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Gutbuster themed snacks

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I'm playing in a relaxed 1k tournament to end a learners league next week. Win loss does not decide the winner. You need to bring a snack to share with each of your opponents. At the end of the day, each player ranks their favorite opponents on a combination of sportsmanship and the snacks they brought (each player decides the ratio of the two).

I'm bringing two units of 6 Ogors, 6 leadbealchers, a butcher and a gorger.

I'm having a hard time thinking of snacks to bring that would tie into my army. Any ideas?

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In the old 8th ogre book it talked about how ogres prefer blunt weapons like clubs over swears, and even the swords were kept very dull. This was because they didn't want all the lovely juices to fall out of whatever they kill, thus making it more filling and tasty. We have these in Canada, it's what I would bring.


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