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  1. Zsoulless' GnoBlog

    fantasy maneaters.
  2. Zsoulless' GnoBlog

    Looking good!
  3. Zsoulless' GnoBlog

    Your skillz are second to none!!
  4. My Black orcs

    I made these black orcs from boar boy bodies, black orcs legs, and ogre arms!
  5. Zsoulless' GnoBlog

    I like hammer best.
  6. Big boy Ogres

    Thats what we do! Hulk smaaash!)
  7. Big boy Ogres

    This is how I made them. 1 cut arms in 1/2 put paper clip in middle, fill in with green stuff. 2 cut body in 1/2 at waist, put a spacer in. 3 cut off at knees, put spacer in. fill in all the gaps with green stuff and smooth to what you are looking for.
  8. Big boy Ogres

    I ues gw green stuff. Sorry all that I have sofar are primed but I can do one more to show you.
  9. Big boy Ogres

    My horde! still working on.
  10. Post your Ogre horde!

    Hi, sorry photo is not great. Still working on this horde. I cut the ogre at the waist and under the knees to steal some height. Now eye to eye with minatours!!
  11. whats your best tyrant load-out?

    crown of command giantbreaker 2 sword gnoblars 1 luck gnoblar heavy armor charmed shield going to try this build this weekend at a gw turny.
  12. 2500 list

    Tyrant (greyback pelt, glittering scales, fencer's blades) 295 only getting hit on 6's! Bruiser bsb (banner of eternal flame) going in with leadbelchers 149 Slaughtermaster 200 Monstar 16 bulls full command 680 Tyrant and slaughtermater go here 8 bulls command 330 8 bulls command 330 5 leadbelchers musician 285 13 trappers 78 2 gorgers 150 total 2497 any thoughts?

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