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  1. This one looks like something (anchor perhaps?) being dragged along the ground:
  2. Very cool mixed Destruction army by Mitzy: Love the Battle Brew Megaboss!
  3. Gaz wins the vote! Congrats! I'll contact you about your prize The draw for the Start Collecting box will take place during the week via Stronghold TV!
  4. Got any pics of them? If they're a bit bigger and burlier than the standard GW Orruks then I'd say go ahead and use them as Brutes
  6. The AoS event at Adepticon this year has tripled in size compared to last year apparently!
  7. From a live stream on YouTube: Shadespire is a cursed city ruled by Nagash, he tricks warriors to come to the city and traps them there. It'll be part of the 'core product line' and will have expansions, this is their MTG-style competitive game.
  8. Female Stormcast:
  9. Couple more from Twitter:
  10. Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire demo! - New Game for the mortal realms. Designed to be a competitive game! Mixes deck build and wargame
  11. I'll update this as the news comes in via Twitter! - GW is introducing an interactive FAQ platform for questions and voting on rulings - GW has partnered with Warscroll Builder to bring it to the Warhammer Community site for free, starting in May - For 40K, thematic armies will be rewarded, movement value is coming back, armour save modifiers, and charging units get to strike first. Morale will work the same as AoS. It has Open, Narrative and Matched Play too. Death Guard models shown.
  12. Aelves coming? The head and tail look aquatic to me, like a baby sea serpent with wings. It doesn't appear to have any legs.
  13. 2 fantastic new armies in the gallery - Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz. Both are by jörg frey:
  14. New one! Deployment: