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  1. Hi, I've sorted them into year categories now I'd been meaning to do that for a while!
  2. Managed to get my name down for one at a FLGS
  3. I missed the pre-orders this morning Free rules for various different factions though:
  4. Lol
  5. Couple of Orruky armies by Lysandestolpe: Great Gargant conversion!
  6. This looks pretty epic:
  7. Orruktastic! Really great work man, he looks superb
  8. From White Dwarf: Sounds a bit Destructiony to me!
  9. A stompy bunch of big beasties by Andz:
  10. This one looks like something (anchor perhaps?) being dragged along the ground:
  11. Very cool mixed Destruction army by Mitzy: Love the Battle Brew Megaboss!
  12. Gaz wins the vote! Congrats! I'll contact you about your prize The draw for the Start Collecting box will take place during the week via Stronghold TV!
  13. Got any pics of them? If they're a bit bigger and burlier than the standard GW Orruks then I'd say go ahead and use them as Brutes