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  2. Quite impressive:
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  4. A quick tutorial by Bitzbox:
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  6. A tutorial by Fully Based:
  7. Bucket crown for the win! love the idea!
  8. Some nice pictures. good to see the difference. Thanks for sharing.
  9. This is a really amazing video for those interested. I only wish I could be this good! I you don't watch the whole thing at least skip to the end he's puts up a finished product picture which is truly amazing. Kind regards Zolas
  10. Thought some here might find this helpful:
  11. Handy little tutorial, could be used on a variety of beasties:
  12. "Those things are the devil!!" Haha, absolutely! Thanks sharing that, really was useful, as ever found outing doing some pretty obvious stuff wrong Thanks for sharing
  13. He's looking amazing! I'll be using skin wolves for my yhetis when I het round to them, no clue how to paint them though
  14. I like the icy tints to the fur, don't care much for the brown tusks however. Picked up some Mournfang to try out a paint scheme while waiting for the Icewind box. Let's see what I can tweak from Duncan's to get to something cool and ferocious.
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