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  1. Do you do a reapplication of waagh after the wash or go straight at it with the Loren after the seraphim.
  2. FAQ will be a great tool!
  3. Mind saying again what the recipe for skin is on the goblins? As usual great work, his goggles are awesome.
  4. How do you use the hunter and tusks generally. I just pop them up on backline to kill artillery generally. Other than that I haven't found too much use. Not that a deep striking ogre that kill arty is a bad thing.
  5. Very good insight, I figured this was the case. Thanks guys ! @zolas care to elaborate on the sabretusks comment, are they good at tying up units due to being able to make charges easily?
  6. So yesterday I encountered an interesting situation. I had a group of boar boyz 3 inches away from an enemy unit and I rolled the glorious double 1 to charge. However the rules for the boars say that you add 2 to all charge rolls. Now my opponent was saying st if you roll double 1 it doesn't matter what modifiers you have because it's an auto fail. I thought otherwise, but it was a very casual game and it was nearing its end so we just went my way and the boars made it into contact. Anyone have insight?
  7. Of all the beasts in the movie I thought the giant water buffalo were the coolest. I would love to imagine these giant neutral beasts walking around. Just minding there own business, but ready to crush you if piss them off
  8. Cheers mate! YeH that's what I'll do eventually. I think I'll be getting a friend to take shots of her first, he has some neat stuff being a photographer
  9. Eh thanks a lot mate. It was a grind, hoping to get the #GOLDENGARGANT Win with her [emoji14] Just need to learn how to take pictures of models... I might have someone come do it for me lmao
  10. Any chance I could post here? I don't really use a lot of social media.
  11. The hag joins the horde!! Hard work this old crone
  12. Hmmm I'm interested to see what it is for sure.
  13. Battalion

    The fifth gargant is behind the tower, but you get the gist of how they look lumbering down the field. King represented with ogre gutplate on left.
  14. Battalion

    Have played it multiple times now, being that the gargant king becomes a hero allowing him to take a command trait and artifact, it turns him into an absolute menace. Give him +1 weapon damage and battle brew and watch him maul anything on the field. Although, since it has no point cost you will have people cry about it, so I just say 100 points and make the whole thing 1000 points even. Great battalion 10/10 To add to this review, keep in mind always how characterful and fun giants are. They can be amazing and terrible rolled up into one big lumbering drunk dumby. This usually results in very fun stories that create conversation pieces for years to come in your gaming group. Take for instance one of my giants, who fell on the skaven general and killed him winning me the game. You cant write this stuff folks, its just pure savage fun.