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  1. Which White Dwarf issue had the gnoblar hordes?

    Gnoblar Hordes? Like...an army of all Gnoblars?
  2. Introductions

    GREETING FORCES OF DESTRUCTION! It is I, Golbag Barrelfist, here to reap plunder and devour the puny weaklings of the Empire! :-] ....sorry, got excited. Hi! I've been playing Ogres since the release of their most recent book but I've always included them in my Chaos armies as well as Warhammer Quest when I used their rules published in that magazine that GW published once upon a time. I'm a game designer by trade, and I love working in miniature games and rpgs. (I'm also Dragonfire on Lustria Online and Bronze Bull over at CDO)

Welcome to The Stronghold!

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