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  1. Here they are painted. The barrles are from renedra. I used two to make the wreckage and then assembled the rest.
  2. Well, I've started work on the Skycutter. I did take a break to make some wreckage counters for ship battles.
  3. That looks amazing! That will make one heck of a centerpiece for the army. Great job so far. Mind if I ask where the palm trees came from?
  4. In the meantime, I have started up the Lothern Sea Guard again. Here is the mage:
  5. I agree. Just when I thought I was done!
  6. Here are the five irondrakes. That completes my small dwarf army for now.
  7. Soon! After these five fellows, I have five irondrakes to paint and then the dwarves will be done.
  8. Here is the sub: And here is the gyrocopter with a sea base: And the torpedo and periscope:
  9. Here is the ship with the steam parts removed and a sail instead.
  10. Me too. Now the steam ship is just about done! Not sure if I want to put an organ gun in the back or a landing pad for the gyrocopter.
  11. Meanwhile, the dwarf steamship is coming along nicely!
  12. And now for something completely different: Giff artillery officer for Spelljammer.
  13. I also finished painting the submarine! Just kidding. But I have made a topwater marker for it, along with a torpedo to fire at ships.
  14. I have several hundred models, and I don't plan to rebate them any time soon.
  15. I finally finished painting up this longboat from Games of War. Turns out it's just the right size for my Dwarf Slayer Pirates.