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  1. 2000 point local tournament list

    First, I'm absurdly jealous that you're having a tournament near you As for your question, I've never been a big believer in putting much in the way of protective gear on my BSB. Anything short of a 4+ ward just doesn't do much in all honesty. The best form of protection is to just keep him in the second rank. Personally I'd put a Great Weapon on him, and give him the Banner of Discipline. The nice thing about having the BoD on the BSB is it lets you shift which unit you want to be your command unit. Feel like you're going to have to risk the Iron Guts? Put your general and BSB in the Bulls instead!
  2. Worthless units in Ogre book?? 8th ed.

    Weak units: Gorgers, Scraplaunchers, Giants. Gorgers can be fun, but aren't competitive or reliable. That being said, Skrag with 6-10 individual Gorgers is amazing and loads of fun. Scraplaunchers really only shine against T3 heavy cavalry, but the lower S, T, W, and Ld make them a gamble. Giants just all-around aren't survivable enough. Strong units: Leadbelchers, Ironblasters, Man Eaters, Mournfang Leadbelchers are some of the best ranged units in the game; great at range and can even defend themselves in combat. Personally I recommend at least one unit of 6 minimum in every army; virtually guaranteed to deal with any chaff out there. Ironblasters kill what scares Ogres: enemy war machines. And they do it while being able to move and shoot, are better in combat, and have more wounds and a better save. Always take one. Two if you're being competitive. Mournfang are rank-and-file blenders. Don't throw them into elite troops, and keep their flanks away from war machines, but they will just blender through the basic crap that gets in your way. Man Eaters are an amazing swiss army knife, but don't take them unless you have a specific role you want them to play. Some examples are: 6 man eaters all with Brace of Pistols, poison, and sniper: perfect for killing support characters and chaff. 3-6 man eaters with extra hand weapons, scout, and Immune to Psychology: war machine hunters and supporting troop killers. 6-8 man eaters with extra hand weapons, stubborn or poison, swiftstride, banner of swiftness: One of the nastiest hammers out there, specialize in killing other Ogre units and anything with great weapons. Auto Includes: BSB, Dispel Scroll carrier, Banner of Discipline. Hellheart carrier in competitive games You've GOT to bring that BSB; Ogres are just too weak in the leadership to not bring the reroll. Further, put your general in the unit with the banner of discipline, just to get that little extra boost. Ogre players lose more games to leadership fails than anything else, with the exception of Purple Sun or Pit of Shades. Pursuant to the last comment, you've got to have a dispel scroll, just in case one of those unit-evaporating spells comes up. Heck, I used to bring the Hell Heart to tournaments and flat-out tell my opponents that if they weren't bringing death or shadow, they didn't have to worry about me using it.
  3. The 9th Age Rules and Feedback

    Heck, with their current limit, Yetis can't even disrupt ranks.
  4. The 9th Age Rules and Feedback

    That argument doesn't make any sense in this case, because yetis have the LOWEST max point cost for a non-single-model unit in the book (not counting scraplings). Max Bruisers: 496 Max Veterans: 410 Max Bombardiers: 400 Max Tribesmen: 339 Max Tigers: 320 Max Tusker Cav:260 Max Yetis: 200 At the very least, if a unit of Yetis becomes core, then it's unit max should go up.
  5. The 9th Age Rules and Feedback

    And I'd STILL like to see the Bombardiers have the options to swap their cannons for crossbows.
  6. The 9th Age Rules and Feedback

    The max unit size (which I understand but still don't like) still needs tweaking. Any MI unit needs the option to get at least 3 full ranks (including the first, so 9 models max), and the Mournf... sorry, the Tusker cavalry needs the option to get at least two full ranks (max six). The current Tusker max basically rams down your throat how you must field them (even if they're the most likely options) without giving you any chance to try anything new. The limit on the Yeti's hurts them badly, again forcing them to be played a certain way. It is ESPECIALLY limiting if you're trying to use the new Hunter-Yeti themed army option, since you still can't have a decent number in your army.
  7. Mordheim: Ogre Warband

  8. the problem being that there is no 'official' ogre khans information. Just beta-testing gossip. But an open topic might help to at least organize the gossip in case the ETC folks actually read this forum for input.
  9. As a player who routinely beat the crap out of ironguts with bulls, I love seeing the Tribesmen getting stronger. Really bummed to hear the bombardiers and great shaman getting worse in close combat.
  10. honestly, the instructions won't help much. I personally recommend following the guidance of prayer, mushrooms, or a ouija board when putting one of those buggers together.
  11. Ogre Kingdoms fluff books

    totally off-topic there, but yes. As monstrous infantry, they only require 3 models to make a rank, not five.
  12. 9th AGE!

    I'd missed the casting type.
  13. 9th AGE!

    Okay, though RAW a real case can be made for it being +2 to all units in an aura, or +2 to a single unit. Really needs to be written a little clearer. Yes, I know the Ogres aren't on the short list for updates.
  14. 9th AGE!

    Am I reading the path of butchery right regarding the lore attribute? So if you aura-cast the signature spell (+1 toughness), you're effectively giving +2 toughness to everyone in range? Or are you giving +1 toughness to everyone, but +2 toughness to the caster's unit? Or just +2 toughness to the caster, and +1 toughness to everyone else?
  15. 9th AGE!

    The link works. And I have to say, I am NOT a fan of all the unit name changes. Part of the attraction of a 9th edition is a continuation of the history and fluff of our old armies. New rules? Sure. New units? Cool, name them. But don't go changing the names and fluff of established units and characters. At the moment, you're not tweaking and continueing Warhammer Fantasy; you're just making your own version of Kings of War.

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