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  1. You may notice the Stronghold URLs have all changed from http to https, which essentially means the Stronghold has a greater level of security. As a side effect, this has broken a couple of things - namely the random logo and the Facebook feed - which I'm working on fixing at the moment
  2. Quite impressive:
  3. With that in mind, how about berserker type models with armour covered in spikes and crude blades from head to toe, who throw themselves at enemy units causing as much carnage as possible? Might end up looking a bit like they belong in blood bowl though, hah. Mobile spikey warmachines sounds about right!
  4. An animosity-fuelled matched play game of Destruction vs Destruction will be starting in about an hour from now:
  5. Grots kicking some Dragon Ogors around at the moment.
  6. This topic is for all Warhammer TV discussion! Beastclaw Raiders will be taking to the battlefield on the live stream today, here's the army:
  7. The plastic Ogre looks a whole lot better IMO, and only 11 bitz on the sprue! He's due for release on the 4th of March apparently, £12.
  8. No worries, I've now added it to the resource links up above so others can find it in future. Let us know how you get on with it
  9. How about a fantasy version of Squiggoths? Heavily armoured of course!
  10. This may be what you're looking for: Path to Glory tables.pdf?dl=0 From here:
  11. Noticed these two tactics articles over on The Dice Abide, thought I'd post them here for those interested - Gutbusters: Spiderfang Grots:
  12. Great descriptions of these guys, and I really like the possessed crown aspect - Slaaneshi daemon?