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  1. Warscroll

    If you use points, they seem to be very overcosted. In no points games they are better. 6 wound models, save 4+ is good. Hit and wound are standard for ogres, as well as 2 dmg. Weapon options are normal clubs plus ironfist (inflicts 1 mortal wound if save roll is 6), but no rend, number of attacks is 3. Other option is great weapon, that has rend -1 and dmg 3, but only 2 attacks. Plus mournfang's 4 attacks with -1 rend and 1 damage. I use them with great weapons always (look better, and gives rend and big damage), but 4+ hit makes them very unreliable. Ironfist requires save roll of 6 and therefore is useless against rend attacks. So better to use them in bigger units, starting from 4. If you can give them +1 with bellowing tyrant trait, they are much more useful. Also, keep them charging: immediately after charge move there is 50% chance per model to inflict a mortal wound. They are more useful with Huskard on Stonehorn, who has an ability to force mournfangs to attack immediately after his own attack. 6 wounds and save 4 makes them quite durable and Huskard on Thundertusk can heal them. All in all: without buffs very dependant on good dice rolls.
  2. Warscroll

    Very nice unit. 3 wounds, decent hit roll at 4+ and good wound roll at 3+. Worse with stikkas, but with range, which might be useful in big units. Good mobility: 9" move and hit and run ability, my favourite. I most use of them in units of 5 and use their hit and run ability, that lets them retreat and charge. Very cool ability, you can even use it while fighting with one enemy: retreat to 3", then charge with +2 from thumper with no chance of failure and use boars' ability to reroll failed wound rolls when charging. If they happen to block your heavy hitters, you can retreat, then charge with heavy hitters and again with boarboys from the flank. Arm them with shields to get save to 5+ and they serve as decent screens as well.
  3. Warscroll

    If you use points - good cheap wizard. Move 9", so can get from harms way fast. Good for hit and run tactics with Arcane Bolt: cast a spell and flee during movement phase. Especially useful with Bonesplitterz army due to easy to cast useful spell that lets to reroll hit rolls of 1 (or all failed attack rolls in case of double casting roll) of any Bonsplitterz unit within 10". Once per battle can reroll a spellcasting roll - useful, if you fail a roll on the crucial moment.
  4. Warscroll

    Probably the best shooting unit for Destruction. 2 wounds, save 6+, hit 5+, wound 4+, dmg 1. Rend -1 against monsters only. But the best is 2 attacks or 3 attacks if 20 or more in one unit. There has been so much talk about Savage arrowspam with Kunnin Rukk formation that I just skip it (basically it gives you the possibility to make shooting attack twice) and try to find some other tactics. Lots of buffing possibilities. -if you have at least 20 models, you shoot 60 shots in one round. -give them +1 to hit with Bellowing Tyrant and you have hit 4+ and wound 4+ -Savage Big Boss gives an extra attack on a hit roll of 6 (with Bellowing Tyrant on 5 and 6). -Maniak Weirdnob can use his Bone Spirit spell to make the reroll 1 to hit So basically you have 60 attacks, hit and wound on 4s and get an extra attack roll on 3 rolls out of 6... (and if you make 60 attacks then on average you get +30 rolls more...). All that with 20 models. And if it is too much, you can always split your attacks between different units. Their weak side is obviously bad save (can be mitigated a bit with Bonesplitterz only army ability) and Bravery (Bravery 5). That makes them vulnerble to missile fire, so if you have 20 models and one dies, you immediately lose 20 attacks. So maybe you'd like to start with 30 models. Also, place them in cover to make save better. and probably they will be number 1 target for the enemy from round 1. However, they are 2 wound models and therefore have 20 wounds to eat through (for minimum size unit), and it takes time. So you can also use them as a chaff with Mystic Shield, place them in the middle of the board, swamp an enemy unit, and then shoot all around the board while still swamping an enemy. But don't forget Inspiring Courage, otherwise they will be gone in no time.
  5. Warscroll

    Almost only unit from Ogors that don't suffer from 4+ hit (hit 3+, wound 3+, rend -1, dmg 2). Very good all-rounders. You can make them to re-roll hit rolls for melee or missile. If fielded with Golgfag, you can also reroll wound rolls. They make 1 missile attack and 4 melee attacks, so usually choosing to reroll melee attacks is more useful. You can make them faster: run and charge ability (but while running you still lose shooting). Or make them immune to battleshock. Due to 3+ hit (and rerolling and missile attack and more more attacks) they are almost better than Ironguts (if you use points, then their price tag is the same). But damage is 2 instead of 3 and Save is 5+, which makes them easy to kill. I'd say that if you have to take small units (size 3), take Maneaters, if bigger units (size 6), then go for Ironguts.
  6. Warscroll

    Good harassing unit. Give them bows to harass weaker units, Move 12" make them very mobile, Shields give them good Save 4+ and with 2 wounds they are quite durable. But their best ability is their 6" pile in range. Basically you can attack a unit, retreat next round, move within 6" of another unit, pile in and attack again. This is also good against certain shooting units that can shoot if somebody ends Charge move within 3" on them (Freeguild Handgunners, for example).
  7. Warscroll

    Not as good as the Tyrant, but very useful if you field large unit of Maneaters: raises their Bravery (even after Golgfag dies) and makes them to reroll wound rolls (even for missile attacks). The latter makes Maneaters' damage output more constant and brings close to Ironguts. His rollable speacial weapons are all very good: weapon with -3 rend against high save, 18" range pistol for sniping or Save 3+ for extra durability. Not good for general, but great as additional hero (if you have Maneaters).
  8. Warscroll

    To add to the above: their 4+ hit makes them unreliable in a unit of 3. So I try to use them in unit of 6 and always with buffing from Bellowing Tyrant. If you don't mind losing artifact/special command ability on general, you can commission one Irongut your general to get +1 to hit always. In unit of 3 I prefer the Maneaters: more attacks, better chance to hit, missile weapon, but less damage per hit.
  9. Warscroll

    Your best ranged guy and support character. Chance to make 6 mortal wounds on 2+ at 18" range is incredibly good for sniping the buffing heroes. I aways take Blood Vulture: 30" range is good finishing off characters or getting a unit down by one model to deny buffing from certain amount of numbers (ie. orruks get +1 attack if 20 models). Healing is very good in combo with Stonehorn, who halves wounds. Can keep the latter alive longer. Vulnerable to shooting and Arcane Bolts, so Talisman of Protection would be good idea.
  10. Warscroll

    Very powerful in melee, even unit of ironguts struggels to get him down. Lots of attacks, lots of damage, very durable: save 3+ and halves all wounds (including mortal wounds), very fast (Move 12" and can run and charge). With Battle Brew and Mystic Shield this model is utterly devastating. usually he is in the middle of enemies, so The Bleeding Skull of Dragaar (can unbind spells) is useful here. With Blade of All frost its Frostspear's damage is 4... Always try to charge (inflicts 1d6 mortal wounds). If he is your general, his command ability lets you reroll charge rolls. Works well with Huskard on Thundertusk combo, who can heal him. Due to halving wounds d3 heal can be 6 extra wounds to swallow. If in a bad position, you can retreat. He has to charge if possible, so it is better to run while retreating: Move 12"+ run puts him out of charge range. Then heal him and go charge again next turn to inflict another 1d6 mortal wounds.
  11. Warscroll

    I always take it with a cauldron. His save is 5+ and usually he suffers from some wounds from his special powers, so he is easy to kill. You should keep him away from enemies. Special spell the Maw can be good, but depends on lucky rolls: much harder to cast than Arcane Bolt (casting roll 7 instead of 5), but 50% chance to strike again. And then again, but I have never got more that two shots. Keep him within 14" of unit you want to buff or heal: there is decent possibility to get one of those. His ability to cause mortal wounds is only 7", I have never been close enough to enemy units to use it. Due to unlucky rolls he can cause 4 mortal wounds in one round to himself, but there is a better chance to heal. And here's a tip: give him Talisman of Protection (chance to negate mortal wounds) to protect him from himself.
  12. I bought some savage orruks and savage boarboys. However, I like the forward charging posture of ordinary orruk boarboys much more, so I got some orruk boarboy bits and tried to convert/kitbash. Now I got 5 converted savage boarboys and 5 normal savages. I replaced the body and legs. I didn't mind the metal parts, I want to make most savage orruks' weapons rusted metal instead of stone anyway. However, thay look a bit too much like normal orruks, regardless of heads and weapons/shields, so I probably paint the metal armor to worn leather and try to greenstuff chain mail parts to fur. Hopefully then they look more like savages.
  13. The orruks still haven't arrived, so I got a magazine from our shop with one Stromcast Eternal mini in it. It seemed interestingly different from painting ogres, so I tried it. I wanted it to appear worn out, a bit rusty and battered, lonely Stormcast left behind deep in enemy territory. And I just couldn't manage to make it nice and well painted. The colours are off and it looks like dirt, but not in a way I wanted. So SteelStrongs post hit the mark pretty well: I have no idea how to make it look better. Other colour that blue? Red? If anyone can comment how to make better, I'm all ears.
  14. Yes, confirmed in FAQ. He can use command abilities, traits, but cannot use artifacts. And here's a link to discussion and FAQ concerning alliegiance-battleline issue:
  15. I am quite sure it was FAQd and allowed. But sure, it's up to TOs. I also recommend 6 ironguts, and definitely in one unit. You can add them +1 to hit from either Butcher (if you are lucky) or from Bellowing Tyrant trait (your general has to be very close to them and dangerously close to the enemy). And if you strike first, most enemy units will be wiped out before they can retaliate. Once I made one of the Ironguts my general, just to be sure they get +1 to hit. Worked well. And I recommend leadbelchers, with Destruction 1d6 Move ability they can be really devastating.