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  1. Tribal Banner

    It is now and always was, too big!
  2. Grot Hero

  3. Grot Hero

    hero? Seems a bit strong....
  4. Aleguzzler

  5. Dragon Ogres (counting as Mournfang)

    3 of my "Counts as" Mournfang
  6. Arrer Boy

  7. Savage Big Boss

  8. Ironblaster

    Giant powered Ironblaster
  9. Tyrant

  10. Butcher

  11. Hunter

    G_H pre AoS Ogors
  12. Maneater

  13. This is great Randroid, detailed account and on a personal note I am literally blown away to see that ogre there! I am a massive believer of recycling models a d seeing this drunkard aloft the tour bus brought a tear to my eye! G_H
  14. Conogre's Army 2.0

    Mate, I am good. Things are improving and I am on the verge of starting a new goblog with all my old models (slowly re-basing them, ain't that a pain in the 'arris!) And the new orruks that need sorting. The glory days will soon be with us again! How's you? See you caught my obsession for giants then? ??? G_H
  15. Conogre's Army 2.0

    I have always said, nay insisted that you can never ever have enough giants! I have always found them to be like an addiction..... One is never ever enough, and six is the beginning of something very special ? bring it on ? G_H

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