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  1. Shaman git

    Sum new shaman stick waver - so far he has ‘sploded a wild boar, hexed crippling flatulence upon a belligerent Black Orc and starts fires to help get grub’ on quick. So for now, as far as the warband are concerned, he’s not on the menu himself just yet.
  2. Moonclan

    Sum of the gits from the Bloody Moon mob
  3. Brawl

    Sum of dem moonclan grots jumping a young tin head an his humie gitmob
  4. Stone munchas

    Couple of dem stone munching big fellas
  5. Moonclan gits

    You ken see that pointy nosed git Skrix the Skrounger or the beak from the peak we calls him'
  6. Gitboss and boyz

    Da boss and his hacky pole lads
  7. Sum of the da grots

    Spida fiddlas, Hacky poles and them skulkin moon staring gits.
  8. Showin how big dem wolf lads are
  9. Anudder of dem wolf gits

    Said my piece before, but lemme add, they're ded fast too
  10. Fur huggin gits

    These are the stinkin' snarling, chow stealin' and biting furry gits and their wolves.
  11. Hacky pole gits

    Them lads wot uses dem choppy pole things and hidin' behind bloomin' doors.

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