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  1. Going on improvement from 8th rather than overall power I think yetis look pretty fierce. Fast pile in, lots of attacks and a -1 to hit. Anyone agree?
  2. Just my thoughts, I'm really excited about Age of Sigmar. As a mainly casual player, its refreshing to see a game I can just invite my friend around and we can just set up and play. The rules allow the game to flow alot faster, meaning for more games and no wasted minutes pouring over the rulebook for some obscure ruling. I can appreciate some peoples annoyance at the lack of competitive setting but to me ots a game, which should primarily be about fun.
  3. The clan of crunchmunch

    So I finally got my game with my flatmate and his High elves along with another couple of games within the campaign. I learned a lot from quite a few of them and feel far more confident in what works for me as an ogre player. I used the same army listed below in all my games: Bruiser - AHW, HA, Other trickster's shard, Ironcurse icon Butcher - Lvl. 2, GW, ruby ring 7 Ogres (bus) - Ironfists, Bellower and Standard with lookout 3 Ironguts - bellower 3 Leadbelchers - bellower Ironblaster Game 1 - High elves Game 1 was against my flatmate back at our flat, we rolled Battle for the Pass and had a few cool scenery pieces, namely; acropolis of heroes, river of light, altar of khaine, khemrian quicksand and ghost walls. In essence this game was a display of bad luck for my friend, who vanguarded his reavers right in front of my leadies in turn 1. things went from bad to worse as his mage miscast and lost all her levels before being charged by my bullbus. the ironguts assaulted the sisters of avelorn holed up in the acropolis and wiped them out. Funniest moment was when a lone irongut (having just lost to swordmasters) ran into the river and auto rallied. All in all a fun game but a definitive win for the ogres. Game 2 - Empire Absolutely disgusting army. Only 3 units; knight character bus, 3 demigryphs and a steam tank. Tried everything to wear that tank down, did a total of 15 wounds to it but his life mage kept regrowing it, lost with no victory points at all. Game 3 - Beastmen This game was really good fun. My opponent got very lucky and rolled savage beasts for magic and had a gorebull as his non caster character. I rolled braingobbler and bullgorger, neither of which served me particularly well s his dispelling was top notch. I killed 2 of his 3 chariots and 2 out of 4 minotaurs, he killed everything but the bullbus. One more turn and I would have had a win but, sadly, it was not to be. Game 4 - Skaven Terrible game, the less said the better. The whole thing went tits up in his turn 1 when a single wound from a successful scorch panicked my bullbus AND my ironblaster off the board. Leadies and ironguts were charged by an aboination and plague rats, tabled by turn 2. Game 5 - Lizardmen Here was an intersting game that kept going back and forth. My opponent had a big block of saurus, an ancient stegadon, skink priest, skink chief and 6 ripperdactyls. Turn 1 saw the dactyls charge the bullbus who had a toad sneaked into their ranks to make the birds horrific. lost combat and thought that was it until I cannoned his stegadon into oblivion, followed by his skink priest. The leadbelchers blasted the dactyls and held up to their charge whilst the ironguts and blaster charged the weakened saurus and, over 3 turns, wore them down. By turn 6 all that was left was his chief, my ironblaster, one leadbelcher and one irongut. A close fought win. I was really pleased with how the army performed in these games, still need to get some more exprience in how to use that irongut dart, it hits like a freight train if it goes well.
  4. The clan of crunchmunch

    Thanks G_H I'm really looking forward to more games in this campaign. Hoping to have a game with my flatmate and his high elves soon. Plan is to finish off the army with some mournfang before taking a break whilst 9th sets in. I'll keep you guys posted on any further games.
  5. The clan of crunchmunch

    Finally had my first two games in 5 years the other day. Used the same army in both for the campaign at my local games workshop. It has some odd rules; 1000 points, no unit can cost more than 250 points, must have one magic and one non-magic hero, only allowed one special and/or rare choice, total magic items cost of 50 points for the whole army. My list was as follows: Bruiser - HA, AHW, Dragon Helm, Other Trickster's shard - 136 Butcher - Lvl. 2, GW, Ruby ring of ruin - 169 4x Ironguts - Bellower, Standard, Lookout - 197 3x Ogres - Ironfists, Bellower - 106 3x Leadbelchers - Bellower - 139 Stonehorn - 250 Total - 997 First game - Skaven My first game was, as suggested, against one of the staff members who brought along a skaven clanrat army consisting of 4 units of clanrats, 2 warpfire throwers, 2 poison wind mortars, chieftain bsb, warlock engineer and a doomwheel. I made many mistakes in this game, my first was deployment: I put my leadbelchers on first on a hill to the right flank, put the ironbus in the middle and the ogres in front of the stonehorn to prevent its frenzy. Unfortunately this led to the belchers getting zapped by the doomwheel in turn 1 and fleeing, allowing it to pick off the stonehorn from behind. My continued attempts to cast with my butcher led to him rolling a 1 three times in a row for lore attribute and being reduced to 1 wound through sheer heartburn. Meanwhile my army advanced on his gunline essentially getting picked off until the lone ironbus charged, only to have it countercharged and surrounded and having me tabled by turn 4(I think, the turns went by quite quickly.) Game 2 - Daemons Needless to say I felt quite disheartened from the first battle. Despite it being a lot of fun, the fact that the most damage done to the other guys army was from his warpfire thrower misfiring and blowing itself and the other warpfire thrower up was a clear symbol of my inexperience. Luckily one of the guys there offered a more tutorially based battle where he'd say what he'd do in my position and helped me through the battle. He was using a daemon's army with plaguebearers, daemonettes, herald of nurgle, herald of slaanesh, screamers and a skullcannon. Not intending on making the same mistakes as last time, I put my ogre unit on first, followed up by my bus and leadies on one flank, with the stonehorn on the other, ready to go cannon hunting. I did much better in this game, the leadies took refuge in a wood and proceeded to blast a hefty chunk out of the daemonettes, the stonehorn kept the skullcannon occupied until it got charged and died from impact hits (ironically). The screamers were moved to charge block the ironguts but were seen off in one turn. His slaanesh wizard miscasted and was sucked into the warp, whilst my butcher lost all his spells casting bullgorger on the bus. His daemonettes were cut down and the ironguts reformed to face the plaguebearers for a double charge with the leadbelchers. unfortunately the plaguebearers held out and won the combat by 1, leading to them overrunning the ironguts at which point we called the game. So there's my first two games with ogres down. Lessons learned; keep leadies safe, ironguts are awesome, stonehorn is not invincible. Looking forward to more games though =)
  6. 2500 Point Swedish List - feat. FOUR MAMMOTHS

    I love the sound of this army, post up how it plays I want to hear more!
  7. Word Association Game

  8. Looks good am looking forward to playing against it.
  9. Yh definitely, although I'll say this now I haven't played a game in 5 years
  10. Sounds mighty, I'd say keep the GW as S7 will deal with any nasty monsters/steam tank
  11. So with ruby ring leaving me 15 points I'm thinking sword of striking on the bruiser and drop the AHW. Total points 995
  12. Aye it should be a blast, as far as your list is concerned I'd go with ruby ring, there's quite a few guys using low toughness armies so the extra fireball could come in useful. Any ideas where to stick my remaining 40 points?
  13. We seem to have slightly different builds so here's mine, not trying to win but trying to cover all my bases: Bruiser - HA, AHW, Dragon helm -121 Butcher - lvl. 2, GW - 144 4 Ironguts - Bellower, SB, LoG - 197 3 ogres - Iron fists, Bellower - 106 3 leadbelchers - Belllower - 139 Stone horn (grumpy) - harpoon launcher - 250 Total - 957 - still 40 points magic items to play with.
  14. OMG dude I just looked at your gnoblog I've seen your models in the cabinet! Small world lol. I'm still deciding on my list for the 1000 campaign mainly stuck on where to put my magic items. Was gonna go whole hog and greedy fist my bruiser
  15. I don't suppose this campaign is in Aberdeen is it?

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