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  1. Start Collecting: Beastclaw Raiders

    The set is great for Raiders. Interesting that they are committing to a Slaanesh box with current state of the fluff...perhaps he/she is not quite dead just yet!
  2. WiP ... what is tabletop standard?

    Haha it sort of feels like it!!!
  3. WiP ... what is tabletop standard?

    So, the fact that I am staying in a single room with no facilities will not stop my enthusiasm for the new Skrimish rules! I have been sat on the floor most of the day using the flat of a chair as a tabletop and painting away on there. I'm a sucker for losing enthusiasm for modelling projects half way through but for some reason I think this one will be different ...(I always think that, so fingers crossed!). Anyway - with Megaboss finished **see earlier post for pics** I have begun tackling some Ardboyz. I have never been great at painting things to a 'tabletop' standard as the term goes. I want them all to be the best I can paint them. However, it is this desire that leads to my lack of enthusiasm I believe as the challenge becomes too great painting wise to keep up with my model purchases. My intention is to keep these simple! Her they are with almost everything basecoated and with various washes. As you can see, very basic. I'd be happy to throw these down as a last resort. Really, they've a few more layers to be added to each colour ... but progress is progress! How do you deal with tabletop issue? Do you paint everything to the best of your ability?
  4. Progress Report 5/28/17 - 52 Minis week 19 through 21.

    Would love to hear your ideas on the list. I know some of the basic Malal fluff from back in the day and was always fascinated by it. BB
  5. AOS Skirmish - Full Points List - Destruction

    Was chatting to a few of the guys on here about the Skirmish rules, and the topic came up that not much of the Destruction faction had been released points wise (renown) for the Skirmish list. It's easy to calculate them for home brew, but it's nice to have a pretty document! A cursory search of the Internet later and I found these beauties. They're available for most factions too. (From Rafal Maj at tga)
  6. Progress Report 5/28/17 - 52 Minis week 19 through 21.

    I have always been fascinated with the Malal lore! How do you intend to use the warrior? I think it looks awesome!
  7. Return! Skirmish/Mordheim ...

    The end of this week sees the release of Age of Sigmar: Skirmish. Which appears to me to be a remake of Mordheim in the simplest sense. Small warbands fight in a mysterious city, fight for valuable resource (in this instance renown instead of warpstone) which allows you to add to your warband and play through campaigns. It may not be with all the detail of Mordheim but I'm certainly buzzing about it. I played Mordheim a lot back in the day and loved the fast paced, personal level. So much so that even on this blog you'll see I tried to play a few skirmish type games before these rules were released. I also love the idea that every single model has a backstory and character. It just makes stuff funnier in-game and even in huge battles. I'm also very excited about the warband releases. My Ironjawz currently consist of the starter box, a box of brutes and a Megaboss clampack. This give me: - Megaboss (Gorgit Drakestompa) - 1 Warchanter - 5 Brutes - 3 Gore-Gruntas - 15 Ardboyz Which is fantastic...but it leaves me with 5 Ardboyz I can't use without paying for 10 and no magic at all. The new warband box consists of: 5 Ardboyz, 5 Brutes and a Shaman. Congratulations GW! Instant purchase from me. Whilst im in between homes at the moment so can't actually build or paint. I'll definitely pick up the box which will leave only the Maw-Krusha as needed for a complete model list. ARE ANY OF YOU FABULOUS PEOPLE BASED IN LONDON AND FANCY A FEW GAMES OF AGE OF SIGMAR (OR SKIRMISH)? I am 27 and will probably want a beer afterwards so underage people are out I'm afraid! 😂 With all the love!
  8. Farmer's Greenskins

    Looking great! Same as Randroid - looking forward to seeing the unit filler!
  9. Golden Fist 2016

  10. Golden Fist 2016

  11. Golden Fist 2016

  12. Battle Brothers Army

    This is genuinely great. I love the texture differences specifically. The 'wet' bits really add character! BB
  13. Working on some Gore-gruntas

    They look great! Simple conversions done well? Yes please... I'm pretty glad it wasn't just me that had trouble with the ears though. They're a nightmare!!!! I'm not convinced I managed to get mine quite right even after all the faff! BB
  14. The Golden Fist 2016 Winner Revealed!

    Weheeeey! Thank you! The standard was awesome across the board! It'll keep going up too with new members! BB
  15. First Game(s)!

    So a few days ago I played my very first games of AOS with my Ironjawz! My opponent for both games was my gaming buddy who is new to the hobby and playing Stormcast. The first game we played used my whole Orruk collection (not much - Megaboss, Warchanter, Ardboyz X 10, 3 gore-gruntaz) facing a point equivalent force of his Stormcast (Lord-Celestant on Dracoth, Lord Relictor, 2 X 5 man Liberators and two Retributors (broke the minimum rule). In a straight up fight to the death! The game was great fun! I won with a few lucky rolls and we moved on to our second game... For this we used the ritual type scenario slightly modified. A sacred Sigmarite relic (a can of chickpeas until I get better scenery!) being desecrated by my Orruks! We had two crossing points for the river and you could jump it but would die on the roll of a 1 (not heroes or monsters) In the photo you can see I used the Gore-Gruntas to block one crossing point and the rest of my units hung back as reactionary forces. I sent the Megaboss out on his own to block the right flank crossing alone (a bad idea for his command ability but that's a lesson learnt!). My friend rolled abysmally for the Stormcast on that side and two perished in a river crossing jump leaving just three for the Megaboss to scythe through easily in one turn. He then made to take out the Lord-relictor who was nearby. With the gore gruntaz - they did very well against the dracoth and lord Celestant (LC) (survived - incredibly!) and took a huge number of wounds off their opponent leaving him with just two wounds! From here the LC regenerated a wound due to the Phoenix stone and the Lord relictor added another two so he was back to a scary prospect at 5 wounds. My Megaboss fluffed his attacks against the relictor and failed to wound him at all(!) and wasn't wounded in return. The Retributors failed a charge and the second unit of liberators leaped the river on my left flank, hoping to have better luck than their brethren. Unfortunately my opponents string of terrible dice rolling continued and he rolled another two 1's leaving a seriously depleted unit of 3 rushing for the relic. In combat the dracoth seemed to wake up, and it and the LC managed to finish of the first gore grunta they had wounded and took out a second, but the third still blocked the crossing. My rolling for the ritual/relic had been SO high and we were now on 17 out of 20. It was at this point I really brought the bulk of my force in to play. The ardboyz and the warchanter charged the combat with the LC on dracoth and the Retributors. the Megaboss annihilated the Lord relictor causing 12 unsaved wounds this time(!) which was just insane. I claim it was my paint job 😂. In the big combat my ardboyz rescued the LC to two wounds once again but surprisingly failed to kill him despite a huge number of attacks. He killed only three of them in return in some appalling rolling. The warchanter rolled two sixes as part of his attacks and managed to wound with all 6 attacks! The dracoth was finally toppled! At this point the game was all but over - but we played it out and I wiped up the remaining ones. MAN OF THE MATCH: Orruk Megaboss - this guy was insane for his points cost. His damage output was incredible! Very happy! CONCLUSION: Orruks are great fun - and my opponent really enjoyed the games against them despite losing both. I've got to say though...I've now won all of our games (7 in total) and I'm thinking I should throw a few to keep his enthusiasm going! I am after all a very experienced player (who is a little competitive when the chips are down) and he is brand new to the hobby and I don't want to lose my gaming buddy 😂. Moral dilemma trouble!! What do you guys and gals think? BB

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