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Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Destruction Grand Alliance and Stronghold network news

Coming in 2018 when the 'Malign Portents' come to pass...
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Slog Paleface and his Ironjawz join the armies of The Stronghold, painted by Anaticula
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Info, pics and vids of the Ironjawz warband for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire


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Updated with a variety of Destruction Grand Alliance episodes!
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Destruction army of greenskins revealed for Age of Sigmar: Firestorm
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Stronghold version 9 is here with a brand new home page!
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Rules for map-based AoS campaigns set in the Realm of Fire
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Filterable list of all the latest Destruction warscrolls, updated with new features!
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Free on Android, iOS and Kindle - download to enter a prize draw!
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Brilliantly painted by Lysandestolpe in the iconic yellow colour scheme
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Recommended base sizes for your minis, now updated for General's Handbook 2017!
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Kessler takes his new battalion to the tabletop in a brawl against Free Peoples
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Monster Week is over, grab the free rules compilation here!
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A brilliantly colourful mixed Destruction army painted by Mitzy
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Download the latest files here
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Brand new Ironjawz minis revealed!
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Stronghold Version 9 is coming!
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Check out this stunning mixed Destruction army painted by G
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The big guy is back at Forge World! He's got a new warscroll too...
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Welcome to The Stronghold!

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