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  1. I did go ahead and do another few glazes to help with the grainy effect caused by the white spray from above. Which worked wonders, and followed up with a yellow glaze along highest areas and eyes. Pictures to follow
  2. So I was looking through the age of signature Reddit and I saw a guy who did a ghost themed skeleton army. As a huge fan of lotr it reminded me so much of the dead men of dunharrow, I figured hey.. I got some skeletons around - let's try it out. the plan here was to make a cool looking army that can be produced on mass at absolutely insured speeds. I was able to do the wight king and the full squad of 10 skeletons inside 20 minutes. Excluding dry times. The recipe is black primer with white primer from above, green wash, moot green dry brush, green glaze. after all the time spent on the troll hag and ogre projects I do feel like it almost cheating. However, once the bases are done I do feel like it will be a cool looking army.
  3. Until they get some love lore wise, they are certainly outshines by the others. The additional wound has made the savage ones much better choices as well , some synergy from a book and a little fluff will fix this though.
  4. If I had to be a war hammer character. I'm gonna have to go with the fat toads. Those guys are just living the dream.
  5. I pray every night we get pirate goblins.
  6. Battalion

    I love this battalion. It's a very scary thing to see being placed across the board, which in my opinion is half the battle. The true win condition in this battalion is actually the mournfang. Which can confuse some being that you have all these stonehorn models ( huskard and beastriders). This is because of the huskards line breaker ability! Which allows a mournfang unit to pile in and attack when he does. Thereby attacking at the same time. In addition, this battalion allows you to RUN AND CHARGE, which coupled with rampaging destroyers makes you faster than a toupee in a hurricane. I do this by taking the minimum requirement of mournfang units.. 2. But one unit is much larger ( 4-6) and I keep the other at only 2 mournfang. The 1-3 beastrider horns run off and play with the 2 model unit of fangs. Usually protecting a flank and squeezing the enemy. While your 'hammer' as it were, charges down the field at whatever your enemy holds sacred. Generally I target the biggest unit they have, and then pinch the rest of the army with the flanking force. How does it feel to play this battalion you ask? Well let me tell you. Have you ever been in a friends giant 4x4 truck and do donuts in a muddy schoolyard field? No?? Okay, well how about watching Adrian Peterson play running back against a group of 10 year old children. Ahhh, haven't seen that either? Well just go watch the movie Speed with Keanu Reeves, where if the bus goes below 100km/r the bus will explode so he's gotta just smash through things and ride buses off separated bridges to stay alive. That's the closest feeling you will get to playing this list, it's ride or die guys. Just throw this army on the table and your going to be in close combat faster than a speeding ticket. Cheers and beers!
  7. This is definitely going to be dark elf flying ships, this is the anchor I assume.
  8. @Zolas Thanks man!
  9. Something Stinks!!!
  10. Do you do a reapplication of waagh after the wash or go straight at it with the Loren after the seraphim.
  11. FAQ will be a great tool!
  12. Mind saying again what the recipe for skin is on the goblins? As usual great work, his goggles are awesome.
  13. How do you use the hunter and tusks generally. I just pop them up on backline to kill artillery generally. Other than that I haven't found too much use. Not that a deep striking ogre that kill arty is a bad thing.
  14. Very good insight, I figured this was the case. Thanks guys ! @zolas care to elaborate on the sabretusks comment, are they good at tying up units due to being able to make charges easily?
  15. So yesterday I encountered an interesting situation. I had a group of boar boyz 3 inches away from an enemy unit and I rolled the glorious double 1 to charge. However the rules for the boars say that you add 2 to all charge rolls. Now my opponent was saying st if you roll double 1 it doesn't matter what modifiers you have because it's an auto fail. I thought otherwise, but it was a very casual game and it was nearing its end so we just went my way and the boars made it into contact. Anyone have insight?