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  1. Ironjawz List Help

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to the community and am just starting up my Ironjawz list for 1500-2000 point skirmishes. I need some help from you vets. Is Ironjawz competitive on its own, or do I need to take some Beastclaws and Bonesplitterz to supplement? I have the big box for the beastclaw and am wouldnt mind supplementing my Ironjawz with some arraboyz. Any thoughts would be appreciated. As far as Ironjawz I have 10 Ardboys, 15 Brutes, 6 Gore Gruntas, a Megaboss on Foot, a Chanter and a Shaman. I also have an Aleguzzler Gargant hanging around. Oh, yeah. And a Mangler Squig.

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