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  1. Bulk

    Citadel Combat Cards

    I'm researching Ogres at the moment and have got pretty in depth with it. Does anyone know which sets of the Citadel Combat Cards included pictures of Ogres or Ogryns? these might be before many people's time, but they did a further release of the Combat Cards more recently. i thought I'd ask.
  2. Bulk

    Farmer's Undead

    It's a good idea to see other races as Zombies, and I think your HexWraiths are paricularly good in that colour. Top stuff!
  3. Bulk

    The Gallery (possible issue?)

    Yes, great stuff!
  4. The gallery usually shows Ogors from all the years that Games Workshop did. Now it just gives the message: "[[Template gallery/front/browse/categoryGrid is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]" I don't know if it is just me?
  5. Bulk

    Ogre Fianna, Is she teasing or taunting?

    You must be very happy with that!
  6. Bulk

    Fungoid Cave-Shaman Revealed

    An excellent miniature, and really well painted. I really like that, although I like metal more than the newer plastic materials, but really good all the same.
  7. Hi, another thing, You have Arralrack in as 1984, he was earlier, 1983 as he came out in the boxed set by Bryan Ansell, and was shown in the 3rd citadel Compendium of the same year. Of note you have him as Arralack? I'd be interested if he was ever spelt that way in the literature or adverts. Also the earliest Golgfag's and also the slave Ogre, that are shown as 1983 in the museum, well these were not shown until the August 1984 Citadel flyers. It's unlikely that they came out the year before, as Citadel would have advertised them earlier. I could be wrong though, so if anyone has any details on that, but basically Citadel advertised them as they came out. Sometimes the literature might have been late, so a January of one year, versus the December of the year before, but these were right to the end of the year. also the FF68 Goat Headed Ogre from 1981 can be seen here: http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/Runequest_-_Collectors_Guide I doubt they mind if you pilfer a pic, perhaps credit them for it. 1984 is missing a pic of the collect Counter Ogre, I don't know if anyone has a shot of it. I've nosed around the internet for an unpainted picture, but could not find one. 1985 is missing pics of the plastic Fighting Fantasy Ferocious Ogres. Perhaps pilfer a pic from here: http://www.solegends.com/citfly/citfly85/198505/images100/fly8505bf-ff9-100.htm Which is from the original artwork for them. Also this one here: is actually a C20 Troll, I don't think it is an Ogre at all. Of the C23 Giant Ogres, only the earlier ones were called 'Giant' Games Workshop dropped the name later, just calling them Ogres. Of the ones shown in 1985, only 8 were released in 1985, the rest were released later in 1986. The 1985 ones were: Bounty Hunter, Chaos Ogre, Gladiator, Marauder, Mercenary, Oriental, Warlord and Warrior Priest. the other C23 were 1986. I thought the Bob Olley Ogres shown as 1985 were 1988? One of them actually shows 1988 o it's foot, but they were not shown in the catalogues until January 1989 onwards. Likely designed in 1988 but released in 1989. You've got the Dungeonquest Iron Fist as 1987, but he actually has 1988 on his tab. Also, I can't find any game literature that states that he is an Ogre or even a Half-Ogre. Anyone have any detail on this? The Heroquest plastic ogres. The Against the Ogre Hoard you have as 1990? The boxed set of the game expansion did not come out until 1993. All four could go in that year, but one of them, the Ogre warrior with the Spiked club, he actually also came out with the Elf Quest pack in 1992. The 1991 Ogres, the Giant Ogre was 1991, but all the others were 1989 as they appeared in White Dwarf for sale in that year. The Ogre (you have in 1993) with the topknot and spiked club in his right hand is actually the Talisman Ogre. He was shown in White Dwarf in 1994, so it's likely he came out in that year (although I'm not arguing with anyone who says earlier). Not knocking it, great resource. I'm just running through Ogres, so am looking to find details on them all and catalogue them for myself, so thought I'd tip you off. I think your guide is the definitive guide on the internet.
  8. Excellent stuff! Of note, this one here: https://www.the-stronghold.com/index.php?/gallery/category/36-1979/ is actually the FF53 and it didn't come out until 1980. 1979 was the earlier stuff that they did, but the line was produced over a period of years.
  9. Yes, things look a little different, and it was awhile back, so likely it's the forum change has thrown them in a box rather than order them.
  10. Yes I found that, but maybe it's my memory. I thought when I'd seen it before, that you could click on, say 1987, and it would show all the Ogres ,say C23 for example, in that years page. Rather than individual pictures. Unless I'm thinking of somewhere else that had them all laid out/grouped into each year of release. I'm sure it was here though.
  11. Hi, I'm a bit thick, even for an Ogre! I'm sure I saw the Ogre Museum awhile back and it actually had all the Ogre pictures in the actual year that they came out? Am I looking in the right place? Or has there been an update to the site/loss/change of browser that's jumbled it?

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