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  1. Painting Comp: #GOLDEN GARGANT

    Signing up now!
  2. Conogre's Army 2.0

    Beautiful sight!
  3. The Golden Fist 2016 Winner Revealed!

    Great job you 3 - very much deserved! Bring on the next comp!
  4. The Golden Fist Painting Competition - Voting Closed

    Great stuff here - feeling rather inspired to try some new things after seeing everyone's entries!
  5. Golden Fist - Gordul the Butcher

    Would you mind sharing your metal recipe? Is it a mix of nihilakh and ryza rust? The colours look great together!
  6. The Golden Fist - Orruk Megaboss

    Wowser, defo worth getting in! Those tribal patterns are inspiring!
  7. Tribal Warfare - We Have a Winner!

    Thanks so much guys, great contest all round! V enjoyable entries!
  8. Tribal Warfare - We Have a Winner!

    Sorry Soul - my fault! I had originally voted for 2 and needed to add an extra so I did... not rrealisin it overwrote my original votes thus removed one from you! should be sorted now.
  9. Grongut the Immense

    Great job on your first conversion. The cape looks great, I can see you spent a fair bit of time on the texture.
  10. Golden Fist - Gordul the Butcher

    I love this, very dark vibe going on! Is the bird from the giant kit?
  11. Golden Fist: The Bigger'un

    Thanks guys! I throughly enjoyed building and painting him - though must admit it was a daunting prospect at first [emoji28]
  12. Here's my entry for the Golden Fist painting comp - Whilst I was tempted to enter my entry from the TGA comp, I decided to go for something a bit different...and bigger! The Bigger'un is a giant who had pledged his services to the Madcap Moonbrew Co. in exchange for copious amounts of moonbrew and of course, a good scrap every now and then! He has been known to trample on the occasional grot in his drunken stupors but none seem to have the courage or stupidity (surprisingly) to point this flaw out to him!
  13. The Madcap Moonbrew Co.

    The Madcap Moonbrew Co. has continued to grow as a loose coalition of moonclan grots, ogors and even an aleguzzler gargant who together, through their mutual love (or addiction) of moonbrew, launch raids upon the caravans and breweries of the free peoples of Ghyran. Zeller now has has aspirations to go 'international' - setting up moonbrew breweries throughout the mortal realms, adding new exotic flavours of fungi to his recipe.

Welcome to The Stronghold!

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