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  1. Farmer's Undead

    That looks amazing!
  2. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    I finally got a chance to set up some terrain on a new battle mat.
  3. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    I've also started work on a party of adventurers for D&D, and there are some great old Empire models in the group: Druid Wizard Monk Bard Ranger
  4. WiP ... what is tabletop standard?

    "So, the fact that I am staying in a single room with no facilities will not stop my enthusiasm for the new Skrimish rules! I have been sat on the floor most of the day using the flat of a chair as a tabletop and painting away on there." Um, you don't mean prison, do you?
  5. maneaters and friends

    That slayer maneater is great!
  6. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    Long weekend, so I managed to finish up a storm giant and cloud giant.
  7. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    I also knocked out the bolt thrower this morning. My small Lothern Sea Guard army is now finished.
  8. Rumour Engine

    So who would be the leader of an ogre faction? Would it have to be an orc or goblin?
  9. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    Also finished this guy, a Desert Thing from Reaper:
  10. Return! Skirmish/Mordheim ...

    I'm excited for skirmish as well. I'm picking through my armies looking for warband members.
  11. Extract (with Ogres) from my current campaign

    Very cool! That might inspire me to make up my own caravan...
  12. Rumour Engine

    What do the Destruction factions for Skirmish look like? Anyone seen them yet?
  13. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    The final five, including the command group, are now finished! The bolt thrower is the last thing left...
  14. Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    Thanks! The Lothern Sea Guard are nearly there--14 of 19 finished. Only five more to go!

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