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  1. The future of Greenskinz and Gitmob Grots?

    I know its a thread necro, but I feel it's worth revisiting this comment in light of recent releases. Very interesting that Khan here had a tip so far in advance.
  2. Cross-keyword synergies?

    The chaos gods are divided into mortal and daemon subfactions, most abilities affect one side or the other ('mortal khorne' or 'khorne daemon') but aside from Slaanesh they all have some which affect any follower of that god (just 'khorne'). Nurgle has some extra cross-synergies since pestilens models also have the nurgle keyword (but not mortal or daemon). Death has several things which will affect any Deathrattle. Finally, I know the Loremaster has a spell which will affect any Order, as does one of the Battle Wizards as I recall. You in luck though, because with the most recent release GW seems to be moving more in that direction. The Disciples of Tzeentch battletome is actually three specific factions (Mortal Tzeentch, Tzeentch Daemon, and Tzeentch Arcanite) where the overall allegiance ability is granted simply from the 'Tzeentch' keyword, an army limited to one of the three factions also gains access to faction-specific command traits, items, and spells.
  3. Destruction Move + Stonehorn

    Rules as written, the FAQ simply clarified that the d6 destruction move CAN be used to retreat. The retreat itself is what disallows a charge, just like one in the movement phase would. A run move similarly grants an extra d6 but disallows charging (Stonehorns get past the latter bit because of their own rule), however the movement granted by allegiance is not a run move and accordingly does not come with those restrictions attached.
  4. Destruction Move + Stonehorn

    Yup, as long as the destruction move was not used to retreat from combat.
  5. Competitive Destruction Army List (Ogors)

    You have a solid list here that would be good for a local tournament (depending on the meta) and would't get outright crushed at a larger one. If you are aiming for the top end of competitive lists, however, ogres simply aren't going to cut it because they aren't overpowered enough. The top end destruction lists right now are Bonesplittaz or Beastclaw heroes with grot troops. However, if you aren't quite looking to go to that level then I think this could do reasonably well. My only recommendation would be to swap the leadbelchers for a Thundertusk, since the latter will give you a harder hit at longer range that you'll need to take out support models.
  6. Ironjawz Thunderfist Battleforce

    If anyone gets it, please post the battalion stats here (or even a picture if you're feeling really nice)! I do the PPC point costs for all the battalions but it can be difficult to get my hands on the box-exclusive battalion rules to do so.
  7. Getting wiped out and scenario

    Points win. The scenario objectives override the 4-page rules. Specific>general and things wouldn't make sense otherwise. Note how the conditions for minor victories completely conflict with each other. Besides, the scenarios say that when the game end the person with the most victory points claims a major victory, not when the game ends on round 5. This means that if the game ended because one player is tabled, that player can claim a major victory, but if the other player has more victory points they can also claim a major victory. So if someone wants to be technical about it and say the 4-page rules apply then both players would win. Having objective trump tabling is also a key balancing mechanism against elite armies, which are generally favored (sometimes vastly so) in terms of points efficiency.
  8. Whats been you're biggest game of AoS?

    Seven hours.
  9. Whats been you're biggest game of AoS?

    My biggest game was a 2v2 mega battle we had some time back with 8000 points on each side, for a total of 16,000 points in the battle. Suffice it to say we haven't seen fit to repeat that... it was fun but exhausting! This was last year using Project Points Cost, the GHB hadn't even been announced yet.
  10. Grots, what are they good at and how do you play them?

    Grots beg to be fielded alongside Gutbusters, imo. Ironguts and tyrants, specifically.
  11. Grots, what are they good at and how do you play them?

    I use moonclan as battleline & support for my ogor-grot army, varying between a third to half my points in grots. A big blob of moonclan is very effective, especially because you can bring as many nets as you like for no extra cost. However, they'll only stick around for a few combats if they don't have inspiring presence. For anything with scaling unit size, grots included, you want to max out the unit or just go for minimum size. For grots this means a unit of 60 and a unit of 20 is more effective than two units of 40, since at 60 models they are the most points-efficient while at 20 they are at their cheapest for filling battleline/battalion requirements.
  12. Battle brew vs gem of seeing

    Dual-wield Tyrant > Gutgouger Tyrant Dual-wield Tyrant with Brew < Gutgouger Tyrant with Brew Its a delicate balance, relatively speaking.
  13. yhetees ability

    If it has the THUNDERTUSK keyword then it will work for the trigger. Fwiw, if someone really tries to argue that Thundertusk Beastriders do not count as a thundertusk then I think you'd need to reconsider why you were playing with that person at all.
  14. Battle brew vs gem of seeing

    Personally I think that RAI the battle-brew is once per game, which would make it on-par with the other items. However, RAW as it stands means that the brew works every hero phase and accordingly there is no reason to take the Gem of Seeing at all.
  15. Mournfang question

    In a vacuum the horn+banner is the best way to go. However on the battlefield you are going to really want some ranged support for picking off enemy support characters. If you have even one thundertusk then this shouldn't be an issue so go with banner+horn, but otherwise the pistol is worth consideration. It might be good to not glue the arms on the models until you've played a few games to get an idea of what you prefer. Either way the banner is a must, since it lets you re-roll battleshock results of 6, which are generally going to be the only result you actually fail with.

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