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  1. Grot Rock Lobber

    Has the Gitmob keyword for the crew while the actual war machine doesn't. You really only want to attack with this in the shooting phase. The crew (4 models) can attack in melee but suck as it with a 1"/1/5+/5+/1 weapon stat line. The crew also have 1 wound, 5" move, 6+ save, and 4 bravery. Now, in shooting, the war machine is pretty good. It has 1 attack with a 6"-40" range that wounds on a 3+ and does 3 damage at -2 rend. It's hit roll depends on the number of crew present, with 4 crew giving it a 3+ to hit roll and 1 crew giving it a 5+ to hit roll. It can also move up to 4" depending on its crew. It can also target units it CANT SEE. To get the most out of this unit you are going to want to field them in at least a pair and target units that have more than 10+ models. If you target a unit with 10+ models it gets +1 to hit. If you roll a 6+ to hit with a rock lobba, when there is another one within 3", you can immediately make another attack with the first Rock Lobba. In addition, if you have have your general nearby and they have the Bellowing Tyrant command trait, you get +1 to hit, making it easier to get that additional attack.
  2. Grot Shaman

    The shaman for GItmob Grots, this guy is surprisingly good. His melee attack is a 4+/4+/-1/D3 and he can take a Giant Wolf to give him a 12" move and two attacks from the wolf at 1"/2/4+/4+. He does only have 4 wounds, a 6+ save, and 5" bravery. When he suffers any type of wound, on a 5+ he can deflect the wound onto a friendly unit within 3". This counts as a mortal wound. This is his only ability. In terms of spells, he gets Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Sneaky Stabbin. This spell gives a Gitmob unit within 16" a +1 to wound rolls and -1 to their Rend values. The shaman really helps other units become deadly, a large unit of Grots, Wolf Riders,the Warboss, or Chariots would all benefit greatly from Sneaky Stabbin. In addition, his Kunnin ability lets him get into combat and stay alive longer, as long as he has a friendly unit within 3". For 80 points he is a pretty good hero that can buff your troops, deal out the damage, and may just survive a couple of rounds of combat.
  3. Incarnate Elemental of Beasts

    eh, I think my wording was just bad. It only affects units "which take battle shock tests within 8" of........suffer a -2 penalty to their bravery characteristic"
  4. Grots

    Warscroll Review These guys are better than your typical Grots. 120 points a unit (min size of 20) with 1 wound a model, 4 bravery, 5" move, and a 6" save. You can take these guys with spears or stabbas and carry shields, or give them bows and slittas. They can also take some nets. The spear has a 2"/1/5+/4+/-/1 stat line. The stabba gives a 1"/1/4+/4+/-/1 stat line. If you use these weapons you get a 1+ to the save if the unit with shields has more than 10 models. The bow stat line is 16"/1/5+/5+/-/1 and the slitta that goes with this is 1"/1/5+/5+/-/1. Finally, the nets have a melee stat line of 2"/3/4+/5+/-/1 As you can see, these weapons are a little bit better than gitmob grots if you take the nets and stabba. These guys have the standard champion/musician/standard options, with the champion adding 1 to hit rolls, the standard having two options, and the musician adding 2 to the run rolls. If you take the Bad Moon Icon for the standard, you can add 1 to the save roll of a Grot in the unit during the shooting phase. If you take the Grot Flag instead you add 2 to the bravery of the unit as long as there are no enemies within 3". The nets are the best thing about this unit. Your opponent must subtract 1 from any hit rolls in close combat if their models are within 2" of a model with a net. They do have an "Backstabbing Mob" ability which allows them +1 to wound rolls if the unit has more than 20 models and +2 to the hit rolls if it has 30 or more models. In my opinion, take these guys for the nets. Then make them better by having at least 20 (I'd say 35 or more), give the first row of the unit nets, and the rest of them shields. Then give them both flags. Now you have a battleline unit that costs 240 for a huge foot print of a unit. These guys then have a 4+ save outside of combat and basically the equivalent of a 4+ save from a frontal charge. They can attack from 3 ranks with their 2" spears and 20mm bases. As you take loses, pull the spears from the back to save your nets. For more umph, give them warboss/arcane shield buffs and hid some Grot Fanatics inside the unit!
  5. Grots

    Warscroll Review These guys are your typical Grots. 100 points a unit with 1 wound a model, 4 bravery, 5" move, and a 6" save. You can take these guys either with shields and spears or with slashas and bows. The bows have 16"/1/5+/5+/-/1 stat line while the slashas have a 1"/1/5+/5+/-/1 stat line. The spear has a 2"/1/5+/4+/-/1 stat line and if they have shields they get a 1+ save but have to have more than 10 models. These guys have the standard champion/musician/standard benefits with the champion making 2 attacks, the standard gives +2 to bravery as long as you are 3+ inches away from any enemies, and the musician gives +2 to their run. They do have an "Unruly Mob" ability which allows them +1 to hit rolls if the unit has more than 20 models and +2 to the hit rolls if it has 30 or more models. You are going to want to run these guys in a big unit and I would recommend using the compendium Goblin Warboss with them as his command ability can give them +1 bravery and an additional attack with their melee weapons. Outside of that, I think you use these guys to get your Skulkers into combat to try and dish out some mortal wounds.
  6. Grot Scuttlings

    Warscroll Review So Grot Scuttlings are interesting. There stat line is 1 wound, 6" move, 6+ save, 4 bravery. Pretty similar to other grots. They can be equipped with bows, two stabbas, or a stabba and a spear. Those weapon stat lines look like: Bow 16"/1/5+/5+/-/1 Two Stabbas 1"/2/5+/5+/-/1 Stabba 1"/1/5+5+/-/1 Stabba and Grot Spear 2"/1/5+/4+/-/1 Their weapons aren't great any way you swing it. Their abilities help a little, allowing them to re-roll wounds of 1 with the "Poisoned Weapons" ability and to make your opponent subtract 1 from any hit rolls made against them if they have more than 5 models with the "Tangled Webs" ability. A unit needs 8 models and the only way to get them is through the SIlver Tower box game. Or Ebay. They are also monopose, hello 1990's. Honestly, I don't know why you would use these in an army. Maybe for the range off the bows? Though I think warmachines are gonna serve you better.
  7. Nasty Skulkers

    Warscroll Review These guys are weak. They only have 1 wound, a save of 6+, a move of 5, and bravery of 4. Pretty typical for Grots. Their attack isn't great either with a line of 1"/2/5+/5+/-1/1. It does have a little rend and 2 attacks. Their two abilities are the real reason you take these guys. "Surprise" allows you to set them aside, say they are in hiding, and secretly note which unit of Gitmob Grots (with at least 5 models) they are hiding in. Then in a combat phase, you can reveal the Skulkers and set them up within 1" of the Gitmob. They can then pile in and attack EVEN IF it is the enemy's turn to select a unit to attack with. Their second ability plays well off of this. "Right in da ’Urty Bitz!" gives the Skulkers the ability to dish out mortal wounds on the hit roll of a 6. This is a great unit to quickly suprise your enemy with and dish out some mortal wounds (IF you can get a 6). They have the ability to turn some low threat Gitmob Grots into damage dealers. Sadly, if the unit they are hiding in is destroyed before they are revealed, you lose the Skulkers. Finally, they are fairly cheap for 40 points for the 3 model minimum unit size.
  8. Incarnate Elemental of Beasts

    Do you mean by making them lose the combat then flee?
  9. Icefall Yhetees

    Warscroll Review These guys are fast. They can keep up with Frost Sabres and outrun a Thundertusk by 1". They have a movement of 9", 4 wounds, 6 bravery, and 6+ save. These guys suffer from a poor save roll but do have an ability, "Aura of Frost", that makes opponent units subtract 1 from their hit rolls against Yhetees in the combat phase. The other two abilities for these guys are focused around getting them in combat FAST. "Bounding Leaps" lets them pile in from up to 6" away while "Invigorated by the Blizzard" lets them run AND charge in the same turn if they are within 16" of a Thundertusk. Meaning that they could reach an enemy that is 27" away in a single turn! These guys can also become battle line units if the general is a Frostlord on Thundertusk. These guys only have one weapon and in melee have a stat line of 1"/3/4+/3+/-1/2. WIth the minimum unit size of 3, you will put out 9 attacks if everything is in range and you haven't lost a model. These guys have rend and do 2 damage per attack! Not made for a unit that costs 120. These guys are a part of the TORBAD formation, which consists of a Huskard on Thundertusk, 3-9 Thundertusk Beastriders and 0-3 units of Icefall Yhetees. Now this is a lot of big models to paint and buy, and it won't be cheap in points either. This formation keeps enemy units within 3" from any model in the formation from retreating. Also, in your hero phase you can roll a dice for every enemy unit that is within 3" from any Thundertusk in the formation, adding 1 to the roll for every other Thundertusk that is within 3" for that unit. If you get a 6 that unit suffers a mortal wound, on a 7 it suffers D3 mortal wounds, on a 8+ it's D6 mortal wounds. In this formation, use the Yhetees to keep the enemy models from retreating, then bring in the Thundertusks to create the mortal wound magic. In summary, I would always bring a Thundertusk to support these guys. The ability to run and charge is very nice. Also, if you go with the Huskard on Thundertusk, a unit ofYhetees could heal D3 wounds a turn or re-roll wound rolls of 1. While the to hit roll isn't great they have a lot of attacks that adds on rend and does multiple damage. It'd be fun to throw a couple of units of these guys at the enemy while dropping a Hunter and Frost Sabre behind their lines, all while supported by a Huskard on Thundertusk in my opinion. The models kind of suck but nothing some green stuff and the crypt horror kit couldn't proxy for.
  10. Incarnate Elemental of Beasts

    Yea, only 300. You can use scrollbuilder.com to look up the points to anything. I think it would be awesome to make one out of a cygor body and zombie dragon head. And yea, the Howl ability is great. Just need to make them take a test once its around.
  11. Incarnate Elemental of Beasts

    Warscroll Review Clocking in at 14 wounds, this monster is just that, a monster. Like most monsters it is gets worse with the more wounds it takes. From 0-3 wounds, it has a 10" move, a 3+ save, AND 3D6 attacks from its savage talons. At 13 wounds taken you will get its worst stats, which are a 5" move, a 6+ save, and D6 attacks from its savage talons. It's savage talons have a range of 2", 3+ to hit, 4+ to wound, -1 rend, and 1 damage. If you roll well, 3D6 of these will HURT. It has a second weapons profile, it's horns, at 1"/4/4+/3+/-2/D3. Thats a lot of rend it is pumping out when it is healthy. This monster has a number of abilities. -"Howl of the Great Beast" makes ALL UNITS within 8" of it take battleshock tests on a -2 to their bravery characteristic, if and when they are required to take a battleshock test. -"Amber Breath" is a shooting attack that has a range of 12". You roll a D6 to generate attacks, then for each attack roll a die and on a 5+ the unit suffers a mortal wound. This means it could do 6 mortal wounds. -"The Lure of the Blood Spirit" lets you re-roll your charge roll with the monster if its target has already suffered wounds or is in an ongoing combat. -"Death Frenzy" lets the monster pile in and attack before you remove the model when it is slain. -"Incarnation of Ghur" lets you heal one wound per turn if the battle is in the realm of Ghur. This monster is a close combat wheat-thresher. It can deal out a lot of damage with a lot of rend. It has decent defense with a starting 3+ save and 14 wounds. You can heal it up depending on your army list and/or game location. This thing can be summoned by destruction or amber wizards on a casting of 11. With the model being out of print, and better options probably existing within the destruction range (for its 300 points), I think this model is more of a narrative/open play model. It would be hell'a fun to use an amber wizard to summon this guy up in an narrative game.
  12. Frost Sabres

    Frost Sabre Warscroll Review Frost Sabres have 2 wounds, a move of 9”, a 6+ save, and bravery five. The best part of these stats is the 9” move. Two wounds is OK, but not great. A unit is two or more models. The benefits of this are that it is pretty cheap to make a unit. You can buy a complete unit (2 models) from GW for $17. That is pretty good considering who is selling them. You also get 4 of them and a Icebrow Hunter in the Icewind Assault box. This gives you enough models to run the SKAL formation out of the box (at least 1 Hunter and at least 2 units of Frost Sabres). The melee attack on Frost Sabres is pretty good, 1”/3/4+/3+/-1/1. This means the minimum size unit makes 6 attacks. It is nice that they have rend. The one ability the unit has is “Their Master’s Voice”. This gives the unit a Bravery of 7 instead of 5 and adds 3 to any charge rolls when they are within 16” of an Icebrow Hunter. Strengths -Fast, can run 9, can reach a unit 24” away in one turn if they get their max charge roll and are supported by an Icebrow Hunter -Deep strike ability, run the SKAL formation and you can drop these within 16” of an Icebrow Hunter that you drop on the same turn anywhere on the table (at least 9” from an enemy). Want to hunt artillery, wizards, or objectives, this is your cheap option to do so. -Cheap way to get rend and attacks -Cheap Weaknesses -Lack of wounds, low bravery, and a bad save roll. This unit really benefits from the Beastclaw command trait, that allows them to re-roll wounds rolls of 1 when they charge. Because that is what you want to do with these guys, charge them in! This unit is also a great way to get some mortal wounds onto things in the back line of your opponent through the Everwinter Blessing roll of a 5 or 6. These two blessings have you roll a dice for any unit within 3” of a Beasclaw model, on a 6 that unit suffers a mortal wound or D6 mortal wounds. Frost Sabres are great at getting up close to someone to allow the blessing to go off.
  13. Icebrow Hunter

    IceBrow Hunter War Scroll Review The only unmounted hero for the Beastclaw Raiders, the Hunter is also the least expensive hero for the Beastclaw Raiders at less than half the points of a Huskard on Thundertusk. In terms of stats, the Hunter has a decent amount of wounds at 7 but doesn’t have a great save at a 5+. The Hunter’s weapons are decent in close combat and in shooting. Hunters are equipped with two missile weapons; a crossbow that has a stat line of 12”/1/4+/3+/-/D3 and a throwing spear with a stat line of 9”/1/4+/3+-1/D3. The weak point of these throwing weapons is the 1 attack. However, the D3 damage and the -1 rend on the spear is decent. In melee, the Hunter has a club with a stat line of 1”/4+/4+/3+-/2. The damage output of 2 is nice as it means the Hunter could deal out 8 wounds in melee. The strength of the Icebrow Hunter is his abilities and the synergy between this model and the Frost Sabres. The Hunter’s first ability, “Masters of Ambush” allows you to hold the model in reserves and in any of your hero phases, set him up more than 9” from any enemy models. It does count as his move but allows you to use his missile weapons, which realistically means you can shoot his crossbow at turn. This ability gets better with the Skal formation (at least one hunter, at least 2 packs of frost sabres), allowing you to bring along Frost Sabres when you place the Hunter. If you use this formation, the Frost Sabres can be placed anywhere within 16” (and 9” from an enemy model) of the ambushing hunter, allowing you to spread out and target multiple war machines/objectives. At the end of the day, this ability gives the Hunter (and Frost Sabres, if using the formation) to deep strike and contest objectives or disrupt the back line. The Hunter’s second ability is “Mighty Throw” and allows the Hunter to run and throw his spear on the same turn, increases the spear range to 18” and the damage to D6. This means the range on the spear could be as high as 30 inches (6 for the run, 6 for the move, and 18 for the range of the spear)!!!!!! Talk about a sniper….if his one attack hits. The Hunter’s final ability is “Icy Breath”, which he uses in the shooting phase instead of his missile weapons. It does D3 mortal wounds to a visible enemy within 6” if your roll a 4+ on one die. A note to synergy. If you use the Hunter as your general and you keep Beastclaw allegiance, Frost Sabres become battle line. This means that in a 1000-point game, you have filled your battline requirement for a total of 280 points (360 if you add the Skal formation). Leaving you 720 points of fun! Additionally, Frost Sabres that are within 16” of a Hunter add 3 to any charge roles and their bravery goes up 2. In summary, The Icebrow Hunter is a great general at a 1000 level, allowing you to cheaply fill your battle line tax, and snipe out targets from a long way off, and deal mortal wounds cheaply. In larger games, the Hunter is a great deep strike option, allowing you to send in multiple units that can quickly close with the enemy or reach objectives that seemed to far away.

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