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  1. Farmer's Undead

    Four Hexwraiths all ready for some paint: And here's the Hellwraith I repositioned to make more imposing: Conversions are pretty simple – the usual forest basing, and then we have flames green stuffed on the mounts' eyes, robes and some of their snouts. I haven't used the flaming heads yet, probably for the reason that I like the simplicity of the wraiths I've assembled here but I'm wandering whether a last minute head swap could be in order - after all they are a special unit and the flames on these miniatures is one of the most appealing aspects of them... Cheers for taking a look.
  2. Farmer's Undead

    Here's the final batch of skeleton spearmen: 12 makes my biggest batch of skeletons yet. They took a while but can finally join their undead comrades. Then we have a shot of the converted command group: Made using parts from about five or six different kits plus greenstuff vines to add to the forest theme. They were fun to work on and have given me ideas for a grave guard standard bearer I'll be doing in the future. And last but not least, here's a shot of the whole unit: Next on the desk is the remaining Hexwraiths... Cheers for taking a look, more in the works.
  3. Farmer's Undead

    A quick progress update - I've had these remaining 12 skeletons on the go for the past week or so and this is where I'm at so far: I've managed to slog my way through all that layering on the bones and get the blue basecoat on, so it's pretty much downhill from here. A little tidying up required then it's all the fun stuff left to do @Zolas Thanks a lot mate, hope it comes in handy later on! Cheers for taking a look, back soon with more stuff to share.
  4. Farmer's Undead

    For anyone interested in replicating this scheme, I took step-by-step pics of the spirit hosts this time round, so here's a guide I've been able to put together. Farmer's Spirit Host Tutorial: Before painting I prepared & assembled them as normal then filled the spirits' eyes & mouths with greenstuff. 1/ Undercoat the spirits white. I used Vallejo Surface Primer and applied several thin coats. 2/ Basecoat Baharroth Blue. Again, a few thin coats work nicely. 3/ Wash Vallejo White Primer 1:1 Water (or medium) - don't let it pool too much or you'll get these ugly white rings when it dries. You can enhance whiter areas by applying the wash several times (allowing it to dry completely each time). This is actually how the inner half of the strata of the blades is created. 4/ Layer the majority of the miniature with Baharroth Blue 1:1 Water (or medium). Be sure to leave the deepest areas white, and to not apply too much paint around these areas to give you a nice transition between the tones of blue. Remember to hit the weapon blades too, to start creating the outer half of the strata. 5/ Repeat the previous step using Temple Guard Blue 1:1 Water (or medium). Remember to be careful to keep the transition as smooth as you can. 6/ Layering again, but this time using Teclis blue 1:1 Water. This is the last colour I layered the blades with. 7/ Go over the spirits again with Caledor Sky 1:1 Water. I didn't layer the blades with this. 8/ Same again with Incubi Darkness 1: Caledor Sky 1: Water 2. I used this colour as the main highlight on the weapons' edges. 9/ Incubi Darkness 1:1 Water for the final layer on the ghosts. I basically used this on the highest parts of the miniature – the face, weapon points, fingers, etc. Things like that. And there we have it, after basing them I ended up with this: Cheers for taking a look, more stuff in the works.
  5. Farmer's Undead

    Here's the two spirit hosts that I've been working on over the past few weeks: A before shot: And then the whole unit together: They took a bit more time than I usually like to spend on three miniatures but the end result makes it worthwhile. They're awesome sculpts but have zero alternative pose options - that got me thinking about some cool conversion ideas, so the chances of me doing another box of spirit hosts later on down the line are pretty good. I've also done some green stuff work on the standard and musician for the skeleton spearmen unit: More or less the same as on the zombie standard, I sculpted vines & leaves onto these guys. I may have gone a bit overkill on the musician's instrument but at least it makes it quite different from the sword 'n' board unit's musician. Cheers for taking a look, more on the way soon.
  6. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    Awesome recent work, big fan of the terrain.
  7. Farmer's Undead

    Some progress on the other two spirit hosts: The victims are all done with glow in their chests like before, and the spirits are ready for the blue layering - a time consuming process but worth it in the end. I've also been assembling the wraiths and have decided to make the Hellwraith stand out a bit more by elevating his mount a bit: Not very clear from the angle I took the shot but he stands out amongst the others quite well. @Sharkbelly Cheers mate, more coming soon
  8. Farmer's Undead

    It's been ages since I've gotten anything done, but here we go - my Hexwraith concept mini: Just like the Cairn Wraith, dark blue robes, blue flames and light blue everything else. Some more shots: I green stuffed flames on the horse's eyes & snout and also on it's robes, nothing big but having blue flames over the entire miniature instead of just the rider makes it look better I think. I'm happy with the mash of blues at work here but still think my fire needs improving, so hopefully I can hone my skills on the other 4 Hexxies I've got in the works. @Zolas I haven't gone for a final glaze on the robes yet as I don't think they really need it. The white ethereal areas are glazed though @Sharkbelly Thanks a lot mate, more coming soonish Cheers for taking a look, let me know what you think. Meanwhile, work continues on the remaining spirit hosts.
  9. Farmer's Greenskins

    It's been a while! Some night goblin 'musicians' I converted for the current competition on Da Warpath: I've entered them as musicians but have decided that they'll make great additions to the squig herders instead. Here's the before shot: Inspiration came from a few things I've seen in China. The guy on the left is holding clapper sticks: I've seen these on TV in China. The audience usually have them so they don't have to clap all the time... The guy in the centre has a singing bowl: These are used in parts of Asia to help get rid of headaches and stuff by moving the stick around the inner side of the bowl and placing on the affected body part. Of course, banging it makes a loud noise and can therefore herd squigs reasonably well. The guy on the right has a flute (which kinda looks like a blow dart come to think of it). Cheers for taking a look.
  10. Farmer's Greenskins

    @Ginguzzla I can be quite meticulous about details and therefore spend a while painting them. Glad you like them mate, and thanks for your comment @Zolas Thanks a lot buddy. Just got back from a long holiday and looking and what's next to be done...
  11. Farmer's Undead

    Got the Cairn Wraith all squared away: Some more shots: I stayed away from black and went for dark blue robes instead of 100% ethereal colours to break up the miniature (the plan is to also do this on the Hexwraiths that I'm currently working on). Cairn Wraiths have a 'Grim Reaper' appearance to them too, so I wanted to emphasize that in the colour scheme. The robes lack a final glaze at the moment but he might get a mix of Guilliman & Waywatcher to bring out his ghostliness. I'm also going to improve that fire as I hone my skills to make it a bit more convincing Overall, this was a thoroughly enjoyable miniature to paint - I'll be picking up a few more in the future! Cheers for taking a look, more in the works.
  12. Doom Diver

  13. Farmer's Undead

    Some layering later and the first Spirit Host is done: Not as tidy as I'd hoped for but I'm pretty happy with it. The layering of blues got a bit tiresome towards the end but I think the effect is worth it - the miniature holds quite a unique appearance and catches the eye amongst other units in the army whilst still fitting in. Inspiration was from Rafal Maj's (AKA Bloody Beast) Halloween Spirit Hosts I saw a few years back right HERE. Now it's time for something simpler - I'm looking at you, Mr. Cairn Wraith! All primed & ready but I'm toying with the idea of sculpting some small flames in his eyes or perhaps on his scythe to make him look similar to the Hexwraiths... Thoughts? Cheers for taking a look, let me know what you guys think
  14. Farmer's Greenskins

    @ConOgre No reapplication of Waaagh! Flesh. I tidy up the Straken Green with slightly thinned Loren Forest though, which seems to create a better transition between Loren and Straken - particularly useful on anything bigger than goblins.
  15. Farmer's Greenskins

    @Gareth I used to play World of Warcraft a long time ago and the goblins (and gnomes) were known for they engineering gadgets and gizmos - I've though about making some kinda tech-savvy branch for my army in the future using parts from 40k. Just ideas for now though Feel free to add Jif to the gallery. @I R GMAN Thank you, kind sir! Glad you like it @ConOgre Not at all! It's a basecoat of Waaagh! Flesh washed with Seraphim Sepia, then layered with Loren Forest and highlighted in Straken Green. Thanks for the comments chaps.

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