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  1. Got the Cairn Wraith all squared away: Some more shots: I stayed away from black and went for dark blue robes instead of 100% ethereal colours to break up the miniature (the plan is to also do this on the Hexwraiths that I'm currently working on). Cairn Wraiths have a 'Grim Reaper' appearance to them too, so I wanted to emphasize that in the colour scheme. The robes lack a final glaze at the moment but he might get a mix of Guilliman & Waywatcher to bring out his ghostliness. I'm also going to improve that fire as I hone my skills to make it a bit more convincing Overall, this was a thoroughly enjoyable miniature to paint - I'll be picking up a few more in the future! Cheers for taking a look, more in the works.
  2. Some layering later and the first Spirit Host is done: Not as tidy as I'd hoped for but I'm pretty happy with it. The layering of blues got a bit tiresome towards the end but I think the effect is worth it - the miniature holds quite a unique appearance and catches the eye amongst other units in the army whilst still fitting in. Inspiration was from Rafal Maj's (AKA Bloody Beast) Halloween Spirit Hosts I saw a few years back right HERE. Now it's time for something simpler - I'm looking at you, Mr. Cairn Wraith! All primed & ready but I'm toying with the idea of sculpting some small flames in his eyes or perhaps on his scythe to make him look similar to the Hexwraiths... Thoughts? Cheers for taking a look, let me know what you guys think
  3. @ConOgre No reapplication of Waaagh! Flesh. I tidy up the Straken Green with slightly thinned Loren Forest though, which seems to create a better transition between Loren and Straken - particularly useful on anything bigger than goblins.
  4. @Gareth I used to play World of Warcraft a long time ago and the goblins (and gnomes) were known for they engineering gadgets and gizmos - I've though about making some kinda tech-savvy branch for my army in the future using parts from 40k. Just ideas for now though Feel free to add Jif to the gallery. @I R GMAN Thank you, kind sir! Glad you like it @ConOgre Not at all! It's a basecoat of Waaagh! Flesh washed with Seraphim Sepia, then layered with Loren Forest and highlighted in Straken Green. Thanks for the comments chaps.
  5. A little side project I did a few weeks back for the latest competition over on Da Warpath: And a before shot: The category is 'Brave or Just Plain Stupid', so I fashioned a daredevil doom diver gobbo. I happened to get a goblin head with shades in a random bunch of spares I bought ages ago and thought that it would make a good addition to my O&G at some point, and so here it is To add a bit of character, I wrote some fluff for him: Two-Flight Jif: Two-Flight Jif got his nickname after being found alive embedded in an unfortunate ogre's belly, barely conscious & with only a few missing teeth after his first bout as a Doom Diver, something seen even less so than a troll with intelligence. Since recovering, he's developed quite a reputation among his peers as a courageous fiend of the sky and has become a bit big-headed & adopted something of a style for it, doing away with the phallic-shaped tin hat donned by the other Doom Divers and instead keeping his usual attire & sporting snazzy shades he looted from the corpse of a dwarven gyrocopter pilot a while ago. @Zolas Thanks a lot mate Cheers for taking a look.
  6. This is where I got with my spirit host by the end of last week: The lighting doesn't show the transition of blues very well, but it's coming along quite nicely. A solid day of painting to finish the last few layers and the base should get it squared away. I picked up a few bat swarms the other day on eBay too (the Slyph is something I'm doing for the missus): They were a bargain (or maybe I'm just too used to GW prices)! I plan to chop the gravestones off and position them around trees later on. @Gareth @Zolas Thanks chaps. I think I'm leaning slightly more towards the plain bone for the ribs, or maybe a colour between the two. More coming soon, cheers for taking a look
  7. I spent my free time today painting the unfortunate guy on the base of the spirit host. I decided to play about with the inverted scheme again and see how he'd look with light from the spirit hosts glowing inside his chest. Here's the result: The first shot is with standard bone and the second with darker bone around the light area (since things appear as more of a silhouette depending on how strong the light is behind them). Not really sure which looks better... Let me know your thoughts Now the layering of the ghosts commences!
  8. Here's what's next on the painting table: My competition (over on CN) spirit host ready for paint: Hopefully I'll get it done before the deadline! Got a fairly busy week ahead though… so we'll see what happens! And the three spirit hosts together: I'm a bit unsure about the basing for these. I'm wandering if the tall trunks look OK or out of place here... I'd heard these were a chore to put together but they were pretty straight forward (the instruction book was necessary though) and a nice break from skeletal units. They are quite fragile though Now, there are a few new things for me to paint here – glowing ethereal colours, fire, OSL... So I did a few experiments between painting skeletons & other stuff. I've tried a few ways of painting standard and blue fire: Completely new to this, I'm still not content with the majority of my efforts. Getting the colours in the wrong places can completely alter the appearance of the flame, making it look too intense or not intense enough, or even a bit cartoonish/pastel-looking if the 'highlights' are off. The third scheme is more or less what I'll be using on my spirit hosts. While this looks kinda fine for things like fire and spirit hosts, I tried something similar on a skeleton (since they have harder edges) and I'm not too sure what to make of it – it made it look like a negative and didn't translate as I'd hoped for. It was also quite time-consuming and left little room for error: After seeing Borgnine's spirit base for his Coven Throne (over on CN), I asked him how he went about painting it and decided to try his scheme out a little after swapping the washes to suit my army: I went for a slightly darker blue wash and a thinned light blue glaze. After trying out the light ethereal scheme, I went about using it on (half of) a wraith and applied the dark inverted scheme on the fire to see how they'd look side by side, and this is the result: Right now I think my flames need improving and perhaps the bones could use a slightly lighter glaze (see the flaming skull on the right for comparison). I've left the robes black for now as I'm not sure how I'd like to paint them. Black or dark blue would definitely contrast with the ethereal colours at work here, while brown would add some warm colours to the miniature... Let me know what you think, suggestions & comments welcome!
  9. Not much O&G stuff done these days other than my competition entry (I'll post him in a few weeks), but I have been working on bits here and there between doing my VC stuff. First up is a few homemade bases I put together for the Snotling Pump Wagons I have planned for the future: I wanted to try out @Lord Elpus's basing tip (over on Da Warpath) where he glued kitchen towel over the undesirable gaps on bases, which I can say worked out nicely and saved a fair bit of greenstuff. I also put together a 60mm squared base for the Skull Pass tent, this'll serve as a night gobbo unit filler: Speaking of which, I got that one prepared for assembly during a work lunch break the other week and put it together: I green stuffed the area inside the mouth as I plan to paint it as though there's some green light inside the tent, suggesting a shaman inside chanting spells. I also put another bunch of Skull Pass spear gobbos together ready for some paint the next time I fancy a break from painting VC: @Sharkbelly Thank you kind sir! Cheers for taking a look
  10. More skeleton spearmen: A few shots of the second filler: The fallen trunk is one of the weapons from the giant kit. And here's the unit so far: That's 20 down, just over half of the unit done so far. The infantry in this army is shaping up nicely. @Sharkbelly Thanks a lot mate!
  11. @Charlemagne That's an awesome bunch of conversions there. Get those boyz painted up!
  12. Vlad's all done: My first vamp, I'm going for pale skin for these guys. Here are some more shots: I experimented with different schemes for his armour and finally settled on what you see here. Also, as he's a vampire, I didn't put verdigris/rust on his armour – I like to think that vamps would have their wargear taken care of better than their summoned minions. @Randroid Cheers mate, glad you like it. It adds a bit more character to the unit. More stuff on the way, cheers for taking a look!
  13. Someone had a question about savage boar boys the other day so I blu-tac'd one together to help answer it. While doing so, I started thinking about alternate mounts and decided to stick him to a cold one from the dark elf scourgerunner chariot kit: I think it works pretty well. My only issue is that the mount doesn't look 'savage' enough (like saddles and reins - these guys barely even wear clothes!), so was wandering how this could be overcome. Stripping the saddle would obviously be too much of a chore, but maybe it could be covered with a thin layer of greenstuff to look like some random pieces of cloth (a bit more savage and orcish). Other ideas are welcome While wolves and boars are all really cool, raptors fit in with my army quite nicely. Earlier in my plog I wrote some info about the lands that my greenskinz inhabit, which also happens to be inhabited by raptors: Failing that, night gobbos on cold ones might make an awesome 'counts as wolf riders' choice later down the line ... @Skumtoof da Archgit Cheers mate, he definitely looks the 'ardest in the army at the moment. Looking forward to doing a BO warboss on wyvern conversion in the future. @Joakim Nothing specifically 'old' planned for the near future as I'm trying to play catch-up with my VC army. I may throw in a few here and there though
  14. Here's the first batch of skeleton spearmen done: And the finished filler: The bird makes the filler look pretty interesting. I might add short branches to the other fillers' trees that I make in the future, it looks better than a single trunk sticking out of the ground. I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out. I've got the next batch ready for paint: Here's a few shots of the next filler: And here's a small conversion I did: Some of the skeleton legs have scabbards on them, so I thought I'd make this one have a sheathed sword as a secondary weapon while he holds his spear. I've actually done this conversion before for a skeleton in the sword n board unit - the guy with the leaf blowing in his face More coming soon, cheers for taking a look!