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  1. Conogre's Army 2.0

    Mate, I am good. Things are improving and I am on the verge of starting a new goblog with all my old models (slowly re-basing them, ain't that a pain in the 'arris!) And the new orruks that need sorting. The glory days will soon be with us again! How's you? See you caught my obsession for giants then? 😂😂😂 G_H
  2. Conogre's Army 2.0

    I have always said, nay insisted that you can never ever have enough giants! I have always found them to be like an addiction..... One is never ever enough, and six is the beginning of something very special 😁 bring it on 👍 G_H
  3. Ulgrim Goremaker

  4. Ulgrim Goremaker

  5. Giants? In aos?

    You should! I love a good giant! Or even a bad one! G_H
  6. TitanChewers- Gnoblar_Herder

    god, I'd forgotten about him! It was a long wile ago..... I think the plan was to run him as a "counts as" mournfang dude, though rumor suggested at the time that when this new fangled AoS came out you would be able to run mounted tyrants... So I think I was trying to get ahead of the game. I never finished him as it goes.... Might dig him out and give him some love, having said that I've got to re-base all the other 80-100+ ogres, so he may well end up being way down on the list. More sad that it will be almost impossible to re-base my giant ironblaster model... he was literally built onto the base, so taking it off will mean the whole thing collapses...cest la vie... Hoping to post pictures of model updates soon; ironjawz are starting to take shape G_H
  7. The Golden Fist - Orruk Megaboss

    This model is awesome BB! The tribal markings are really good, different to the norm and add a real individuality to him. The base is fantastic and really adds to the overall feel of him. I personally hate painting yellow, I've always found it to be a pain, but you have done an excellent job here... But to me the thing that stands out is the attention to the way the palette works together, it is obviouse to me that some real thought has gone into how the colours work together and the overall flow of the model. For me the "wish I could do that" part is the cheques on the axe head...the worn/ chipped look of the paint is absolutely spot on and way better than I can do! Well done mate! This model is simply awesome! G_H
  8. Grongut the Immense

    Its always a daunting prospect when you first use greenstuff, this is a challenge you no longer face! You've done it!!! The concept of the model you have created here is excellent, and the more you work with greenstuff the better you will become at sculpting with it. The use of original parts p!us your sculpting is excellent. I don't doubt that the more you try sculpting the better you will become. If I had any advice to give at all it would be not to try and finish a model quick!ly and let each greenstuff part cure and then movie onto sculpting the next. Keep each piece as sharp as you can get and you will always be into a winner! This is excellent work for your first attempt at greenstuff sculpting; just imagine as you get more proficient the more amazing your models will be! A great start into the world oif conversions! G_H
  9. Golden Fist - The Mighty Maw

    This is a beautiful model and you have done it justice, surely a great contender for the golden fist title! G_H
  10. Word Association Game

  11. Word Association Game

  12. How do i paint a white mawcrusha?

    Oh please do have a go. I will be very interested to see how you get on. I have a few ironjaws to get through, but when they are done I'm going to have a stab at this myself... Keep us posted! G_H
  13. Zsoulless' GnoBlog

    This is an amazingly good piece of work... If I spent the next year of my life doing nothing but building models out if greenstuff they wouldn't come close to looking as good as this! I have to take my hat off to you, you have some talent there, I kid you not! If I ever want a model making from scratch, then its your door I will be knocking at for help! Outstanding work! G_H
  14. Golden Fist - Gordul the Butcher

    Nice, I really like this guy. The armour plates are a really nice colour and the rusty blade is nicely done. The leather mask a-la leather face looks great and the dark dirty painting style really makes this butcher look like something from a horror movie. I like the subtle detail such as the stripped trousers that although the can't be seen clearly, are still done well. You've done a really good job on this model. I have a question though, where is the bird from? I don't immediately recognise it? All in all this is a great model, surely in with a stab at the golden fist title G_H
  15. Megaboss update 2!!

    This fella is shaping up really nicely, I'm loving the work on the shoulder plate, this guy is going to look really good when completed I am sure, and the base is great, it will make the model when it all comes together. Excellent BB, I better pull my finger out and try catching up! G_H

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