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  1. OMG I can't get enough of those Orange Stone trolls! Literally only 1 thing can make them better and that is having cans of Tango somewhere on the model/base. I actually remember seeing a Neckron arm y ages ago which was Tango themed. His destroyer lord had the Tango logo on his hovering body work and his resurrection orb was an Orange! Leaves an all. Love them! Cheers Zolas.
  2. Interesting army comp. I enjoyed the report. A triumph re-roll may have made a sore roll better. Forgeting it is easily done!
  3. Pretty evil. Give it a go and let us know how it does. I like the list!
  4. One of the best ways is to use them to capture an objective your opponent has left. Can be a real game changer. Or to recapture one of your lost ones. Ofcourse you would need the skal battalion to get the sabres to come in ambush. But you can do it at any turn in the game so its fkexible.
  5. Hes awesome too dude. The tyrant sword suits him well!
  6. Yes if with range of the hunter they get bravery 7 (up from 5) and +3 too their charges if I remember correctly.
  7. Hope your feeling better buddy. Dwarf looks awesome. And those Nurgle warriors look ready to get some paint on and bring the pain!
  8. Interesting looking campaign for those interested. Video is nice too. Take a look.
  9. I would personally want to see the return of Sky Titans but leading and not having been killed by ogres. The idea of armoured, smart and equipped titans has always been a personal love for me since playing computer games like Age of wonders or heroes of might and magic. Agree with Grareth that would be nice to see the Rhinox riders again. Cheers Zolas.
  10. Agree with the above. Double ones in not an auto fail. Makes units like Sabretusk really good at tying up units if they are next to their hunter.
  11. Spectacular work there buddy. A squiggoth very much worthy of the gallery!
  12. I had to vote Gaz Taylor myself. His Basalisk funny's were right up my street and brought a genuine smile to my face. Reviws are not all about analysis in our hobby ladies and gents! Good luck guys!
  13. Thats a lot of scrolls buddy!