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  1. Converted Butcher WIP

    The second Blood Bowl Ogre was meant for Butcher conversion. I wanted it to pose him differently from Tyrant, use other hands etc. While converting the tyrant was easy kitbashing, there was much more to do with a Butcher. I attached normal Gutbuster ogor's arms on it and used Grot Scraplauncher bits for cauldron, both required some greenstuffing and messing with wires for chains. Anyway, now the greenstuff is hardening and it looks rather nice. I probably add some body parts fallen from the cauldron to the base as well. However, I'd like to change/hide his gutplate, but don't have any good idead how to do it easily.
  2. Converted Tyrant

    I just finished new converted Tyrant for my Gutbusters - some day I want to try out running two tyrant list. But mostly I just wanted to paint the Blood Bowl Ogre and kitbash some weapons to him. I really like the dynamic pose of the model. It's very good alternative to any Gutbuster hero model. Or it can well be made into Maneaters. My next idea is to convert an additional Butcher from the same Blood Bowl model, but this requires a bit more than just kitbashing. I added some pictures for comparison as well - Blood Bowl Ogre compared to normal ogor and my firts converted Tyrant. I was a bit worried that Blood Bowl ogor is too small and don't match, but you can hardly say that. He might be a little bit smaller, but that can easily changed with higher base and big weapon.
  3. Blood Bowl and New Ogor Tyrant

    Haven't had much hobby time for a long time, but now the mojo is back and a little bit more time as well. I had few games in the meantime, tried out my regular Gutbusters list (Tyrant, Butcher, ogors, ironguts and leadbelchers) and irongut heavy list (Tyrant, leadbelchers, and lots of ironguts). The last one feels good, definitely want to try it out more. Ironguts really need some luck to be effective, but if they have luck... wow, can they up the carnage! From the last tournament my ogors won a box of Blood Bowl. I had never played it, but it was interesting enough to paint the miniatures. That took ages, from May to December. But now both teams are finally finished and I am especially content with the orc team - yep, seems I really enjoy painting orcs more than those puny humans! I tried out some freehand on their shoulderplates and worn look on armor. I also converted one 40k ork and bloodreaver to star players. Pictures below. Now I'm in the middle of converting second Tyrant from Blood Bowl ogre (very cool dynamic model) and plan to paint an Ironblaster and convert a second butcher for ogors.
  4. First Update!

    Great job! Mournfangs are enjoyable to paint and ogres offer lots of possibilites fir kitbashing/conversions. I personally prefer more natural skin, but grey skin might look good for a change.
  5. gettign started whit beastclaw raiders

    Yes, that looks better. However, I haven't played much 1000p games with beastclaw, just that skal has been most unimpressive in my games. But maybe simply requires more practice. Sabres are good for point fillers. They can be useful, just investing too much into them doesn't seem great.
  6. gettign started whit beastclaw raiders

    You must choose which allegiance you are: destruction or beast claw. If beast claw then you get the artifacts you have and everwinter master. If destruction, you have to choose destruction allegiance artifacts and you get rampaging destroyers. Never both. Beast claw allegiance is vastly superior to general destruction. I have all three (banner bearer and horn blower and leader) in 2 unit mournfang. Also, you must have 2 battleline units for matched play. Frost sabres are battle line only if hunter is the general. For me skal battalion is only good on paper. First, sabres usually die fast, so cannot hold objectives. They cannot do much damage either. Second, if hunter is general, you cannot use his abilities if he is in hiding, ie not on table. Third, I have never succeeded deploying skal to meaningful place: smart opponent just places the units so that you can't deploy well. Additionally, hunter cannot do much in combat either. So while skal sounds great, at least in my games it doesn't do much. You might grab an objective with it, but they are usually fast enough to do it without skal. So I would advise to drop skal and get more mournfangs - in units of 4 with gargants they are pretty good, especially for 160 points. I haven't tried, but maybe it would be good to change frostlord for huskard on Stonehorn: he has nice mournfang boosting ability. You might also want to check out gutbuster butcher or Ogors as allies. I would like to try out beast claw army consisting mostly of yhetees, they seem to be nice. However, the models don't look good and are very pricey. Here's a small battle report for beastclaws with skal battalion: Have fun with beastclaws, my favourite army!
  7. Braggoth's Beast Hammer in Action

    I just discovered that Savage Boarboy Maniaks cost 160 points... compared to them, Gruntas` points is a steal.
  8. Braggoth's Beast Hammer in Action

    Actually for me they seemed decent for 140 points. Fast, good save, lots of wounds, consistent damage. Mournfangs' damage potential is much bigger, but so is the chance to do 0 damage.
  9. Braggoth's Beast Hammer in Action

    Short writeup, but summary is at the end. Battleplan: Scorched Earth Armies: Points: 2000 Free Peoples/Bretonnians: 5 Grail Knights 8 Knights od the Realm 5 Freeguild Outriders 10 Freeguild Handgunners 3 DemigryphKnights 16 Peasant Bowmen 16 Peasant Bowmen 10 Freeguild Greatswords 1 Empire General (general) 1 Noble Champion 1 Battlemage 1 Damsel 1 Trebuchet Beastclaw Raiders: 1 Frostlord on Stonehorn (Tokens of Everwinter) 1 Hunter (Pelt of Charngar), general (Everwinters Master) 1 Butcher 3 Gore Gruntas 3 Gore Gruntas 4 Mournfang Pack 2 Mournfang Pack 2 Frost Sabres 2 Frost Sabres Braggoths Beast Hammer Skal Free People put down some points less, rolled on Triumph Table and got to reroll wounds. 1st ROUND Free Peoples: I gave initiative to Free Peoples. They did not move, just collected points and were caful to position themselves so that Hunter would not ambush Bowmen or Trebuchet. Trebuchet bombarded Gore Gruntas but rolled low damage, handgunners` chief missed. Bowmen could not shoot - I had deployed far back. Beastclaw: There was no point in sitting and taking fire, so I ran forward, hoping to get double turn. Butcher gave Mystic shield to Stonehorn and +1 to hit from Cauldron. Everwinter powers did nothing. 2nd ROUND Free Peoples: I didn`t get the double turn. Trebuchet did 6 damage to Gore Gruntas. Grail Knights (pale shadow of their former glory after GHB 2017) did 2 damage to Stonehorn. Bowmen arrowstormed Gore Gruntas, did some damage. Outriders rolled snake eyes for charge. Beastclaw: Charges for the Beasthammer! Butcher gave Mystic Shield, Everwinter gave reroll Saves of 1. Hunter appeared behind Bowmen. ALL my charges were successful, buffed up (+1 to hit from Butcher) Frostlord on Stonehorn did 3 (!) wounds to Grail Knights. Gore Gruntas managed their 8" charge and got D3 for damage. Gore Gruntas and Mournfangs attacked in team, killed 6 Knights of the Realm (2 remaining fled after Battleshock) and and other group killed Outriders. Frost sabres charged into Bowmen (to deny the arrowstorm) and Greatswords. Did no damage but somehow survived and therefore Greatswords could not charge Hunter and Bowmen could not arrowstorm later. Hunter failed in shooting. 3rd ROUND Free People: Trebuchet wounded Mournfangs, Handgunners killed Gore Gruntas. Noble Champion wounded Mournfangs. Mournfangs were now without bonus to hit, therefore did nothing against Noble Champion. Greatsword and Bowmen killed Frost Sabres. Demigryphs killed Mournfang. Beastclaw: Butcher made Mystic Shield, but failed in other things and gave himself 4 mortal wounds. Stonehorn charged Greatswords, killed them all. Mournfangs killed Demigryphs, piled in to Hangunners, one lonely Mournfang killed Noble Champion. 4th ROUND Beastclaw: Stonehorn ate Tokens killed all Bowmen. Gore Gruntas killed Empire General, Mournfang some Handgunners and Bowmen. At that point we ended the game - no chance for Free People to get more points. SUMMARY: Free Peoples list was everything he got plus some proxies, it missed heavy hitters and chaff. Also, Bretonnians lost Free People keyword in GHB2017, so his army didn`t really work. Mostly I wanted to know how Beastclaw does. After that one game Frostlord on Stonehorn does not seem that great: if he gets his attack and buffs (to hit from the Butcher), he`s better, but without buffs... well, 3 wounds to Grail Knights is not really anything you expect from 25% of your whole army. Against bad saves he can do a lot of wounds due to damage 3, but high saves really bring damage down. Mounts` 4+ to hit means he rarely hits anything. Tokens of Everwinter really helps to keep the damage higher (but this does not help the mount) and keeps him alive. I still cannot decide between this and Pelt of Charngar. After his damage halving nerf Mystic Shield is almost a must! Mournfangs` +1 to hit from battalion REALLY helps, they finally do some damage. However, it is hard to keep them close to Gore Gruntas - the latter don`t get Everwinter move bonus, they cannot get Command Ability bonus to charge from Frostlord (if he is your general), and Mournfang have charge bonus from banner bearer. I got lucky, but they were lagging behind Mournfangs. And immediately after Gore Gruntas died, they were back to usual 0 damage level. Groups of 4 work much much better: you lose ranged attack, but damage output is more constant. And battalion ability to pile in and attack once per battle can be VERY powerful. Otherwise solid battalion, but - as expected - low model count make it hard to contest for objectives and it is hard to fulfill all there requirements required to get batallion bonus - compared to other battalions that just get the bonus automatically. But IF you get the bonus: Mournfangs can be very terrifying, Gore Gruntas less due to their damage characteristic 1 and no rend from Gore Gruntas. Skal was weak: hunter didn't do any damage, sabres didn't do much either. Deployment to useful place was hard due to enemy positioning. I could achieve the same result without skal and probably fared better with additional mournfang unit instead of hunter+sabres.
  10. Braggoth's Beast Hammer ready

    Finally my braggoth's battalion is ready. Just few weeks before new GHB release, it would be just my luck if it makes this battalion unplayable... I had this battalion idea from April and already had Frostlord on Stonehorn and four mournfangs. So I bought new mournfang set and start collecting Ironjaws (and took only gruntas from it and traded the rest for 3 additional gruntas). Since May I have been converting and painting these 10 models... Mournfangs were okay, but painting the gruntas seemed to take ages. So I converted new mournfangs to other poses, painted and started to convert/kitbash the gruntas. I wanted to have some difference between them, so I played with heads and hands, converting the gruntas was beyond my capabilities. So my gruntas have Brutes' heads and hands, ogor weapons (they are part of the Beastclaw), ardboyz heads etc. I am especially content with two weapon guy and two-handed weapon orruk. I tried to make their armor unpainted and battered/broken. After watching YouTube for tutorials how to do it I could not find any that suited for me: either the outcome was wrong or painting too complicated. So instead I covered it with leadbelcher, covered with two layers of heavy nuln oil, then highlighted with silver and finally lightly drybrushed with ironbreaker.
  11. Gutbuster themed snacks

    If it is available in your area, then boiled chicken hearts look suitably disgusting, but taste rather well.
  12. Braggoth's Beast Hammer progress 2

    Thanks! Yep, the chaintrap is my favourite as well.
  13. Braggoth's Beast Hammer progress 2

    While the forum was down I managed to get converted mournfangs painted. I like the outcome, the poses are quite natural. I usually don't like banner bearer models, so I made my own that is much cooler than the "official" one. I started with gore gruntas, but it's summer and there has been a very long pause. So I have only one painted. I wanted to make him brown skinned like my bonesplitterz, but the is would have been just one big brown model. I am not entirely happy with the colour scheme, but I really can't think of anything better. Especially because I want to keep its metal parts "metal", not painted. Also, I haven't had time to play with Braggoth's battalion, I hope to do it before GHB 2: in case there are too many changes in points that makes this battalion impossible to play in 2000 point game.
  14. Braggoth Beast Hammer in progress

    Just a small update of my Braggoth Beast Hammer progression. From the pictures the gore gruntas riders were nice, but mounts' pose was too relaxed. I wanted to make gore grunta mounts a bit more dynamic, like I did with mournfangs, but it is VERY hard to convert these models. Therefore I settled with grunta riders instead, giving one Brute's left hand and other mournfangs leader weapon and changing their head position a bit. I really like the one with two weapons myself. Here's the idea I wanted to make one of them: And the final result:
  15. Tournament Battle Report

    Today was my first tournament ever. So far I have only played against bretonnians/free people and twice against chaos demons. Therefore I was really looking forward to it. Battleplan: Take and Hold. Armies: 1000 points My list: Savage Big Boss, general (Bellowing Tyrant, I used it with his command trait giving additional hit rolls on hit rolls of 6) 20 Savage Arrow Boys 3 Ogors 3 Ogors 5 Savage Boarboys Huskard on Thundertusk First game First opponent was Sylvaneth. I was fortunate to get a table with lots of scenery, so he had trouble to fit his wildwoods. He had Ancient Treelord, 3 Kurnoth Hunters with Bows, 10 Dryads and 5 Tree Revenants. He had first turn, did not do much, but killed few Arrowboys. I moved closer, hoped a double turn. Killed one Kurnoth, Boarboys charged 14" and killed all revenants. Then I double turned and moved closer, but did not charge. In his turn he teleported behind my Arrowboys with Treelord, but failed to charge with snake eyes. In my turn I saw I can win by killing one hero and move to opponents objective. That I did and was already feeling victorious, but after remeasuring it turned out that one dryad was 5.5 inches away... Then it turned all bad. Arrowboys shot Treelord, but he was -1 to hit and immune to rend, so they didn't do much. And charging into wildwoods was a mistake, I should have retreated. Most my guys got killed, and then I was saved by time limit and I won a minor victory with kill points. Mostly because he had killed on one whole unit and I two, altogether he killed definitely more. But still, a minor victory. Second game, Blood and Glory Against death list: Vampire on Zombie Dragon, Vampire on Abyssal Terror, and 40 skeletons. Seemed like easy match, no shooting. How very wrong I was! He took first turn, moved closer. In my turn I charged VLoZD with Ogors, who got killed. The power was surprising for me, so I shot him with Arrowboys and 6 mortal wounds from Huskard. He was left on 4 wounds. And then it was over. In his turn VLoZD healed and attacked my Arrowboys, killed 12. 24 wounds... And when I thought it is over, he just smiled and used his command trait that allowed him to attack again! So my Arrowboys were wiped out. Then he cast a spell that doubled skeletons' movement and attacked my Huskard and Ogors. 30 skeletons, 90 something attacks... Huskard was left on 1 wound, one Ogor also. In my turn Huskard failed to heal himself, VLoZD killed the Boss and the game ended. It took 30 min. A loss. Third game, Border Wars Last opponent was my "usual" playing partner with Bretonnians/Free People. I had the first turn, killed his general and handgunners. Then he didn't get a double turn and I took off his grail knights and other knights. Pretty much like on our "training" games, we had the same lists. Major victory. Summary: I could see that my list was good against my usual opponent's list, but struggled with others. Mostly because I didn't know what opposing units could do, the lack of rend and overall poor saves. But it was fun and altogether I got third place, after this VLoZD player and Sylvaneth player, both my previous opponents. I think it's great, as other players were old WHFB veterans, 40k tournament players etc.

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