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  1. Worst case of piles I've ever seen!
  2. Finished these Heralds this morning! Close up on one of them: [/URL Also managed to finish off a 5th unit of Plaguebearers, get them varnished tomorrow.
  3. For Obsidian, you need to keep the highlights right at the edge and even then, very small and extreme, I've found over a black base coat, wash with either green or blue shade so it gives it a slight sheen, then use something like fortress grey and blend with the black, almost a 50/50 mix. Use pure Fortress grey on the extreme edges. It's always good to see different takes on Greenies, and I think you've certainly done them justice.
  4. Glad it helped!
  5. Finished Epidemius last night!! Seem to be on a bit of a Nurgle roll at the moment.. Once I've varnished it, I'll go over the green snot effects and vomit with some gloss varnish..lovely! No painting today, off to the inlaws later for home made Pizza and a visit, but I'll try and build my Heralds of Nurgle this morning!
  6. Not at all! Its a Forgeworld model, with rules in FW War machines of the Lost and the damned, book is out of print at the moment, but I'm sure if you looked on the web you'd be able to find a PDF. I'm not that good at converting Best thing is, I can use it as a Soul Grinder proxy for my Nurgle Daemon army in fantasy, & as a Plague Hulk in 40k for both my Nurgle daemons AND my Plague Marines!! I have another I'm going to build in a bit..
  7. Decay
  8. Finished this on Monday night but I've been too busy to post..
  9. Warscroll

    "I gots me Prodda!" The most Sneaky, Devious and cunning Mork loving Goblin there's ever been! (& Gobbla) He's great for a mono Moonclan Grot/ Night Goblin army, Not only does he grant some extra Shooting ( always good) with D6 attacks with a -1 Rend (not too shoddy) Remember he's no Archaon.. In Close Combat his prodder has a 2" reach with 4 attacks, coupled with Gobbla and you have 8, yes 8 attacks in Close combat, with BOTH the prodder AND Gobbla having a -1 rend!! Not to mention that when Gobba attacks and roll to wound of a 6 and it's d6 damage instead of merely D3.. His Sneaky Schemes & Tricksy Traps are brilliant for a poor quality army, any retreating Moonclan unit within 10" (or Skarsnik himself) retreats, roll a dice before you move them, on a 4+ the retreating unit lays a trap and 1 enemy unit within 3" suffers D3 mortal wounds Great for removing some cavalry! His command ability Warlord of the Eight Peaks grants 1 unit of Moonclan Grots within 10" to pile in TWICE! and your next combat phase, not only that but that unit also does not take Battleshock tests in the next Battleshock phase either! Like I said, he's no Archaon, but for a Moonclan Grot army, he can help give it some bite. Now excuse me, I have to go and feed Gobbla some Snotlings...
  10. Warscroll

    Snotties! Gotta luv em! Speshully wiv squig sauce! Not many people use or like the lowly Snotling and at first glance it's not hard to see why.. and yet...I think they're great! Bravery 10!! Better than Orrucks!! Ok, they usually hit on a 5+ but with 5 attacks per base and gaining a +1 to hit if there's a unit of 10 Orrucks around they can punch well above their diminutive stature... They also benefit from 4 Attacks per base in the shooting phase with exploding spores! With a nice -1rend to boot! They will die in droves so don't be surprised. Save your surprise for when they A: kill stuff in close combat and B:survive the game. They make a nice tar pit in large enough numbers (need at least 5 bases for this) allowing the hittier stuff to close in and finish off the enemy.. Generally use them as either a meat shield for a better unit (after all they are only Snotlings) or as a nice flanking unit beside some Orrucks.
  11. Warscroll

    Ahh the venerable pump wagon! These always get laughed at until you drive right over the enemy with a cry of BEEP BEEP! Thankfully you can take as many as you want as a single choice meaning that a unit of 3-4 will put the hurt on most units.. on average you'll get 9 attacks in close combat and due to them being Snotlings you need the weight of attacks to do anything..generally on a 5+... WAIT, there's more! If you roll a double when charging into combat you'll do 2D6 worth of damage instead of 1 d6.Pray to Gork (or Mork) for doubles! Doubles also move you an additional 6" in movement or on the charge... which can be quite a shock! And if you find yourself 6"away from an enemy feel free to throw your exploding spores, yup, each Pump Wagon has 4 attacks in the shooting phase with a -1 rend... but remember they are Snotlings..... All told these are an excellent GITMOB add on. Keep them near Chariots or on an opposing flank for best results!
  12. Warscroll

    A welcome blast from the past! Off the bat you notice that the crossbow has a much shorter range than standard bows, 12" as oppised to 18".. however! These have a nice rule that more than make up for that. Now assuming that A:Ruglud is still alive, B:the unit didn't move and C: there's no enemy within 3" you get to fire twice! They also come with the Waagh drummer rules so if you do feel like getting stuck in (& what self respecting Orruck doesn't!) You can add 2" to your charge. Lastly we come to Maggot the std bearer, as per usual he grants an extra point of bravery to the unit, but he also ignores wounds on a 4+! This also applies to Mortal wounds which is not bad at all for a normal Orruck! You might be tempted to keep them in the backfield protecting war machines, however they also suit being used more aggressively up front supporting a close combat unit, or shooting at lone heroes..
  13. Just finished this the other day.. Think this is my favourite old Vampire model.
  14. And now for something completely different.. SPACE ELVES!!!!! My love of the Eldar faction goes back to Rogue Trader, and seeing them as a new release back in the 80's (Gods I feel old!) so I've had my Eldar army in one form or another for a loooong time... Recently I decided to repaint bases and strip some models as I've not been entirely happy with them: Baharroth: Fuegan:
  15. One of the few things I could recommend is giving the strapping on the warhammer some depth, maybe some agrax carefully applied into the recesses & maybe around sone of the defined plates like the chest and knee areas. Apart from that you've done a very nice job on it! Nice colour scheme too!