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  1. Sharkbelly Visits the Silver Tower

    Here is my exalted flamer.
  2. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    The rest of the band is now finished.
  3. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    I finished up a couple of older, classic models to add to Bertrand and his band.
  4. I am starting a brand new thread for my Warhammer Quest related stuff. I have both Silver Tower and Hammerhal, and a few extras as well. I hope to get them all painted up over the course of this school year. I decided to start with the Brimstone Horrors.
  5. Spiderfang Venomclan

    Apologies if this has already been posted, but I just saw this on the GW website: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Spiderfang-Grotz-Venom-Clan Not a bad deal!
  6. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    Here are some Spelljammer-esque minis that I have been working on: Githyanki Rogue Cleric Oriental Sorcerer
  7. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    Here is the finished party:
  8. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    Over the summer, Photobucket decided to no longer host images for free. I've now switched to a new hosting site. My current project is a set of Adventuring Kids and a pug dog from Reaper. I ran a D20 Grimm campaign a few years ago, and these guys reminded me of it. Here they are primed: The little pug is already nearly finished:
  9. Farmer's Undead

    That looks amazing!
  10. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    I finally got a chance to set up some terrain on a new battle mat.
  11. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    I've also started work on a party of adventurers for D&D, and there are some great old Empire models in the group: Druid Wizard Monk Bard Ranger
  12. WiP ... what is tabletop standard?

    "So, the fact that I am staying in a single room with no facilities will not stop my enthusiasm for the new Skrimish rules! I have been sat on the floor most of the day using the flat of a chair as a tabletop and painting away on there." Um, you don't mean prison, do you?
  13. maneaters and friends

    That slayer maneater is great!

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