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  1. Hello everyone. I'm thinking of doing some ice bases and was wondering what White or white/clearish crackle paint is the most recommended? Also do you know if which ever crackle paint will dry with the use of a blow dryer or if it is not recommended? Many thanks in advance? Kind regards Zolas.
  2. So some more pics of my Huskard on stonehorn. The reins and Blood vulture are finished and Huskard himself nearly there too. Only leaving the saddle mainly and a base to acquire and sort out. Hope you like him Hope you enjoy the pictures. Kind regards Zolas.
  3. Thanks buddy! Much appreciated. ☺
  4. So not post much hobby stuff recently but I have not been idle! The Stonehorn which I actually won here a few years back for painting a hunter on foot here! The Stonehorn is now complete but I still have the rider and the saddle to do. Also I need to sort a base but this revolves around getting an oval one first! Here's some pics of the Stonehorn first. As for the Huskard I changed his arm from crossbow to blood vulture. But I could not remove the head to get the furr part on so I improvised with green stuff straps to stop the patch of furr looking loose. The knots that you can see are actually from the Jaws and skull trophey rack on the stonehorns saddle. The top one had broke off so I trimmed the knots off and re-cycled them! Hope you like him so far. C+C welcome. Many thanks. Kind regards Zolas
  5. I must have totally miss read. I thought it was Huskards on Stonehorns. The Thundertusk Huskards makes a lot more sense now! Lol. Really liking the list.
  6. I like Huskards on Stonehorns but only when they can use their Linebreaker ability, which revolves around using Mournfangs. Otherwise they are not much better stat wise from the beastriders. If you went Beast riders you may get more Sabres in the list.
  7. So im pretty sure that is where its been put. Sadly doesnt seem to be ordered the same way. But at the top you can put the pics into a list format which make it easier to see the dates. Might make it easier to scroll through mate.
  8. I may remember what you mean. But i thought that was the old gallary. Not sure how it was transfered over. Will have a look.
  9. Not thick at mate. Never be afraid to ask questions. The museum part is in the gallary. Just click on the pictures and the date of the models should be in the title or description of the picture mate. Hope this helps
  10. Love the shell. Awesome!
  11. 3 Stone horns of any type let alone Frostlords is very nasty . Give 2 of them the ability to heal and whatch the pain pump in. I really like your generals choices of trait for the table re-roll. Assume the re-roll would be aiming to get the re-roll saves of damage when in combat. I like the list. Would like to see a batrep with this set up Kind regards Zolas.
  12. So a little delay in posting this friendly battle. Our gaming club in Bristol have a AoS battle night every month. But wit this particular night we had invited 2 other clubs from Weston Super mare and Cheltenham to join us. The night was made all the more enjoyable with a large order of Dominoes pizza for everyone to enjoy! I had a very enjoyable game with a fine gentleman by the name of John from the Cheltenham Warchiefs. This EPIC and fluffy player brought with him a full Shaggoth and Dragon ogre army! This consisted of 4 Shaggoths and no less than 24 Dragon ogres! (2 units of 6 and 4 units of 3 all with various load outs on weapons). So my list looked like this: Leaders. Tyrant. Gutgorger and pistol, Battle Brew, Bellowing Tyrant. = 160 Butcher. Cauldron stumpblades. = 140 Huskard on Stonehorn Blood vulture, Battle brew. = 380 Battleline. 3x Ogors fists, crusher, bellower. =120 3x Ogors fists, crusher, bellower. =120 3x Ogors 2 weapons, crusher, bellower, Banner + lookout gnoblar. =120 Other units. 4x Mournfangs, Skalg, Horn blower, banner, fists. = 400 3x Ironguts, gutlord, bellower, Runemaw banner. = 220 Skal Battalion = 60 Icebrow hunter. = 160 2x Frost sabres. = 60 2x Frost sabres. = 60 Total = 2000. The mission was a take and hold and I will be honest it was rather one sided. To cut a long story short I tabled my opponent while managing to just get enough models next to the objective as the last Dragon ogres died granting me a major victory. Basically my Huskard and Mournfangs went on a total rampage on his left flank and swept through to the middle accounting for 2 units of 3 dragon Ogres,2 shaggoths (including the general) and then the Huskard finished off the unit of 6 Dragon ogres on the objective. But the real man of the match was my Tyrant who with only support from 3 Ironguts and a butcher had managed to nearly single handedly kill 12 Dragon ogres and a shaggoth before the last Shaggoth finally brought him down. (of those 12 Draon ogres maybe 3 died to other models/battle shock). Turns out Gutgorger + Battlebrew is just sick. So proud of my Tyrant! My opponent was a sound guy and took the whole battle in his stride. I did loose a unit of ogres the Ironguts and 2 mournfangs along with my hunter and Tyrant and a few kitties but I was very happy with the result. Here's a few more pics. Sorry about the poor quality. Hope you enjoy the read and the pics.
  13. Looks good buddy I would not have known you had lost any detail had you not said. Really like the brown skin
  14. Hi Barrelfist! Yes indeed it was an army of Gnoblars. Little bit of Threadmancy by the way. Posts above were from September last year. No worries though. Just look out for those dates. Cheers Zolas.
  15. Welcome Barrelfist! Good to have you aboard! Feel free to start up a Blog in the Goblog section if you want to show of your army and exploits! Kind regards Zolas.