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  1. Yes, I'll put a reminder for myself next time :). I am really in-between, what to take: 1000p means very few bodies and Leaders for Ogors. Lack of rend with generally bad to-hit ratio is reallt bad. I think I will try either fit in 6 ironguts for rend/damage, or replace heavy-hitters/arrowboys with 6-9 Leadbelchers for rend. But I really liked how Arrowboys were stuck in the middle of the board, but I could still pick out few knights here or there with 18" range.
  2. Securing the Bridge was vital for orcish army: it was the only decent passage from Hinterlands to the Bretonnian Vale. We made some changes to our campaign. There will be first small tournament in our area at the end of May with 1000p armies. So we wanted to try out some 1000p armies for the tournament and play with matched play rules and battleplans. Therefore we used no special abilites received in the campaign. Battleplan: we started from the first: Take and Hold: if you have 5 models close to enemy and your own objective, you get major victory. Armies: Points: 1000 Bretonnian army: 5 Grail Knights 8 Knights od the Realm 5 Freeguild Outriders 10 Freeguild Handgunners 1 Empire General (general) 1 Paladin 1 Paladin Standard Bearer 1 Battlemage Orc army: 1 Golgfag (masterwork pistol) 3 Maneaters (reroll 1s to hit and reroll 1 to wound from Golgfag) 3 Ogors with ironfist 3 Ogors with ironfist 20 Savage Arrowboys (general, Bellowing Tyrant) 1 Butcher (Talisman of Protection) Orcs put down some points less, rolled on Triumph Table and got to reroll wounds. And I forgot it. Pre-battle strategy: as I had less units, I wanted to go second, then move closer, shoot with arrowboys and then hope for double turn and charge into knights to keep them from charging. It seems the only reasonable strategy agains Bretonnians. 1st ROUND Turn 1: Orcs gave initiative to Bretonnia. Bretonnian Outriders are fast as birds - they moved 12, ran 6, shot my arrowboys and failed the charge by 2. Killed 2 arrowboys and 3 more fled. Other units moved forward just a bit. Freeguild Handgunner's chief missed with his 30" gun. Turn 2: Arrowboys tried to move to cover, but Outriders blocked them, so all 15 could not fit into cover. All ogres moved forward with Rampaging Destroyers, then ran closer to enemy, putting all hopes on double turn. Arrowboys shot and killed one Grail Knight and one Knight of the Realm. Then charged into Outriders. 2nd ROUND Turn 1: Double turn for orcs! Arrowboys shot, killed one Knights of the Realm, and with awful luck of dice 5 handgunners, then battled with Outriders. Butcher gave +1 to Ogors with cauldron and Mystic Shield. All Ogors moved closer with Rampaging Destroyers and Move, missed all their Shooting, then succeeded all charges. 1 unit charged to Knights of the Realm, second boosted Ogors to Grail Knights and finally Maneaters to Paladin Standard Bearer. Then it turned all sour. Ogors missed most hits as always (despite having +1 to hit), those that hit were Saved. So they killed altogether 1 Knight of the Realm, 1 Grail Knight, and Paladin Standard Bearer. And lost 1 Ogor and one Maneater, second Maneater and Ogor were left to 1 wound. And during battleshock it turned better again - Knights of the Realm lost 4 models to Battleshock, leaving only one (unfortunately the player forgot to reroll battleshock...), also the remaining Handgunners fled. Turn 2: Bretonnians had no other choice than to carry on fighting. General charged into Golgfag but made only two wounds and got killed. Paladin killed Maneaters, Knights killed two Ogors. If I remember correctly Ogors could not kill even one lonely Knight of the Realm. Things were brightening up for Bretonnians. 3rd ROUND Turn 1: Orcs won initiative again. Golgfag charged to Battle Mage, failed to kill him, Ogors missed most, but with arrowboys killed 2 Grail Knights. The lonely Knight of the Realm still survived, against 2 Ogors. Turn 2: Battle Mage tried to heal Paladin, but failed. Grail Knights charged to Golgfag, leaving him on 1 wound. Paladin charged to Golgfag. Golgfag made 6 attacks, dividing attacks between 1 wound Paladin and two Grail Kinghts. And rolled five 1s! But one hit got through and killed the Paladin. 4th ROUND Turn 1: Orcs won initiative. Killed Outriders, Golgfag shot 2 Grail Knights. Here we called the game. Only later we realised, that it wasn't clear if orcs won minor or major victory, I didn't have 5 models around enemy objective. So I should have retreated from the only 1 wound Battle Mage, ran towards the objective with arrowboys and then killed the Mage. SUMMARY: The problem from my side was lack of rend - Free Peoples Saves were all 4s or 3s. Ironfists were okay, I think I did altogether 2 mortal wounds. Maneaters were a disappointment - even hit/wound on 3s and rerolling 1s on both, they missed quite a lot and their Save 5 makes them a bit glass cannon. Arrowboys have more potential, but only with lot of boosting. The arrowboys should have been more in the back to avoid Outriders. BATTLE BONUS: -
  3. The Arrowboys are slowly getting their paints on. I kept the reddish-brown skin tone, green-gold aztec style and still couldn't manage with obsidian weapons. But I used GW green glaze for the frst time and liked it a lot - the "emerald" earrings are made with white base and green glaze. For savage orruk heroes I try to make some glazes myself and paint only with these.
  4. Mine goes to Zolas for bringing up and redeeming Huskard on Stonehorn. I had kind of overlooked it.
  5. I have been torn while comparing many ogors vs few ironguts, but played too few games to get a clear picture. 3 of them is not good, but unit of 6 has destroyed whole unit with one blow... but yes, it's 440 points... Thank you for explanation!
  6. Interesting reading, thanks for the write-up! I haven't played much games, can you please clarify, why don't you use Ironguts? Too expensive? Or frostlord fills their role better? I don't see much ironguts in competitive lists, and I'm wondering why. After Generals Handbook and Bellowing Tyrant ability they seem terrifying (their 4+ to hit made them too unreliable previously as elite unit).
  7. Great! Looking forward to it!
  8. Warscroll

    I'd like to add that Wurrgog can cast and unbind TWO different spells per turn, which at least I missed on first and second reading. And that makes all the difference. He can cast mystic shield and special spell/arcane bolt. And if Bonesplitterz allegiance, orruk wizards can choose between lots of additional spells, which makes his ability even more powerful. Two wizards for price of one! Just keep him well protected!
  9. Warscroll

    Savage Orruks are quite solid battleline choice. Their weakness is their Save 6+ (which means no save against attacks with rend), but that is common to all Bonesplitterz. Their save can be improved: they get additional Save in pure Bonesplitterz army; if they have shields, they have Save 5+ in combat phase only. They also have 2 wounds, which in some ways in better than higher save. So the smallest unit has 20 wounds (and in Matched Play you get it for 100 points only). Unit of 20 has 40 wounds, which is pretty substantial and can swamp enemy hitters for a long time. They hit and wound on 4+/3+ with Chompas, but if they use Pigstikkas, the characteristics are worse: 4+/4+, but better reach. I have used them in unit of 20 with chompas and really prefer the better to-wound-ratio, but I guess unit of 30 needs Pigstikkas instead. Also, they can be buffed really well: Savage Big Boss can give them additional attacks, just like Weirdnob Shaman, and normal Orruk Warboss can give them additional attacks. Of course, it might be better idea to keep these buffs for other, more damaging units. I use them as cheap chaff, if you can get them into cover, they really do that job well (2 wounds per model and 4+ Save...). They are also good for mixed Destruction battleline: a bit better than greenskin orruks, cheaper than Ogors (and have more wounds).
  10. Thanks for the tip, I'll try it! If you have made it and have some pictures, please share.
  11. Thanks! Yes, I like how conversions turned out. Combined with normal savages there is much more variation in the unit.
  12. Warscroll

    A smaller counterpart of Grot Rock Lobber, but with longer range. It throws small grots with artificial wings at enemies. Range 50" means that the warmachine can shoot the farthest in the Destruction Alliance. However, the range starts to decrease by 10 with every crewmember dead. Its hit and wound rate of 3+/3+, 1 attack, damage d3 and comparatively low rend (-1) make it unreliable. If there is another Doom Diver nearby, the damage is d6. The good thing is, if the crewmembers die, the only thing that is affected is it's range (but still keeps it quite good) and movement, hit and wound rates remain the same. It also has a nice abiity: if you miss, you have 50% chance to steer the grot and it hits a neaby unit in 10". Sure, you mostly take them to "snipe" certain units, but it is still a consolation. Price in points is quite steep: 120 points per unit, so if you want to get 1d6 damage, you have to spend 240 points on two attacks per round. But granted, the range is 50", covering most of the battlefield and is goot at shooting at enemy warmachines' crew, who generally have a bad save anyway. The long range also means, that you can put it very far behind the lines, shoot everywhere you want and be relatively safe.
  13. Being ill during weekend turned out to be very productive hobby wise. All ten savage boarboys are ready. I don't like the ordinary green skin of orruks and wanted to make it reddish-brown. The boars are also brown and I still wanted orruks to stand out, so normal brown wasn't good. After many test models and trying even green colour scheme, I finally got acceptable tint and could carry on. I wanted to add them some aztec-style look (jade green and gold), but just could not get the right tone of green. So there it is. I also tried to make them obsidian weapons, but these didn't look as obsidian either, just weird black blades. Altogether the aztec stuff failed. Therefore I made rusty metal weapons for savages. Skin tone has Skrag Brown base, Carroburg Crimson shade. Then highlights with lighter brown, washed again with Carroburg Crimson. And final highlights with Cadian Fleshtone. 5 bodies and legs are from normal Orruk Boarboys, kitswapped with Savage Orruks and Savage Boarboys.
  14. Warscroll

    At first glance it seems a weaker version of Huskard on Thudertusk. Beastriders miss healing abilities, it's not a hero (therefore cannot take artefacts), and melee stats are weaker (6 attacks at 4+/4+, no rend). Pointswise only 20 points cheaper than Huskard. Beastriders get one extra missile attack: in addition to Frost-wreathed Ice you can choose two from Blood Vulture, Chaintrap and Harpoon Launcher (Huskard can choose only one). I would go for Vlood Vulture (for mortal wounds) and Harpoon Launcher - Chaintrap's range is 12", but Thundertusk is better to keep behind the lines for ranged support. Launcher's range is 20" instead. Both of them have one shot and hit/wound 4+/3+ with no rend, so more often than not you miss the target anyway. Numbing Chill ability subtracts 1 from enemy melee attacks, which is good against weapons with extra effects that go off on a roll of 6. The great thing is Thundertusk Beastriders are Battleline if you have Beastclaw raiders allegiance. The following depends now on rules interpretation: Huskard has ability buff if they are close to THUNDERTUSK units, also Icefall Yhetees get buff if close to THUNDERTUSKS. But Beatriders have a keyword THUNDERTUSK BEASTRIDERS. I would say Thundertusk Beastriders provide the buff, but can anyone say if it is somewhere clarified? Summary: decent unit, but overshadowed by Huskard. If you don't need it as a battleline, Huskard seems to be a better choice.
  15. Warscroll

    Not bad as an offensive character: 6 wounds, 5 move, 6 save. 5 attacks at 3+/3+/-1 and damage 2. With battlebrew has serious potential to make 8-10 wounds. However, with save 6 he dies fast, and this makes him a risky general choice. Pointswise: 100 points is cheap for such melee character. But in pure Bonesplitterz army he is better: special Save at 6 makes him tougher, plus he has great special ability, that lets another Bonesplitterz unit to pile in and attack immediately after his own attack. Considering the generally bad save of Bonesplitterz it really helps to be able to kill some opponent models before taking a hit. His special command ability is great: a Bonesplitterz unit can make another attack roll if it rolls 6 to hit (or 5 and 6, if you give +1 with Bellowing Tyrant). Considering that Savage Orruks have lots of bodies, your chances to get additional rolls are good. With Maniak Weirdnob spell Bone Spirit (lets the unit to reroll 1 to hit) you can potentially raise unit's attack number by 50%. Overall good character, but surely it shines in pure Bonesplitterz army more.