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    The technical issue has been resolved, everything should be running smoothly once more! Sorry for the wait, I was on my hols!
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    Braggoth's Beast Hammer progress 2

    While the forum was down I managed to get converted mournfangs painted. I like the outcome, the poses are quite natural. I usually don't like banner bearer models, so I made my own that is much cooler than the "official" one. I started with gore gruntas, but it's summer and there has been a very long pause. So I have only one painted. I wanted to make him brown skinned like my bonesplitterz, but the is would have been just one big brown model. I am not entirely happy with the colour scheme, but I really can't think of anything better. Especially because I want to keep its metal parts "metal", not painted. Also, I haven't had time to play with Braggoth's battalion, I hope to do it before GHB 2: in case there are too many changes in points that makes this battalion impossible to play in 2000 point game.
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    Braggoth's Beast Hammer progress 2

    Love them. Great job.
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    Braggoth's Beast Hammer progress 2

    I simply love the chain trap guy! So dynamic!
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    Start Collecting: Beastclaw Raiders

    The upcoming Beastclaw Raiders start collecting box contents: 1 x Thundertusk/Stonehorn 4 x Mournfangs Priced at £50/$85 US
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    The Future of Fimir

    I'm hoping that they get a full army list from FW. They've already previewed several more models so hopefully they are going that route. I read recently that they had increased the size of their AoS team so hopefully sooner rather than later? I think as far as lore they could fit into the story with little/no change. Any realm that has swamps/marshes could be a home to Fimir. I imagine they just won't mention the reproductive aspect.
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    Start Collecting: Beastclaw Raiders

    I just really want some gutbuster love, or some new yhettie models.
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    Farmer's Greenskins

    It's been a while! Some night goblin 'musicians' I converted for the current competition on Da Warpath: I've entered them as musicians but have decided that they'll make great additions to the squig herders instead. Here's the before shot: Inspiration came from a few things I've seen in China. The guy on the left is holding clapper sticks: I've seen these on TV in China. The audience usually have them so they don't have to clap all the time... The guy in the centre has a singing bowl: These are used in parts of Asia to help get rid of headaches and stuff by moving the stick around the inner side of the bowl and placing on the affected body part. Of course, banging it makes a loud noise and can therefore herd squigs reasonably well. The guy on the right has a flute (which kinda looks like a blow dart come to think of it). Cheers for taking a look.
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    The Door Master

    Painting Fimir

    Some work done on the metal.
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    Sharkbelly's Ships and Sea Creatures

    I finally got a chance to set up some terrain on a new battle mat.
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    From the album Cave Ogres Tribe


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