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  1. 2000 point local tournament list

    Thank you for your reply! And yes, i am very lucky to get a 8'th edition tournament close by Well.. i'm more the oposite way tbh lol, i like to get my fighty chars into combat, and let them hit as hard as possible! pref get a challange or two in to I see my ironguts as my main unit, so SM there, plan to get trollguts(hopefully) on them. The bulls don't have a champion, so 1 free spot in the front rank for my bsb, i really want to get a ward save on him, but as i see hellheart as a must have as i will face magic heavy skaven, wurrzag and maybe some vampire counts to. he had to sacrifice some gear.
  2. So im going to be in a local tournament on saturday, my list is as follows: SM with hellheart and the 4+ ward tallisman 390p SBS with crown of command, sword of striking, heavy armour and iron fist. 188p 8 Iron guts, full command and dragonhide banner. 424p 8 bulls with iron fists, bellower and standard bearer. 276p 4 Leadbelchers with bellower 4 Mourfangs with iron fists, heavy armor and full command, banner of swiftnes. 325p Saber tusk 21p Saber tusk 21p Iron blaster 170p Total 1997 points. The SM will be with the iron guts in the 2'end rank and the bsb with the guts. I know i will be facing skaven with loads of casters and not to mention the scary brass orb.. Any thoughts?
  3. I have to ask, as there are little to no activity on this part of the forum. Something i find very sad, as i love to read thread in the fantasy section. But then, in my mind AoS never happend... So many things could be done, but enough about that^^ Snorre
  4. My Ogre Kingdoms army so far.

    Thank you! It's fun to now and then paint something completely different from ogres hehe The verdigris i used that (quite) new technical Nihilakh Oxide. I have ofc packed down my paint atm, as i'm about to move, but after the copper paint, i used a layer of Agrax Earthshade to tone it down a bit before i used the Nihilak.
  5. My Ogre Kingdoms army so far.

    About time i got some more work done I did finish the 2x6 regiments of ogre bulls with iron fist and the 4 leadbelchers. Pics in a bit What i'm more happy with is Golgfang Maneater! The model is just awesome and so detailed, i love it! [/URL] [/URL] Not the best pictures i've ever taken, but yeah^^ And to last, one piece of terrain, a statue of morr. [/URL]
  6. 2000 point local Tournament

    Ugh.. i'm having 2'end thoughts.. should i trade the thundertusk in for a lvl 2 firebelly with hellheart?
  7. 2000 point local Tournament

    Thank you! always nice to know i'm not totally of target But its tempting to squeese in a hellheart tho
  8. 2000 point local Tournament

    More changes! SM with greedy fist, glittering scales, fencer's blades and extra lvl. 385p BSB with enchanted shield,heavy armor, sword of striking and talisman of endurance.184p 8x iron guts with bellower, standard of discipline and standard bearer.379p 8x bulls with iron fist, standard and bellower. 276 4x Maneaters with heavy armor, aditional handweapon, standard bearer with banner of swiftness(scouts and swiftstrider) and bellower. 216p 3x Mournfangs with heavy armor, iron fist and bellower. 220p Sabertusk.21p Sabertusk.21p Thundertusk. 250p for a total of 1995p What you guys think? It looks like good fun in my eyes at least
  9. 2000 point local Tournament

    Thank you I just have to try to go for one of them then
  10. 2000 point local Tournament

    Or! New list i kinda like. SM with greedy fist, glittering scales, fencer's blades and extra lvl. 385p BSB with enchanted shield, sword of striking and talisman of endurance.180p Butcher with extra lvl, hellheart and great weapon. 194p 9x iron guts with bellower and standard. 407p 9x bulls with iron fist, standard and bellower. 308p 10x Gnoblar trappers. 50p 5x maneaters with brace of ogre pistols, sniper, poison and banner of eternal flame.340p Gorger.90p Sabertusk. 21p Sabertusk21p =1996p
  11. SM with greedy fist, glittering scales, fencer's blades and extra lvl.can't decide to take beast or heavens BSB with enchanted shield, sword of striking and talisman of endurance Butcher with extra lvl, hellheart and great weapon. Great maw 9x iron guts with bellower and standard 9x bulls with iron fist, standard and bellower 4x leadbelchers with bellower 4x mournfangs with iron fist, heavy armor, bellower and standard sabretusk Sabretusk. Comes in at 1998 points. Im quite sure that i will meet both high and dark elves, so its tempting to squeeze in a thundertusk.. Any suggestions?
  12. 8E versus High Elves (2.5K)

    You are right ofc, my bad. Only Iron guts can get a magic banner, for some reason i read ironfists as ironguts But if you are going to face a lot of cavalry, i would say Iron guts are a bether choise with strenght 6 attacks to break open armor.
  13. 8E versus High Elves (2.5K)

    That do look like a fun list in my eyes Never used gnoblars, but how about making them into trappers? maybe 15-20 strong instead of 10, so they got a tiny chanse of not being slaughtered at first glance. I would deff try to get a heallheart in there somewhere, elves likes their nasty mages. And how about let the IG get a SB and let him carry the banner of discpline, so you can get some cheap magic items on your BSB? Just my 2 cent
  14. Ogre Assembly & Painting

    I prefer to paint arms, heads and weapons for them self, then glue al bits together after. But thats me
  15. Ogre Kingdoms fluff books

    Don't forget Wild kingdoms, the only book i can think of who are not a short story. Worth the read! http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/wild-kingdoms-ebook.html

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