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    Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork

    I R GMAN

    Throughout the realms, from the flaming plains of Aqshy to the pus lakes of Ghyran, all orruks know the name of Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork. A name roared from a million tusk-filled gobs, followed by the decimation of armies, the ransacking of kingdoms and the fall of whole civilisations. With his name on their lips, the spawn of Gorkamorka march on the planes before them, ready to shake the worlds with their might.

    During the Age of Chaos, when the minions of the Dark Gods stretched their tainted claws across the realm of Ghur, the followers of Chaos rose their Dreadholds and claimed dominion over all they saw - though they knew not what fate they had resigned themselves to. Taking affront to such audacity, Gork wielded his colossal fist the size of a whole continent and slammed it into the Wildlands, like a meteoric maelstrom of green rage. When the dust resided the Dreadholds had been reduced to rubble, and at the centre of it all remained a smouldering chunk of Gork's knuckle-bone licked by green flame. As the flames ate at the bone, they revealed none other than a hulking orruk of prodigious size, and so Gordrakk came into being.

    None can say whether such a tale is true or not, though they never question it within earshot of the leering megaboss. It is said in Gordrakk's one good eye the clenched fist of Gork can be glimpsed but a moment before Gordrakk smashes your face into oblivion.

    Megabosses are the epitome of Ironjawz kind - hulking, powerful and utterly ruthless. However, even Gordrakk ascends beyond such characteristics as a warrior of vicious cunning and brutal ferocity. Worse still, he is armed with two mighty choppas called Smasha and Kunnin'. Once they were the Worldchoppa, a great axe said to have survived from the World That Was, bestowed upon the first champion of Gorkamorka, Urrgrak Bonefist. It has been millennia since then, and upon attaining the great weapon Gordrakk split it in twain so it could be twice as killy in his lethal hands.

    It was during the Blood Times that five great warclans lead by five megabosses, Drokka, Grotrak, Morgrum, Roklud and Stabbajak, met one another and fought. For days they waged a brutal war against one another, and it was after such a tiring conflict Gordrakk came across the bosses and claimed rule over their clans before beating each boss to a pulp. Gordrakk then turned the bosses into his own bodyguard, known as the Megafist, and gained the title Boss of Bosses.

    Shortly after, Gordrakk was involved in the war between Stormcast and Chaos followers in the maze of the Gargant's Graveyard, a colossal land of monstrous bones for leagues on end. Perhaps the last time that Stormcast and orruk have fought side by side, the combined forces thwarted the Shimmering Countess' grab for a legendary weapon held within the Howling Labyrinth at the heart of the Gargant's Graveyard - a sword murmured in myth as Marrowcutter. 

    Now, Gordrakk leads atop the ferocious Maw-krusha known as Bigteef what is whispered as to be the beginning of The Great Waaagh. Such an event hasn't occurred since Gorkamorka strode the realms themselves in the Age of Myth. The realms shake as Gordrakk draws all forces towards him that thrive on destruction. From the reediest grot to ogors, troggoths, gargants and untold other monstrosities are drawn to him like moths to a flame. On the horizon builds a thunderous fury so vast the realms quake in fear, for the children of Gorkamorka have their leader.


    Sources: Battletome: Ironjawz, The Realmgate Wars: Fury of Gork
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    Great stuff! I made a few minor edits, several things we can link off to from here :)

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