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  1. Commander Panda's Ogre Odyssey (updated 29.02.2016)

    So my first game of KoW 2nd Edition with my Ogres was a success! Victory! My opponent ran a Empire of Dust (Tomb Kings) list that was hard hitting and on the elite side of things with Wyrm Riders, Mummies, Bone Giants and Behemoths. In the end I won by 740 pts and 2 objectives to 600 and 1 objective on turn 6. I would have lost if there was a turn 7 but hey. I deployed the shooter horde and two Warriors units (one horde and one hand weapon regiment) on the left flank. In the centre were the siege-breakers, the Legion and the hunters, the Braves and both the Warlock and the Army standard. On the right I had, a regiment of warriors and shooters. Both sides advanced cautiously, not wanting to lose out in getting charged. A bone dragon advanced into my right flank, and took on a regiment of warriors. The Beserker Braves managed to charge a Bone Dragon in the rear wiping that out, but having drawn the Braves out of the battle-line. After pussying around for a couple of turns combat was joined on both sides. The Ogre Legion charged a skellington horde, wiping them out in one turn. The rest of the EOD centre then charged the Ogre Legion in return, wiping them out. On the left flank the Siege Breakers flank charged a skellington horde who were largely undamaged. The horde then moved on to charge a Ogre Warrior Horde in a successful attempt to deny them access to an objective. On the right the Army Standard and the Warlock engaged with a unit of Mummies. Just clinging on, I rolled a 1 for turn 7 and that was the game. In the end I'd won although I felt my deployment wasn't great - I should have grouped my shooters for maximum damage on one unit for starters. Using the Legion as the initial offensive force was good as it drew the rest of the Empire of Dust army in they didn't have enough support to take on the whole EoD army by themselves. The EoD had superior mobility to my list, both in absolute terms and through access to Surge. I really need to examine their list to get an idea of their capabilities, seeing as my local opponent has a lovely Empire of Dust army. Pharaohs are pretty cool I have to say. However Ogres are tough and have serious damage dealers and managed to hang around despite taking some nasty charges. I was helped by some good nerve test rolls however I also am a total noob so I will get better as I play more and get to know the capabilities of the Ogres and find my own style. I made some notes and observations on my list composition and actions. A couple of rules pointers: Remember to make counter charges, they aren't automatic. Remember Berserker Braves buff Warlock spells. They're +1 dice to Warlock Magic rolls. Army Composition Notes: Jar of the Four Winds is not an optimal item for Ogre shooters - Brew of Keen Eyedness will be more effective. Ogre Shooters are only Ranged 5. Regiments of Ogre Shooters don't put out a lot of damage - points may be better spent elsewhere. Ogre Warrior Legions are excellent but they have a massive frontage so effective deployment is crucial. They need room to maneuver and to allow other units to move. Siege Breakers are excellent, high def and CS3 and Melee 3. Need to try a horde (6) of them, however they are 20 points more than Berserker Brave Horde who have 30!!! attacks. Simple answer: take both. It's a shame there isn't a Siege-Breaker Legion but that would be too OP. Siege Breakers for the high defense units, Braves for larger lower defense units. Ogre Warlocks are not good in combat, keep them close to Braves and try position them to be able cast spells. But are army standards a better use of points than Warlocks in the first place? I'm gonna swap the Warlock for an Army Standard - they're cheaper by 30 points. ASB will still provide inspiring to Braves. Damage output from the base Lighting Bolt spell is low even with a buff from a unit of Braves. Additional spells are more points on the unit - the Ogre army being low unit count means I'd rather put 'extra' points into units if I can. My list lacked mobility, being all infantry. Higher movement units would be helpful in getting objectives and setting up charges. Ogre Chariots are only Speed 7 so could use the Brew of Haste but this is adding more points on the unit. Red Goblin Scouts are Speed 10, nimble and much cheaper than the chariots. I will have to try both. Orc allies could provide some speed (Gore Riders) and variety, and I have some painted. I have a 550 point component to slot in. I would try initially a whole flank of Orcs and see how that does. Orcs don't have great nerve, so they need inspiring to keep in the battle. A flagger is only 50pts so it's not a massive cost. The Gore Riders will out pace a flagger in foot but their job is to be speedy - only solution would be a mounted Flagger but that's another points sink.
  2. Conogre's Army 2.0

    Dwarfs are looking bad-ass.
  3. Commander Panda's Ogre Odyssey (updated 29.02.2016)

    PIC HEAVY ALERT In what is an uncharacteristically productive burst of hobbying I've managed to base a 1900 points (minus magic items) Ogre army for Kings of War. I spent the whole evening basing up. It wasn't the most fun, but the end product is satisfying. It's not great work but now they are ready to engage the enemy and smite them.
  4. Commander Panda's Ogre Odyssey (updated 29.02.2016)

    Cheers! Feels good to get an army ready to roll.
  5. Commander Panda's Ogre Odyssey (updated 29.02.2016)

    So I've spent a night slapping on some paint to get the Ogre Horde based and ready to go on Saturday. Because I am lazy, and also becuase I plan to add more detail later I've used the Texture Paint. The upshot of all this is that I now have an army ready to ROCK AND ROLL! All the units shown below (plus 3 regiments of Red Goblins aka Night Goblins) takes me to 1860 points. The game(s) are going to be 2000 points so I have some magic items to work on. The most likely candidates are the Jar of the Four Winds for the Shooters and something for the Warrior Horde but research is required. The army list is here, if any one is interested.
  6. Commander Panda's Ogre Odyssey (updated 29.02.2016)

    Sweet Bearded Jesus, does life get in the way of hobbies and personal activities. Since my last posts in the summer of 2015 I've started my second degree and am expecting my second child. It's only since the practical part of the course began in January that I've not been on the PC most nights reading about anatomy and radiation. Of course during this time my interest in the hobby never wavered and so full of months of pent up enthusiasm, pages of fluff and a local Kings of War player lined up to test the mettle of the Ogre horde I've been getting some hobbying done. As an all to common victim of the hobby-magpie syndrome I also started an evil dwarf army but that is another matter.... I've got a game lined up on the 27th of February so I will aim to take some pics of the Ogre horde and detail their putative victory.
  7. Commander Panda's Ogre Odyssey (updated 29.02.2016)

    I actually managed to nip out in between rainy patches to prime them, and got a tiny amount of base coating done on one of the Berserkers. Going away to see family in Brighton soon so there will be a bit of a pause. The more I handle the Berserkers the more I think they are brilliant. Cannot recommend them enough.
  8. Commander Panda's Ogre Odyssey (updated 29.02.2016)

    So there has been an assembly of metal miniatures received in a Kings of War 2nd Ed shipment. The Berserker Braves are great, beefy models.
  9. NFL

    I feel like this Vikings team is on the up so hopefully given their strength of schedule and divison hit an 8-8 season. The Patriot succession of scandals leaves a really bitter taste, totally agree about the corruption in NFL and sports in general. Sadly I see corruption, nepotism and the like alot at my work. Seems like its everywhere. Still love 'sports' though, would still play Baseball for my local team if I didnt have other commitments. Living in the UK I would have to pay either Sky to watch games , which isn't gonna happen given their past business practices, of the NFL directly which again isn't gonna happen... [emoji20]
  10. NFL

    I have mixed feelings regarding Rogers. He is clearly the best QB around, and while he has weapons at Green Bay he could create offence on any team. He's just that good. I just wish he wasn't in our division.[emoji24]
  11. Commander Panda's Ogre Odyssey (updated 29.02.2016)

    Got a sweet sweet package in the post yesterday, Kings of War 2nd Ed Kickstarter delivery. Pretty happy with everything so far. For the Ogre Horde I got 6 Berserker Braves and an Ogre Shaman, all metal models. The minis have nice levels of detail and fit together well. The original Mantic Ogres are a home run in my book, with one main aesthetic downside. They have tiny legs in proportion to their upper body. Photos make it seem worse than it is, but it is there. Not so with the Beserkers. They definitely haven't skipped leg day at all and look fierce. In fact they feel beefier all round and match up better with the GW range. Obviously its a different look but I recommend them to any Ogre players looking for new models to slot into an army. The Shaman is cool, and is casting some kind of fire spell. He is much slighter than the Braves but then he is a wizard...
  12. NFL

    Vikings fan here. One of my happiest recent memories was going to the Jaguars Cowboys game at Wembley. It was awesome. Gotta feel that Green Bay could easily get to the Superb Owl...Much as it pains me to say it.
  13. Commander Panda's Ogre Odyssey (updated 29.02.2016)

    Thanks! I have some major progress updates. Oh Yes! Low model counts and finishing my college course have freed up vast amounts of time to get things done. A whole army shot is below. Apologies for the low quality but my mobile's camera is pretty poor and I haven't set up a lightbox. Still the basic composition of the army is clear. As the Mantic mins are obviously designed with the Kings of War ruleset in mind it is clear which units they are. The GW models do need some adjustments to fit. The Ogre Bulls are going to form the core of the army, a Legion of Ogre Warriors. The six Leadbelchers will acts an artillery piece, a Ogre shooter horde with the magic item 'the jar of the four winds' which extends their range and also reflects the fact that these fatties are wielding cannons. The Ironguts are going to be counts as Siege Breakers, their massive two handed weapons fitting the description, but they don't have the extra defense which the 6+ on the unit profile implies but still.... I have taken the plunge and bought some Ogres new from my local GW. BEHOLD! I also got some from eBay for basically half-price. I have the new Mournfangs assembled and ready for assemblage and these will basically act as chariots, either as a unit of three and a mounted lord, or as individual characters/bannermen. These are great models, and I love pretty much everything about them. The only negative is that there are only two Mournfang in the box, and the minimum unit in Kings of War is three. This is absolutely nothing to do with GW but my own choices so it really isn't an issue. I also have created some basic kit-bashes using some left over bits from the Mournfang sprues and the remains of various eBaay bundles. The left hand mini is a leader model of some kind, the centre a bannerman and the right hand mini a planned Boomer sergeant, who is in effect a nice little supporting hero. I also have found a local opponent to play, so things are looking pretty exciting for the Ogre hordes.
  14. Using your Warhammer models in Kings of War

    This is a cracking list, lots of options using special items I hadn't thought of.
  15. Commander Panda's Ogre Odyssey (updated 29.02.2016)

    I went back to college in September and to get on the course I wanted to at Uni I needed top grades for all modules. This was time consuming and I didn't have time for any hobbying at all. However I achieved my goals and will be going back to Uni in September. HOORAY! This has meant I have had time to start doing some hobby things and my first port of call is my Ogres. Getting back into the swing of painting minis is so easy, its like sinking into a hot bath. As a fan of both GW and Mantic Ogres, my fantasy project is a combination of the two. This is tricky given the aesthetic difference between the two lines. Still I've given it a bash fluffwise and I am working on it here: http://1drv.ms/1gpPwGC. The essential gist of it is that the GW Ogres are an elite aristocratic class and the Mantic Ogres are a lower class. They share a paint scheme where the Ogre's skin is the GW paint colour Slaanesh Grey, and will put to the field as one army. I prefer Mantic's corporate attitudes to the community (the nuts and bolts of which are irrelevant to this post), which combined with the death of the Old World in the End Times and there Age of Sigmar, has made the world of Mantica in Kings of War the setting of my fluff. It's not an amazing setting but it also is getting better and is not that far behind the old Old World in the general characteristics. Given the disparity in time spent works building between the two settings things should equalise. All other discussion of the Age of Sigmar aside that Kings of War is gaining a new player base is great as I love the fluidity of the rules, and my Ogres will have new opportunities for conquest. [img width=700 height=498] I got a job lot of GW Ogres from eBay, and after stripping and assembling, they have been primed in black. Painting on these minis is coming along bucky. All in all, I have an army now, at least half painted. It's only missing some cavalry. In KoW Ogre cavalry is fulfilled by chariots, which I am not a massive fan, or Goblin Sniff Riders. To be fair these are pretty cool however I don't really want to a) buy some and paint 20 models. Ease of painting is a prime factor in an Ogre army for a slow painter like me. GW Ogre cavalry on the other hand is 'bad-ass and cool'. That will be my next purchase, and with two to a box painting won't be crazy production line but a pleasure. Two boxes will give a unit of three, and a general to work with. [img width=700 height=361]

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