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  1. A little lost

    Hey guys. Haven' been on here for a good while. When 8th died I drifted away for a while but back playing and thought I'd stop by. The site looks loads different, is there still a place to sell stuff as I've got a couple of bits to sell Cheers
  2. Army lists in WD?

    Found the Zombie Pirate Army list in WD306 - Awesome army!
  3. ogre bruiser model

    Sad state of affairs but may have to sell my limited edition bruiser model - assembled and undercoated. how much do u reckon they go for nowadays a d is Ebay still the best place to sell?
  4. Army lists in WD?

    was thinking of unofficial armies that are now lost - pygmy army etc
  5. Army lists in WD?

    One of my prize possessions is my copy of WD310 with the Gnoblar horde army list in. This has made me wonder though, are there any other unofficial armies that appeared in a WD like the gnoblar army did?
  6. Shopping help!

    Basically to cut a very long story short - I have ended up with £75 worth of GW vouchers that run out in Decemeber and I need to spend before I lose them. My Ogres stand at 4k so nothing new there, I fancy buying something I can use in my Gnoblar army - As they are usually proxying as a goblin army I was thinking Trolls - the classic blue stone trolls, what do you think? I have 1 box of river trolls already so could buy another box? My only other thought was black orcs as they have always seemed a good unit on the board and even as Gnoblars, I could make them work in my army with some "We [Gnoblars and Black orcs] have all escaped from Chaos Dwarf" fluff. Any thoughts? To be honest, I have no desire to buy GW stuff but don't want these vouchers to expire and with £75 I am loathe to simply buy spray paint (though as my wife has pointed out, this would probabaly be a better choice)
  7. Word Association Game

  8. Monthly Painting Challenge - August 2015

    @Farmer Regarding Rust I use too ways 1) Paint it a vermin brown (lighty reddy brown) and then drybrush with metal 2) Paint your metal and wash with flesh wash and then drybrush over Add a highlight with even and jobs a good un.
  9. A toast to Ogre Stronghold

    Sounds awesome, I am so in!
  10. 24 hour paintathon

    Time up! It is really funny but the first time I did this, I went for numbers and got 104 infantry basically painted models done. Last year, I went for quality and got 10 archers and 20 swordsmen done for my empire army. This year I stupidly tried to do both and reached a point about 4 am this morning where I realised that I would get the models to a point where I was ready to highlight and pick out details but was then too tired to even attempt it - Next year I will either highlight up basically painted models or prep models ready to highlight at a later date. Final result - none of the gnobalrs are finished but all are now ready for the highlighting and detailing that I will do over the next couple of weeks. Not the result I was planning on but I am happy with hat I have achieved. Pictures will follow once I find the lead to my camera.
  11. 24 hour paintathon

    Have added my first update on the Gnoblar tower.
  12. 24 hour paintathon

    Hey guys, About to start my annual 24 hour paintathon! 24 hours, non stop painting! In the next 24 hours, I am attempting to paint 80 gnoblars but to a high spec - detailed, highlighted, based etc. I will report back with my progress every 6 hours or so on the Gnoblar forum if any of you want to see how I get on. Follow the link below. Once more unto the breach! http://z6.invisionfree.com/The_Gnoblar_Tower/index.php?showtopic=324 If you want to see how I did the last time I painted gnoblars in my annual paintathon (104 in 2011) follow this link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/The_Gnoblar_Tower/index.php?showtopic=253 Then tomorrow when I have finished, I may update the Gnoblar site (haven't done so for a year or more) or probably just sleep if the little one will let me. Wish me luck!
  13. A toast to Ogre Stronghold

    Well I am still playing 8th and have Ogres, Gnoblars (Ok, yes the gnoblar army isn't legal but hey! none of the armies are legal now so who cares!) Chaos Dwarfs and Empire - I live in the midlands of UK - if anyone ever wants a game of 8th - lets sort something out!
  14. Monthly Painting Challenge - August 2015

    Every year I do an Iron man painting challenge - 24 hours painting non stop. In 2011- I set myself the challenge of painting 150+ Gnoblars and completed 104 (though 35 of these were the gnoblars riding gnoblar models so can I count that as another 35?) This is the link to the record of that challenge. http://z6.invisionfree.com/The_Gnoblar_Tower/index.php?showtopic=253 The next 2 years didn't happen - illness mainly stopped me painting for a while. Last year I started the challenge again and in 24 hours painted an Empire army ready for a campaign and got done most of what I wanted to achieve. This year, I am once again painting Gnoblars and going for 80 highly detailed miniatures - we're talking highlighted and detailed infantry Gnoblars in 24 hours straight. So that is my pledge - 80 detailed Gnoblars based and on movement trays by the end of August. My painting challenge is going on from Saturday lunchtime till Sunday lunchtime and will be chronicled in the Gnoblar Tower Website if any of you would like to track my progress.
  15. Poll: Going forward, which wargames will you play?

    There are so many systems out there. For me - Warhammer - that's the game I fell in love with but also playing a lot of Batman miniatures and played Guild Ball for the first time the other day and really liked that. I also really liked Deadzone but like Bloodbowl, great game but nobody to play against.

Welcome to The Stronghold!

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