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  1. Stonehorn Almost Done!

    Not much time to paint recently, since I have a fight soon and as such I'm training more. I do however have WIP pictures of my almost done Stonehorn and Mournfang. I've made a promise to myself to finish these models before I production line the rest. Cheers - Bonegut
  2. Stonehorn Update

    Hey y'all. I've been working on smaller details so haven't had much to post but here's a pic of the Stonehorn Horns all highlighted up. Sorry it's not great picture quality but my workspace is a dark room with one lamp. Otherwise, the Thundertusk beastriders are almost done and I may try to finish up some Mournfangs this weekend. Cheers - Bonegut
  3. Stonehorn Horns

    Hey all. I'm painting a Stonehorn and I've run into the problem of painting the horns. Does anyone have any advice about painting them, either as stone or ice? I tried painting them as ice as shown in the battletome, but I'm not happy with it. Also, I applied a few thin layers of paint as of now. Should I dump the horns in the paint stripper or could I get away with painting over it? Thus far I've laid down 3 thin coats of Ceramite White, 2 coats of Guilliman Blue, and a Drybrush of Praxeti White, in case it matters. EDIT: BTW, when I say thin coats I mean I had to apply multiple layers to get a smooth finish, because I water down my paints when I apply them. Thanks in advance, I really want this to look good. - Bonegut
  4. Stonehorn WIP

    Hey all. Here's another update. I picked up another Start Collecting box and painting is well underway, as is work on the Stonehorn. Here's a pic of the Stonehorn. The horns aren't done but I decided to post a pic anyways. I'm kinda pressed for time right now but I'll get better quality pics when I can.
  5. Progress Report 11/30

    Hey y'all. No pics for now, I'm actually on break right now. Just an update as to my progress. I've finished the basecoats on the horns and the leather. I've got 1 coat of metallics on 3 of the Mournfangs but dang painting metallics is slow because the paint just doesn't cover well. Once I've finished the metal basecoats and touched up where I need to, I can start washing and highlights! I've also built my Frostlord on Stonehorn (keeping the rider separate) and will probably prime them tonight. I'm torn on how to paint the horns though. I don't know how to get a good result, so I'm considering painting them as ice. I also want to paint the Stonehorn like a fierce animal from real life, like an Ussuri bear, a Wolverine, or a Badger. Wow that was long winded. Thanks for reading! - Bonegut
  6. First Update!

    Welp here's my inaugural update of my Gnoblog. I'm super excited about painting these guys. Still pondering whether to use GW's pale skin or to try the old grey skin from the first OK book. Here's my progress on 4 Mournfangs and a Thundertusk. Cheers, - Bonegut
  7. Brork Bonegut's Beastclaws

    Hey everyone. I've been away from the hobby for a while (MMA training and switching colleges will do that) but I've finally found time to paint. I'm putting together a Beastclaw Raiders army and I'm pleased with how it's progressing. I currently have a Thundertusk ~85% done and 4 Mournfang Cavalry ~50% done, and a Frostlord on Stonehorn I haven't built yet. I also have a Maw Pit I'm building when I find time) I'll post WIP pictures when I can, hopefully this afternoon or tonight. Cheers, - Bonegut
  8. 9th Age Sabertusks

    I like that now the kitties can use Inspiring Presence and Hold Your Ground. Yes their cost was increased, but with that being said, most other units have their starting cost at a discount (i.e. Bruisers (coughIRONGUTScough) as of time of writing start at 100 points for 3, which is a 32 point discount from what it would be if every model costed the 44 points per model that additional models cost) so that seems like it would more than balance out the cost of more expensive chaff, when you factor in that you're getting a similar discount on likely three or four units.
  9. Hello everyone. It's been a while since I last posted, but I've been looking over the 9th age rules and I have to say, I expected the worst and was very pleasantly surprised! Anyhow, I'm going to be playing at Adepticon alongside my brother's Skaven. So I'm going to pitch a list along with my rationales for each unit. NOTE: This is using the 0.11.0 rules for Ogres, since Adepticon's rules cutoff is February 28th. Base Rules: http://www.the-ninth-age.com/pdf/archive/the-ninth-age_rules_0-11-9-3.pdf Ogre Rules: http://www.the-ninth-age.com/pdf/archive/the-ninth-age_Ogre_Khans_0-11-0.pdf Bruiser-105 pts -Armor of Destiny-50 pts -Headhunter-25 pts -Great Weapon-15 pts Total-195 pts Love that Big Names are seperate of magic item allowance! Also the new ones are fun and characterful, particularly the one that allows you to give your units marks of chaos. 8 Ironguts-320 pts -Full Command-30 pts -Lookout Gnoblar-5 pts Aether Icon-40 pts Total-395 pts Ironguts are here because I have a whole bunch of Ironguts that are painted to a satisfactory standard, whereas I don't really like how my Bulls look. Also they seem reasonably powerful still. I'm considering swapping out the Aether Icon for the +1 Ld banner, but I'm not sure which one is better. Sabretusk-35 pts Sabretusk-35 pts Kitties are here for the same reason they were in 8th. If they're no longer good, please give me the heads up. Gorger-90 pts Gorger got Regeneration (5+), and Hatred, making it even better at its job at killing war machines and holding up important units. Stonehorn-250 pts The Stonehorn got a buff in two ways: It doesn't lose the ability to attack the turn it charges AND it gained Stubborn and Swiftstride. With no points change. Total-1000 pts
  10. Ironguts are even better than before. They have abilities that reflect their bodyguard nature.
  11. 8th Ed vs. AoS: What's the Move? (Discussion/Opinion Thread)

    For those interested in AoS, I have been watching several games, and shooting seems quite potent in its ability to force battleshock tests at a distance, which can possibly cause the targeted unit to bleed models, which is devastating to cavalry and monstrous infantry-esque units because it bypasses their multiple wounds. That said, I too look forward to SweComp Hammer. The Old World will always be in my top 5 favorite fantasy settings ever. -Bonegut
  12. 8th Ed vs. AoS: What's the Move? (Discussion/Opinion Thread)

    Ballsy as all hell. I love it. Let me know if there's any way I can help out, because I would love to be a part of such an endeavor. THIS. This is the by far the second biggest gripe I have (second only to GW having thrown the Old World into the trash) with Age of Sigmar. I LOVE the way ranked units look, it's one of the main things that brought me to love fantasy. Now it's as you said: Plug ugly. Cheers, -Bonegut
  13. My first ogre list

    Welcome to our wonderful realm of fatties! Despite the drop of the Age of Sigmar rules, I'm more than happy to give 8th Ed advice, since in my book, nothing will replace pushing big blocks together and smashing face. Some advice: -Banner of Eternal Flame is quite subpar on the BSB. The Rune Maw is a much better choice. -5 Ironguts just isn't enough. I never take less than 8, preferably at least 12 or more. -Bulls rarely prove their worth in my games, so I tend to not run them at all. -Most 8th Ed Ogre players will tell you that 3 lone sabretusks are practically mandatory in any Ogre list. I'm one of them. Take 3 lone sabretusks. -The Scraplauncher is very, very, bad. I take an Ironblaster or perhaps a stonehorn. -Glittering Scales works wonderfully with Fencer's Blades on the SM, and as a result, I'd suggest taking that over the Armor of Destiny. -Fit the Crown of Command somewhere in here. Most Ogre builds have it as a mandatory item. Call it a crutch if you will, but as a Skaven player I'm sure you know how good it is. -If you can, try to use 2 units of 3 leadbelchers instead of 1 unit of 4. The versatility of being able to divide firepower more than makes up for the added cost of running 2 more leddies. Hope this helps, long live the Warhammer we all know(knew?) and love(loved?)! -Bonegut
  14. 8th Ed vs. AoS: What's the Move? (Discussion/Opinion Thread)

    Yeah PM me whenever your forum goes up, because chances are my group would love to get behind that!
  15. Alright. Age of Sigmar is giving me... mixed feelings to say the least. While I am very frustrated by GW throwing the 30+ years of developed storylines to wherever I put my glasses (i.e. a place that will never see the light of day), I find some of the beer and pretzel style rules hilarious, such as the instant-win condition you get if you can convince your opponent you rolled a 13 on 2d6 for the screaming bell. I can definitely see myself playing this game, but not as a substitute for Warhammer as it has always been. My playgroup has been discussing sticking with 8th as our go-to format, unless the players in question decide otherwise. This could actually result in some interesting games, as we could very well decide to use old editions. Perhaps the truly hard-core could break out their old 5th edition (or perhaps older) rules and duke it out like it was way back in the day. I personally appreciate what GW is doing, making the game more accessible to new players who don't have the motivation/money/whatever to drop $450 on an army they don't even know they'll like. That being said, I also have an appreciation to the for the massed units that the now old warhammer editions had. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if the Warhammer Fantasy community keeps playing the old rules. I could compare this situation to video games like Super Smash Bros. Melee, which although it is now 14 years old, still has a loyal cult following. On the other hand, it may not be an applicable comparison, because unlike Warhammer, video games do not require corporeal materials to be used beyond controllers and the game systems, making it easy for new players to obtain the resources necessary to play. As GW phases out the old models, it will likely become difficult to obtain bases (or even models) appropriate to the old system unless you're interested in delving into 3rd party sources, or relying on places like eBay or similar sales and trading outlets. Whew that was longer than I thought it would be. Bottom line, what do you guys think about this new change? How do you plan to react to this, in my opinion, radical and ground-breaking new direction in Warhammer's long history? Cheers, -Bonegut

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