, I get the choice of who goes first. I will! Clutch moment right there: I won't let her heal 2d3+d6 wounds! I succeed at the 1d6" command trait on the 10 brutes, use the attack bonus again (+1 for everyone!) and move up the 10 brutes around Alarielle's back. Thanks to the hero phase movement (d6 for those near the general and d6 for being in the batallion) I was able to control ability ranges quite expertly! I start attacking with the 10 brutes, she's down to the last wounds, she kills some brutes, I use the other 5 brutes and the gore grunta to finish her off. Never has an initiative roll been so crucial in my less than 10 games of AOS! With Alarielle down over the next few turns, he doesn't let up. Over time, since the combat was dead center, the damned ****** is able to move backwards and shoot while keeping my troops screened with teleporting and regular dryads. We both score kill points here and there, and eventually I move my 4/5 brutes into LOS blocking terrain after having owned the center objective long enough. I then flee with two ardboys left over to stay in cover turn after turn and kite the archers, and a lone gore grunta with 4/5 wounds left flees from cover to cover, avoiding handing out the kill points. By end-game, he has two full units of kurnoth left alive, while my 4/5 ardboys, 1/3 gore grunta and 2/10 ardboys are doing their best to avoid being dead. I win the third match 18-3 (he has first blood by sniping my characters, he's killed my general, and he's titan-killed my 10-man brute unit, the most expensive in my army). I got 8pts for holding the center +8pts for having more points left alive and +2 for killing the general and titan killer (Alarielle being 6-700pts!) I win best general by using a balanced IronJawz list that has no Cabbage. Cheers!
  11. Tournament preparation battle report 2

    Our small tournament will be in the end of May, so we tried some more lists. I exchanged Butcher and Tyrant for Huskard on Thundertusk, Bretonnians came with the same list. We played two games, Blood and Glory and Escalation. First game: Battleplan: Blood and Glory Armies: Points: 1000 Bretonnian army: 5 Grail Knights 8 Knights of the Realm 5 Freeguild Outriders 10 Freeguild Handgunners 1 Empire General (general) 1 Paladin 1 Paladin Standard Bearer 1 Battlemage Orc army: 3 Ogors with ironfist 3 Ogors with ironfist 20 Savage Arrowboys 1 Huskard on Thundertusk (Battle Brew) 1 Savage Big Boss (general) 5 Savage Boarboys Both had exactly 1000 points, no Triumph Table. Pre-battle strategy: I put Arrowboys and Boss on the right, Huskard in the middle and both Ogors to the left flank, Boarboys far right. Bretonnians put most of their cavalry units to their left, against my Arrowboys, and quite near the edge. 1st ROUND Turn 1: Orcs started - I didn't want Outiders to reach my Arrowboys. Arrowboys moved forward with Boss, Boss gave them +1 with Bellowing Tyrant plus special Command Ability that allows extra attacks on roll of 6 (due to +1 to hit I got rerolls on 5 and 6). Others did not move much, not to give Bretonnians a chance to charge. Arrowboys shot Outriders, killed 4 and last one fled. I left 20 Arrowboys in the middle to stop charging Bretonnians. Turn 2: Handgunners gunned my Arrowboys, some died, many fled. Cavalry moved forward, did not get charges, but hoped for double turn. 2nd ROUND Turn 1: Double turn for orcs. Lucky me. Arrowboys shot, killed 7 Knights of the Realm, last one fled. Incredible luck with dice, I think most rolls were 5 or 6 and I rolled lots additional attacks. And Knights failed with their 4+ Saves. Huskard blasted with ice, 3 Grail Knights died. Some Arrowboys shot Handgunners, some died. And here we ended the game, there wasn't much Bretonnians left. SUMMARY: Arrowboys with Big Boss' +1 to hit and Command Ability are rather devastating. But my rolls were incredibly good, mostly sixes and fives, I won initiative etc. And Bretonnian dice just hated him. Second game: Battleplan: Escalation Armies: Points: 1000 Bretonnian army: 5 Grail Knights 8 Knights of the Realm 5 Freeguild Outriders 10 Freeguild Handgunners 1 Empire General (general) 1 Paladin 1 Paladin Standard Bearer 1 Battlemage Orc army: 3 Ogors with ironfist 3 Ogors with ironfist 20 Savage Arrowboys 1 Huskard on Thundertusk (Battle Brew) 1 Savage Big Boss (general) 5 Savage Boarboys Both had exactly 1000 points, no Triumph Table. Pre-battle strategy: I deployed Ogors on the left and Ogors on the right. Bretonnia put Handgunners to the left with General, Knights of the Realm to the middle. I wanted to put Arrowboys to the middle next round and overwhelm the objective, while holding right objective and fighting for left objective. 1st ROUND Turn 1: Bretonnia started. Did not move. Turn 2: Orcs held their ground. There was no points to get and I wanted to stay away in case Bretonnia gets the initiative. 2nd ROUND Turn 1: Double turn for orcs. Lucky me. Again. Arrowboys arrived with Big Boss who gave them +1 with Bellowing Tyrant plus special Command Ability that allows extra attacks on roll of 6 (due to +1 to hit I got rerolls on 5 and 6). Moved to middle objective and claimed it. Then last battle repeated itself: Arrowboys shot, killed 7 Knights of the Realm, last one fled. Incredible luck with dice (AGAIN!), most my rolls were 5 or 6, lots of additional attacks. Ogors on the right got to the objective, on the left they didn't. Turn 2: Bretonnia put Paladin next to Handgunners, Outriders to cover close to Ogors and left objective, Battlemage next to Handgunners. Handgunners shot Ogors, Paladin charged Ogors, one died, Ogors didn't do any damage against the Paladin. General moved to get Victory Points. 3rd ROUND Turn 1: Orc won initiative again. Huskard arrived with Boarboys. I deployed all to the left side. Huskard killed the General with ice blast, Boarboys forgot to move. And lost a Victory Point with that. Ogors fought instead of retreating and lost a Victory Point due to that, didn't do any damage, Paladin killed one. Arrowboys shot Handgunners and Outriders. AGAIN, incredible dice rolls, all Outriders die, some Handgunners as well. Turn 2: Bretonnia put Grail Knights and Paladin Standard Bearer in the middle, charged Arrowboys. Didn't do very well, but 6 Arrowboys died. I rolled for Battleshock and got 1, so no-one fled either... my luck just didn't seem to stop. Paladin Standardbearer killed the Big Boss. And Arrowboys were zero after that. I think they did 2 wounds after that. Paladin on foot missed ALL 5 attacks (1s and 2s...). Ogor did some damage to Paladin. 4th ROUND Turn 1: Orcs won again. Huskard moved to the middle and ice blasted 3 Grail Knights, Boarboys forgot to move, but opponent generously let the do it later, so they charged to Paladin and killed it. Before that Paladin missed all 5 hits (again!). After that Bretonnia only had 2 Grails, handful of Handgunners, 2 wounded characters and no chance to get enough points for 5th round to beat the orcs. SUMMARY: My dice rolled incredibly well. Opponents dice incredibly bad. I would like to say that Arrowboys are crazy good with Big Boss even in unit of 20, but actually was just very lucky, I rolled mostly 5s and 6s and their victims mostly 1s, so actually I don't know. I could not really try Boarboys with their cool retreat and attack ability. As I hindsight I feel that Bretonnians actually deployed badly: their second reinforcments should have been Grail Knights to kick some ... before Huskard arrived. Second deployment had Outriders and two heroes, so he played all the time understrength. Altogether I liked the scenario a lot, much more different than others. Although 1000 points on normal sized table kind of forced us to fight for 2 objectives and "forget" the third. The list itself seems very powerful. Weak side is Saves: all have either 5+ or 6+, only Huskard has 4+. No magic users to give +1 to Save. Against rending units it can be awful. Maybe it would be good to change boarboys for wardokk to get some spells and probably triumph roll. But otherwise: first round the Arrowboys shoot at their full power and delete one unit from afar. If they are lucky, they kill another next time. After that, when there is more combat, they serve as great chaff: there are usually less of them and/or Boss has died, so they suck at killing, but 40 wounds is hard to kill even if there is no save. Huskard snipes characters or kills elite units with good save. Ogors take objectives, fast Boarboys support them where needed. However, it is probably much weaker against armies that can alpha strike etc. Our Bretonnians don't have really competitive and tuned army, the player has mostly just bunch of cool models that he uses. We could see the winner in the second round both times, so I would not use it again in normal friendly games. But I have no idea what kind of gamers/lists come to the tournament, so I think I'll stick to that. And as a side note: I have no idea, how people play these games so fast: we had 1000 points, last game we played only 3 rounds and it took us 3 hours...
  12. Another week... another mini! This was a busy one but I did manage to get in a bit of Nurgle painting and gaming both. First up I have a test mini for my Nurgle Chaos Warriors. This one doesn't have a name yet. I wanted a dirty look but not too over the top with gross. I also wanted to add a bit of lighter color to get the miniatures to pop out. Didn't take too long and looks pretty good I think. Happy to get input! Had the chance to put them on the table yesterday and got a couple quick AoS 500pt games in with Furry. Mostly just learning our units and the game for an upcoming escalation/narrative campaign to be held this summer at the FLGS. My list was: Lord of Plagues (General) Chaos Warriors w/ Mark of Nurgle and Greatblades/Greatweapons x 10 Plague Drones x 3 Going in to the game I wanted to see how the fast moving Drones would fare, how the Chaos Warriors would stack up against a unit of 5 Blightkings (same cost), and if the Lord was worth taking as my General over a magic using Hero. First game as a capture and hold objective scenario. I sent the Plague Drones up to claim the middle objective and they were quickly met and engaged by Furry's Lord on Dracoth. I didn't expect them to make it long or do much damage but they managed to hold out and eventually killed the Lord on turn 2 after only losing 1 model from the unit. Fly power! After taking out the Dracoth mounted enemy the remaining flies were met by the Lord of Plagues who decided to take the fight to the Sigmarites inbound on their position. Charging in the Lord of Plagues made short work of the followers of Sigmar. Even with just 3 attacks the Rend -1 and D3 damage made short work of them. He's a gross little Ogre! Leaving the terrain the same we set up for game 2 which was another objective capture and hold type scenario. This time I wanted to get the Chaos Warriors into combat to see what they were made of! Get ready boyeesss! We've got fliers incoming! Back in the middle a mighty scrum kicked up with the Plague Drones taking on the Lord of Dracoth again and this time it looked like they might die to the razor sharp claws of the beast... though a couple lucky saves kept them in the game. Meanwhile everyone else piled up below them to hit each other to death. Swinging a mighty 20 times with their Greatblades the Nurgle Warriors dealt 10 wound though the Sigmarites managed to save against almost all of them even with the Rend -1. The Lord of Plagues kicked the rest of them down and the game was won.
  13. Hello, I was asked to post a Battle Report I recently put up with my Beastclaw Raiders heavy Destruction against Chaos, Clan Pestilens. I've been doing Battle Reports for a bit and I'm now trying to post them around a bit more to get feedback and hopefully provide a little entertainment. You can find a link to the Battle Report here. Never heard of this forum until I was turned onto it via Reddit, hope you enjoy!
  14. So Had my second game today in the Slow grow league against a chap called Daniel. He was using old Wood elves for this game which was a 750pts. The aim of this game was a very simple kill the enemy game. Our restrictions were 1 leader min and 1 battleline min. You started with 3 points. If you killed the general you gained 2 points, if you killed the batteline you got 1 point. Also if you lost any of your own you lost the points they are worth. Dan's List: 1 Spellweaver (general) with healing stone, and 6+ extra save on all wounds. 2x 3 man waywathcers (battleline) (I'm sure he should have had 5 man squads here but maybe he didn't have enough models or something. I didn't think about it till after the game as I would have been happy for him to proxy for them. Also had 20 Eternal guard, And finally 5 sisters of thorne. My List: So I had 1 Huskard on Stonehorn with Healing pelt and extra wound (general), 2 mournfangs with hackers skalg and horn blower (Battleline). and 1 Icebrow huter. I was using blessings of everwinter. So I let my opponent go first first and he stayed still pretty much and cast buffed spells on the eternal guard being mystic shield and shield of thorns. When eternal guard stay still the get extra armour as well so they were now 3+ save with mortal wounds returned on a 5 up. My first turn saw me getting re-roll 1's on armour saves from the ever winter. I ambushed the hunter on his left flank and shot 2 watwatchers to death. The Stonehorn failed a charge. I then won priority and ran my stone horn as far as I could around up to his left flank. I idea here was to get around the eternal guard screen and into the Sisters of thorne. Shooting was nothing much except finishing the last waywatcher from the depleted unit. Note everwinter gave me the chance of D6 wounds but not enemy units nearby so wasted hehe. I rolled a long charge and the stonehorn went into the Sisters flank dealing 6 mortal wounds from earthshattering charge. Ouch. I then pilled in and finished the sisters with my Attacks but all the attacks into the eternal guard did nothing and caused me a mortal wound. Note he chose not to move his eternal guard with pile ins. The Mournfangs failed their charge. Dans turn 2 was basically magic putting mystic shield on eternal guard and shooting go in on the Stonehorn causing 2 wounds total from arrows. Combat Seen the eternal guard opt to not move again (only 2 attacks into the Stonehorn) No damage to the Stonehorn but killed a number of eternal Guard. Dan take the next priority and basically done the same again but Magic missile and shooting went into causing more wounds taking him down to 8 wounds. Still did not move the eternal guard. The Stonehorn done lots of damage leaving only 4 left. My turn 3 seen 3 wounds healed from the pelt on the Stonehorn. The Mournfang Skalg got a lucky shot on the last 3 waywatchers from his ogre pistol causing 3 wounds and killing them all in 1 shot. Impressive. They then charged into the eternal guard along with the Icebrow hunter but they were dead from the Stonehorn before they could swing. Leaving only the spell weaver left alone. Dan conceded at this point giving me a major victory of 7pts to -1pts. Personally I think Dan should have had 4 more waywatchers to make full units. But I felt he should have tried to get more attacks on the Stonehorn in combat. True he would have taken more damage but 3 waywatchers and a spell weaver could not do enough damage to my Stonehorn. He was thinking about bringing his dragon. Hopefully next game he will! I did forget that on the charge I can re-roll 1's but never mind. My son was with us rolling dice and having fun. Dan was very understanding and didn't seem put off by this at all. Huskard on Stonehorn is still an utter beast and pretty much killed most Dan's army on his own. Dan was a top bloke and I look forward to gaming him in the future. Hope you guys enjoy the brief read.
  15. So Not posted in awhile. But I have not been idle. So I have joined a Slow Grow league not to start a new army but to encourage me paint more ogres and start putting my existing ones onto round bases. First game for the Slow was a 500pts game and basically we had 3 messengers that we have to get part the others lines. Major victory if you get 1 or more messengers past whilst denying your opponent. Minor victory if you simple get more then them past. My List: 1 Butcher with cauldron, 3 lead belchers, 2 mournfangs. (note no restrictions on units) My opponent (Matthew Palmer, epic guy): 1 Rune smitter, 1 Grimwrath berserker, 5 vulkite berserkers, 5 Auric Hearthguard, 5 Hearthguard berskers. So this game was a really good fight. I was teaching Matt the rules and showing him things like he can split shooting attacks and stuff like this. I new his Grim wrath had to go down so made sure he never made combat by eating him with the MAW spell. God I love that spell! My Butcher's cauldron kept dishing out bad meat which was pretty funny. Basically there was a Big melee in the middle with my mournfangs which killed Hearth zerkers and a few messengers and his Aurics. The belchers shot up all the normal Zerkers and the Smitter finished off my Butcher and Mournfangs. The game ended with my last lead belcher (who had snipped the last Auric dude with D6 shot of 1!) and the Rune smitter in an Epic last models standing fight. It went 2 rounds and I nearly killed the Smitter but he made his saves! The belcher finally went down. During all this 1 of his messengers escaped but 2 of mine got away. Minor victory to me! Huzzah! So my belcher down with the messengers that escaped in the shot. Yes my messengers are dwarf miners (painted by my other half) and his was a harlequin. Note his Smitter was on 1 wound! So it really was 1 wound left on the battle field! A fantastic game and an Awesome opponent. The game was absolute fun all the times. More Slow Grow progress to show soon guys. Hope you enjoyed the brief batrep.
  16. Tournament preparation battle report 1

    We made some changes to our campaign. There will be first small tournament in our area at the end of May with 1000p armies. So we wanted to try out some 1000p armies for the tournament and play with matched play rules and battleplans. Therefore we used no special abilites received in the campaign. Battleplan: we started from the first: Take and Hold: if you have 5 models close to enemy and your own objective, you get major victory. Armies: Points: 1000 Bretonnian army: 5 Grail Knights 8 Knights od the Realm 5 Freeguild Outriders 10 Freeguild Handgunners 1 Empire General (general) 1 Paladin 1 Paladin Standard Bearer 1 Battlemage Orc army: 1 Golgfag (masterwork pistol) 3 Maneaters (reroll 1s to hit and reroll 1 to wound from Golgfag) 3 Ogors with ironfist 3 Ogors with ironfist 20 Savage Arrowboys (general, Bellowing Tyrant) 1 Butcher (Talisman of Protection) Orcs put down some points less, rolled on Triumph Table and got to reroll wounds. And I forgot it. Pre-battle strategy: as I had less units, I wanted to go second, then move closer, shoot with arrowboys and then hope for double turn and charge into knights to keep them from charging. It seems the only reasonable strategy agains Bretonnians. 1st ROUND Turn 1: Orcs gave initiative to Bretonnia. Bretonnian Outriders are fast as birds - they moved 12, ran 6, shot my arrowboys and failed the charge by 2. Killed 2 arrowboys and 3 more fled. Other units moved forward just a bit. Freeguild Handgunner's chief missed with his 30" gun. Turn 2: Arrowboys tried to move to cover, but Outriders blocked them, so all 15 could not fit into cover. All ogres moved forward with Rampaging Destroyers, then ran closer to enemy, putting all hopes on double turn. Arrowboys shot and killed one Grail Knight and one Knight of the Realm. Then charged into Outriders. 2nd ROUND Turn 1: Double turn for orcs! Arrowboys shot, killed one Knights of the Realm, and with awful luck of dice 5 handgunners, then battled with Outriders. Butcher gave +1 to Ogors with cauldron and Mystic Shield. All Ogors moved closer with Rampaging Destroyers and Move, missed all their Shooting, then succeeded all charges. 1 unit charged to Knights of the Realm, second boosted Ogors to Grail Knights and finally Maneaters to Paladin Standard Bearer. Then it turned all sour. Ogors missed most hits as always (despite having +1 to hit), those that hit were Saved. So they killed altogether 1 Knight of the Realm, 1 Grail Knight, and Paladin Standard Bearer. And lost 1 Ogor and one Maneater, second Maneater and Ogor were left to 1 wound. And during battleshock it turned better again - Knights of the Realm lost 4 models to Battleshock, leaving only one (unfortunately the player forgot to reroll battleshock...), also the remaining Handgunners fled. Turn 2: Bretonnians had no other choice than to carry on fighting. General charged into Golgfag but made only two wounds and got killed. Paladin killed Maneaters, Knights killed two Ogors. If I remember correctly Ogors could not kill even one lonely Knight of the Realm. Things were brightening up for Bretonnians. 3rd ROUND Turn 1: Orcs won initiative again. Golgfag charged to Battle Mage, failed to kill him, Ogors missed most, but with arrowboys killed 2 Grail Knights. The lonely Knight of the Realm still survived, against 2 Ogors. Turn 2: Battle Mage tried to heal Paladin, but failed. Grail Knights charged to Golgfag, leaving him on 1 wound. Paladin charged to Golgfag. Golgfag made 6 attacks, dividing attacks between 1 wound Paladin and two Grail Kinghts. And rolled five 1s! But one hit got through and killed the Paladin. 4th ROUND Turn 1: Orcs won initiative. Killed Outriders, Golgfag shot 2 Grail Knights. Here we called the game. Only later we realised, that it wasn't clear if orcs won minor or major victory, I didn't have 5 models around enemy objective. So I should have retreated from the only 1 wound Battle Mage, ran towards the objective with arrowboys and then killed the Mage. SUMMARY: The problem from my side was lack of rend - Free Peoples Saves were all 4s or 3s. Ironfists were okay, I think I did altogether 2 mortal wounds. Maneaters were a disappointment - even hit/wound on 3s and rerolling 1s on both, they missed quite a lot and their Save 5 makes them a bit glass cannon. Arrowboys have more potential, but only with lot of boosting. The arrowboys should have been more in the back to avoid Outriders. BATTLE BONUS: -
  17. Over the weekend, I went to an event run by Ben Curry called Alliance 2. It was a one day event being run at the Blood and Glory venue in Derby, which for me was fairly easy to get to. It was a nice venue with plenty of parking for the 40 to 50 players there and Ben had all the boards set up with the Frontline Gaming battle mats. All we had to do was bring our armies and Terrain! I took what is now becoming my standard list and went to try and win at least one game as my objective. My list was the following.... Leaders Frostlord on Stonehorn - General with Bellowing Tyrant Frostlord on Stonehorn - with Battlebrew Huskard on Thundertusk - with Blood Vulture Units Ogors x 9 - with Crusher, Bellower & Icon Bearer with Tribal Banner Ogors x 6 - with Crusher, Bellower & Icon Bearer with Tribal Banner Ogors x 3 - with Crusher, Bellower & Icon Bearer with Tribal Banner I originally came up with this list as something a bit fun and easy to paint but also because I found a small stash of Ogors. I find it's lots of fun to use and people really underestimate it or don't know how fast Stonehorns actually are! Game One - vs Ben Johnson with Stormcast I faced Ben at Clash last year where he killed all my army in about two turns with his horrible Flesh Eater monster mash. So I wanted revenge and grudged Ben for Alliance (well it was revenge and he's a nice guy to play). Ben is an amazing painter and has managed to work out a routine where he can paint stuff in his spare time and churn out new stuff very quickly. Ben took the following... Heros Lord Aquilor (200) - General - Staunch Defender - Aethereal Stalker Lord Celestant On Dracoth (220) - Tempestos Hammer & Thundershield - Armor of Silvered Sigmarite - Keen-clawed Knight Venator (120) - Artefact: Luckstone Units 5 x Judicators (160) - Prime - Skybolt Bows - 1x Shockbolt Bow 5 x Vanguard-Hunters (140) - Prime - Astral Compass 5 x Vanguard-Hunters (140) - Prime - Asral Compass 3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (180) - Prime with Aetherwing 3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (180) - Prime with Aetherwing 3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (180) - Prime with Aetherwing 3 x Aetherwings (60) 3 x Aetherwings (60) 3 x Aetherwings (60) 3 x Vanguard-Palladors (220) - Starstrike Javelins - Prime Vanguard Justicar Conclave (60) Quite a scary army as it can pump out a lot of shots and is quite mobile! We played Blood and Glory which I think favours my army better than Ben's but he's got a chance for sneaky grabs on the objectives if I'm not careful. Facing such a lot of shooting my plan was fairly simple - push the Stonehorns forwards and let them kill every thing, while everything else claims objectives. This was such a fun game because neither of us was sure who was going to win as it became quite close in the last few turns. Also I gave Ben a big shock as he didn't realise how fast Stonehorns can move and I very nearly got a turn one charge off against his raptors who he had bunched together. He very quickly spread them out after this as they would have been dragged into combat with a raging Stonehorn! I was also really surprised with how fast Ben's army was as the combination of the Palladors, Lord Aquilor and Vanguard Hunters are a nice way of moving around and tackling support units or pinching objectives. Unfortunately, they bounce off Ogors and Lord Celestant On Dracoth's get pounded into mush against Frostlords. The game ended with a minor win for Ben due to him being able to swoop in with his Aetherwings to claim the objectives. This was mainly because I forgot that you don't need to be sitting on an objective to claim it and I could have sent off my remaining Frostlord on a hunting expedition! As usual a great game against Ben which resulted in a Minor win for him but I managed to get half his army in victory points! Game two - vs Colin Mather with Death I've not played or met Colin before and this is one of the things I enjoy about going to events. Colin had quite a scary army in my eyes as it had some very fast elements that could hit hard and of course a big unit of Necropolis Knights!!! His army was... Heros Settra the Imperishable (GENERAL) 460 Herald on steed & Cursed Book 100 Units 6 x Chariots Full Command 280 10 x Skeleton Warriors Swords & Shield with Full Command 80 10 x Skeleton Horsemen Full Command 200 6 x Necropolis Knights Full Command 320 1 x Tomb Scorpion 80 Khemrian Warsphinx 280 I played a similar army when Age of Sigmar first came out with my shooty Alves (see ahead of the meta ), which ended in a very narrow win to me with one lone Battle Standard Bearer holding the objective. So with this in mind I paid this army the respect it needed. The scenario we were playing was Border War which puts players in two forms of thought. Do you camp out on things ready to counter attack or do you go all out and then claim things later. With the sort of army I have, I really have to go all out but I gave Colin first turn of the game which surprised him. I think he was just thinking about getting a early lead, whilst I was just thinking about letting him get closer so I could hit him. This game started off quite well for Colin as he was able to build up an early lead and maul my big block of Ogors and cause plenty of damage to the Frostlord with Battlebrew. But this is how my army likes to fight and after taking a punch it hits back harder. Colin did his best but in the end I managed to wipe out his whole army and claim all the objectives and built up a big lead in doing so. I think Colin suffered from what usually happens to me and being too aggressive with his army. So after two games, I got my win and a nice sizeable amount of victory points. Game three - vs Jon Green with Order Jon had a very scary army which was very much a great example of the meta at the moment - Shooting! He had.... Heros Grimwrath Berzerker (80) Skink Starseer (160) Units 5 x Vulkite Berzerkers (60) 5 x Vulkite Berzerkers (60) 5 x Vulkite Berzerkers (60) 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows Celestial Hurricanum (320) Yes he really had that much shooting! The scenario was gift from the heavens, which is quite a tough one to play against a static shooting army with great range. I went first and pushed everything forwards as I needed to start chipping away at his Kurnoth Hunters as quickly as possible and my army is fast enough to pull units back to claim the objective on my side of the board when it appeared. I managed to get one Frostlord into combat straight away and began chipping. Jon reacted how I thought he would and did what he could to kill the Frostlord as quickly as possible. I was lucky as he did a bit of damage but not a lot and then got even luckier when an objective fell down near my unit of six Ogors. I then went full speed at Jon an hoped I could do enough damage. I got even luckier when his objective appeared in the massive fight going on in the middle of his side of the board, so it was contested and he couldn't score anything. Things were looking like I might be able to scrape out a minor win but as my army started dwindling I had a string of bad luck and Jon had a bit of good luck in the remaining Frostlord combat. I don't like talking about luck like this but this was able to swing the game around. Soon everything of my army was dead apart from the six Ogors, which Jon was able to kill through shooting and a unit of Fyreslayers that had been running towards them most of the game. This got Jon a major and me a load of victory points as I had given his army a severe mauling. We both agreed I should have charged the Ogors at the Fyreslayers but I didn't due to me thinking I had to sit on the objective. End So with the event over and Ben started calling out the trophy winners I got a massive shock to find out I managed to bag the Best Destruction General! I was really surprised by this but Ben worked out the winners of these trophy's by the most victory points scored, so this was a really pleasant surprise! Overall I had a great time and enjoyed my games.
  18. Up on the Warhammer Community blog: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/03/08/sheffield-slaughter-review-by-martin-morrin/
  19. Alrighty, so yesterday, I managed to catch a game, but unfortunately due to a minor disagreement in my household I had to cut the game short. (Mostly it was a miscommunication, but oh well!) Before I get to that, I'll just mention that I have built my 3rd batch of Boyz, and the bottom half of the Trukk from the Armoured Assault kit I got a month or so ago. That puts me up to 32 Boyz, 12 as sluggas and 20 as shootas (with the sluggas in the Trukk DT!). I'm almost done painting my 2nd batch of Boyz, and when they're done being painted I'll either do the 3rd batch or my 3 Deffkoptas next (which need some repainting since they were an eBay purchase with terrible dark green glossy skin, blech!)... But yeah, I'm keeping up with my army paint-wise, which is always a difficult thing for me! Gamer first, hobbyist second So, back to the Battle Report. My 4th opponent happen to be... ELDAR. I was heading into the game with the "I'm about to be blown off the field" mentality, so it helped me to enjoy the game while it lasted, not worrying about winning so much My list! CAD: Warboss - 'eavy armor, power klaw, Lucky Stikk 20 Boyz - Shootas, 2 Big Shootas, Nob-Boss Pole & Twin-linked Shoota (no PK!) 10 Gretchin to meet troop min. 2 individual Deffkoptas, twin-linked rokkits but no upgrades Looted Wagon - Killkannon, 3 Rokkits, Reinforced Ram (I literally just now realized I forgot the "Don't Press Dat!" rule this game, oops! Idk if it would've mattered, but still) Painmob: Painboy - Grot Orderly 12 Boyz - Eavy Armor, Nob-PK-BP, Dedicated Trukk with Reinforced Ram 5 Nobz - Eavy Armor, 2 PKs, 2 Big Choppas, Boss Pole Deff Dread - 2 Kustom-Mega Blastas, Grot Riggers My opponent brought: 3 identical units of 10 regular Eldar troops, that had the heavy support platforms that shot the Str7-AP3 weapons? 3 Warlocks that accompanied those units, all Psyker 1's (he got a few powers, but the only one he ever used was the primaris to give +1 to cover saves on the units) 1 Auturch(sp??) on a jetbike with a special sniper rifle with 120" range 2 omgiforgotthenamesaaaagh Fire Prism tanks...? Big cannon with three profile shots... And... an Avatar of Khaine. Oy. He won first turn, and although I got the Strategic Warlord Trait for +1 to seize, I failed. His 1st turn, He basically marched forward both turns, blowing chunks out of my Shoota Boyz but otherwise nothing scary effective. My 1st, I flew my Trukk forward to one flank, both my Koptas scouted then inched forward to fire missiles at one of his Prismsthingies, and I shot up a lot of stuff, taking one wound off the Avatar in the process. His 2nd turn, he goes to prepare to assault my Deff Dread with his Avatar, but he ends up shooting it to death (first game my DD went down! :O) and not being able to charge anything. He wrecks the Trukk, and the Boyz are deposited within an inch of one of his troop choices. My 2nd turn, I call a Waagh! and I hop my Boss-and-Nobz unit out of the tank; I move everything else closer to what they're trying to kill. In my shooting phase, I successfully Shoota'd one of his other troop choices, making room for my B&N to run and then charge his Avatar easily! The Slugga Boyz easily make combat against the troops (we forget overwatch, but at this point the "at home issue" had reared its head, so I had already said this would be my last turn sadly) and butcher enough of them to cause them to break and get run down. His Avatar kills 2 Nobz, but they were filler Nobz; however, sadly, the rest of the unit couldn't strip his last 2 wounds that he had had, PLUS my Warboss completely whiffed his attacks AND his Lucky Stikk rerolls, causing him to be cut down. So, sadly, I had to concede the game due to time restraints, and I couldn't even take home the glory trophy of killing his Avatar (which wasn't nearly as scary as I was expecting it to be, tbh). If the game had continued, his final remaining troop choice was in easy charge range of my B&N, and he still had his one-wound Avatar, his jetbike boss, and the 2 tanks (one was being shot to death with rokkits, the other about to be charged by the Slugga Boyz and glanced/PK'd to death). I still had pretty much everything but the Trukk, the Deff Dread, and a few Shoota Boyz (still had both Big Shootas and the Nob), so had I had time to continue, I felt that I probably would have taken home a win. But, real life always trumps the gaming life, and I try to choose the IRL over Gaming as often as possible. So, oh well. I took a couple pictures, but they're such a hassle to transfer off of my phone, and they were kinda blurry anyway, so I hope the text only will suffice this time. Next update, hopefully a game, definitely more painting, perhaps even some new stuff...???
  20. Warhammer TV

    https://www.twitch.tv/warhammer This topic is for all Warhammer TV discussion! Beastclaw Raiders will be taking to the battlefield on the live stream today, here's the army:
  21. Alrighty, as promised in the last post, I'm going to go ahead and get caught up on my battle reports that I've accomplished so far with my Waagh!!! So, my three games, in order, are as follows: 750pts vs Blood Angels, 750pts vs Dark Angels, 1000 vs Daemons of Chaos. Game #1: BLOOD ANGELS... (this game was a few months ago so my details will be rather fuzzy lol) My list: CAD & Painmob formation CAD: HQ - Warboss: Lucky Stikk, 'Eavy armor, Power Klaw Troops - 2 min. units of Gretchin, Squig Hound with each Heavy Support - Looted Wagon: Killkannon, 3 Rokkit Launchas (Both characters and the Nobz rode in here) PAINMOB: HQ - Painboy Troops - 10 Boyz: 'Eavy armor, Nob w/Power Klaw and Boss Pole Elites - 5 Nobz, 'Eavy armor, 2 Power Klaws, 2 Big Choppas, 1 Boss Pole (on a Big Choppa Nob) Heavy Support - Deff Dread: 2 Kustom Mega-Blastas, Grot Riggers Total = 751pts. My opponent: Azrael (?he dropped the name, but idk for sure, basically a jump infantry super character) 2 units of 5 Tactical Marines (or combat-squaded?), each riding in Rhinos Super Assault Marines (herein SAM's***) with the fancy blood angels name but I don't recall, like 10 of 'em with power fists and thunderhammers and a Ba'al Predator with a big blasty cannon thingy (very technical, I know lol) The reason why I'm having a hard time remembering, is that somehow, someway, I totally forgot to take any pictures of this battle!! I thought I had, but I can't seem to find them in my phone... I won't go into too many details, as I've forgotten most of them, but here's how it goes: I get first turn and go first. We were playing basic kill points, and we each essentially lined up across the table from each other. There was terrain, but it made no major difference in this game. ORKS T1: Moved everything forward. Shooting saw my Deff Dread blow up a Rhino (first blood!) and my Killkannon striking and killing a couple SAMs. Everything else ran forward. BA B1: They rolled forward a bit, the SAMs jumping far forward to get towards my juicy bits. Shooting causes a couple wounds to my Deff Dread and my Looted Wagon to get wrecked, leaving my heavy hitting unit out in the open. ORKS T2: Moved everything forward again (very exciting lol). **FORGOT TO CALL WAAGH**... Shooting from my Deff Dread misses, and the Boyz shot and killed one SAM. In the Assault, the Boyz make it into combat with the SAMs, kill 2 and then are slaughtered mercilessly and ran off the field lol... however, one of the two they killed was a hammer, so that was good... BA B2: If I recall correctly, he jumps around, he shoots at my Nob unit and manages to kill my Warboss (I had put him out front, thinking the Lucky Stikk would keep him alive... it ended up that I actually failed enough of the rerolls that he would have been killed by the Orks had the shooting not killed him lol), and then proceeds to charge them with his SAMs, who found themselves bouncing pretty hard against that scary unit; he won combat but I held... and he's right in front of my Deff Dread too lol... ORKS T3 AND FINALE: Charged him with my DD, wipe his SAMs unit as he wipes my Nobz unit, and I'm left with the Deff Dread and 2 units of Gretchin that I had basically forgot about lol... He had some marines and his Ba'al Predator, which was the only thing that could hurt the DD. My Grot Riggers kept healing the DD too (I think I rolled 5+ every turn lol), but sadly the Predator gets one penetrating hit that ends up immobilizing my Deff Dread, at which point I decide to concede as it would've been a shooting contest between the Predator and the Deff Dread, and it was getting to the point of the game where I was content with the results, even if I had lost lol... BIG MISTAKES: Forgot to Waagh!, Overestimating my Warboss' survivability without mega-armour lol... BIG SUCCESSES: First Game, Had Fun!! Also, First Blood with the Deff Dread, plus having him regain so many wounds, made him a total MVP lol... _________________________________________________ GAME 2: DARK ANGELS My list: Exactly the same as Game 1 My opponent's list: HQs - Captain with fighty stuff, Lvl2 Librarian with... omg I totally forgot his powers lol... Units: Combat-squaded Space Marines, 5 Termies with an assault cannon, and 3 Ravenwing Bikers Game Type: Same as before, just kill stuff and have fun! This time, I have pictures!! Not too many, as I had (as usual) forgotten to take pictures as the game rolled along lol Setup: So, noting that there was no protective terrain, I decided to use my Deff Dread as basic cover for the Boyz, which actually turned out to work out pretty well! I managed to get first and stay going first, so 'Ere We Go! ORKS T1: I move forward with everything. Shooting is ineffective all around, and Gretchin run to plug holes in the flanks. DA B1: They shuffle forward, his bikes screaming towards my Gretchin and the Marines on the right heading up the hill to get some cover. Shooting sees his assault cannon immobilizing my Deff Dread and the rest of firing picking off various Boyz and Gretchin, nothing substantial however. ORKS T2: I realized that my Looted Wagon is an Assault Vehicle by description, so I moved it forward 6", popped out my Nobz a few inches, and then manage to get a charge off onto the Terminators! (the vehicle helps get them across the table ridiculously quickly!!). My Deff Dread nukes a terminator, and I think my Wagon's Killkannon takes out a marine via scatter at this point. Yeah, this was after the first combat. His captain challenged my Warboss, and they both flopped horribly on their attacks lol... DA B2: I believe this turn his bikes charged my Gretchin, his Psyker caused them to take penalties on like their WS, BS, and Initiative, and I was like "whatevs lulz". Shooting kills more gretchin and some Boyz, and then close combat my Warboss does right and kills his Captain. So much CARNAGE It also freed up the Nobz for a charge on my turn lol... The bikes easily beat the gretchin, but fail to catch them, sending 3 gretchin scurrying away. ORKS T3: Gretchin rally (strangely enough lol) and reposition, Nobz charge the psyker's unit, and the other gretchin and boyz keep chugging forward towards the other remaining space marines unit. The Wagon wheels around and tries to blast the marines but to no avail, but the Deff Dread (sitting there, still recovering from It Will Not Die which cannot repair immobilize lol) picks off one of the marines. Combat, yeah, my Nobz steamrolled his guys easily. DA B3: For some reason, my opponent was obsessed with annihilating my one unit of Gretchin, so he sends his bikes after them again. (At some point, I think my gretchin actually managed to kill one of the bikes lol)... Otherwise, he backs his marines up and pick off more gretchin. ORKS T4 AND FINALE: Basically, I call my Waagh!, make 2 out of 3 charges against the last marines unit, slaughter them, and then my Wagon guns down the other bikers. It was pretty brutal, and we played until he was fully tabled. Great opponent, but he told me afterwards that he has only won 1 game in his dozen or so times playing, but I didn't get a chance to help explain to him the importance of target priority. He was wasting his bikes on my useless Gretchin when they should have been flying around my backfield, blowing up my Deff Dread and gunning my foot troops down from behind. He also admitted that he shouldn't've moved his termies forward, which put them into range for me to make a 2nd turn charge which cost him that unit. Overall, great game, and my FIRST VICTORY!!! BIG MISTAKES: Nothing Noted BIG SUCCESSES: First Victory, Getting to see the Nobz' full potential ______________________________________________________ GAME 3: DAEMONS OF CHAOS, 1000pts. My List: CAD & Painmob Formation. Similar to before, with a few exceptions: CAD: Same as before, added... Fast Attack - 2 Deffkoptas bare, and 1 Deffkopta w/buzzsaw, all with twin-linked Rokkit Launchas Heavy Attack - Looted Wagon, added Reinforced Ram, Boarding Planks, and Red Paint Job PAINMOB: HQ: same Troops: 20 Boyz this time Elites: 3 Power Klaws instead of 2 My Opponent's List: Daemon Prince of Slaneesh, Lvl4 Psyker, wings, Axe that gives wounds back, Greater blessing which gave, every model killed he rolls a 2+ and gains a wound up to max 10. Chariot of Slaneesh, Herald with whips that neuter attackers 10 Seekers of Slaneesh, banner and musician Reserves: 10 Bloodletters w/banner, 10 Plaguebearers w/banner, 10 Daemonettes w/banner, 4 Flamers of Tzeentch Daemon Prince had Summoning, and all the Slaneesh powers, ish...? This game, we played with 4 objectives, as well as the usual stuff; we also set up hammer&anvil style. My opponent's side, with all his reserves sitting on that tray lol... My side, no reserves I, once again, get 1st turn and keep 1st turn. The objective marker locations are: in the first picture, the blue poker chip next to the chariot; in the second picture, on the lower right next to the ruins, in the top left inside the watchtower on the hill, and on the top right behind the dice cube on the tower, sitting next to the hill of the other watchtower. I scouted my Koptas forward as far as possible. ORKS T1: Movement, everything files forward as far as possible, I keep my Boyz spread out as much as I can to prevent deep strikes from being effective (not that it actually mattered, I think it ended up hurting me more in the long run lol)... I make the Koptas "run" (I forgot the technical term) and shooting is widely ineffective as I can't see or reach anything to shoot. DC B1: Nothing can arrive from reserves yet, so his Prince jumps up to charge my solo Kopta, and his Seekers come around the corner to attack my duo Koptas. Chariot rolls forward. Combat sees his Seekers barely do enough to kill my Koptas*, but his Prince COMPLETELY WHIFFS and my Kopta survives combat! ORKS T2:... I'm sorry, my brains are gelatinizing. Basically, I'm going to cut this one short. I end up losing the game at the end of Turn 5 because I forgot about my Mob Rule special roll because my Nobz unit got pinned by a psyker power at the worst possible opportunity. Otherwise, my Deff Dread is an ace again killing everything in its path including several Bloodletters and all the Flamers in one round of combat. His prince was barely useful and only survived because he could fly (which, I wish to note, that my opponent made a point of not playing against my flier burna bommer because he doesn't like fighting fliers, but then brings a flying daemon prince... hmph... lol no biggie). The total points were like 5-3, with both of us getting linebreaker, but he had first blood and 2 objectives whereas I only had 1, and couldn't run/shoot enough to make the game turn into a 3-3 tie lol... I also made a mistake by having the wagon and the deff dread go in the wrong directions at one point, where I could have got more points at the end and potentially won the game lol. *I put a note here, because my opponent kept rolling in a location that caused a lot of cocked dice, and because I allowed him to reroll one that wasn't necessarily *too* cocked, it allowed him to kill my last Kopta so I didn't get to swing back lol... The cocked dice were an issue all game... ---- I'm sorry for the cop-out, but I've been typing for over an hour and I don't want to have to come back to this later lol... But I'm currently at 1-2 record for win-loss, but honestly, I've enjoyed every single game. And that's what matters. I'm having fun, my opponent is having fun, I get to roll dice and move plastic figurines around a fancy table. And it's something I hope to enjoy doing for a long time Alrighty, Idk when I'll post next, maybe when I've finished my Bommer completely and maybe after another game (or two...? :D). Alright, cya all laterz!
  22. So had a 1k Battle with Beastclaw raiders for the first time. Have been using gutbusters mostly. I wanted to try some beastclaws and wanted to go with their allegiance abilities (Everwinter's blessing) to keep it fluffy. Also my opponent was new to the game with this being his 3rd game. We were playing gift from the heavans. My 4 year old son also wanted to come and roll some dice so he was there doing this for me whilst asking lots of questions as any good 4 year should be doing! My List was: Huskard on stonehorn. He had Pelt of Charngar (healing item) 4x Mournfangs, Ironfists and the full command. (1 unit, to stay with the Huskard and try and use the Line breaker rule) Icebrow Hunter (General) command trait = Everwinter's master for some fluffy stuff. 2 x Frost sabres. 1000pts on the dot. Gareth my opponent was using Sylvaneth: Treelord anceint (command trait was re-roll 1 hit per turn), item was a single use teleport (really cool!) 6x Kurnoth Hunters with scyths (nasty unit!) 5x Tree Revenants (tricky teleport outflankers) 20x Dryads. Just shy of 1k so Gareth rolled re-roll wounds on the Triumph table. TURN 1. So I let Gareth go first as I could not achieve a 1 turn charge (except stoney) as he deployed far back. He basically cast shield on the Hunters and sat there. The Everwinter table got me an extra 3" move (using the reroll). Move up the stone and mournfangs with the stoney running too. Blood Vulture done 1 wound to the treelord. Sadly he failed an 8" charge into the Hunters. My Sbres hung back to go for my comet. TURN 2. His comet came down in his centre were the Hunters, treelord ancient and revenants were.Gareth gave re-roll 1's on saves to army with command traits. Arcane bolt on Huskard got 2 mortal wounds. He the teleported the revenants to his right flank and kept the dryads away only sending his Hurnoths to my Huskard (this is where I think he made his mistake, as he should have tried to overwhelm him here.) Combat had seen my Huskard take a further 6 wounds only from the hunters (lucky for me). He then delt 6 wounds back killing a Kurnoth. He claimed 2 points for his objective as I wasn't close enough to deny. My turn 2 saw comet come down on my left flank. I rolled a 6 for Everwinter but sadly could not roll another 6 for D6 wounds on the Kurnoths. Worth a try though. Huskard healed 2 wounds with the pelt. I brought my Icebrow hunter on next to my Objective (the cats were to far away currently). The mournfangs moved up and charged the Kurnoths attacking their Huskard. With a mighty bellow my Huskard started laying into the Kurnoths and once finished activated the Mournfangs with his Line breakers rule. This left 2 Kurnoths with 1 on only 1 wound. The Kurnoths then dealt 4 wounds to a mournfang losing another to a lucky Ironfist save. Another mortal wound left a mournfang on 1 wound left from trample underfoot. The last Kurnoth fled after the slaughter! (Ouch Huskard with a mournfang is brutal it has to be said!) I took 2 points for my objective bringing us to a tie. TURN 3. I won priority and and Everwinters blessing gave me re-roll 1's with armour saves and healed another 2 wounds! Hunter and Sabres continued to secure my object. The Huskard and Mournfangs went for the Treelord ancient staying clear from the Dryads.taking another 5 wounds from Blood vulture and impact hits he was left on 6 wounds. The Mournfangs didn't even strike as the Stonehorns horns along smashed apart the treelord. With the Syvaneth line collapsing I secure their objective bagging me 6 points, bringing me to 8. Gareths last ditch was to teleport the revenants near the Icebrow and sabres. He also moved the dryads with 6" of his objectie but not in combat. He made the 9" charge with Box cars and split his attacks to try and killed both. Luck was not with him as he took the Icebrow down to 1 wound and only 1 wound on the Sabres. Taking 3 wounds in return but passing his battle shock. TURN 4. Saw Gareth win Priority though he killed the Sabres with the revenants the hunter still held on with 1 wound and he could not score any more points. He called the game as my Huskard and Mournfangs would make short work of the dryads and claim the upper objective and though the Icebrow may die I would be too far ahead with points. Beastclaws Major victory 8 - 2. Maw be praised. A good game. As I mentioned above he should have tried to swamp my Huskard. Also had he got Priority sooner the treelord could have teleported to my objective and caused promblems for me indeed. I learnt a lot about Sylvaneth. Tricky army to fight I think. Huskard on Stonhorn Linebreaker ability with Mournfangs is just nasty. Just have to keep the mournfangs with the Stonehorn (their sooo fast!) Also it must be said my son who enjoyed rolling nearly all my dice was rolling very well indeed. Gareth was a great sport and spent most of the time laughing at me and my sons constant banter (parenting maybe?!). My son enjoyed himself and while still a little young to grasp the game properly I'm glad he had fun. Hope you guys enjoy the read. Kind regards Zolas.

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