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  1. Ogre Fianna, Is she teasing or taunting?

    Thanks,. It came out with the look I was going for.
  2. Ogre Fianna, Is she teasing or taunting?

    I've finally molded and cast my ogra. I painted it yesterday. Can't wait to see what a real mini painter can do with it. If anyone is interested in purchasing a figure, please contact me. Regards David
  3. Ogre Fianna, Is she teasing or taunting?

    "More minis than I need, but not more than I want" ... David Foster
  4. I've been working on this sculpt for a while. I thought I'd share it with all of you. My female Ogre, ( I call them Ogras) inspired in part by Confrontation Fiannas. Hope you like it. I plan on molding and castsing it soon. Took the pictures with my phone, sorry for the quality.
  5. Braggoth's Beast Hammer progress 2

    Love them. Great job.
  6. The GREAT BIG Conversion Thread

    Why have Ogres when you can have Pandas? My Ogre to Panda conversion wip.
  7. Thundertusk/ Stonehorn

    Thanks, I will do that.
  8. Thundertusk/ Stonehorn

    Hi all, I hate to revive this old thread but this is a continuation of the same topic. I have received several requests for my Stonehorn, Thundertusk body parts. They are now molded and cast. I have put some on ebay, item # 121431411206. Thank you all for your interest.
  9. Size comparison

    Thanks, I didn't have an Army Book handy.
  10. Size comparison

    Hi all. I don't have a Tyrant model. I was wondering size wise if they are bigger/taller than rank and file ogres. If someone would answer with a pic of the models side by side that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Thundertusk/ Stonehorn

    . Oops, my bad. I've only started collecting my OK army haven't played them yet. I just really like the models. I have a lot of old CD models including the tenderizer, you can pm me if you like. The squigs were a natural for me having played O&G for years. I made the first one in 2007, at the request of a friend, when goblin heroes first could ride a giant squig. GW did not make a model at the time. I been casting and selling them ever since, usually on ebay. T
  12. Thundertusk/ Stonehorn

    Thanks, I have been hobby sculpting for a while. You may have seen my giant cavehopper squigs. What tenderizer do you miss? Was it the old Chaos Dwarf one?
  13. Thundertusk/ Stonehorn

    Here are some pics of my piece with the GW parts.
  14. Thundertusk/ Stonehorn

    Well it's been about 3 months but I have finally finished my T-tusk/S-horn body part. My sculpt is the one on the right with the greenstuff showing. The grey stuff is Pro-Create modeling putty. The other darker grey piece is the GW model. Hope the pics are clear enough, my only camera is the one in my phone.
  15. Thundertusk/ Stonehorn

    Hi, I have the Thundertusk/Stonehorn model kit. I want to have both models but I didn't want to buy another kit. I feel it is a waste to have all those left over pieces. So, I am sculpting the common parts of both so that I can have both. Here are a couple of pictures of the work in progress. Hopefully the pics appear ok, they don't show up in the preview pane.

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