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  1. "With a thunderous bellow the sandstone pillars of the Urk Badlands were thrown asunder as a monstrous bulk bulled through them, sending plumes of stone and scree into the air. The ground rolled beneath its bulk as it charged towards the followers of Khorn, who brief moments before revelled in the blood sport, were quickly paling before scaled ironclad calamity that was thundering towards them. Bullgrog da Iron Warlord hollered his primal joy as the followers of the Blood God were trod beneath the pounding feet of Gulp Grimstompa, first Spawn of Graw!" And there you have it! My Ironjaw Squiggoth is Complete! Perhaps my favourite project to date, but my love cannot linger just with the Ironjaw orruks, there is so much more Destruction out there to enjoy! Bonesplitters next...
  2. Been following your work for a while and have to say its all to envy! If you don't mind me asking where did you get the barrels from?
  3. Well, the gargantuan squiggoth project is coming to an end so perhaps I'll move on to the other vicious war bands of Destruction. Planning to do some Bonesplitterz with a hard as nails addition. 'DA BONES, DA BONES, WE NEED DA BONES!'
  4. Stunning colouration on the Maw-krusha, might have to emulate such a choice when I get my own Maw-Krusha, if you don't master Malin
  5. Wow, the glass effect on the doom divers goggles is phenomenal!
  6. Thank you kindly! Though im not happy with the angle, even for a megaboss it's a hefty piece of killin' gear to hold like that!
  7. Cheers Zolas Here's a weekend well spent, and Bullgrog has arrived!
  8. And here he is, Bullgrog da Iron Warlord, first rider of the Spawn of Graw! Note his fondness for squiggoths has led his helm and armour to take a similar appearance ^^
  9. Thanks! I've tried playing Gorechosen up there but all humies keep getting the crap beaten out of them the hometeam Ironjaws, go Gorkchosen Wooh! As far as the palm trees go, I'm not too sure. It was on Ebay, but I cannot seem to find the store that sold them.
  10. It's been a slow week... wait... I forget I'm a slow painter. It's one or the other. Either way the squiggoth is practically done and now I move on to the crew! Waaagh!
  11. Excellent! I was looking for this yesterday, much appreciated sir!!!!!!
  12. I'm not sure whether it's worth its own topic but I did find this neat little guide on Orruk skin ideas, I hope someone finds it useful ^^ https://sproketsmallworld.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/painting-ork-orruk-flesh.html?m=1
  13. Thanks Galas, and that is why this has sat under my desk for well over six years, damn squiggoth. The only model I know that while holding it to paint, I have to have breaks because my arm gets tired!
  14. Hehe that was punny Gareth So I've picked the colour for the squiggoth's armour and the megaboss has let some bonesplitterz dab up his ride with some lucky warpaint. Who knows, them morboys seem to know what they're doing around big beasties, though some of them keep sharpenin' their spears whem they look at it...
  15. Just stumbled across this on youtube, very nice looking indeed. loved the sound effects and the voice over ^^