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  1. To rebase or not to rebase...

    Personally, I say re-base. I had gotten sick-to-death of WHFB's los arc charge model, and had completely stopped playing after some really annoying game experiences. Re-basing helped me to reset my thinking away from rank and file whfb and into the new mindset of aos. It's a little thing but it helped. And I had several fantasy armies, including Skaven, to rebase. I found the easiest way to cut an old model off the base was to use a really good pair of cutters (I used large Xuron brand cutters, with much larger handles than gw cutters) to get the most force on the blade for least effort. Cut a line across the base from foot to foot, then use the cutters to flex the plastic base and easily pop the model off. It worked pretty well for hundreds of rats. For gnoblars I tried cutting the square base away and gluing that on top of a round base. I do NOT recommend that method for small models. It works well if you have some large models that you want to maintain the scenic basing on.
  2. Cross-keyword synergies?

    Can anyone tell me if there are any abilities that synergize will with other keyworded units? Most of what I see in the buff/effect dept pertains to the same type off unit (gitmob, spiderfang, gutbuster, etc) with very rare exceptions like Orruk CabbageLord character affecting any Destruction units or Ogor Bruiser Standard Bearer affecting Ogor models (which would include Beastclaw and not just his home keyword of Gutbuster.) Even outside of Destruction does anyone have any examples? I'd love to list build around things like that.
  3. Tyrant

    Really clever execution for a Tyrant. I'm not really fond of the weapon in his right hand (it just seems unbalanced) but the whole Ettin thing with the Gnoblar gut is really well done.
  4. Huskard on Thundertusk

    Love the blend on those horns. Really makes that model pop.
  5. I'm only recently starting to explore the microbrew world but this sounds like they wanted novelty not quality taste. I'll be tempted to get a taste of it if the brewpub I frequent has it on tap but it doesn't sound like the sort of thing I'd enjoy.
  6. Mournfang question

    Sorry for the threadomancy. I'm dealing with the same question right now. I can run 2 units of 4 and 1 of 2, each of the larger units having standard and musician. I am contemplating getting another 2 models so I can run 3 units of 4 (which with the addition of a Frostlord on Stonehorn and Thundertusk beastriders is 1980 pts.) Question: is more than 4 a waste? Does the size of the model make it hard to get all models into combat (even with the 2" gargant hacker)? Two units of 6 is tempting because of the 5 model contention condition in some battleplans.
  7. Greetings fellow Ogres!

    Take a look at this. http://www.back2base-ix.com/25mm-conversion-tray.html I haven't used them personally but it seems like an easy way to go between the two shapes by using movement trays.
  8. Need advice! My last 9 Ogors

    I built out 15 Ironguts with two full commands. That gives me two units of 6 w/cmd, 6 & 9 w/cmd, or 12 w/cmd. I've allocated got 6 total Leadbelchers now, which makes me a little sad. I really love those models... I have so many sprues of cannons for them it seems unfair to have so few. Something tells me I'll be buying some more Bulls to fill in that rank. On the Bull front, I have two units of 9 with command, one with ironfists and one with two weapons, plus I'll be building an extra 3 command models so I can use them as three units of 6 w/cmd. These options give me even more options if I run some units without command. The big distraction right now is building Beastclaw Raiders. I built my Frostlord on Stonehorn, have 3/10 Mournfangs built and will be building a Thundertusk as the non-hero version (beastriders) with a blood vulture. I liked that the beastrider version is battleline, which allows for just two units of 4 mournfangs to round out the requirement and still has points for a hunter and 6 sabres. Good gravy I need to paint more than one of these dudes. My daughter backed up my decision to go with gray skin, saying that it makes them look more monstrous (and agreeing with someone else on the forum that the flesh colored ones look like fat mental patients.) Now I just need to decide if I'm going to paint my old metal Golgfag's Mercenary Ogres gray.... not sure how that would look.
  9. Need advice! My last 9 Ogors

    Yeah, I've been watching some battle reports on Stronghold TV. I had the 6 mournfang from before but some of those br's convinced me to finally order the icewind assault. I've played a few games with my nurgle mortals, and it will definitely take some time to adjust. Skaven slaves are more points now than clanrats. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria! Thanks for the advice!
  10. Need advice! My last 9 Ogors

    There's only one command on each of the bull/IG units, so maybe I'll devote two more bodies to make another set of IG command. Two more leadbelchers built would leave me five bodies remaining. I could make another set of Bull command from that and give myself the option of three units of 6 with full command. What I didn't mention I have is 6 mournfang, scraplauncher, a mess o' gnoblars, a giant and an icewind assault on order. That warscroll with goregruntas mixed in sounded interesting too. One of these days I need to play these models! Do people ever play MSU Ogors? It was an interesting approach in whfb a couple editions ago, but didn't seem to last through 8th. I was primarily a Skaven player, so small units didn't work too well once skirmishers (in our case, Night Runners) no longer disrupted ranks.
  11. Hi folks! I'm coming to end of my Ogor build (they started as Ogres, but hey...) and I need some advice as to how to finish this. I have built: 2 units of 9 Ogors, with command 1 unit of 12 Ironguts, with command 4 Leadbelchers I have unbuilt: 9 Ogor bodies... you know the ones. Enough Leadbelcher specific sprues to make 12 Leadbelchers Enough Irongut specific sprues to make 10 Ironguts So what should I purpose those 9 bodies for? All Ironguts? 2 Leadbelchers and 7 Ogors? Buy more vanilla Ogors and finish those add-on sprues? I haven't actually played these guys in either AoS or WHFB, so I'm really not sure if having a few large Battleline units is adviseable, or if IG's are the best use of the points or what. I have plenty of character models and maneaters both stock and converted from Ogors. So what do you think?
  12. Voracious maw and the rule of one

    Getting RAW: Since continuation of the Maw isn't a result of a attack, hit or wound roll I would say it keeps on going. In the spirit of RoO I would say if your opponent is offended by that idea, limit Maw to one continuation (so max 2d3 mw at 18" on a 7 spell.... not terrible.)
  13. Fellow legacy gobbo lover here. I'm just getting my feet wet in AoS after years of WHFB, and list building is definitely different. I'm trying to step out of the army book mindset and into the "Destruction" mindset. Yes, the different goblin clan synergies are different but combining all the models in to grand alliance forces wobbles the mind a little. Gutbuster grots made fearless by a Tyrant in turn 1 sounds like a great tarpit. Trollemperor, I hadn't considered the skulkers in that way. The combination of the great gitmob scroll and waiting to spring them on a hero with 5+ mortal wounds makes me smile.
  14. Butcher

    The bite out of the intestine made my day. Really nice paint job and fun original details.
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