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  1. Ogre Army

  2. My Ogre army Picture heavy

    that only half fit on Ahhh! there, it fit!
  3. My Ogre army Picture heavy

    And pushing the limit of my light box.... the army shot! Cheers! TR
  4. My Ogre army Picture heavy

    I finnally finshed my ogre kingdom army, its over 2000 points, check it out. Ogre lord with tenderizer and Nobbler Hawk. 1st unit of Irongutz Butcher with Bloodcleaver 1st Unit of Bulls 2nd Unit of bull 2nd Butcher With bang Stick -dinner horn 3rd Butcher/Slaughtermaster with siegebreaker Gorger, in a better pose 2nd Unit of Irongutz 3rd Unit of Irongutz 1st Unit of Leadbelchers 2nd Unit of Leadbelchers 3rd unit of bulls or Maneaters, could be used as either really.... Unit of Gnoblar trappers - love these guys

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