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  1. Ogor War Mammoth warscroll

    Thankyou : )
  2. Ogor War Mammoth warscroll

    Hey there destruction peeps, i have made a warscroll to use an Ogor War Mammoth in Age of Sigmar using the warscroll designer by runebrush featured on these pages. It is basically the Chaos War Mammoth warscroll with Ogor Beastriders with Harpoon Launcers and Blood Vultures. See what you think and any feedback would be welcome The jpg image isnt very clear but here is a pdf which is better ogor-war-mammoth.pdf
  3. Ogres with Ogryn/Bullgryn Heads?

    Its sir patrick moore lol not a very ogory name haha actually looks like him though lol My frostlords name is Sir Patrik Gruel
  4. Ogres with Ogryn/Bullgryn Heads?

    He does! What was the monacled old astronermer guy who did games master called?
  5. Word Association Game

  6. Word Association Game

  7. Ogres with Ogryn/Bullgryn Heads?

    Hi i just got an ogryn head from ebay for my frostlord its well cool hes fot a walrus moustache and a monacle thingy and a metal plate on half his head it was 99p plus £1.99 p&p lol, my wife looked at me like im an idiot when it arrived and she saw how big it is but it is the best thing ever heres a pic defo worth three quid haha
  8. Ogor War Mammoth

  9. The Golden Fist 2016 Winner Revealed!

    Well done everyone!! Get in mah belly!!!!
  10. The Golden Fist Painting Competition - Voting Closed

    I just finished mine lol still nowhere near you guys skills ill change my pics anyway sos you can see him anyway
  11. The Golden Fist Painting Competition - Voting Closed

    Theyre all so good it was hard to choose who to vote for i didnt even finish painting my entry lol : D
  12. Ogors

  13. Ogors


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