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  1. I also knocked out the bolt thrower this morning. My small Lothern Sea Guard army is now finished.
  2. So who would be the leader of an ogre faction? Would it have to be an orc or goblin?
  3. Also finished this guy, a Desert Thing from Reaper:
  4. I'm excited for skirmish as well. I'm picking through my armies looking for warband members.
  5. Very cool! That might inspire me to make up my own caravan...
  6. What do the Destruction factions for Skirmish look like? Anyone seen them yet?
  7. The final five, including the command group, are now finished! The bolt thrower is the last thing left...
  8. Thanks! The Lothern Sea Guard are nearly there--14 of 19 finished. Only five more to go!
  9. Here is the finished chariot:
  10. I decided next to do the sea chariot. It is pulled by a hippocampus and ridden by a marid. Both are from Reaper. I base-coated the hippocampus in light blue and then washed with blue ink. For the marid, I base-coated with orange and inked with flesh wash. I'm hoping for a color somthing like coral.
  11. I finally finished my Skycutter and crew: Here is the Sky Helm on his own base: And here is a reaper Bathalian (mind flayer):
  12. Thanks! They are from Renedra.
  13. Wow! That really looks great!
  14. I'm all for greenskin pirates too!
  15. Here they are painted. The barrles are from renedra. I used two to make the wreckage and then assembled the rest.