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  1. I do mine up as scrap-punk anarchists. I actually use Space Orks for my infantry (without guns and chain weapons, of course). I think they fit the AoS aesthetic better, and just look better in general.
  2. They're almost a good faction already, with Destruction's best monster and cheap monster-riding hero. There's some decent synergy going on with the Waaagh CA and the banner, plus the casting and bravery buff of the Rogue Idol. Orruks in 30 or 40 large units rip. Their downfall is points and comparison. 140 for a below average shaman? Orruks at 100 compared to Savage Orruks at 100 is laughable when you consider that extra wound. I have a lot of fun with pure Greenskinz lists. But I've put mine away until the GHB2, to see if they get any sort of rebalancing because they certainly need it. As for their place in AoS, it's looking more and more like they won't have one without significant redesign, which probably won't happen anytime soon. You've already got both extremes of Orruky-ness with IJ and BS. I hope they get a book and just leave it at that... leave me to my conversions.
  3. I am extremely wary of "voting on rules." Most people aren't game designers - just check out their recent call for GHB2 input. It was a lot of "make my thing cheaper" crowding up the more constructive observations. However, fan backlash did quickly overturn that silly rule for determining dice-value damage. So who knows.
  4. Warscroll

    Check the AoS App. There's no Elemental of Fire, but there is the Elemental of Wrath. Tapping that brings you to the Elemental of Fire warscroll.
  5. Warscroll

    In matched play, he's a very expensive mystic shield. He's twice the price and more than a Moonclan Shaman, and had a worse unique spell. He's not even that much more beefy for the points difference.
  6. What a fun army. Well done! MCGs aren't the greatest but you managed some pretty great wins. I like your list, too, it covers a ton of variables. It just suffers from being super squishy - even the hard-hitting Manglers. And a great report!
  7. Warscroll

    Don't underestimate his survivability or his damage output. Both aren't super impressive on the warscroll, but a 3+rerollable is friggin' hard to kill, and +1 attack to three weapon profiles and a swig of battlebrew makes him incredibly damaging. Yeah, he takes some investment with a mystic shield and an artifact, but he's only 240 points so it's well worth it. His two weaknesses are mortal wounds - he has no defence there - and rend, with all his attacks being -1, uncommonly low for things his size.
  8. Tau Hammerhead?
  9. Warscroll

    Hey, I never considered that you can target models with the sack attack. That is significant!
  10. I made my own, by greatly modifying a 40k Deff Dread. I love taking this into battle. Nobody knows how to deal with it. I've had it clear entire units in a round of combat (though usually two) without issue - 10 Saurus Knights? No problem. A unit of Knights of the Realm? Out of the way. Twenty Ard Boyz in my face? Take a hike. Now, that's not to say I'm not unlucky with this thing: it has been many, many, many games since I've landed both of its Crushin' Fists - at 2+/2+, this is extremely frustrating. So, here it is with the Rogue Idol: You have this imposing monster on the table. He's going to get a lot of attention. He's got his two attacks: Crushing Fists and Boulder Stomp. The first, two attacks at 2+/2+/-3 and D6 damage, this is pretty good for taking down any hero on foot alone, getting rid of small but elite units... few things get an armour save from this attack. Then his Boulder Stomp ruins basic infantry. 3+/3+/-2 for 2 damage each will either tear through weak, high model count units immediately, or cause them to battleshock back home. Plus you have that mortal wound potential every movement phase. Due to which you want to keep him away from your Orruks, but not too far away, because they're going to want that sweet, sweet bravery bonus - if you're running other Greenskinz. Top all of that with its defencive capabilities: 16 wounds, halving those received. It stays on the table, its only hindrances being its still-decent 4+ save and random 2D6 movement. So here's how you can use him: Depending on how your opponent deploys, you might want first turn. Rampaging Destroyers + 2D6 move + running + Spirit of the Waaagh (you have to charge) means that you can easily get off a first-round charge. Aim this MF Wrecking Ball at something nasty it can handle (not a Mournghul or anything else that ignores rend - that's just a waste so early) and enjoy an early head start in the match. After that, you kind of lose control of him. Once you wipe out a unit, be sure that you aren't forced into charging something you don't want to. Now, you can either use him to destroy your opponent's objective capturing units, or have him peel of your opponent's nasty stuff from your important stuff. Either way, while he's causing mayhem, send your Orruks after the objectives. Play him aggressively, because he's going to take a lot of aggression. Because he's such an eyesore, he probably won't survive a match, going down in the fourth or fifth round, but at that point he's done his damage. Either way, everyone who plays Greenskinz or mixed destruction should at least try this thing out. It's so much fun to cause that much MAYHEM.
  11. Hmmm... looking at what they need as a faction, what they're about as a faction and what they aren't about as a faction... I'd say some sort of moving siege catapult? Something spikey pushed by brutes that also hurls boulders between 6" and 36" or something. I guess sort for like the Arachnarok or LoA Iron Daemon - monster warmachine that has a range attack. And while those huge crossbows are super cool, and it's kind of what the faction needs... is it something the Iron Jawz Orruks would carry into battle? Strap an axe to it for God's sake.
  12. Warscroll

    That thing is only 300 points? That's a really great monster for that pointage, I think. To bad it is OOP, but honestly it looks like you can have fun kitbashing one. Make it more Orruky, too. That Howl ability would ruin Ogor and Stormfiend armies.
  13. Warscroll

    D3 attacks that have less than a 25% chance of hitting. At 60 points it might almost be worth it, if you're sitting at 1940 points and don't have any more hero slots for a shaman or forgot that Fanatics exist. But the real-life fact that it's a Forgeworld (read: expensive) model kind of stops this thing from ever seeing play.
  14. Warscroll

    I love these boyz, but they aren't without their weaknesses, nor are they reliable on their own. Here's a review: The standard Orruk. Meant to be the tough ones, they've since falled behind in that role when the Bonesplitters received an extra wound per model and remained about the same point cost. Units of 10 work best with choppa and shield, maybe bows and arrows - these guys will be your tax/unit the opponent ignores so they can sneak around to objectives. Units of 20 don't work - it's too expensive for battleline tax if you're not going to be able to properly utilize their size bonus. Thirty or 40, any choice is good, but I'd suggest double choppas or spears, because these guys will be doing damage. Buff them with the banner and warboss command ability, you can't go wrong. But if you want to really get into it: if you plan on using this unit alongside your general at all times, spears will reap greater benefits - more on that later. However, these guys will not be as effective once you get to fewer than 20. They'll last longer with the shields, but once you lose that second row that's all she wrote for them. So never take spears in groups of 10. All in all, I'd say if your taking a unit of 30, do double choppa. If it's 40, do spears. If you plan on sending the big unit of orruks on its own without Warboss support, don't do spears. How to support these guys? The best option is a Warboss on boar/foot with The Great Waaagh! Banner. He's giving them re-rollable 1s (for wounds), and if your gutsy, an extra attack on your combat turns. Combine that with Orruks with spears, and that extra rank of orruks will not only do one extra attack but three (at large unit size)! More attacks beat out the rend+rerollable 1s to hit of double Choppas any day. As well, The Rogue Idol of Gork provides a nice +1 to bravery, permitting it survives. Do these guys outclass any other batteline unit in Destruction? Probably not. They're more of an all-in-and-done kind of unit, where you cram 30 Boyz into the enemy to tear through them for a turn or two before they start dying and fleeing while the rest of your army mucks about. And they're not much to look at without a buff or two. But when properly supported and used, a big mob of Orruks has a high-potential early game, with a quick drop off.
  15. Cool man, for starters good luck. Second point, is that if you are playing by GHB rules, you'll need a second battleline unit. Boarboyz don't cut it as you're not a pure Greenskinz allegiance. What grot shamans? Are they moonclan or gitmob? The moonclan have a really great spell, and are cheaper for some reason. If they're moonclan, bring them both. The Wyvern is great to take as well, but at 1000pts a tyrant might be a little more appropriate. I don't recommend the warboss on the boar, as you don't have enough orruks to make that beneficial - he won't hold up in combat, and if he's not buffing, there are better things to spend points on. The spearchukkas are freaking great though. So, you might want to drop the boar boys and the warboss on boar. Maybe take 40 moonclan grots, and a fanatic or two if you can, and/or those Shaman. That's cover battle line and magic damage. The ogors will be your slightly-less effective beefcake unit, while your Wyvern (whom you will give battlebrew) will fly around laying waste to anything it wants to. That is just one option, though (and not even my favourite - which would be 40 orruk boys supported by a General Warboss with a banner). You've got a lot to work with!