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  1. Farmer's Undead

    Beautiful painting, as always! It's gonna be interesting to see how you paint something naturally gross, like the zombies.
  2. Your Most Wanted Specialist Game?

    Can I be greedy and say both? I definitely prefer the Mordheim setting itself, it was dark and creepy and JUST SO COOL, but I'd be pretty happy to play something similar in a new setting. I'm just not sure they can necessarily pull off the same feel of it, but there are smart people out there, so who knows?
  3. Your Most Wanted Specialist Game?

    Oh man, Necromunda and Mordheim, for sure. Mordheim is less of an issue, you can easily convert models, but it'd still be great to see.
  4. Wacko's Gut Clan

    Its been waaaaaay too long, but life has been busy. Here's what I've been up to. Firstly, Ogres. I haven't touched my original army since AoS, as I can't bring myself to rebase all of them. I have, however, rebased the little Ogre side project I was working on, as well as completing the 'Leadbelchers' and working on a Stonehorn proxy. I can't seem to find the motivation to paint the 'Scraplauncher' though. In the meantime though, a couple of friends and I have been playing some Mordheim! I'll take some pics of the warbands themselves at some point, but for the moment, here are the swords for hire that I've made. I'm particularly fond of this model, she was just a lot of fun to paint, and I've hired her as a Warlock for my Reicklanders. Recently though, I've had a bit of a hankering for something different, so I've decided to give 40k a try. I'm going with an explosives obsessed horde of Orks, so I bought the Start Collecting! box. It made sense, really. They're gonna have as many missiles/explosives as I can reasonably put in there. All that's left to paint is the ork choppa boyz, then next will be a unit of gretchin, just because they're adorable. The orks really have a LOT of personality in their models, and that's mostly what drew me to them.
  5. Farmer's Undead

    Bloody gorgeous as always! I agree that the darker blade is nicer, but I couldn't say specifically why. How long does it take you (roughly) to paint a batch of models? For example, the zomblins.
  6. Ogre Assembly & Painting

    I glue everything onto the ogre except for his hands + weapons and the gutplate. Paint it all up, then glue it on afterwards. I generally don't find the arms to be much of an issue, as they're so big its easy enough to get into the gaps without making any mess.
  7. The Ironguts are tougher, hit harder, have longer range, and are braver than the normal Ogres, and the 'Down to the Ironguts' ability is pretty useful. With no points cost, the only reason I'd take any Bulls is if I wanted to take the Gutbuster Wartribe scroll, but I can see with the scrollbuilder a point system of sorts has been put in place. The Leadbelchers are more or less the same as normal Ogres, except with ranged attacks, which I find just gives you more options to play with during the battle. Not as killy in close combat, but seeing as you can shoot the unit you're in combat with in AoS, that's a fair trade off.
  8. The battalion is a fantastic place to start building an Ogre army, regardless of the edition of Warhammer you're playing. I would suggest trying your hand at converting though - you could turn one of the Ogre bulls into a Tyrant, and another into the Butcher. That way you'd have 6 Ironguts (who are fantastic in AoS), 4 Leadbelchers, a Tyrant and a Butcher, and 4 normal bulls. I can't remember all the bits in the battalion, but if you have enough spare bits I would also turn those normal bulls into Leadbelchers or Ironguts. I'm afraid I don't really understand the scrollbuilder thing, so this is just stock advice for Ogres in AoS I'm afraid. Maybe someone smarter can help out if this isn't appropriate advice for the specific rules you're playing under.
  9. GW Bringing Back Specialist Games!

    I'm really excited about this, Necromunda in particular was fantastic. I hope they're also bringing back Mordheim, but maybe that won't make sense with the AoS setting we're in. Maybe they'll do something similar though?
  10. End Times: Vermintide

    It looks fantastic, I'm hoping it'll come on the Steam sale over Xmas
  11. Help with AoS

    One of the (arguably) good things about AoS is you can mix and match any unit with any army, there aren't any limits to who you can have in one army at a time. So perhaps think back to earlier years in your hobbying, when you might have had an idea for an army that just wasn't feasible at the time? Or maybe it might be worth giving it a break for a while, then come back refreshed in a few months time. I've been in a bit of a slump recently, so I've got a couple of friends together and we've started up a Mordheim campaign - new conversions, painting schemes, rules are just a breath of fresh air, and I can feel myself getting excited about the hobby again. Hope this helps you in some way!
  12. Farmer's Undead

    Absolutely beautiful painting as usual, and its always great to see a bit of humour injected into the game in little ways
  13. Farmer's Undead

    Looking good! Autumn is a beautiful season, but I can totally see it being a pain in the ass to get right. I think GW sells a Purity Seal spray or something like that, which dulls down the shine from varnishes and inks. There might be a cheaper alternative from another company, but I wouldn't know. Just make sure you're happy with the paint before spraying it, because I don't think you can paint over it (or its at least really awkward).
  14. Farmer's Greenskins

    Beautiful as always! I gotta say, these Squigs kind of remind me of a Punk rock band, in the best way
  15. 40k demon prince conversion

    Oh wow, that's an awesome conversion!

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