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  1. Limited paint pallette theory

    I'd have to see the colors in person to be sure, but I'd likely start with The Fang as a base, then do layers with Fenrisian Gray and Fenrisian/Ushabti mixes. Maybe a Fang or Russ Grey wash to finish it off.
  2. Expanding ogre shooty/gunline list?

    The second ironblaster is the more competetive choice, but a thundertusk isn't bad either. Especially if you anticipate playing any AoS, thundertusks are pretty strong there. Beyond those I'd look at redirectors, more gnoblar speedbumps and some sabretusks to keep your shooting going as long as possible. At higher levels I like to fit in an ogre dart or two, just three models with AHW. They are cheap enough to throw away, and too dangerous to be ignored. Pistol maneaters are your other shooting option, incredibly expensive but able to snipe out characters so they can make their points back pretty quickly, or they might just die. I've experienced both. My experience with heavens has been meh, I seemed to always have a spell or two that wasn't useful. If I'm going to dedicate my L4 to something besides Maw I'd pick death. No one wants to get near a L4 with a fistful of snipe spells and purple sun. The hexes are all useful too and even the fear spell can be boosted to terror and stack with the leadership hex for a good charge deterrent. The double firebelly build is usually a tyrant and BSB with two firebellies. It's a versatile build, you can run it as a deathstar in the guts or spread them out to mitigate things like purple sun, or even run the firebellies solo if you want to get flank shots with the breath weapons. It gets expensive fast but makes for a good mix of combat and magic abilities. You might be limited in some matchups by not having the +4 to cast/dispel though.
  3. This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the North Star GT in Minnesota. The event had a "old school" theme, five games at 2250 points with no end times although 50% lords and heroes was allowed. There was a general atmosphere of this event being a farewell party for 8th edition and WHFB in general. In keeping with the flavor of the event, I brought out the first ogre list I ever took to a tournament and adjusted it to 2250 points. Slaughtermaster, L4 Maw, Fencers blades, Glittering Scales, Dispel Scroll Bruiser BSB, Heavy armor, Ironfist, Dragonhelm, Dawnstone, Sword of Striking 8 Ironguts, Full command, Standard of Discipline 8 Ogres, Full command, Ironfists 12 Gnoblars, Musician, Standard 4 Mournfang, Musician, Standard, Heavy armor, Ironfists, Gleaming Pennant 6 Leadbelchers, Musician Sabretusk Sabretusk 2 Ironblasters Game one - Lizardmen A fantastically painted army and an engaging opponent, we had a great game with exciting moments on both sides and I gave him my votes for both players choice and best opponent. Party Slann General/BSB, L4 of light Tetto'eko 2x Saurus cowboys 30+ Saurus warriors, full command 3x10 skinks 6 Ripperdactyls Bastiladon Ancient Stegadon Troglodon Our table was themed on the frozen wastes with a few patches of forest that blocked line of sight (special rules for the table) and some big piles of impassable rocks, most importantly one on the center line and slightly towards my right flank that funneled his saurus block away from my army. I deployed my blocks and mournfang towards my left center with the ironblasters on either flank, while my opponent hid his monsters in forests and behind rocks with skinks and rippers on my left and the monsters and saurus center and right. The highlight for me this game was the mournfang holding on a 3 after they were flanked and mauled by the ripperdactyls, allowing me to counter charge and control the left side of the table. I walked the ironblaster out on my right and took some potshots at the slaan, he chased it down with timewarped saurus and the troglodon but then the forest kept him from being able to see my ironguts and charge across towards my center. Likewise, I was unable to see the slaan and threaten him with the second ironblaster or combat. By the end of turn six I was ahead on points, but only had one mournfang left on one wound and just the champion left in the unit of ogres. One more turn likely would have pulled it back to a draw, but I scored a 12-8 win. Game two - Dwarves The scenario used battle for the pass deployment, so I groaned a bit when I saw I had drawn dwarves. I arrived at the table to find my opponent's army was more balanced than some, so there was some hope after all! My opponent was a really likable sort as well and I didn't mind him getting the upper hand. Dwarf Lord on foot Thane BSB 2 Runesmiths, various runes of spell breaking 20 Longbeards 2x10 Quarrellers 20 Hammerers 16 Irondrakes 2 Gyrocopters Organ gun Cannon Flaming cannon This scenario had two objectives set up on the center line and 18" apart, with bonus points awarded for controlling said objectives. There was a convenient building right in the middle of the table, so whoever held the building would get both objectives. With my movement advantage I hoped to claim the building with the Ironguts and just survive the game. I deployed what I could behind the building to hide it from the cannons, and crossed my fingers. Turn one was quite the spectacle, a vanguarding gyrocopter bombed a sabretusk which I had foolishly left too close to the mournfang on my right flank, who promptly failed their re-rollable panic test and trotted off the table. In return, my ironblasters bowled right through the organ gun and master engineer, leaving just the irondrakes covering the left flank. I rushed them with ogres and leadbelchers, killing piles of them but they were stubborn from a banner and passed their break test. Then I got counter charged by hammerers and lost the ogres and BSB to a break test, while the leadies stuck around for one more round before bouncing off the last two iron drakes and being run down. Somewhere in that process my guts in the building got spooked by their kin being destroyed and decided to run off, I rallied them but he had put the longbeards in the building and I wasn't able to fight my way back in. The good news is that my one surviving ironblaster methodically inched around the building, destroying gyrocopters, cannons, and the last two irondrakes with a professional casualness the rest of my flighty ogres could only envy. At the bottom of turn six most of our little stuff was dead but he was up by the points for the ogres and BSB, which combined with the objectives made for a 7-13 loss. Game three - Wood elves This was probably the oddest army I have ever faced, certainly the least conventional tournament game I have ever played. My opponent was also a bit of an odd duck, and while it wasn't an unpleasant game I was scratching my head at many of his choices. The objective was to kill the lowest point unit, so my sabretusks made it a foregone conclusion for him. I wasn't sure I could get his though, because he had... Durthu Spellsinger, L2 beasts Waystalker, Shield of Ptolos 2x14 Glade Guard, arrow upgrades 4x5 Glade Riders, arrow upgrades 5 Glade Riders 2x12 Waywatchers He deployed Durthu and the spell singer, then told me to deploy my army because the rest of his were scouts and ambushers (in retrospect I think the glade guard should have been deployed as well, but it had little effect). So I did, and he put out his scouts, and then I ironblasted Durthu and the spell singer while everything else ran at the glade guard and ate them. The glade riders came on behind me so I turned everything around and ran back and ate them too. The waystalkers finished off the mournfang with their no armor save shots, and the rest of the arrows pinged off a wound here and there, otherwise the ogres ate well and I recorded my first ever 20-0 tournament score. Game four - Warriors of chaos My opponent was one of the guys I drove and roomed with for this event, but I didn't mind because we are from different clubs and hadn't ever played before. His army is one of the most themed warriors armies I have ever witnessed in action, everything is marked slaanesh with a white, black, and pink scheme featuring several wonderful non-GW models and no shortage of tits and tushes. Daemon prince, L4 slaanesh, all the usual kit. Chaos Sorceress, L1 shadow, chalice of chaos Exalted BSB 18 Warriors, full command 18 Chosen, full command 5 Marauder cav, musician, standard, flails 5 Hellstriders Slaanesh chariot Slaanesh giant Blood and Glory for this game, but breaking your opponent gave objective points rather than ending the game. The table had a river running through my left deployment zone, a few forests scattered about mostly on his side, and a building on the right center. I put my ironblasters behind the river and the ogres and ironguts in front of them, the mournfang center and the leadbelchers across from the building. Turn one I put the leadies in the building and pinged the charmed shield off the daemon prince and did a wound, then both ironblasters combined for two more wounds. He flew the DP up right in front of the mournfang and put three hexes on them, hoping to outfight them and get some wounds back via soulfeeder. Instead I rolled well on the impact hits and banished it back the void. I got another good roll and overran into the hellstriders, then into the warriors, and so on. When I got to the warriors the sorceress drank from the chalice, hoping to gain immortality, but instead took a wound and died as she had also been wounded by a miscast in turn one. The ironguts felled the giant, the chariot fled from the ogres and BSB through a forest and died to a dangerous terrain test (opponent rolled a 1 then a 6). The chosen evicted the leadbelchers and then hid from the rampaging mournfang in the building, the marauder cav danced about and were annoying, but eventually fled a mournfang charge and failed to rally, losing their banner and breaking his fortitude. I lost the sabretusks and leadbelchers, and all he had left was the chosen and BSB. We made a list and checked it twice, and discovered the marauders fleeing the scene the last turn was a 400+ point swing, turning a 17-3 into a 20-0 by a grand total of 11 points. I took my opponent down to the bar and helped him drown his sorrows. Game five - Dark Elves We were playing on table 3, and my opponent consistently places well in tournaments, so I was both thrilled and apprehensive about this game. He's a super nice guy and an excellent general. The last time we played he gave me an education on playing tournament level Warhammer. That was game one of my first warhammer tournament in the early days of 8th edition, and now at the last game of my last 8th edition tournament, this pairing couldn't have been more fitting. Dreadlord on Black dragon, Talisman of preservation Sorceress, level 2 metal Death hag BSB on cauldron 30 Witch elves, full command, banner of swiftness 13 Darkshards, full command, shields Scourgerunner chariot 10 Sisters of slaughter, full command, flaming banner 5 Warlocks Kharibdis Being the last game of the last tournament billed as old school, original, unadulterated warhammer, game five was the battleline scenario. No special rules, no objectives, just good old fashioned warhammer. I stole the first turn even after my opponent burned his tourney re-roll, and proceeded to ironblaster the dreadlord, dragon, and chariot. He pushed the cauldron forwards hoping to get into combat before the ironblasters could take off that off too, so I made the charge with the mournfang, put trollguts and bullgorger on them, and ate elves for three rounds until they eventually broke and were run down. My opponent was left with just the darkshards and sorceress in the tower at the bottom of turn three against my whole army sans a mournfang and a sabretusk, and he called the game. That made it my third straight 20-0, having never been closer than a 14-6 before. I left game five with 79/100 battle points, second best of 54 players. The overall winner had 92, and after soft scores were tallied I placed fourth overall and took home the best general award. I couldn't have asked for a better ending for my 8th edition warhammer tournaments.
  4. 9th AGE!

    I hope they address Nurgle, -2 to hit chosen would be extremely unpleasant.
  5. I used the heads from the scraplauncher kit, they turned out pretty well I think. [img width=700 height=525]http://i746.photobucket.com/albums/xx110/greenwarriorofdagobah/Ogre%20Kingdoms/Mournfang.jpg
  6. Braugh Slavelord Model

    It's an extremely rare model, only a hundred or so made if I recall correctly. $200 USD seems to be cheapest you can get it for, if you can find a seller.
  7. Anti Daemon (Meta)

    Dragonhelm/Dragonbane gem to keep skull cannons from sniping your characters. Lots of daemon armies run MSU horrors in core so a hunter to vanguard with a sabretusk is a decent option. Mournfang and stone horns are good choices, impact hits don't care about mark of nurgle! I'd want to have both a scroll and hellheart, daemons typically have several casters including the general. Really I think a normal "netbuild" style list is fairly well equipped to fight daemons, take a SM, BSB, scroll/hellheart caddy, gutstar, 2x ironblasters, sabretusks, your choice of mournfang/maneaters/stonehorn, etc. Should do pretty well.
  8. I like it, but I think lore of light is wasted on ironguts. Of the three combat buffs, two are half negated by the great weapons. I'd rather have a block of ogres with a sixpack of guts as support rather than the other way around. You have high strength attacks in the characters if you need it, or take beasts on the L2 for wildform. Also I'd change some or all of the knights for halberds. As is your L4 only has 10 bodies to protect him, and the nature of ogres and knights is that they will be too far away to help if the bunker gets in trouble. Besides that, timewarped halberds are great in combat, so if the ogres need help you have a backup plan.
  9. Advice from the best

    Redirecting is an art form, it takes some practice to get it right and sometimes it just doesn't work out like you want. In your case you could flee and have them chase you. Chargers move before anyone else, so if you set your sabretusk offcenter to the blocked unit and flee they will pursue the sabretusk center to center and move in front of their own unit, so you actually want to redirect the unit next to the unit that you actually want to block. Obviously this is less effective if there is another unit to redirect into, so you have to plan ahead to set this up. Alternatively you can place the sabretusk a little further away, so if he charges he will be far enough away from his other units and has room to wheel around.
  10. WS we suck at it

    For all their combat prowess, ogres won't win a head to head fight against a unit of quality infantry. You'll need to get in a combo charge, or redirect and ignore the unit, or take a bunch of leadies and blow it up. But running right into it is just asking for trouble.
  11. 2500 Point Swedish List - feat. FOUR MAMMOTHS

    I would think about switching some or all of the ironguts to ogres just so you can get more bodies on the table.
  12. 2600 Skragg list for panel comp.

    I really like swiftstride but I think it's a bit redundant with banner of swiftness. Sure the extra inch of movement is nice but swiftstride usually makes up for it especially if you are scouting to get close in the first place. So you could take scout/swiftstride and trade the banner of swiftness for gleaming pennant which gets you the 9 points you need. I ran poison swiftstride maneaters for awhile and the poison never seemed to kick in when I needed it. Usually I rolled enough wounds to not matter or I never could roll any sixes to hit. I doubt it will make a significant impact on the unit's performance.
  13. Buying my competitive Ogre Kingdom army

    The core of a competitive ogre army is going to be a slaughtermaster, a BSB, 8-12 ironguts, 2-3 sabretusks, and two ironblasters. The rest of your list will depend on personal preference and your playstyle. I recommend starting with two battalion boxes. Plenty of ironguts, a decent unit of leadies, enough ogres to fill out core and convert characters and maneaters.
  14. Trollguts

    Mortise engines improve regen saves by one, and now that everyone can take lore of undeath and summon one, you might see it pop up occasionally.
  15. Trollguts

    Armor saves and magic resistance are the only stackables in the base rules, and you can only claim one source of magic resistance so two sources of MR1 don't equal MR2. Otherwise you just use the best available. Warriors, High elves, vampires, etc, all have ways to improve ward/regen saves, but those are specifically described in their army books.

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