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  1. reddevil18's batrep videos

    With all of the 9th/AoS doom and gloom I have really struggled to find a game. But did manage to get an 8th ed game in friday. Next few batreps will likely be AoS as we trial it and decide from there what game we are going to be playing. So hope you all enjoy what could be my last 8th ed game
  2. reddevil18's batrep videos

    Thank you Yea ive never really got into combat with a fellblade. Ive just always been told stay the hell away from it till it kills its bearer xD
  3. reddevil18's batrep videos

    Game 4 from the firestorm fours event sees my ogres vs another skaven force
  4. reddevil18's batrep videos

    Yea i watch quite a few, usually while i paint or build. These are the ones im subbed too 1 plus armour longislandwargaming miniwargaming malorian oncebitten skaveninAZ thesustainablecenter lord tremendous WargamingForFun Always looking for more if you know any good ones not on my list
  5. reddevil18's batrep videos

    Thank you Yea i thought it was quite a soft list as well and did question him on this, turns out its just all the skaven models he had and he couldnt use his main army as someone else on his team was already running it. Game 4 is skaven as well Thanks for the feedback on the video quality, i have starting doing it a bit differently now trying to talk on why i do what i do and ive also changed the way i record them. I now use a different application for audio so that i can run some noise removal and get rid of the humming my PC makes in the background Did cause be over an hour of torment tho due to syncing issues until i rage quit and re-recorded xD
  6. reddevil18's batrep videos

    FireStorm fours game 2 sees my ogres continuing onward and facing resistance in the form of a skaven army, hopefully we can earn a few points
  7. reddevil18's batrep videos

    Game one of the firestorm fours event and its ogres vs empire
  8. reddevil18's batrep videos

    Thank you for the feedback Will try to improve that and add a bit of explanation as to why i do what i do and why i think that's the right tactical decision or in the case of this game, why it isnt. Already got 3 sabers, they look like boars tho
  9. reddevil18's batrep videos

    Hey all, ive recently started doing warhammer batrep videos and am looking for feedback There is my most recent one and im looking for feedback on the video and the game play
  10. Show us your... BSB!

    Been looking for inspirations for designing my BSB and I just love the simplicity, yet detailed, of your BSB. Well if you want any more pictures let me know as I bought that guy through ebay xD
  11. Gnoblar colour

    Definitely! Gnoblar Trappers are a part of the culture (it used to be a stand-alone unit, but is now an upgrade; nevertheless, it's still there!); so to have them naturally blend into their surroundings to help them with their trapping aspects would work well, IMHO! Heck, if you even wanted to go over the top, you could paint them with a base skin color, but then give them "camo" face paint or something like that to help emphasize the "hide-and-trap" tactics of gnoblars. But either way, a blueish-gray tone could work, if that's the way you wanna go with it! Try painting a couple, and posting some pics of your work. And if you don't like it, you can always paint over or use the diluted Simple Green mixture to remove the paint. I dont know when it will be as im painting up my leadies atm but ill post pics when i get round to them, nice idea with the cammo too Im in the UK and we dont have simple green, any idea on our version of it? Thanks for the advice
  12. Gnoblar colour

    Just asking me those questions and mentioning stonier is making me think of a grey/blue skin tone to blend into my snow bases better. They are mainly scavengers in these mountains and blending will help there traps if i remember their fluff correctly. Am i correct in thinking that?
  13. Gnoblar colour

    Hey all, I have a natural fleshy colour to my ogres (bugmans glow, kislev flesh and reikland fleshshade) but cant think of a colour for my gnoblars that really works with the army in my mind so was hoping for suggestions? I dont know why but i convinced myself not to use the same flesh shade, do you think i should? Reddevil18
  14. Pet Gnoblars Guide and Records

    Whats this? Just trying to give a guy a gnobler for good use of orcs as ogres :s

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