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    Did the rules specify that a double 1 in charge its a automatic fail? I don't think so. If they don't say its a fail, a double 1 in a charge is 2", so with the boar boys rules its a charge of 4". If I'm not mixing things, Age of Sigmar hasen't the rule of 1= Auto fail and 6= Auto exit. That was something of Warhammer Fantasy and 40k.
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    The Stronghold's first YouTube video is up! Please like and subscribe to the channel
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    Doom tolls like a thunderous bell, with each of his footsteps. The earth rolls beneath his bulk and forests quiver and mountains shake. In the Age of Myth he charged from across the horizon as he set upon the realm with bestial rage, devouring forests, draining rivers and crushing kingdoms beneath his might. He is Graw the God-Beast, the deity of the Followers lf Graw. Some say he is the will of Gork (no wait maybe Mork) given hunger and rage. All that most know is he is the force of the wilds encarnate, a raging beast that shattered the chains of civilisation while the wild hordes of orruks, ogors and grots that follow in his wake raid the straggling remnants that he leaves behind. It is said the first Bonesplitters let loose upon Graw when he was young but their 'big teef' did little as he ate one tribe after another. Zigrak, a powerful shaman asked his bones how to fell the beast, casting forth his ur-drake knucklebones and do you know what the green spirits had to say? KATHWUMP! Zigrak was engulfed in a thunderclap of green energy and flying shards of bone that charred his skin and left his face black, but his eyes crackled with unruly energy and a dawning realisation spread across his scarred face. Graw was sent to lead them to biggest of fights and the best of hunts. He would smash down mountains and the weakling races. He was chosen by Gorkamorka and he would lead the charge to the greatest wars the orruk and ogors would ever see. To this day a Prophet of Graw rides atop the great beasts colossal form, as his mountainous back is home to countless greenskins and ogors alike, riding into the days to come. On the ground far below the hordes follow, many an ironjaw megaboss riding squiggoth, the spawn of Graw, in there own attempt to mirror the carnage that is Graw. So now The Followers of Graw have arrived, orruks, ogors, grots and all, waiting to get stuck into the next feast, the bigger hunt and the bestest of fights and with them the ground quakes with a coming cataclysm by the name of...Graaagh!
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    Gaz wins the vote! Congrats! I'll contact you about your prize The draw for the Start Collecting box will take place during the week via Stronghold TV!
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    Yeah, there is no 'double 1 charge roll = auto fail' rule in AoS. BTW should mention you can't move within 3" of an enemy model, and you can't charge if you're within 3" of an enemy model. Within 3" is defined as up to and including 3" away.
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    And here he is, Bullgrog da Iron Warlord, first rider of the Spawn of Graw! Note his fondness for squiggoths has led his helm and armour to take a similar appearance ^^
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    You would have made it due to boar boys rule. Only reason the charge would fail is 2" isn't fair enough for them to get within half inch, but their rule adds two to the roll.
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    The hag joins the horde!! Hard work this old crone
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    Over the weekend, I went to an event run by Ben Curry called Alliance 2. It was a one day event being run at the Blood and Glory venue in Derby, which for me was fairly easy to get to. It was a nice venue with plenty of parking for the 40 to 50 players there and Ben had all the boards set up with the Frontline Gaming battle mats. All we had to do was bring our armies and Terrain! I took what is now becoming my standard list and went to try and win at least one game as my objective. My list was the following.... Leaders Frostlord on Stonehorn - General with Bellowing Tyrant Frostlord on Stonehorn - with Battlebrew Huskard on Thundertusk - with Blood Vulture Units Ogors x 9 - with Crusher, Bellower & Icon Bearer with Tribal Banner Ogors x 6 - with Crusher, Bellower & Icon Bearer with Tribal Banner Ogors x 3 - with Crusher, Bellower & Icon Bearer with Tribal Banner I originally came up with this list as something a bit fun and easy to paint but also because I found a small stash of Ogors. I find it's lots of fun to use and people really underestimate it or don't know how fast Stonehorns actually are! Game One - vs Ben Johnson with Stormcast I faced Ben at Clash last year where he killed all my army in about two turns with his horrible Flesh Eater monster mash. So I wanted revenge and grudged Ben for Alliance (well it was revenge and he's a nice guy to play). Ben is an amazing painter and has managed to work out a routine where he can paint stuff in his spare time and churn out new stuff very quickly. Ben took the following... Heros Lord Aquilor (200) - General - Staunch Defender - Aethereal Stalker Lord Celestant On Dracoth (220) - Tempestos Hammer & Thundershield - Armor of Silvered Sigmarite - Keen-clawed Knight Venator (120) - Artefact: Luckstone Units 5 x Judicators (160) - Prime - Skybolt Bows - 1x Shockbolt Bow 5 x Vanguard-Hunters (140) - Prime - Astral Compass 5 x Vanguard-Hunters (140) - Prime - Asral Compass 3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (180) - Prime with Aetherwing 3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (180) - Prime with Aetherwing 3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (180) - Prime with Aetherwing 3 x Aetherwings (60) 3 x Aetherwings (60) 3 x Aetherwings (60) 3 x Vanguard-Palladors (220) - Starstrike Javelins - Prime Vanguard Justicar Conclave (60) Quite a scary army as it can pump out a lot of shots and is quite mobile! We played Blood and Glory which I think favours my army better than Ben's but he's got a chance for sneaky grabs on the objectives if I'm not careful. Facing such a lot of shooting my plan was fairly simple - push the Stonehorns forwards and let them kill every thing, while everything else claims objectives. This was such a fun game because neither of us was sure who was going to win as it became quite close in the last few turns. Also I gave Ben a big shock as he didn't realise how fast Stonehorns can move and I very nearly got a turn one charge off against his raptors who he had bunched together. He very quickly spread them out after this as they would have been dragged into combat with a raging Stonehorn! I was also really surprised with how fast Ben's army was as the combination of the Palladors, Lord Aquilor and Vanguard Hunters are a nice way of moving around and tackling support units or pinching objectives. Unfortunately, they bounce off Ogors and Lord Celestant On Dracoth's get pounded into mush against Frostlords. The game ended with a minor win for Ben due to him being able to swoop in with his Aetherwings to claim the objectives. This was mainly because I forgot that you don't need to be sitting on an objective to claim it and I could have sent off my remaining Frostlord on a hunting expedition! As usual a great game against Ben which resulted in a Minor win for him but I managed to get half his army in victory points! Game two - vs Colin Mather with Death I've not played or met Colin before and this is one of the things I enjoy about going to events. Colin had quite a scary army in my eyes as it had some very fast elements that could hit hard and of course a big unit of Necropolis Knights!!! His army was... Heros Settra the Imperishable (GENERAL) 460 Herald on steed & Cursed Book 100 Units 6 x Chariots Full Command 280 10 x Skeleton Warriors Swords & Shield with Full Command 80 10 x Skeleton Horsemen Full Command 200 6 x Necropolis Knights Full Command 320 1 x Tomb Scorpion 80 Khemrian Warsphinx 280 I played a similar army when Age of Sigmar first came out with my shooty Alves (see ahead of the meta ), which ended in a very narrow win to me with one lone Battle Standard Bearer holding the objective. So with this in mind I paid this army the respect it needed. The scenario we were playing was Border War which puts players in two forms of thought. Do you camp out on things ready to counter attack or do you go all out and then claim things later. With the sort of army I have, I really have to go all out but I gave Colin first turn of the game which surprised him. I think he was just thinking about getting a early lead, whilst I was just thinking about letting him get closer so I could hit him. This game started off quite well for Colin as he was able to build up an early lead and maul my big block of Ogors and cause plenty of damage to the Frostlord with Battlebrew. But this is how my army likes to fight and after taking a punch it hits back harder. Colin did his best but in the end I managed to wipe out his whole army and claim all the objectives and built up a big lead in doing so. I think Colin suffered from what usually happens to me and being too aggressive with his army. So after two games, I got my win and a nice sizeable amount of victory points. Game three - vs Jon Green with Order Jon had a very scary army which was very much a great example of the meta at the moment - Shooting! He had.... Heros Grimwrath Berzerker (80) Skink Starseer (160) Units 5 x Vulkite Berzerkers (60) 5 x Vulkite Berzerkers (60) 5 x Vulkite Berzerkers (60) 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180) - Greatbows Celestial Hurricanum (320) Yes he really had that much shooting! The scenario was gift from the heavens, which is quite a tough one to play against a static shooting army with great range. I went first and pushed everything forwards as I needed to start chipping away at his Kurnoth Hunters as quickly as possible and my army is fast enough to pull units back to claim the objective on my side of the board when it appeared. I managed to get one Frostlord into combat straight away and began chipping. Jon reacted how I thought he would and did what he could to kill the Frostlord as quickly as possible. I was lucky as he did a bit of damage but not a lot and then got even luckier when an objective fell down near my unit of six Ogors. I then went full speed at Jon an hoped I could do enough damage. I got even luckier when his objective appeared in the massive fight going on in the middle of his side of the board, so it was contested and he couldn't score anything. Things were looking like I might be able to scrape out a minor win but as my army started dwindling I had a string of bad luck and Jon had a bit of good luck in the remaining Frostlord combat. I don't like talking about luck like this but this was able to swing the game around. Soon everything of my army was dead apart from the six Ogors, which Jon was able to kill through shooting and a unit of Fyreslayers that had been running towards them most of the game. This got Jon a major and me a load of victory points as I had given his army a severe mauling. We both agreed I should have charged the Ogors at the Fyreslayers but I didn't due to me thinking I had to sit on the objective. End So with the event over and Ben started calling out the trophy winners I got a massive shock to find out I managed to bag the Best Destruction General! I was really surprised by this but Ben worked out the winners of these trophy's by the most victory points scored, so this was a really pleasant surprise! Overall I had a great time and enjoyed my games.
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    Hehe that was punny Gareth So I've picked the colour for the squiggoth's armour and the megaboss has let some bonesplitterz dab up his ride with some lucky warpaint. Who knows, them morboys seem to know what they're doing around big beasties, though some of them keep sharpenin' their spears whem they look at it...
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    Well it's been a busy weekend however just a little progress with the howdah and the squiggoth's hide. I've also got a hold of a megaboss and some brutes for Bullgrog Da Iron Warlord and his boys ^^
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    Lord Elpus

    Plague Hulk!

    Finished this on Monday night but I've been too busy to post..
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    Gork and Mork this is taking ages! Two days painting and still going nowhere fast. Though I'm happy with how it's coming along.
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    Throughout the realms, from the flaming plains of Aqshy to the pus lakes of Ghyran, all orruks know the name of Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork. A name roared from a million tusk-filled gobs, followed by the decimation of armies, the ransacking of kingdoms and the fall of whole civilisations. With his name on their lips, the spawn of Gorkamorka march on the planes before them, ready to shake the worlds with their might. During the Age of Chaos, when the minions of the Dark Gods stretched their tainted claws across the realm of Ghur, the followers of Chaos rose their Dreadholds and claimed dominion over all they saw - though they knew not what fate they had resigned themselves to. Taking affront to such audacity, Gork wielded his colossal fist the size of a whole continent and slammed it into the Wildlands, like a meteoric maelstrom of green rage. When the dust resided the Dreadholds had been reduced to rubble, and at the centre of it all remained a smouldering chunk of Gork's knuckle-bone licked by green flame. As the flames ate at the bone, they revealed none other than a hulking orruk of prodigious size, and so Gordrakk came into being. None can say whether such a tale is true or not, though they never question it within earshot of the leering megaboss. It is said in Gordrakk's one good eye the clenched fist of Gork can be glimpsed but a moment before Gordrakk smashes your face into oblivion. Megabosses are the epitome of Ironjawz kind - hulking, powerful and utterly ruthless. However, even Gordrakk ascends beyond such characteristics as a warrior of vicious cunning and brutal ferocity. Worse still, he is armed with two mighty choppas called Smasha and Kunnin'. Once they were the Worldchoppa, a great axe said to have survived from the World That Was, bestowed upon the first champion of Gorkamorka, Urrgrak Bonefist. It has been millennia since then, and upon attaining the great weapon Gordrakk split it in twain so it could be twice as killy in his lethal hands. It was during the Blood Times that five great warclans lead by five megabosses, Drokka, Grotrak, Morgrum, Roklud and Stabbajak, met one another and fought. For days they waged a brutal war against one another, and it was after such a tiring conflict Gordrakk came across the bosses and claimed rule over their clans before beating each boss to a pulp. Gordrakk then turned the bosses into his own bodyguard, known as the Megafist, and gained the title Boss of Bosses. Shortly after, Gordrakk was involved in the war between Stormcast and Chaos followers in the maze of the Gargant's Graveyard, a colossal land of monstrous bones for leagues on end. Perhaps the last time that Stormcast and orruk have fought side by side, the combined forces thwarted the Shimmering Countess' grab for a legendary weapon held within the Howling Labyrinth at the heart of the Gargant's Graveyard - a sword murmured in myth as Marrowcutter. Now, Gordrakk leads atop the ferocious Maw-krusha known as Bigteef what is whispered as to be the beginning of The Great Waaagh. Such an event hasn't occurred since Gorkamorka strode the realms themselves in the Age of Myth. The realms shake as Gordrakk draws all forces towards him that thrive on destruction. From the reediest grot to ogors, troggoths, gargants and untold other monstrosities are drawn to him like moths to a flame. On the horizon builds a thunderous fury so vast the realms quake in fear, for the children of Gorkamorka have their leader.
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    Not much O&G stuff done these days other than my competition entry (I'll post him in a few weeks), but I have been working on bits here and there between doing my VC stuff. First up is a few homemade bases I put together for the Snotling Pump Wagons I have planned for the future: I wanted to try out @Lord Elpus's basing tip (over on Da Warpath) where he glued kitchen towel over the undesirable gaps on bases, which I can say worked out nicely and saved a fair bit of greenstuff. I also put together a 60mm squared base for the Skull Pass tent, this'll serve as a night gobbo unit filler: Speaking of which, I got that one prepared for assembly during a work lunch break the other week and put it together: I green stuffed the area inside the mouth as I plan to paint it as though there's some green light inside the tent, suggesting a shaman inside chanting spells. I also put another bunch of Skull Pass spear gobbos together ready for some paint the next time I fancy a break from painting VC: @Sharkbelly Thank you kind sir! Cheers for taking a look
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    The Sons of Behemat charge the ranks of ironjaws!! You cannot see one giant as he is behind the tower, and it was actually a giant from games workshop on loan while I finish up my last guy. I was just too exited to try out the formation. The gargant king, with the big gut plate. Killed all 5 brutes on the charge. Survived the mega boss onslaught then killed the boss, finally falling to the ardboy swarm. Luckily the remaining 4 sons were able to finish the job in a spectacular bloody fashion. Quite cinematic if I do say so myself
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    Savage Arrowboys

    The Arrowboys are slowly getting their paints on. I kept the reddish-brown skin tone, green-gold aztec style and still couldn't manage with obsidian weapons. But I used GW green glaze for the frst time and liked it a lot - the "emerald" earrings are made with white base and green glaze. For savage orruk heroes I try to make some glazes myself and paint only with these.
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    A little side project I did a few weeks back for the latest competition over on Da Warpath: And a before shot: The category is 'Brave or Just Plain Stupid', so I fashioned a daredevil doom diver gobbo. I happened to get a goblin head with shades in a random bunch of spares I bought ages ago and thought that it would make a good addition to my O&G at some point, and so here it is To add a bit of character, I wrote some fluff for him: Two-Flight Jif: Two-Flight Jif got his nickname after being found alive embedded in an unfortunate ogre's belly, barely conscious & with only a few missing teeth after his first bout as a Doom Diver, something seen even less so than a troll with intelligence. Since recovering, he's developed quite a reputation among his peers as a courageous fiend of the sky and has become a bit big-headed & adopted something of a style for it, doing away with the phallic-shaped tin hat donned by the other Doom Divers and instead keeping his usual attire & sporting snazzy shades he looted from the corpse of a dwarven gyrocopter pilot a while ago. @Zolas Thanks a lot mate Cheers for taking a look.
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    Mine goes to Zolas for bringing up and redeeming Huskard on Stonehorn. I had kind of overlooked it.
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    Rumble and Thunder - 1k vs Stormcast (Take and Hold) - Major Victory With the help (and bretrayal) of Turokk's Raiders, the Bloodbreakas were able to escape the Realm of Ulgu and emerged in the Ream of Ghur. Shortly after setting camp on a cliff overlooking plains as far as the eye could see, Gorfang, Jazood, along with an Ironfist, made their first foray into what they would learn was the continent of Zarcosia. It did not take long for them to find battle drawn. Or, at least, discover the remnants of one. The rotting forces of Nurgle has been destroyed by an unknown assailant. These were mighty warriors if they were able to handle the blighted lord's forces. The Orruks looked puzzled to see the earth scorched in many places, as if lightning had struck many times. While adventuring in the realm of shadows, the loca Night Slasha clan had told them of strange lightning warriors who descended from the sky who fought for the humid king sigmar. If the stories were true, then Gorfang and his boyz were in for a real fight. It did not take long to track them down as Gore Grunta scouts discovered their location. Sigmar's Warriors were encamped in the outskirts of a nearby city in the Barren Plains. The Warrior Chamber appeared to be preparing for their next strike. Clearly, there were more Nurgle forces in the area. The Orruks could smell it as well. The air was thick with decay the closer they got to the city. Gorfang surveyed the scene from behind a cliff. These lighting warriors donned heavy, golden armour, with great hammer that seemed could shatter an Orc's skull. Some had wings and appeared to fly, others bows, while one creepy looking bulk of metal wielded a tall totem of some kind with a dead humie in it. What drew Gorfang's attention were the two warriors at the front of the plannin' tent where they had organized their council. One wielded a mighty sword and blade, and had an unusually bright cape. The other, the leader, sat atop an alien beast Gorfang had never encountered before. It had a sleek head like a dragon, thick and muscular than some of the Gore-Gruntas he encountered. The megaboss' eyes brightened up. "I wants me dat skull!" said Gorfang. "Which one boss?" jutted in Brute Boss Zodgrob Facecrumpah. "Da metal humie or da dragon fingy?" "Either'll do nicely. I haz plenty o room fer both of 'em." "Dey looks big n tough. Right propa scrap we mights have." "Aye," replied Gorfang. "Dem thunder boys is planin' for another go at da green spikey boyz. Let's see if all dat hubab da Night Slashas wuz sayin' is true." "Iz interested as well boss," agreed Zodgrob. "I haven't had a propa fight in a day. Da winged gits 'er mine though." "They're yours and your Brutes. Leave their bosses at me!" In moments, the screaming Bloodbreakas stormed across the plains. Their energy and thirst for battle carried them hastily towards the Stormcast camp. The Stormcasts were caught off-guard as they expected a Nurgle attack from their front, not the rear by an unlikely adversary. The Hammers of Sigmar barely assembled their front line in time at the city limits. Their judicators were able to get off only one volley before the Ironjawz fell on them with a speed unsuspecting of the hulking Orruks. Their crushing bulk of bodies broke through the thin stormcast line and the battle soon became as laughter. Overwhelmed and overpowered, the battle was quick and bloody as Sigmar's Warriors fell to the choppas of the Bloodbreakas. Their aggression and brutality overwhelmed the skill and discipline of their adversaries. The judicators and their loyal gryph-hounds were overrun by the Gore-Gruntas while Zodgrob and his Brutes plucked the winged warriors out of the sky and finished them off with choppa and basha alike. Recognizing the battle was nearly lost, Lord Celistant Burwin Hammersworn attempted to bring down the head of the Ironjawz, hoping that his death would spark a mass panic. Gorfang, however, made sure that his opponent clearly saw him. He then gestured in a taunting way, pounding his chest with his fist, before spitting his tongue out as an insult. Hammersworn seemed to be angered by this as he urged his mount to charge and rundown the megaboss. Gorfang dodged the dracoth's bite and claw attacks, and as Hammersworn came down with his great weapon, Gorfang met the shaft with his shaft to parry the blow. In one motion, he pulled the other way, disarming the off-balanced lord, and in one swipe with his choppa, cleaved both rider and drake in two. Both were dead before their pieces hit the ground. The Stormcasts' second wave was quickly overrun by the rampaging Ironjawz. The Brutes crashed like a wave onto the shield walls of the Liberators and broke their lines. Those defenders soon met the same fate as their brothers before them, hacked to death by the unrelenting drive of the Orruks. Celistant Aldrus the Shimmering suffered a similar fate as his predecessor and was butchered by the megaboss. As the rest of the warrior chamber fell, Gorfang stormed over to the barricades and seized the creepy skull looking thunder git, stared him in the eyes, and said "You lighting boyz ain't so tough. Where da 'ell are da rest of ya lads? Dis ain't a big army." "The Lord Relictor coughed and responded, "Foolish orc! There is a Nurgle host lurking on the other side of this city! We were waiting for reinforcements to vanquish them from this land. Now you have-" Gorfang cut him off. "Come at da right time for a propa scrap. Tell da rest of ya thunda boyz dat all dis 'ere belongs to Da Bloodbreakas. If ya wants another scrap, you knowz where to finds us!" With that, Gorfang drove his Rip-tooth Fist through the Lord-Relictor's face. Shortly after, beams of white lightning shot up to the sky as the fallen Stormcasts returned to Azyr to be reforged. This day belonged to the Bloodbreakas, but Gorfang was not pleased. As Zodgrob finised scratching the ground where the fallen Prosecutors had been zapped and carried into the sky, he left his confusion behind to confer with Gorfang. "Bah! These lightning lads ain't dat tough. Those flyin' gits dropped faster than those grits wif wings. We broke them so bad they went back to da sky. Strange they didn't leave nothin' behind..." he looked over where the judicators used to be before continuing..."well, except for those lot there. Guess even da gruntas can eat that special metal. That'll make some. Ice choppy weapons. Hey boss, didn't that last one say somefin' bout those smelly spikes boyz nearby?" Gorfang breathed a deep breath as he scooped dirt from the ground where the Lord Celistant Hammersworn used to be. Despite being ripped in two, him and his dracoth were returned to Azyr to await a lengthy reforging. But Gorfang didn't care. All he cared about at that moment was the skull he was robbed of from his victory. He squeezed his hand around the dirt until it exploded into dust. He could feel the fleeting essence of the stormcast fade away. He knew he had to fight these lightning warriors again, for there was a power they had not encounters yet. "Well den, guess we'ze best check out dem plague boyz Zodgrob, because SOMEONE'S GONNA OWES ME THEIR SKULL! Dis is our land now. No spikey gits or thunder boyz is gonna stop us." He then turned to the rest of his vanguard. "Oi ya lousy gits! Ya bashed these humies good. Now da real fight is comin'! Let's give dem rotting balls of dung a good smashing. They'ze tough and green, but weze da best kind of green! Now let's gets some skulls and show dem whose da best!" With that, the Bloodbreaka's broke out into a loud cheer and began to move north toward the gathering green clouds on the north side of the city. ---------------------------------------------- This was my first official match with my Ironjawz. I had an idea what they could do from reading and watching battle reports, as well as reading about them here. But dam, seeing what they can do in person...I did not expect them to be this killy. I felt bad however because my opponent is someone new to the game and I had no idea. My store manager just set us up because we wanted to play. Obviously his deployment and troop selection could be better, but I got the double turn from 1 to 2 and that effectively decided the match after I wiped out his first line of troops, including his General on Dracoth. I should have attacked first with my megaboss instead of the brutes on the prosecutors, so i was a bit lucky his lord celistant on dracoth could not would my megaboss at all. I certainly would not make that mistake again and proceeded to end the celistant's life. Few things I learned -Ironjaws are REALLY fast with the Ironfist-Ramgaging Destroyer combo -Brutes are brutally good but balanced. I am fine with their average leadership. As elite Orruks, they should be super killy but susceptible to bravery, kind of like how Greenskins were in Fantasy. -I already have 30 Ardboyz (10 plastic, 20 metal Black Orcs) and yet I want more! These guys are my favorite unit in all of Warhammer and I am so happy to see how vital and good they are for the Ironjawz and Destruction armies. They can serve as a dependable chaff unit, tie someone up, or overpower basic infantry. -Finally saw why Gore-Gruntas get the bad rap they do. They struggled to finish off the judicators and gryph-hounds. Still, they are a fun unit to use and they definitely have a role in an Ironjawz army (just nothing more than 1-2 units of three with choppas) -Warchanter = awesome. Makes any unit dependable. Definitely getting a second. -Megaboss was simply awesome. Definitely a force onto his own I will have more this week from three matches I played during a tournament on Saturday. I will leave you with a bit of lore on Gorfang's second in command... --------------- ZODGROB FACECRUMPAH Before the Bloodbreakas, Zodgrob only knew slavery. Whatever his early life was, it has disappeared from his memory. Only the quarry he remembers and the years he spent clawing away at the rocks with a special claw tool to help him acquire resources for the Dawi Zharr. Despite the inescapable threat of death every day, Zodgrob always managed an uplifting attitude which helped push his fellow Orruks through hellish work and conditions. It also seemed he was enjoying his work at times, or at least working over-enthusiastically for slave labor. The easy answer for this is that Zodgrob was too dumb to realize a horrible situation even if it shot him in the eye...which is exactly what happened during the first failed rebellion. Perhaps the bullet jarred his brain or the Orruk wizened up. Either case, Zodgrob became grittier and meaner, traits an Orruk needed to survive slavery under the Chaos Dwarfs. When the Duardin of the Ankor Volghar freed them to fight, Zodgrob was one of the first Orruks to take up arms behind Gorfang and bring about the end of their former masters. Yet it was in the Realm of Ulgu where Zodgrob earned his title as the Brute Boss of the Bloodbreakas. During their time in the shadowlands, the Orruks encountered sneaky adversaries like the Skaven and Aelfs. Battles lasted only moments as both adversaries applied hit and run tactics rather than take the Orruks in a straight on fight. Despite the frustrating battles, Zodgrob was able to help keep the rowdy group of destruction in order with his attitude, but mainly because he was respectfully feared.. In fact, Zodgrob successfully threatened an ogor of Turokk's that he would rename his basha, from StuntieSmasha, to The Ogor Mangler, if he did not stay in line. Both Gorfang and Turokkk were impressed. Then, one night, assassins invaded the Bloodbreaka camp in clouds. They attempted to kill the leaders of the clan, including Zodgrob. However, the Brute was able to defeat his adversary by snatching him in his claw before the assassin's blade could reach his bleeding spots. He did this again, only this time, saving Gorfang in the process. Both Orruks soon discovered strange gold in the assassins pockets. This gold could only belong to one group: Turokk and his raiders. After dispatching with the traitors and leaving the realm of Ulgu for the realm of Ghur, Zodgrob was given the title of Brute Boss and second in command of the Bloodbreaka's.
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    So I recently saw Kong Skull Island, and by Gorkamorka did it have some awesome looking monsters. So it got me thinking, what would some of the monsters of Ghur look and act like? We know of some from the art from destruction battletomes, the Forge World models, and even City of Secrets. So, good people of the Stronghold, what types of fantastic beasts would you like to see in the Realm of Ghur?
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    My vote go to Gaz! (If the votes have to be anonymous, sorry! delete this) I recognize with no shame that I copy is style of warscrol-review to do the ones I do!
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    It's been a slow week... wait... I forget I'm a slow painter. It's one or the other. Either way the squiggoth is practically done and now I move on to the crew! Waaagh!
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    Of all the beasts in the movie I thought the giant water buffalo were the coolest. I would love to imagine these giant neutral beasts walking around. Just minding there own business, but ready to crush you if piss them off
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    Finished these Heralds this morning! Close up on one of them: [/URL Also managed to finish off a 5th unit of Plaguebearers, get them varnished tomorrow.
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    The Stonehorn Beast Rider is a terrifying sight on the table, and in Beastclaw Raiders, they’re Battleline (and NOT Behemoth*)! Stonehorns are incredibly resilient, and rightfully feared by many players. Coming to the table with 12 wounds and a 4+ save, the Stonehorn’s Stone Skeleton halves the amount of damage and mortal wounds received by the model, calculated after all the attacks for the unit have finished! At range, the Stonehorn brings two ranged weapons, first a Harpoon Launcher, with decent stats (12″/1/4+/3+/-/3) and either a Chain Trap (12″/1/4+/3+/-/3) or a Blood Vulture, which can be used if you run, as it is not classified as a shooting attack (pick an enemy unit within 30″, enemy also picks one of their own units in range, roll a D6: 1-3 does a mortal wound to the unit your enemy picked, 4+ mortal wound to the unit you picked)… None of it’s ranged choices are mind blowing (though you should always go for the Blood Vulture), but lets face it, you took this thing to batter face in combat. This monster moves 12″ a turn (lower with damage), can run and charge, and after it completes it’s charge, causes D6 mortal wounds to a unit within 1″. Once in the fight, it has a pile of high damage attacks: Beast Rider (1″/6/4+/4+/-/1), Stonehorn’s Horns (2″/6/4+/3+/-2/3), Stonehorn’s Hooves (1″/D6/3+/2+/-1/D3), assuming it’s unharmed. For those that don’t want to do the math, here’s what that looks like on the charge, against a 4+ save unit: Chance of causing X wounds, the green band shows one standard deviation from average. That’s an expected output of 6-12 wounds, causing 9+ wounds about half of the time, and when it gets hit back, you’re halving the entire damage pool caused by your opponent. If you’re fighting a 5+ save unit, that’s going to jump to about 8-15 wounds in a single round. Avoid getting them bogged down in units with high numbers of models or are immune to Battleshock, whenever possible, Zombies can be a massive paint to chew through, and keep coming back. The Stonehorn is an ideal unit for crushing medium sized units and enemy monsters, and definitely worth it to fill a Battleline requirement. *The General’s Handbook says that they become Battleline, not “Battleline, Behemoth” as they do in every other instance of Leaders on Behemoths where they explicitly say they become “Leader, Behemoth.” Additionally, GW Customer Support on Facebook backs up that interpretation. The final nail in the argument is that the Azyr army builder in the official AOS app does not count them towards your Behemoth limit. I’d figure that if it was just the GW customer service and the General’s Handbook, I’d say it was a typo and a mistake by customer service, but all 3 points is enough to convince me.
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    * A bit of fluff for a piece I'm working... Bullgrog da Iron Warlord It was with a crunching pop that the snotling vanished beneath Bullgrog’s iron-shod boot, the bat eared thing, ironically, didn't seem to hear him approach as it tried to pry an orruks skull from the still receding vine. The knotted growth proceeded to tighten around the bleached white skull, as if it's prize of bone and marrow was still at risk. Bullgrog spat a globule of phlegm at it. These forests, or as the orruks called them, The Deff Growf, was not a safe place to lead any band be they a dozen or a thousand. No matter their number the forest always seemed to take its toll. Funny how the plants never seemed to munch on the snotlings though, lucky blighters were favoured that way he guessed. With a hefty swing of his choppa the towering Ironjaw cleared a swath of undergrowth before him as he pressed onwards into the stinking mass of vines and ferns. The trees were broad and the growth thick. Fanged reptiles scuttled through the leaves while saw beaked birds whirled overhead, some had already landed to pick at the snotlings smeared remains. In the Deff Growf nothing went to waste. As he cut his way through, he could hear the lads making progress behind him. Two hundred strong and still the going was slow, no matter how fast they chopped with their choppas or hacked with their hakkas. Eventually one of the boys would stumble upon a nest of fanged hornets or even a greater jungle squig and pandemonium would break loose before they could get things back under control, often after Bullgrog had loosened some of their teef. This is the part he hated the most. It had been three seasons since Graw the God-Beast had led them on a good rump over the Screaming Peaks. Bullgrog had never seen so many wyverns in his entire life, thousands of the scaly buggers let loose from their lairs all along the peaks as good ol’ Graw took the straight path through the mountains. Bullgrog hated wyverns, he hated flying even, nothing beat having two feet on the ground without the worry of plummeting to his death and missing all the fighting. The God-Beast tore through the very bones of the land sending untold amounts of bedrock and mountain ahead of it in a great tidal wave of destruction. Graw thundered through the mountains only to tear out the other side and what was waiting for them? Spiky chaos boys, war-bands of them! That was a scrap Bullgrog sure did miss. Them lads always put up a good fight, though in the end Graw ate their portal thingy and eventually the chaos runts were overrun. Now Graw slept and the Deff Growf was in full swing, growing and expanding to anywhere it could set its roots all the while the tribes of orruks and ogors throughout what was once the Skull Foothills of the Screaming Peaks were carving out their little fiefdoms before Graw awoke once more. It was the main reason Bullgrog was hacking his way through the stinking woods. Some jumped up ogors had taken over a right nice bunch of caves he had had his eye on for quite some time and it was now time that he rightfully claimed ownership. The downside was getting to those damn caves. The Bonesplitters knew the Growf inside and out, their wurrgogs and even their wardokks could navigate the forests through the safest paths thanks to their stinking bones. Cheating that's what that is! And the gitmobs were no better, if it wasn't their tunnels or their skuttly spiders the buggers would just run full pelt through the jungle, they had the numbers, who cares if one ore two boys fell into git munching plants or a stray gore-grunta gullet. If he could find a way to get through- GRROOOOOOOOAAAAAWGH! Fleshrippers took flight from the canopy above screeching their distress while the plants quivered, no doubt their own sentience playing part, as an undulating roar ripped through the forest and shook Bullgrog to his bones. “Probably just a maw-crasha right boss?” one of the lads called out. A side wards glare was all Bullgrog needed to give for one of the others to give him a crack over the back of the head for being stupid. “Naw…” Bullgrog muttered, he knew his crushas better then most. Bullgrog was a youngin’ when he raided around the Bellowing Cliffs by the Sea of Big Fings and those storm battered cliffs were the lair of many a crusha. And though maw-crashas were known for their bellowing volume they never made ‘that’ much noise. “Much bigger…” The sun had begun to set, the flaming sphere seeming to be swallowed by the horizon as it cast the Deff Growf in even deeper and darker shadows, the forest taking a brief titian hue that would no doubt be swallowed by the coming night in a matter of hours. It was on the bank of a sluggish river that Bullgrog discovered the source of all the commotion, as for much of that evening the roars had continue to shake the forest all around. Mired in the algae covered muck of the riverbank was a monstrosity that almost dwarfed the trees. A rotund scaled beast with colossal tusks thrashed about the muck with little success, it's beady vicious eyes glaring at anything that moved. It was a squiggoth, a bloody huge one at that. It could step on a stonehorn and not notice, it's trunk like legs had sunk into the mud and with each tremendous heave it gave to dislodge itself the trees shook and the rivers waters sloshed and churned. “You thinking strange things Bullgrog…” A deep croaking voice muttered, so close that it took all of Bullgrog's control not swing his choppa before he turned his head. It was Ztraga the shaman, cloaked in a filthy tattered grunta hide. Usually the shaman grinned from ear to ear however at that moment his face was serious, his brows furrowed over his sunken eyes, his tongue licking his one good tusk. “A touch a’ Graw be in dis one” he muttered, tracing his staff in the air, drawing the symbol of Graw where none could see, that is until he stomped his foot and a wispy green image of the God-Beast floated over his head from under his cloak, disappearing just as quickly back beneath his robes. The other ironjaws muttered amongst themselves in awe and though none would admit it, a little trepidation. “Da spawn of Graw are chosen by Gorkamorka himself,” Ztraga continued, “dead killy, and when they get mad? They get real mean!” Ztraga broke off into a howling cackling as he skipped down to the edge of the mire, starting his ritualistic shaking and jigging just out of reach of the squiggoth. The behemoth looked like it wanted to squash the shaman flat, but for the life of it couldn't move its foot towards him, and so it snorted and glared at the strange irritating gyrating thing. “BOYS!” Bullgrog roared, answered by the sound clanking armour and grunts of affirmation. “Fetch da chains and all da iron we got! This is da only chance we got at this!” Several days and much chaos later... Bullgrog roared in triumph as the world shook around him. The squiggoth kept a lumbering pace as it flattened the forest before it, it's bulk splintering trees and crushed anything that wasn't quick enough to get out of its way. With a titanic roar it bulled its way through a particularly dense stand of trees, it's tusks uprooted them without breaking pace. Occasionally it would stop and something would squeal before being cut off by an abrupt squelch and the squiggoth would carry on. “GULP! HAHA! DA BEST NAME I FINK RIGHT LADS?!” Behind him the line of orruks roared in agreement, hooting and hollering at all the mayhem and destruction they followed. Astride the beast on a makeshift howdah of chains, logs and iron bands rode Bullgrog and his finest boys. It took him four days and lost nearly fifty ironjaws trying to wrangle the haphazard platform onto the beast but it was worth it. All the beast needed now was a nudge the right direction and it would take off charging. Now his lads followed him on his finest of steads, the world being crushed before him. Ztraga stood at the head of the howdah above the beasts broad skull, his own howling joining the clamour as he danced frantically, almost somersaulting off the squiggoth once or twice. “Gorkamorka be watching and Graw be with us!” He hollered as a crack of green energy arced out randomly from his smoking staff and set a tree ablaze. “We cannot fail HAHAHA!” Those ogors will definitely regret taking what was Bullgrog's, and so would the rest of the weakling denizens of the Deff Growf for this was his domain now. They will know the might of Bullgrog da Iron Warlord or be devoured by his offspring of Graw!
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    This model Forgeworld do not sell any more. You may pick one up on ebay or decide to convert one up yourself. Also there doesn't seem to be any matched play points for this unless you count it as an Incarnate Elemental of Wrath (which of course doesn't have any rules). For the purposes of this overview, I'm going to assume it's the same points as the Incarnate Elemental of Wrath which is 300 points. You will probably need permission to use this in Matched Play games. Right, now that is out of the way, where do we start? This is an odd monster because at first glance it looks amazing. It has high wounds, loads of cool attacks, can cause double damage if rolling sixes to wound and causes mortal wounds to things near it. But when you look a bit closer we see it's not very fast and this gets worse the more damage caused to it and it's save gets worse with more damage. The shining light is that it does have some attacks with a nice missile attack, which while random has a rend value which makes it useful if short ranged (not a major issue as this will help it out in a fight). The real thing that gets my fire burning is it's combat attacks or rather it's burning lance attack. This has a fantastic range of 3", hits on 3's and wounds on 2's, has -2 rend and causes D3 damage (which is doubled if you roll a six to wound). So you may be getting very hot under the collar now and asking me what the downside is? Well, it's the fact that as soon as you cause a decent amount of damage to it, it gets slower and easier to hurt. For example, I have a Huskard on a Thundertusk who can fairly easily and reliably knock off 7 wounds in a round and this is the issue.In matched play games, there are better ways to spend your points. Again for example a Huskard on a Thundertusk is only 40 points more and can do a lot more stuff. Pros: No Model so you can convert up something cool Burning Lance is ace Cons: Expensive for what it is in comparison to other Destruction units No Model Slow (move 8" at full health) Summary If you are converting this up or got a burning need to use one, you won't care what I say. If you like playing match play games or want something more reliable/hard hitting, go to the frozen wastes and hunt out the Beastclaw Raiders PS - I'm sorry about all the fire/heat stuff but I was getting hot and excited about using them
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    This week was spring break. I had hoped to get lots of painting done but it turned out to be a very busy week of work and my evenings filled up with other activities. I managed to get a little bit of painting done but it was just finishing up some Nurgle models I had yet to complete. It's the first day of Spring and this lot is bringing things back to life... in the Nurgle way! The herald. Bringing back the funk with his collection of bells, guts, and mummified heads! His back up band leaders, aka the command group. Heads a plenty! Roadies. Can't they just clean up their act a bit? This puts my total at something like 20. And a group shot just for fun. They look gross, funny, and monstrous which is pretty much exactly what I wanted. The bases are not 100% finished and I have yet to add the final goo and gore which will come after I seal them up. Thinking about playing some form of Nurgle in a local escalation/narrative campaign in the works so I figured it was time to crank these guys out.
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    Painted by G

    Destruction Army

    From the album Destruction Army

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    I Wish luck to all the participants! (And to me ) May Gork and Mork be with you! Or the Great Maw!
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    Troggoths are simple creatures and their rules are the same. You get a creature that is fairly tough, hits fairly hard and if something causes some damage to it, if can regenerate D3 wounds. It also looks like you can make it really difficult for you opponent to wipe out a unit of Troggoths. The rules state that you allocate a wound to a model, then you keep on allocating wounds until that model is slain. But the Troggoths roll a die for each model and on a 2+ will regenerate D3 wounds. So in a unit of three Troggoths that has suffered three wounds to one model, you can make three rolls and will most likely regenerate all these wounds! Troggoths also have decent combat attacks if they hit but the real cool thing is that they have a vomit attack! So with a average bit of luck, you can dish out a lot of damage per Troggoth. Sourbreath Troggoths also have a special rule which makes them even tougher to kill than other Troggoths! They get a 4+ save to ignore the wounds/mortal wounds that would have killed the model (they are just that stupid to know they are dead!). This is really great as makes them a bit annoying for your opponent to kill them. The issue is when it comes to Matched Play, all Troggoths cost the same (200 points), so you will be torn between wanting to troll your opponent for trying to kill these Troggoths (ha!), or trying to troll them with Fellwater Troggoths as they are more difficult to hit. Pros: Great stats (nice save, plenty of wounds, nice movement and okay bravery). Great attacks in combat Vomit Attack!!! Get to Troll your opponent because these guys are tough to kill Cons: In matched play, expensive Summary Great models with nice rules but you may be looking at other similar units (Fimir Warriors!!!) over these guys!
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    I spent my free time today painting the unfortunate guy on the base of the spirit host. I decided to play about with the inverted scheme again and see how he'd look with light from the spirit hosts glowing inside his chest. Here's the result: The first shot is with standard bone and the second with darker bone around the light area (since things appear as more of a silhouette depending on how strong the light is behind them). Not really sure which looks better... Let me know your thoughts Now the layering of the ghosts commences!
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    Savage Boarboys ready

    Being ill during weekend turned out to be very productive hobby wise. All ten savage boarboys are ready. I don't like the ordinary green skin of orruks and wanted to make it reddish-brown. The boars are also brown and I still wanted orruks to stand out, so normal brown wasn't good. After many test models and trying even green colour scheme, I finally got acceptable tint and could carry on. I wanted to add them some aztec-style look (jade green and gold), but just could not get the right tone of green. So there it is. I also tried to make them obsidian weapons, but these didn't look as obsidian either, just weird black blades. Altogether the aztec stuff failed. Therefore I made rusty metal weapons for savages. Skin tone has Skrag Brown base, Carroburg Crimson shade. Then highlights with lighter brown, washed again with Carroburg Crimson. And final highlights with Cadian Fleshtone. 5 bodies and legs are from normal Orruk Boarboys, kitswapped with Savage Orruks and Savage Boarboys.
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    I don't know if this is going to be the easiest or most difficult overview I have ever written. If you ignore the background around Fimir (old school players will know what I'm on about and it's not nice and I'm not going to repeat it here. Go search the web but be-warned it's not nice!!!!!), these swamp lizards are really amazing. So amazing, I'm surprised that we aren't seeing them more often but I suspect that is down to them being Forge World models and not generic Destruction Battleline (from a Matched Play point of view). These guys have great stats, difficult to kill, and hit really hard. If you don't mind some conversion and can get some,.use them! I suppose if I had to try and find a downside outside of them being Forge World models (which is only because they can be tricky to get hold of for some people), I would say that they were slow. But that's a push because they are move 6" and in Matched Play games can still get that extra D6" if near a Destruction Hero. Oh and if they have a standard they get +1 to Charge or run moves. I would also say they are under costed in Matched Play games as they outshine any similar models for a very similar cost!!! Pros: Great Stats Difficult to kill Hit really hard Cons: Forgeworld so can be off putting for novice players for buying/assembling Really dodgy background Summary Stop reading this and get some of these. Go on. You can get them from or visiting Warhammer World in Nottingham, UK. Really they are that great.
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    The winds of change have come to the Stronghold! I've now added a big list of Destruction battalions to the new Battalions section of the Stronghold website This new section of the site will act similarly to the Warscrolls section, as a permanent place where you can post and read reviews, tactics, questions and comments on any of the current battalions listed. Additionally, the battalions and warscrolls have been linked. This means that when viewing a warscroll, you'll be able to see and click through to any battalions it belongs to (and vice versa). Speaking of warscrolls, the Warscrollz Warboss competition is now well under way with almost half of all Destruction warscrolls now reviewed - there's still plenty of time left to enter the competition though! The other major update I'd like to talk about today is the addition of the brand new Destruction Fluff Wiki! The wiki allows all members to add or edit background fluff articles (new articles require staff approval before being published), and the wiki also stores copies of any revisions made in case a roll-back is ever required on any particular article. We're starting from scratch, so there's no fluff in the wiki at the moment, but I've divided the wiki into 7 main categories to give us plenty to work on. They are as follows: Races (fluff about each race in the forces of Destruction) Factions (descriptions of each Destruction faction) Characters (info about all named characters of Destruction) Locations (places in the Mortal Realms with Destruction ties) Events (major events in the history of the Destruction factions) Glyphs (the Destruction races' written symbols and their meanings) Other Fluff (for anything related to Destruction not covered elsewhere) if you'd like to help with the wiki project, feel free to begin adding fluff now! I plan to get heavily involved with it myself This all fits into the main aim of the Stronghold going forward: to build a large, invaluable resource of all things Destruction for fans of Age of Sigmar. Next stop: videos! (psst - that's what this is for) Lastly, I've updated the Stronghold's background fluff on the About page to fit better with the Age of Sigmar fluff
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    Coming from a Fantasy player, I enjoyed incorporating chariots in my lists. They were good at punching through the enemy line and supporting the infantry. While the latter is still true, the Orruk Boar Chariot is not reliable as it once was. PROS -Cheap (80 Points) -Fast ('9 Movement) -Tough (6 Wounds, 4+ Save) CONS -Punchless Offense (6 attacks, 4+/4+/-/1) You can take multiple chariots in Age of Sigmar, which can provide for some unique list building ideas. The Chariot can move around the field quickly to help with board control. Add in the Start Collecting battalion for Greenskinz and Chariots can become an annoyance to your enemy. Units of them can also be decent at holding down or obtaining objectives. Once they get stuck into combat, they can be there for a while if your enemy does not have any rend or good wound rolls. That's where the good ends unfortunately. The role of most chariots is to be the tip of the spear for your forces that can punch a hole in the enemy line. The Orruk Chariot is not good at this. The charge bonuses are decent: boars get to reroll hits and Scythed Wheels can deal D3 Mortal wounds...but on a 4+. Their attacks are on par with Orruk spears, but you only get six all together. It is unfortunate there is no rend, or at least the option to give the crew choppas at least. If you do mathhammer, of your six attacks, you average only two damage. That might be enough against light armoured, low model units like siege machines and scouts, but outside these two, it will struggle unsupported. The Orruk Chariot has the same issue as the rest of the faction right now: they are unpredictable. They are definitely fun to play with, and I myself am looking into getting another chariot for my Greenskinz army. Taking units of them in 2-3 is a good choice, because relying on just one is not wise unless it is in support of boar boyz or a block of boyz. So long as you do not expect them to be a game-breaking unit, and use them in a limited role on the battlefield, you can rest easy taking them in your list.
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    Genuinely loled at that opening sentence
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    Once feared across the battlefields of the 41st millennium, the artillery tank known as the Basilisk has fallen on hard times. What? You don't mean that Basilisk? Hang on..... Sorry about that! The Basilisk, a model from Forgeworld that sort of looks cool. There's not a lot going for this beastie apart from it's cool gaze attack and that it's a Destruction Monster. It's Malignant Gaze attack is really cool if short ranged, which can produce up to 15 mortal wounds if you are really lucky but in reality you are looking at around 6 to 8 Mortal wounds (which is still really cool!). Problem is, it's short ranged and once you have damaged the Basilisk it gets even worse due to it not being able to move very far. It's okay in combat but nothing special and it's expensive in Matched Play games for what it can do. Oh and the current meta of the game is based around shooting, so you will most likely see this guy get shot to death before it did anything special. Pros: Maligant Gaze is great if in range It's a Destruction Monster err..... nice paperweight? Maybe? Cons: Maligant Gaze is too short range Not enough wounds Poor Save Average Close Combat Attacks Will get shot to death unless you have a bigger threat Expensive in Matched Play Summary Unless your opponent is going to be nice to you or you have one of these and a pressing need to use it, I would avoid it. I'm hoping when the General's Handbook gets updated, there may be more reason to use this but at it's current points and how much shooting we have in the game, I'm struggling to see why.
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    Azhag. Once used to scare young children to get them to go to bed in the World that was and almost destroyed the Empire (the collective states of man). Also used to be the only Wyvern model for Orcs before getting replaced with a slightly less werid looking one and then coming back as a fantastic looking model that was a pain to assemble. But that was in an old edition of Warhammer and we don't care much about that here do we. So Azhag is quite a tasty looking model and has some nice stats to match. He has some nice combat attacks and he's so skilled with his weapons he can re-roll hit rolls with them. His Wyvern (Skullmuncher), gets an additional attack over a normal Wyvern but not much else. This isn't a bad thing though as a normal Wyvern can dish out a lot of damage plus a couple of mortal wounds due to it's venom tail. But we have to go back to Azhag as he is special (well he is a special character after all!). Thanks to the Crown of Sorcery that a certain God of Death misplaced in another world, Azhag is a wizard with quite a cool spell - Life Drain. This spell is cool because it has great range and a low casting value and on average rolls of two dice, you will be causing D3 Mortal Wounds on most units in the game (well apart from anything Undead or Daemon). Also being a wizard means he gets access to Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield. This gives him a lot of flexibility in what he can do, as he is fairly fast and choppy and can cast spells to soften up a unit before he attacks it or buff himself up. The cherry on the cake though is his command ability. Basically it adds gives an Orruk unit within 18" +1 to it's hit, run and charge rolls. Sounds quite cool but limited? Well, don't forget you can do it to him but I think you will be looking at Ironjaw or Bonesplitta units. This is quite powerful in mixed Destruction lists and should give you some options. The downside with Azhag? Once he takes a bit of damage, he gets slower and pumps out less damage. This is a big concern in the current meta, due to the amount of shooting some armies are using, you will see him either taken out very quickly or damaged enough for your opponent to ignore. Also as a Special Character, you will miss out on the cool traits and items in Matched Play games which you may gain more benefit from. Pros: Is a Wizard Has a cool command ability Lots of good attacks Cons: Is an 'old' special character which may cause issues with some gaming groups Damage table isn't nice with some big drops Not great in current meta As a Special Character, will miss out on the cool traits and items in Matched Play games Summary So if you get a tear in your eye thinking about the last edition of Warhammer and want to play something to remind you of those days, go with Azhag. He works great in mixed Destruction lists if you are running lots of Orruks but just bear in mind that the current meta isn't very friendly to him.
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    Here's what's next on the painting table: My competition (over on CN) spirit host ready for paint: Hopefully I'll get it done before the deadline! Got a fairly busy week ahead though… so we'll see what happens! And the three spirit hosts together: I'm a bit unsure about the basing for these. I'm wandering if the tall trunks look OK or out of place here... I'd heard these were a chore to put together but they were pretty straight forward (the instruction book was necessary though) and a nice break from skeletal units. They are quite fragile though Now, there are a few new things for me to paint here – glowing ethereal colours, fire, OSL... So I did a few experiments between painting skeletons & other stuff. I've tried a few ways of painting standard and blue fire: Completely new to this, I'm still not content with the majority of my efforts. Getting the colours in the wrong places can completely alter the appearance of the flame, making it look too intense or not intense enough, or even a bit cartoonish/pastel-looking if the 'highlights' are off. The third scheme is more or less what I'll be using on my spirit hosts. While this looks kinda fine for things like fire and spirit hosts, I tried something similar on a skeleton (since they have harder edges) and I'm not too sure what to make of it – it made it look like a negative and didn't translate as I'd hoped for. It was also quite time-consuming and left little room for error: After seeing Borgnine's spirit base for his Coven Throne (over on CN), I asked him how he went about painting it and decided to try his scheme out a little after swapping the washes to suit my army: I went for a slightly darker blue wash and a thinned light blue glaze. After trying out the light ethereal scheme, I went about using it on (half of) a wraith and applied the dark inverted scheme on the fire to see how they'd look side by side, and this is the result: Right now I think my flames need improving and perhaps the bones could use a slightly lighter glaze (see the flaming skull on the right for comparison). I've left the robes black for now as I'm not sure how I'd like to paint them. Black or dark blue would definitely contrast with the ethereal colours at work here, while brown would add some warm colours to the miniature... Let me know what you think, suggestions & comments welcome!
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    Another update, Wahooooo! Base is almost done, just have to add some bones and orruk gubbinz!
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    The fifth gargant is behind the tower, but you get the gist of how they look lumbering down the field. King represented with ogre gutplate on left.
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    Gotta have it. Gotta have more of that sweet, sweet, MALAL!! I haven't really finished any backstory or fluff for this particular Chaos Warrior of Malal. He was a weapon snip/ex-Blood Bowl mini I saved from the pewter graveyard and gave new life. Added his sword and shield and painted him up in a decidedly black and white style to honor his patron deity. I really like the hidden layers of character on his mask and behind the shield. Menacing! Here is the group shot as it stands in the current progress... but we have some new additions on the way! I picked this Chaos Chariot up in a trade some time ago and have struggled to find the right project for it (it doesn't look good with the newer Chaos minis). I slapped on a few extra bits and presto! We have some deadly wheeled reserves coming in for Malal. And what Malal force would be complete with out THE Daemon Prince. A mini I have been coveting for quite some time now... You know him, you love him, but we won't use his name... because this will be a Daemon Prince of Malal and I don't know his name yet! This was the first larger "finecast" GW mini I have built and it went together very smoothly. The details look good though there were a few areas I had to clean up (on the tail mostly). But it's not all Daemon Princes around here! I'm running a game of Pathfinder tomorrow and felt inspired to bang up a quick mini for one of the players in the group. Behold... Frodsak the Half-Orc Ranger! Still finding ways to use my pile of Bones minis from a few years back. Added a couple small touches to make him more WYSIWIG and add some toughness. I've slapped a bit of paint on him since this photo but I don't have a new image to share. You'll just have to come back next time to see it all finished! Til then...
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    Cheers Gareth, It's by far the biggest model I've had to lug around for all these years, just never had an idea that would do it justice ^^ UPDATE: Just a few picks of the base coming along. Hoping for a desert badlands theme with maybe a jungle twist.
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    Lord Elpus


    Finished Epidemius last night!! Seem to be on a bit of a Nurgle roll at the moment.. Once I've varnished it, I'll go over the green snot effects and vomit with some gloss varnish..lovely! No painting today, off to the inlaws later for home made Pizza and a visit, but I'll try and build my Heralds of Nurgle this morning!
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    Not bad as an offensive character: 6 wounds, 5 move, 6 save. 5 attacks at 3+/3+/-1 and damage 2. With battlebrew has serious potential to make 8-10 wounds. However, with save 6 he dies fast, and this makes him a risky general choice. Pointswise: 100 points is cheap for such melee character. But in pure Bonesplitterz army he is better: special Save at 6 makes him tougher, plus he has great special ability, that lets another Bonesplitterz unit to pile in and attack immediately after his own attack. Considering the generally bad save of Bonesplitterz it really helps to be able to kill some opponent models before taking a hit. His special command ability is great: a Bonesplitterz unit can make another attack roll if it rolls 6 to hit (or 5 and 6, if you give +1 with Bellowing Tyrant). Considering that Savage Orruks have lots of bodies, your chances to get additional rolls are good. With Maniak Weirdnob spell Bone Spirit (lets the unit to reroll 1 to hit) you can potentially raise unit's attack number by 50%. Overall good character, but surely it shines in pure Bonesplitterz army more.
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    As a counter point taking at least one of them has the following benefits. 1) his spells are very useful. If your running a 20 man ardboyz unit and mystic shield them you buy yourself a much tighter hold on an objective. He also can cast from some distance and can anchor a back objective freeing up a front line unit. 2) mortal wounds. The army is suceptable and sparse in regards to mortal wounds. All three spells he can cast are all useful in this regard. 3) finally the model, it's gorgeous and paints nicely. It breaks up the heavy armour look and is routinely the nicest painted model in someone's ironjawz army. I have been running two megabosses, two war chanters and two shamans in my 2k list and the mortal wound element has been vital. Against regular opponents the psychology of getting off a powerful foot of gork is priceless.
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    He is my preferred general for ironjawz over the big guys for numerous reasons. 1) he hits as hard as anything in the game for his points. Battlebrew makes his primary attack 6 attacks with 2+/2+/-1/2 not to mention an additional 2 4+/2+/-2/d3 attacks. He pounds things flat. 2) survivability in the form of 7 wounds and a 3+ save 3) his cost is small, 140 points puts him as an affordable block. 4) with ravager he's rather speedy, one of the best speed bump/cruise missiles the army has, he can squeeze into some tight spots and administer pain. 5) cost, he's 1/4th the cost of a maw crusha. For the 520 point cost of the big guy you get two megabosses, two war chanters and a shaman or conversely, 4 megabosses. While one maw crusher does cover more ground in one direction 4 megabosses control far more area. His command traits are all useful and if you pay attention to the fact you select a new general upon death you can play some fun games. For instance start with ravager, on his death bellowing tyrant another megaboss or something else like nothing left standing on trees or bellowing tyrant if you've lost a chanter. He is very versatile. Taking battlebrew is a no brainier however a tailsman can also pay dividends as well if your confident you don't need to supercharge his offense, such as running an MSU brute list.