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    Tokens and object markers

    I am waiting for my savage orruks to arrive and don't have any models to paint. So yesterday evening I made four simple object markers and five tokens. I wanted to do something that looks cool on the table instead of plastic tokens, but easily recognizable also. Object markers are pretty simple, but I'm quite happy with the tokens. I used polystyrene, plastic cement and grey/white paints for tokens.
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    Lord Elpus

    Squig gobba!

    Just finished this! The spit/bile effect colour was created after looking at some unsavoury photos from the internet... Still, I'm quite happy with it.. Have another one to do, however that'll have to wait a while, I'm starting 20 NG's and still working on some other stuff.. Once I've varnished it, I'll give tbe spit effect a coat of gloss.
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    And now for something completely different.. SPACE ELVES!!!!! My love of the Eldar faction goes back to Rogue Trader, and seeing them as a new release back in the 80's (Gods I feel old!) so I've had my Eldar army in one form or another for a loooong time... Recently I decided to repaint bases and strip some models as I've not been entirely happy with them: Baharroth: Fuegan:
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    Snotties! Gotta luv em! Speshully wiv squig sauce! Not many people use or like the lowly Snotling and at first glance it's not hard to see why.. and yet...I think they're great! Bravery 10!! Better than Orrucks!! Ok, they usually hit on a 5+ but with 5 attacks per base and gaining a +1 to hit if there's a unit of 10 Orrucks around they can punch well above their diminutive stature... They also benefit from 4 Attacks per base in the shooting phase with exploding spores! With a nice -1rend to boot! They will die in droves so don't be surprised. Save your surprise for when they A: kill stuff in close combat and B:survive the game. They make a nice tar pit in large enough numbers (need at least 5 bases for this) allowing the hittier stuff to close in and finish off the enemy.. Generally use them as either a meat shield for a better unit (after all they are only Snotlings) or as a nice flanking unit beside some Orrucks.
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    Ahh the venerable pump wagon! These always get laughed at until you drive right over the enemy with a cry of BEEP BEEP! Thankfully you can take as many as you want as a single choice meaning that a unit of 3-4 will put the hurt on most units.. on average you'll get 9 attacks in close combat and due to them being Snotlings you need the weight of attacks to do anything..generally on a 5+... WAIT, there's more! If you roll a double when charging into combat you'll do 2D6 worth of damage instead of 1 d6.Pray to Gork (or Mork) for doubles! Doubles also move you an additional 6" in movement or on the charge... which can be quite a shock! And if you find yourself 6"away from an enemy feel free to throw your exploding spores, yup, each Pump Wagon has 4 attacks in the shooting phase with a -1 rend... but remember they are Snotlings..... All told these are an excellent GITMOB add on. Keep them near Chariots or on an opposing flank for best results!
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    This competition will focus on sharing our cunnin' Warbossy knowledge of the Destruction warscrolls - all 102 of them! - in an effort to collectively build a great resource for the Destruction player community. There are two prizes up for grabs - a Destruction faction battletome and a Destruction faction 'Start Collecting' box To enter for a chance to win either of these prizes, simply post one or more reviews or tactical tips in the comments section of any Destruction warscroll listed within the Warscrolls section of the Stronghold. In 4 weeks time, if every warscroll has a review, one lucky member will be drawn from all those who've entered to win the Destruction Start Collecting box of their choosing (you'll get an entry for each review). If by the end of the 4 weeks there's a warscroll yet to receive a review, the competition will continue until that's no longer the case! In addition, once all warscrolls have been reviewed, the community will vote for the Stronghold member they believe has shared the most cunnin' advice of all - someone truly deserving of the Warscrollz Warboss title! This wise tactician will be awarded with a Destruction battletome of their choosing. Get brainstormin' and good luck! Psst! If you've already reviewed a warscroll in the past, you're automatically entered into this competition
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    Ogres stole two catapults from their Brettonian enemies and turned them into gnoblar doom diver catapults. In other words, I found two cheap catapult sprues online and turned them into grot war machines. Grots are yet to follow, I'll make them from gnoblars. I wanted to make wings for grots from greenstuff, but could not manage, so I went for simpler solution: grot in a bucket.
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    Finally, after a few months of on-and-off painting, I completed my Burna Bommer for my Orks! Here she is, Da Fyrbyrd! (Pronounced "Firebird" since they can't spell of course lol) I can't get the lighting right, and it always seems to highlight any painting spots I miss, but still, I wanted to show off my longest timed paint project thus far. Vroom vroom! It's a pitiful paintjob, but it's done! That's what counts. lol I'll probably continue to do touch-up work on it. But, for now, it's officially the largest model that I've completely painted. Also my first vehicle. And first plane. So yeah, now to find a game where my opponent will be willing to face off against a flyer, as it seems not many people like to play against them, even though people love bringing Knights in my meta... I dunno, I think if you bring a flyer or a Knight, you'd be allowed to field a flyer or a Knight, right? I mean, they're not exactly equal in purpose, but each of the model types definitely change the overall flow and strategy of the battle, so I think it'd be only fair, right? Alright, back to painting more foot-sloggin' Boyz, maybe I'll have a battle report or some more paint for my next entry...
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    Warscroll Review These guys are fast. They can keep up with Frost Sabres and outrun a Thundertusk by 1". They have a movement of 9", 4 wounds, 6 bravery, and 6+ save. These guys suffer from a poor save roll but do have an ability, "Aura of Frost", that makes opponent units subtract 1 from their hit rolls against Yhetees in the combat phase. The other two abilities for these guys are focused around getting them in combat FAST. "Bounding Leaps" lets them pile in from up to 6" away while "Invigorated by the Blizzard" lets them run AND charge in the same turn if they are within 16" of a Thundertusk. Meaning that they could reach an enemy that is 27" away in a single turn! These guys can also become battle line units if the general is a Frostlord on Thundertusk. These guys only have one weapon and in melee have a stat line of 1"/3/4+/3+/-1/2. WIth the minimum unit size of 3, you will put out 9 attacks if everything is in range and you haven't lost a model. These guys have rend and do 2 damage per attack! Not made for a unit that costs 120. These guys are a part of the TORBAD formation, which consists of a Huskard on Thundertusk, 3-9 Thundertusk Beastriders and 0-3 units of Icefall Yhetees. Now this is a lot of big models to paint and buy, and it won't be cheap in points either. This formation keeps enemy units within 3" from any model in the formation from retreating. Also, in your hero phase you can roll a dice for every enemy unit that is within 3" from any Thundertusk in the formation, adding 1 to the roll for every other Thundertusk that is within 3" for that unit. If you get a 6 that unit suffers a mortal wound, on a 7 it suffers D3 mortal wounds, on a 8+ it's D6 mortal wounds. In this formation, use the Yhetees to keep the enemy models from retreating, then bring in the Thundertusks to create the mortal wound magic. In summary, I would always bring a Thundertusk to support these guys. The ability to run and charge is very nice. Also, if you go with the Huskard on Thundertusk, a unit ofYhetees could heal D3 wounds a turn or re-roll wound rolls of 1. While the to hit roll isn't great they have a lot of attacks that adds on rend and does multiple damage. It'd be fun to throw a couple of units of these guys at the enemy while dropping a Hunter and Frost Sabre behind their lines, all while supported by a Huskard on Thundertusk in my opinion. The models kind of suck but nothing some green stuff and the crypt horror kit couldn't proxy for.
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    I love these boyz, but they aren't without their weaknesses, nor are they reliable on their own. Here's a review: The standard Orruk. Meant to be the tough ones, they've since falled behind in that role when the Bonesplitters received an extra wound per model and remained about the same point cost. Units of 10 work best with choppa and shield, maybe bows and arrows - these guys will be your tax/unit the opponent ignores so they can sneak around to objectives. Units of 20 don't work - it's too expensive for battleline tax if you're not going to be able to properly utilize their size bonus. Thirty or 40, any choice is good, but I'd suggest double choppas or spears, because these guys will be doing damage. Buff them with the banner and warboss command ability, you can't go wrong. But if you want to really get into it: if you plan on using this unit alongside your general at all times, spears will reap greater benefits - more on that later. However, these guys will not be as effective once you get to fewer than 20. They'll last longer with the shields, but once you lose that second row that's all she wrote for them. So never take spears in groups of 10. All in all, I'd say if your taking a unit of 30, do double choppa. If it's 40, do spears. If you plan on sending the big unit of orruks on its own without Warboss support, don't do spears. How to support these guys? The best option is a Warboss on boar/foot with The Great Waaagh! Banner. He's giving them re-rollable 1s (for wounds), and if your gutsy, an extra attack on your combat turns. Combine that with Orruks with spears, and that extra rank of orruks will not only do one extra attack but three (at large unit size)! More attacks beat out the rend+rerollable 1s to hit of double Choppas any day. As well, The Rogue Idol of Gork provides a nice +1 to bravery, permitting it survives. Do these guys outclass any other batteline unit in Destruction? Probably not. They're more of an all-in-and-done kind of unit, where you cram 30 Boyz into the enemy to tear through them for a turn or two before they start dying and fleeing while the rest of your army mucks about. And they're not much to look at without a buff or two. But when properly supported and used, a big mob of Orruks has a high-potential early game, with a quick drop off.
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    IceBrow Hunter War Scroll Review The only unmounted hero for the Beastclaw Raiders, the Hunter is also the least expensive hero for the Beastclaw Raiders at less than half the points of a Huskard on Thundertusk. In terms of stats, the Hunter has a decent amount of wounds at 7 but doesn’t have a great save at a 5+. The Hunter’s weapons are decent in close combat and in shooting. Hunters are equipped with two missile weapons; a crossbow that has a stat line of 12”/1/4+/3+/-/D3 and a throwing spear with a stat line of 9”/1/4+/3+-1/D3. The weak point of these throwing weapons is the 1 attack. However, the D3 damage and the -1 rend on the spear is decent. In melee, the Hunter has a club with a stat line of 1”/4+/4+/3+-/2. The damage output of 2 is nice as it means the Hunter could deal out 8 wounds in melee. The strength of the Icebrow Hunter is his abilities and the synergy between this model and the Frost Sabres. The Hunter’s first ability, “Masters of Ambush” allows you to hold the model in reserves and in any of your hero phases, set him up more than 9” from any enemy models. It does count as his move but allows you to use his missile weapons, which realistically means you can shoot his crossbow at turn. This ability gets better with the Skal formation (at least one hunter, at least 2 packs of frost sabres), allowing you to bring along Frost Sabres when you place the Hunter. If you use this formation, the Frost Sabres can be placed anywhere within 16” (and 9” from an enemy model) of the ambushing hunter, allowing you to spread out and target multiple war machines/objectives. At the end of the day, this ability gives the Hunter (and Frost Sabres, if using the formation) to deep strike and contest objectives or disrupt the back line. The Hunter’s second ability is “Mighty Throw” and allows the Hunter to run and throw his spear on the same turn, increases the spear range to 18” and the damage to D6. This means the range on the spear could be as high as 30 inches (6 for the run, 6 for the move, and 18 for the range of the spear)!!!!!! Talk about a sniper….if his one attack hits. The Hunter’s final ability is “Icy Breath”, which he uses in the shooting phase instead of his missile weapons. It does D3 mortal wounds to a visible enemy within 6” if your roll a 4+ on one die. A note to synergy. If you use the Hunter as your general and you keep Beastclaw allegiance, Frost Sabres become battle line. This means that in a 1000-point game, you have filled your battline requirement for a total of 280 points (360 if you add the Skal formation). Leaving you 720 points of fun! Additionally, Frost Sabres that are within 16” of a Hunter add 3 to any charge roles and their bravery goes up 2. In summary, The Icebrow Hunter is a great general at a 1000 level, allowing you to cheaply fill your battle line tax, and snipe out targets from a long way off, and deal mortal wounds cheaply. In larger games, the Hunter is a great deep strike option, allowing you to send in multiple units that can quickly close with the enemy or reach objectives that seemed to far away.
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    Me too. Now the steam ship is just about done! Not sure if I want to put an organ gun in the back or a landing pad for the gyrocopter.
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    Well I didn't get this update up last week but here is the mini for week 6.... another Dwarf adventurer! I don't have a name for this fella yet. He looks like a miner/self sufficient type individual. I imagine him being a bit of a loner who teams up with others when duty calls. Happy overall with how he turned out. And while I didn't paint any other minis I did spend a bit of time completing my bits extension version of three Blightkings! Here they are in their WIP state. Quick group shot! Some kind of snail butt monstrosity His buddy is more of a waddler And here's Mr. fly faced ogor shoes! While they didn't turn out quite as cool looking as I had imagined (always learning more about how to sculpt well with GS) I think they will fit nicely with my other minis. Plus they weren't doing me any good sitting around in a bits box or on a sprue! That means I managed to squeeze 8 (possibly 9) models out of just the one box! Granted I had some other tasty Nurgle bits left over but not a bad little value! Speaking of bad... picked these guys up cheap to add a bit to and use for Beasts of Nurgle. It's a giant slug conga line! They look gross enough to avoid already! Later this week I will update with some more WIP of them on bases as well as the next painted mini! Here's a hint... some say there is no malice in Warhammer.
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    We continue this series with one of the ultimate Ogre songs. Grinder is a less known track from the British Steel album, released in 1980 by Judas Priest. The song describes the lonesome journey of a young Ogre Bull, wandering the wasteland searching for revenge and meat. Been inclined to wanderOff the beaten trackThat's where there's thunderAnd the wind shouts backGrinderLooking for meatGrinderWants you to eat Expelled from his tribe, the Bull enjoys his freedom, as he plunders solitary farms, slaughtering cattle and feeding on whatever wildlife foolish enough to be in his way. He mocks the life of other Ogre's who he see's slaving for the Tyrants and Overlords. Day of independenceStamped us like a brandRound the necks of millionsTo the landAs the mighty eagleI need room to breatheWitness from the treadmillI take my leaveGrinderLooking for meatGrinderWants you to eat He feels he doesn't need a Butcher tell him about the powers of flesh anymore, as he will become a legendary self-taught Butcher himself one day. Grinder. VIDEO
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    The orruks still haven't arrived, so I got a magazine from our shop with one Stromcast Eternal mini in it. It seemed interestingly different from painting ogres, so I tried it. I wanted it to appear worn out, a bit rusty and battered, lonely Stormcast left behind deep in enemy territory. And I just couldn't manage to make it nice and well painted. The colours are off and it looks like dirt, but not in a way I wanted. So SteelStrongs post hit the mark pretty well: I have no idea how to make it look better. Other colour that blue? Red? If anyone can comment how to make better, I'm all ears.
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    Yes, confirmed in FAQ. He can use command abilities, traits, but cannot use artifacts. And here's a link to discussion and FAQ concerning alliegiance-battleline issue:
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    I finally finished painting up this longboat from Games of War. Turns out it's just the right size for my Dwarf Slayer Pirates.
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    Someone had a question about savage boar boys the other day so I blu-tac'd one together to help answer it. While doing so, I started thinking about alternate mounts and decided to stick him to a cold one from the dark elf scourgerunner chariot kit: I think it works pretty well. My only issue is that the mount doesn't look 'savage' enough (like saddles and reins - these guys barely even wear clothes!), so was wandering how this could be overcome. Stripping the saddle would obviously be too much of a chore, but maybe it could be covered with a thin layer of greenstuff to look like some random pieces of cloth (a bit more savage and orcish). Other ideas are welcome While wolves and boars are all really cool, raptors fit in with my army quite nicely. Earlier in my plog I wrote some info about the lands that my greenskinz inhabit, which also happens to be inhabited by raptors: Failing that, night gobbos on cold ones might make an awesome 'counts as wolf riders' choice later down the line ... @Skumtoof da Archgit Cheers mate, he definitely looks the 'ardest in the army at the moment. Looking forward to doing a BO warboss on wyvern conversion in the future. @Joakim Nothing specifically 'old' planned for the near future as I'm trying to play catch-up with my VC army. I may throw in a few here and there though
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    The Ironjawz range is quite limited as it stands, though by all accounts it has been a pretty popular faction in the game. It would be cool to see GW take that success and do more with these guys, in a similar way to what they've done with the recent Stormcast releases. A ranged unit with big, brutal crossbows would be nice IMO (like an Ironjawz Orruk version of Ruglud's Armoured Orcs), and I saw on Twitter recently that I'm not alone in that thought: Perhaps they'd suit having some devastating war machines too, GW could come up with something quite creative I'm sure. A Gore-grunta mounted Hero mini would be nice as well, plus some more model variety for the foot troops. I'd like to see them focus on the Brute-sized Orruks going forward though, as for me the 'Ardboys don't quite fit with the rest of the faction. What would you like to see added?
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    Firstly, this is a fantastic looking model but an absolute pain to assemble until you have done a few of them. So the Frostlord on a Thundertusk, what's so great about him? As mentioned, it's a lovely model and at first glance at it's Warscroll seems to be quite good in a fight. It has a nice high wound count as well as a great save and generates a numbing aura of coldness which makes it harder to hit. It can shoot a giant ball of ice a fair distance that causes six mortal wounds when it's at full health and all it's combat attacks seem to hit on 3's and wound on 3's. Also if the General of your army the Frostlord can use it's command ability to allow friendly Beastclaw Raider units to re-roll fail charges. So far sounds good but it really isn't. This unit can move a whopping 8" and gets slower and slower the more damage caused to it. In a fight, it is clearly outclassed by the Frostlord on a Stonehorn and as a support character, again it's outclassed by the Huskard on a Thundertusk who can heal friendly units or buff their wound rolls. Unless you are using this model for a specific reason (such as narrative play or you really like the model), you won't be using this much. You may get some use out of this model if you are planning on using a Olwyr Alfrostun Battalion from the Beastclaw Raider book but the other options are so much better. Pros: High Wound Count Good Save Shoots Frozen Balls of ice that causes Mortal Wounds Nice Command Ability to re-roll charges for Friendly Beastclaw Raider models Frostlord's attacks aren't effected by the damage table In combat is -1 to be hit Cons: SLOW! Has none of the the support coolness of the Huskard on a Thundertusk When damaged, starts to drop in effectiveness quickly due to ranged attack becoming random and gets slower Not as good as a Frostlord on a Stonehorn or a Huskard on a Thundertusk Summary Get either a Stonehorn for your Frostlord or make him a Huskard on a Thundertusk. This is too middle of the road to be good at attacking in combat or ranged attacks/support.
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    So the Huskard on Stonehorn. Sporting the the crazy mount that is the Stonehorn who's damage and ridiculous speed and reviews in the Beastriders Stonehorn here: You replace your 2 riders with 1 Huskard who comes with 3+ to hit with close combat and either a chain trap, harpoon launcher or a blood vulture. As in my other review I recommend the vulture for mortal wounds and ability to run and still fire. Often the Huskard on Stonehorn will be overlooked for a Huskard on Thundertusk for the ability to heal along with high mortal wound damage at range. What makes this guy really shine is the line breaker ability. This allows the Huskard once he has attacked to select a mournfang unit with 10" to immediately pile in and attack assuming they have not attacked. This is brutal to be blunt giving you a truly bully tactic as you hit with 2 units in close combat before you opponent attacks with 1. This can be used in any close combat phase and is just utterly painful. Mournfang units of 4 models work batter with this as you active more models. Your main problem will be getting the mournfang to keep up with the Stonehorn. I know this sounds funny coming from Beastclaws destruction army but remember those Stonehorns are just so gosh darn fast! I have shocked opponents with this ability as the sheer damage coming into their units is just nasty. When I last done I killed 5 of 6 Kurnoth hunters with scyths (getting re-roll saves) who foolishly tried to kill my Huskard before the mourfangs got their without support. This ability alone is just amazing. If you go for either and Jorlbad or Eurlbad battalion you suddenly get some other nasty abilities to add more punch to this combination. A Jorlbad allowing you to run and charge with all models in the battalion allowing your Mournfangs to keep better pace with the stone horns and re-roll failed battle shock. The Eurlbad allows wound rolls of 6 to inflict additional mortal wounds to the damage caused giving your models even more punch while also the Huskard gets 1+ damage to his melee attacks. I favour the Eurlbad personally. Finally being a character allows the Huskard to get items. If going destruction allegiance talisman of protection is a no brainer for extra saves against mortal wound. If Beastclaws allegiance go for the pelt of Charngar for healing 1 wound per heros phase or a D3 on a 4+ roll on D6. Both will keep your Huskard in the game with that amazing ability as you bully your way around the board. I give the Huskard on Stonehorn 5/5. Line breaker is an amazing and overlooked ability. Give it a go and watch your ogres and angry Stonehorn dish out the pain in a truly face smash way! Kind regards Zolas.
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    Great descriptions of these guys, and I really like the possessed crown aspect - Slaaneshi daemon?
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    It has been a slow week of painting and a busy week for basing and terrain building. But... I promised something special... and it's time to deliver the goods! Behold! The first of what will hopefully be a decent sized force dedicated to Malal!! Building something I can use in AoS28 for fun. This Priestess/Sorceress of Malal was a lot of fun to paint. I'm working on a gritty/grimy look with plenty of contrast and I think this mini fits the bill. I've added a larger base (from 25 to 35mm) but otherwise I call it done! More worshippers of Malal are in the works... coming from the shadows near you soon... In other Chaos news check out these massive slugs! They will be used as Beasts of Nurgle. Coming to eat your cabbages These guys are really gross looking though it's kind of hard to tell from this photo. I added a few boils/blisters/eyeballs to the back of their heads as well. And while we're talking about Nurgle here are a few Chaos Knights! Lots of small modifications here mostly in the heads and bodies. I put them on a 40mm base which is probably too small but I like the look of it. If it drives me or my opponents crazy I will stick them on a 50mm base later on. And what update with Chaos would be complete without a bit of Khorne? Two more Heroes join the fray (of unpainted by black shiny primed miniatures for the Bloodbound/Mortal Khorne)! I can't wait to paint up the Lord on Juggernaut. Really cool mini and the Slaughterpriest is a good looking one too. Next week expect more Chaos or maybe I'll sneak in a few more Dwarves instead. You can never have too many Dwarfs.
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    These look really fantastic, great job Poor little Gnoblars in the barrels, hah!
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    Warscroll Review Clocking in at 14 wounds, this monster is just that, a monster. Like most monsters it is gets worse with the more wounds it takes. From 0-3 wounds, it has a 10" move, a 3+ save, AND 3D6 attacks from its savage talons. At 13 wounds taken you will get its worst stats, which are a 5" move, a 6+ save, and D6 attacks from its savage talons. It's savage talons have a range of 2", 3+ to hit, 4+ to wound, -1 rend, and 1 damage. If you roll well, 3D6 of these will HURT. It has a second weapons profile, it's horns, at 1"/4/4+/3+/-2/D3. Thats a lot of rend it is pumping out when it is healthy. This monster has a number of abilities. -"Howl of the Great Beast" makes ALL UNITS within 8" of it take battleshock tests on a -2 to their bravery characteristic. -"Amber Breath" is a shooting attack that has a range of 12". You roll a D6 to generate attacks, then for each attack roll a die and on a 5+ the unit suffers a mortal wound. This means it could do 6 mortal wounds. -"The Lure of the Blood Spirit" lets you re-roll your charge roll with the monster if its target has already suffered wounds or is in an ongoing combat. -"Death Frenzy" lets the monster pile in and attack before you remove the model when it is slain. -"Incarnation of Ghur" lets you heal one wound per turn if the battle is in the realm of Ghur. This monster is a close combat wheat-thresher. It can deal out a lot of damage with a lot of rend. It has decent defense with a starting 3+ save and 14 wounds. You can heal it up depending on your army list and/or game location. This thing can be summoned by destruction or amber wizards on a casting of 11. With the model being out of print, and better options probably existing within the destruction range (for its 300 points), I think this model is more of a narrative/open play model. It would be hell'a fun to use an amber wizard to summon this guy up in an narrative game.
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    D3 attacks that have less than a 25% chance of hitting. At 60 points it might almost be worth it, if you're sitting at 1940 points and don't have any more hero slots for a shaman or forgot that Fanatics exist. But the real-life fact that it's a Forgeworld (read: expensive) model kind of stops this thing from ever seeing play.
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    Frost Sabre Warscroll Review Frost Sabres have 2 wounds, a move of 9”, a 6+ save, and bravery five. The best part of these stats is the 9” move. Two wounds is OK, but not great. A unit is two or more models. The benefits of this are that it is pretty cheap to make a unit. You can buy a complete unit (2 models) from GW for $17. That is pretty good considering who is selling them. You also get 4 of them and a Icebrow Hunter in the Icewind Assault box. This gives you enough models to run the SKAL formation out of the box (at least 1 Hunter and at least 2 units of Frost Sabres). The melee attack on Frost Sabres is pretty good, 1”/3/4+/3+/-1/1. This means the minimum size unit makes 6 attacks. It is nice that they have rend. The one ability the unit has is “Their Master’s Voice”. This gives the unit a Bravery of 7 instead of 5 and adds 3 to any charge rolls when they are within 16” of an Icebrow Hunter. Strengths -Fast, can run 9, can reach a unit 24” away in one turn if they get their max charge roll and are supported by an Icebrow Hunter -Deep strike ability, run the SKAL formation and you can drop these within 16” of an Icebrow Hunter that you drop on the same turn anywhere on the table (at least 9” from an enemy). Want to hunt artillery, wizards, or objectives, this is your cheap option to do so. -Cheap way to get rend and attacks -Cheap Weaknesses -Lack of wounds, low bravery, and a bad save roll. This unit really benefits from the Beastclaw command trait, that allows them to re-roll wounds rolls of 1 when they charge. Because that is what you want to do with these guys, charge them in! This unit is also a great way to get some mortal wounds onto things in the back line of your opponent through the Everwinter Blessing roll of a 5 or 6. These two blessings have you roll a dice for any unit within 3” of a Beasclaw model, on a 6 that unit suffers a mortal wound or D6 mortal wounds. Frost Sabres are great at getting up close to someone to allow the blessing to go off.
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    Blackrocks Brewery - Starman Pale Ale Beer Type: American Pale Ale - 5.60% ABV Appearance: Black space art on a shiny can. Beer pours a hazy straw color with plenty of off-white head. Smell: Not a lot coming out but I can certainly smell a mix of hops. First Drink: Same as the aroma. Early hit of hops followed by just a bit of sweetness then back into a mellow citrus/hops bitterness to finish. Mouthfeel: Thinner and crisp. Pretty smooth and easy drinking. Last Drink: More complexity with the different hops coming through now. Drinkability: Nice easy drinker for those times when you just want a pale ale. Notes: Just became available in my neck of the woods but it's brewed way up in the UP eh. Verdict: 4 out of 5. Blast off into the hops zone.
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    I am quite sure it was FAQd and allowed. But sure, it's up to TOs. I also recommend 6 ironguts, and definitely in one unit. You can add them +1 to hit from either Butcher (if you are lucky) or from Bellowing Tyrant trait (your general has to be very close to them and dangerously close to the enemy). And if you strike first, most enemy units will be wiped out before they can retaliate. Once I made one of the Ironguts my general, just to be sure they get +1 to hit. Worked well. And I recommend leadbelchers, with Destruction 1d6 Move ability they can be really devastating.
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    I also finished painting the submarine! Just kidding. But I have made a topwater marker for it, along with a torpedo to fire at ships.
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    Bashing skulls and ripping through flesh isn't something one should try with some light pop music in the background. A good member of the Destruction tribes needs pounding drums, earth shaking noise, rumbling basslines and screaming vocals. Luckily, that's exactly what Metal has been providing us with ever since Steppenwolf added the phrase "Heavy Metal Thunder" into the music vocabulary in their classic "Born to be Wild". To be wild, one needs Heavy Metal Thunder, it's dead simple. The first entry in this serie "Music to Lead a Destruction Army to Battle (without being eaten alive on the march to contact1)" features an iconic Metal track. Raining Blood - Slayer. The song starts off with some thunder and rain, only to continue with some aggressive riffs that speed up and lead to the vicious spitting of lyrics about souls waiting for their final judgement. As your army plunges into battle, driven by the pounding drums, Tom Araya starts screaming about Raining Blood.No Tyrant or Butcher can withstand such force of agressive energy and around this time, limbs will be severed from bodies, helmets smashed and spines ripped from bodies. When the guitar solo starts ripping the air, bigger Ogres and Oruks have been known to tear in half horses and mid-size dragons, while headbutting the riders. Just pray that the army was already within charging distance or the blood raining down may just be that of some poor Grot unit being in the way. Raining Blood is the perfect soundtrack for any charge and may lead your army out of control. Use with caution. Video 1 Human generals have been known to be slaughtered and eaten alive when hungry hordes lost patience on long marches. Try and plan a raid or small skirmish every second day!
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    Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales - Rosie Del Barrio Wild Ale Beer Type: American Wild Ale - 8.20% ABV Appearance: Bomber with some art of a cat jumping off a building in an alley. Beer poured a hazy golden orange color with a thin but frothy beige head. Smell: Mostly just sour and wild yeast aromas. Wild ales always reminds me a bit of sweet tarts candy. First Drink: Sour (of course) but pretty diverse hits of flavor - berries, lemons, something a bit woodsy and vanilla. Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with good carbonation. Last Drink: A lot of stuff going on here. More ripe fruit flavors (stone fruit?) and something a bit floral as well. Complex. Drinkability: This is a sipper if ever there were one! Notes: I believe this was a one off special beer (says it was made for the rare beer club). It was given to me as a gift. Verdict: 4.5 out of 5. A nice wild sour with quite a bit going on.
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    Vlad's all done: My first vamp, I'm going for pale skin for these guys. Here are some more shots: I experimented with different schemes for his armour and finally settled on what you see here. Also, as he's a vampire, I didn't put verdigris/rust on his armour – I like to think that vamps would have their wargear taken care of better than their summoned minions. @Randroid Cheers mate, glad you like it. It adds a bit more character to the unit. More stuff on the way, cheers for taking a look!
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    Thanks! I figured any Dwarf who has been adventuring awhile would probably have something nice to show for it. So some rich purple cloth was what I added.
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    Thank you very much! Up next... Dwarf steamship and mini submarine
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    Hey there! It's been far too long since I've posted (like, maybe, 4-5 months??). But, although it has been a long time, there has been much fruitful activity with my Ork clan (as my Ogres are officially shelved until I can find a stable 8th ed. group to play with... or if they ever go back to the World That Was, which I know is not gonna happen lol...)... So, let's see here... I've had 3 games with my Orks thus far. I think I'll make an Entry 9 after this one and go through each of the games a little more thoroughly because hey, I'm into bat-reps! (and not just flying mammal exercises, mind you! Har, har... *ugh*...). I won't spoiler alert, but so far I've enjoyed all three games, regardless of win-loss ratio, and that's honestly what I'm all about with deez boyz! Christmas was semi-lucrative, as I had acquired a box of Boyz, a box of Gretchin, and $15 in gift cards, and an additional $25 in "get-whatever-you-want" money. With the free money I bought the new Armoured Assault kit, the Trukk Boyz, and I still have $10 for an online certificate that I'll hold onto until I've decided what to purchase next... Overall, these purchases have now put me at a "comfortable" 1250pts range, and a "stretched" 1500pts! After my next big purchase, it'll probably bump up to 1500/1750 range, and then, we'll see... hopefully the game won't be ruined come April as the rumor mill spreads... Painting wise, I've finished everything from the Start Collecting! kit that I got, and I'm *almost* done with my Burna Bommer. As soon as that's done, I'll be painting up my Boyz from Christmas, and then I'll start to assemble my Trukk Boyz kit, then to paint that, and all I'll have left to paint will be my scratchbuilt Looted Wagon and a bunch of Gretchin that I don't ever actually plan on painting Alrighty, so here's some pics to show off what I've done, as I've just now realized that I haven't posted ANY painted models yet! Shame on me!!! First, my assembled Looted Wagon... Bonus points if you can guess what the main chassis comes from (besides the plasticard parts lol)! Now, for the painting of my first Boy... And the color order. Cadian Green, Moot Green, Snotling Green. This particular Boy is the only one to get an Agrax Earthshade wash; I didn't feel like putting that much effort into the rest of the boyz lol... Final result Orange is my primary "army-color" that'll tie everything together. Now, the rest of the first batch of Boyz!! Rawr! Da Nob! I liked the red glove to further identify him as da Boss Nob. Next... Da Warboss and His Painboy! Dis one's Ghort, Da Next in Line. He's currently leading my Waagh! Until they find their missing leader, Khorag Dakkafiend. (aka when I buy meganobz lol...) He's toting Da Lucky Stikk, and has the usual array of Power Klaw and 'eavy armor; sometimes he'll bring his Attack Squig Chomp-Chomp, if he's got da points! And now, da Painboy, Mr. Stikk'em. (I just now thought of that name lol...) He's ready for some fun, eh?? I gave him a slightly different green tone, using nurgle rot(?? forgot name) instead of snotling green to give him that sickly look. Rokkit Launcha Boy. I only feature him because of his Little Friend... Smile! You're on "Can-Dead Camera"! Now, instead of showing you all the WiPs of this badboy, here's Firetoof, my Deff Dread, in his most complete form. So gawdy, so wonderful... Here's the part that makes it "incomplete"... however, all the arms (including the big ones) are magnetized, so I can easily interchange them, and represent "Weapon Destroyed" results. I'm very happy with how it ended up turning out. Now, Christmas loot! Yup, 3 Koptas, got them for half the price of one from the GW mainsite. Just have to fix their god awful skin, very dark and shiny, blech! Okay, now objective markers that I finished up! Red Barrels, Orange Capture the Flag*, Yellow Coinblock, Green Riddler Mark*, Blue Beacon-o-Light, Purple X-marks-the-spot* *these 3 were painted a few years ago, I added the others so I can run the maelstrom of war missions one day... Now, finally, my current work of art... Da Fyrbyrd! I'm so happy with how the eyes turned out lol... On the other side of the rear end, I painted the Chinese symbols for "phoenix", because I'm silly like that. This is only halfway through the pictures, my last picture failed to load, but basically, I've painted the weapons now and some of the details, and all I have left to do is the pilot and the turret as the main parts of the painting project. And then, it's complete! (probably two more good painting days left, IMO lol). ...Alright, that's a lot of pics and stuff. Enjoy! I think I'll post the battle reports another time, soon. I might type them up, but not post them yet lol...
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    Just a couple pictures down before I get some more bitz fodder for Christmas/start my house move. I'm waiting on some fine chain to use for reins for the chariot. Skumtoof on his trusty massive killing machine, Big Bitey, will be a fun model to make. Some more cleaning and greenstuffing needed (I think I got all of the mechanical bits from the Thunderwolf). I'm very new to basing, so this is partly an experiment in that, too. I've kept them simple so far while I look up some tutorials on them to actually complete them. I'm going for a muddy mountain path kind of aesthetic.
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    Wow just watched one of the games from this below. Heat one. Beastclaws Vs Sylvaneth. Brutal game from the Beastclaws. Good to see them in action. There's more games coming up guys if you want to watch them. Cheers Zolas.
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    I haven't had much time during the move for modelling, and I don't have a station set up for it yet. My chain did arrive though so I sat in a corner sorted out the reins. Incoming awful quality picture because I can't find my camera in all of these boxes. All going well, I'll be making four of these, with at least a driver and a bowman. What's the opinion on banners? They look a bit cluttered with three grots smushed on, but would anyone moan if I don't have banners on them because of the Wolf Totem rule?
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    Huskard on Thundertusk

    From the album Sarvikuhord

    Yes, looks like Thundertusk Beastriders, but I just wanted to make it with two guys on top.
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    Another one joins the horde. This time not some bickering little cave-dwelling goblin, but a black orc warboss on a giant boar. Here is Grimbad Da Rippa: Some more shots: I built & painted him last November/December for the 16th Conversion Competition (over on Da Warpath). Since the theme of the competition was 'Armour', I wanted to create something more menacing in appearance than just a big orc in plate armour. My inspiration for this one was yet more World of Warcraft items - the Pauldrons of Might and the Bulwark of Azzinoth: I didn't want the spikes on the shield to look as uniform as the item in the game, so I randomly attached them to the shield instead and cut them to different lengths to make it look a bit more like it was fashioned by orcish hands. Cheers for taking a look, more coming in the near future.
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    Frostlord on Stonehorn

    From the album Sarvikuhord

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    I R GMAN

    Even more beasts...

    It has been so long... you take one hit of Mudstikks Madcap brew and BAM! So I got to thinking, as long as you get stuck in and bash stuff (whether it's moving or not it doesn't matter) orruks, ogors, grots, even fimir and all we get along right. Since chaos went all mad and broke everything, and then went even madder and turned on itself, their is one faction that's been left out (bar the really new tzeentch weirdos ) and that's the beastmen. They like fighting and killin' like us, they're good eaters too, love their meat and setting things on fire, not to mention Gorkamorka is da God of Beasts! So my tribe has opened its bloody arms to the beasties, the thunderskorn and their minotaur monsters, after all is it that hard to imagine our plane smashin' god inspiring some new worshippers? Opinions welcome! Pics coming soon of some Gorkamorka worshipping beastmen!
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    Hey there destruction peeps, i have made a warscroll to use an Ogor War Mammoth in Age of Sigmar using the warscroll designer by runebrush featured on these pages. It is basically the Chaos War Mammoth warscroll with Ogor Beastriders with Harpoon Launcers and Blood Vultures. See what you think and any feedback would be welcome The jpg image isnt very clear but here is a pdf which is better ogor-war-mammoth.pdf
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    Da Black Crag Boyz #9 Romo

    More here:
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    Da Black Crag Boyz (Dallas Cowboys) test Lineman color scheme. More can be found here:
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    And some pictures. Earth: Badlands: Earth: Badlands+earth:
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    Firstly, thanks to everyone who entered, it was fantastic to see all of your great looking minis! The votes have been counted and verified, and I can now officially reveal that Belchfist Beastkiller wins the Golden Fist 2016 award with his excellent Orruk Megaboss! I particularly like the work done with the tribal markings on the armour, the weathered look of the chequered pattern on his mighty axe, the dark green spots down the back of his neck and the colour transition on the shoulder skull. Many congrats Mr. Beastkiller! In second place is Pentagram Sam with Gordul the Butcher, a great conversion with a notably grimy paint scheme, and an example of what can be achieved with the plastic kits and some creativity! I especially like the rusty, gore-encrusted cleaver as well as the little bird perched on the shield on the Ogor's back Third place goes to one of the Stronghold's most productive and liked new members since joining us in August this year, Tyberous Khan! I really like the conversion from Orruk rider to Ogor, and he looks particularly fearsome with his twin ice axes. Some great little details here as well, including the bloody hand-print on the skull behind the Ogor and the weathering on the gut-plate. A quality paint job on the big beastie itself too! As for prizes, each of the top three will receive a free sample set of the upcoming Stronghold dice (once finalised and made available later in the year), and the very first Golden Fist medal is of course awarded to Belchfist Beastkiller! That's it for the Golden Fist this year - we'll have another painting competition in early 2017, but be sure to keep an eye out for the next (non-painting) Stronghold competition launching this weekend...
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